Palearctic Byrrhoidea (excluding Finland) in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH/Luomus)

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) = Luonnonhistoriallinen keskusmuseo (Luomus). It is very much a work in progress and may contain many errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes.

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Taxon Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea

Collection section: MZH Palearctic Coleoptera

File last updated: 2013-05-20 by Hans Silfverberg.


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Callirhipis miwai Nak. species Callirhipis miwai
Horatocera niponica Lew. species  

Taxa in collection for Callirhipidae: 2


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Epilichas flabellatus Kiesw. species Epilichas flabellatus
Epilichas yakushimensis Nak. species Epilichas yakushimensis

Taxa in collection for Ptilodactylidae: 2


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pseudochelonarium yakushimanum Nak. species Pseudochelonarium yakushimanum

Taxa in collection for Chelonariidae: 1


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Eubria palustris Germ. species Eubriinae Cyphon palustris Germar, 1818

Taxa in collection for Psephenidae: 1


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Stenelmis canaliculata Gyll. species Elminae Elmini Stenelmis canaliculata (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Stenelmis consobrina Duf. species Elminae Elmini Stenelmis consobrina Dufour, 1835
Stenelmis hisamatsui Sato species Elminae Elmini Stenelmis hisamatsui Satô, 1960
Ordobrevia amamiensis Nom. species Elminae Elmini Ordobrevia amamiensis (Nomura, 1957)
Elmis aenea Müll. species Elminae Elmini Elmis aenea (Müller, 1806)
Elmis bosnica Zaitz. species Elminae Elmini Elmis bosnica (Zaitzev, 1908)
Elmis latreillei Bed. species Elminae Elmini Elmis aenea (Müller, 1806)
Elmis maugetii Latr. species Elminae Elmini Elmis maugetii Latreille, 1802
Elmis maugetii maugetii Latr. subspecies Elminae Elmini Elmis maugetii maugetii
Elmis maugetii velutina Rche subspecies Elminae Elmini  
Elmis maugetii fossulata Kuw. subspecies Elminae Elmini Elmis maugetii fossulata (Kuwert, 1890)
Elmis obscura Müll. species Elminae Elmini Elmis obscura (Müller, 1806)
Elmis perezi Heyd. species Elminae Elmini Elmis perezi Heyden, 1870
Elmis quadricollis Rtt. species Elminae Elmini Elmis quadricollis (Reitter, 1887)
Elmis syriaca Kuw. species Elminae Elmini Elmis syriaca (Kuwert, 1890)
Elmis syriaca zoufali Rtt. subspecies Elminae Elmini Elmis syriaca zoufali (Reitter, 1910)
Esolus pygmaeus Müll. species Elminae Elmini Esolus pygmaeus (Müller, 1806)
Esolus parallelepipedus Müll species Elminae Elmini Esolus parallelepipedus (Müller, 1806)
Esolus angustatus Müll. species Elminae Elmini Esolus angustatus (Müller, 1821)
Oulimnius rivularis Rosh. species Elminae Elmini Oulimnius rivularis (Rosenhauer, 1856)
Oulimnius tuberculatus Müll. species Elminae Elmini Oulimnius tuberculatus (Müller, 1806)
Oulimnius tuberculatus tuberculatus Müll. subspecies Elminae Elmini  
Oulimnius tuberculatus perezi Sharp subspecies Elminae Elmini Oulimnius perezi (Sharp, 1872)
Oulimnius troglodytes Gyll. species Elminae Elmini Oulimnius troglodytes (Gyllenhal, 1827)
Dupophilus brevis Muls.& Rey species Elminae Elmini Dupophilus brevis Mulsant & Rey, 1872
Limnius opacus Müll. species Elminae Elmini Limnius opacus Müller, 1806
Limnius sulcipennis Fairm. species Elminae Elmini Limnius sulcipennis Fairmaire, 1881
Limnius sulcipennis sulcipennis Fairm. subspecies Elminae Elmini Limnius sulcipennis sulcipennis
Limnius sulcipennis damryi Fairm. subspecies Elminae Elmini Limnius sulcipennis damryi Fairmaire, 1881
Limnius perrisi Duf. species Elminae Elmini Limnius perrisi (Dufour, 1843)
Limnius volckmari Panz. species Elminae Elmini Limnius volckmari (Panzer, 1793)
Limnius muelleri Er. species Elminae Elmini Limnius muelleri (Erichson, 1847)
Normandia nitens Müll species Elminae Elmini Normandia nitens (Müller, 1817)
Normandia nitens nitens Müll. subspecies Elminae Elmini  
Normandia sodalis Er. species Elminae Elmini Riolus sodalis (Erichson, 1847)
Riolus apfelbecki Gglb. species Elminae Elmini  
Riolus cupreus Müll. species Elminae Elmini Riolus cupreus (Müller, 1806)
Riolus subviolaceus Müll. species Elminae Elmini Riolus subviolaceus (Müller, 1817)
Grouvellinus rioloides Rtt. species Elminae Elmini Grouvellinus rioloides (Reitter, 1887)
Macronychus quadrituberculatus Müll. species Elminae Macronychini Macronychus quadrituberculatus Müller, 1806
Macronychus substriatus Heer. species Elminae Macronychini  
Macronychus laevicollis Germ. species Elminae Macronychini  
Macronychus costatus Cast. species Elminae Macronychini  
Potamophilus acuminatus F. species Larainae Potamophilini Potamophilus acuminatus (Fabricius, 1792)

