Circular letter June 2014

Dear Collaborators of Atlas Florae Europaeae:

The work on the concluding volume of Rosaceae, which includes the genus Sorbus alone, is approaching its final stage. The distribution data are nearly complete now, and the draft maps have been compiled and are present online ( for your examination. Please check the completeness and accuracy of the draft maps and report omissions or errors to us. Because of the Google search function, the draft maps can also be used as a tool to trace missing records (see instructions on the website:

Please note that for technical reasons some data are missing from the maps, in particular the map of Sorbus neglecta is lacking and the data from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova have not been fully incorporated yet.

We kindly ask you to revise the draft maps by the beginning of September. This will allow us to prepare the volume for publication before Christmas.

With best regards,

Pertti Uotila                                     Arto Kurtto                                       Alexander Sennikov