Archaeognatha from East Fennoscandia in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH/Luomus)

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) = Luonnonhistoriallinen keskusmuseo (Luomus). It is very much a work in progress and may contain many errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes.

The GBIF suggested names are automatically generated and have not been reviewed.

Taxon: Archaeognatha

Collection section: Minor insect orders (Luomus): Archaeognatha (East Fennoscandia Collection)

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name author count origin FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Dilta hibernica (Carpenter, 1907) 19 Eastern Fennoscandia Dilta hibernica (Carpenter, 1907)
Petrobius brevistylis Carpenter, 1913 5 Eastern Fennoscandia Petrobius brevistylis Carpenter, 1913

Taxa in collection for Machilidae: 2