Taxa in collection for Elmidae: 44


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Helichus substriatus Müll. species Pomatinus substriatus (Müller, 1806)
Helichus angulicollis Rtt. species  
Helichus longus Sol. species  
Dryops subincanus Kuw. species Dryops subincanus (Kuwert, 1890)
Dryops lutulentus Er. species Dryops lutulentus (Erichson, 1847)
Dryops costai Heyd. species Dryops costae (Heyden, 1891)
Dryops rufipes Kryn. species Dryops rufipes (Krynicki, 1832)
Dryops rufipes puberulus Rche. subspecies  
Dryops nitidulus Heer species Dryops nitidulus (Heer, 1841)
Dryops vienensis Heer species Dryops viennensis (Heer, 1841)
Dryops fuscipennis Sol. species  
Dryops sulcipennis Costa species Dryops sulcipennis (A.Costa, 1883)
Dryops caspius Mén. species Dryops caspius (Menetries, 1832)
Dryops striatopunctatus Heer species Dryops striatopunctatus (Heer, 1841)
Dryops algiricus Luc. species Dryops algiricus (Lucas, 1846)
Dryops gracilis Karsch species Dryops gracilis (Karsch, 1881)
Dryops luridus Er. species Dryops luridus (Erichson, 1847)
Dryops ernesti Goz. species Dryops ernesti Des Gozis, 1886
Dryops striatellus Fairm. species Dryops striatellus (Fairmaire & Brisout, 1859)
Dryops peyerimhoffi Bollow species  
Dryops griseus Er. species Dryops griseus (Erichson, 1847)
Dryops anglicanus Edw. species Dryops anglicanus Edwards, 1909
Dryops similaris Bollow species Dryops similaris Bollow, 1936
Dryops auriculatus Geoffr. species Dryops auriculatus (Geoffroy, 1785)
Dryops mesatlanticus Peyer. species  
Elmomorphus brevicornis Sharp species  

Taxa in collection for Dryopidae: 26


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pelochares versicolor Waltl species Limnichinae Pelochares versicolor (Waltl, 1838)
Pelochares murinus Baudi species Limnichinae Pelochares murinus (Baudi, 1870)
Pelochares ryukyuensis Sato species Limnichinae Pelochares ryukyuensis Satô, 1966
Limnichus variegatus J.Sahlb. species Limnichinae  
Limnichus aurosericeus DuV. species Limnichinae  
Limnichus pygmaeus Sturm species Limnichinae Limnichus pygmaeus (Sturm, 1807)
Limnichus inornatus Wse. species Limnichinae  
Limnichus incanus Kiesw. species Limnichinae Limnichus incanus Kiesenwetter, 1851
Limnichus lederi Wse. species Limnichinae  
Limnichus sericeus Duft. species Limnichinae Limnichus sericeus (Duftschmid, 1825)
Limnichus angustulus Wse. species Limnichinae  
Limnichus punctipennis Kr. species Limnichinae Limnichus punctipennis Kraatz, 1858
Limnichus nebulosus Fairm. species Limnichinae  
Bothriophorus atomus Muls. species Limnichinae Bothriophorus atomus Mulsant & Rey, 1852
Cephalobyrrhinus japonicus Champ. species Cephalobyrrhinae  

Taxa in collection for Limnichidae: 15


name author rank comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Micilus murinus Kiesw. species Micilus murinus (Kiesenwetter, 1843)
Micilus minutissimus J.Sahlb. species Micilus minutissimus (J.Sahlberg, 1900)
Heterocerus parallelus Gebl. species Heterocerus parallelus Gebler, 1830
Heterocerus fossor Kiesw. species Heterocerus fossor Kiesenwetter, 1843
Heterocerus flexuosus Steph. species Heterocerus flexuosus (Stephens, 1828)
Heterocerus obsoletus Curt. species Heterocerus obsoletus (Curtis, 1828)
Heterocerus marginatus F. species Heterocerus marginatus (Fabricius, 1787)
Heterocerus holosericeus Rosh. species  
Heterocerus albosignatus J.Sahlb. n.n. species  
Heterocerus flavicans Popp. n.n. species  
Heterocerus fenestratus Thunb. species Heterocerus fenestratus (Thunberg, 1784)
Heterocerus corsicus auct. species  
Heterocerus aragonicus Kiesw. species Heterocerus aragonicus Kiesenwetter, 1850
Heterocerus fusculus Kiesw. species Heterocerus fusculus Kiesenwetter, 1843
Heterocerus rothi Rtt. species  
Heterocerus pulchellus Kiesw. species  
Heterocerus senescens Kiesw. species Augyles senescens (Kiesenwetter, 1865)
Heterocerus andalusiacus Breit species  
Heterocerus hispidulus Kiesw. species Augyles hispidulus (Kiesenwetter, 1843)
Heterocerus pruinosus Kiesw. species Augyles pruinosus (Kiesenwetter, 1851)
Heterocerus intermedius Kiesw. species Augyles intermedius (Kiesenwetter, 1843)
Heterocerus niloticus Grouv. species Heterocerus niloticus Grouvelle, 1896
Heterocerus kulabensis Rtt. species  
Heterocerus crinitus Kiesw. species Heterocerus crinitus Kiesenwetter, 1850
Heterocerus maritimus Guér. species Heterocerus maritimus (Guerin-Meneville, 1844)
Heterocerus marmota Kiesw. species Augyles marmota (Kiesenwetter, 1850)
Heterocerus sericans Kiesw. species Augyles sericans (Kiesenwetter, 1843)
Heterocerus flavidus Rossi species  
Heterocerus albipennis Kuw. species Augyles flavidus (Rossi, 1794)
Heterocerus obliteratus Kiesw. species Augyles obliteratus (Kiesenwetter, 1843)
Heterocerus minutus Kiesw. species Augyles flavidus (Rossi, 1794)
Heterocerus hamifer Gené species Heterocerus flexuosus (Stephens, 1828)
Heterocerus albineus Rtt. species  
Heterocerus aureolus Schdte. species Augyles aureolus (Schiödte, 1866)
Heterocerus turanicus Kuw. species  
Heterocerus ahngeri J.Sahlb. species  

Taxa in collection for Heteroceridae: 36