Översikt av Taraxacum-arterna i Enare Lappmark. Del 1

C. E. Sonck 1991: Översikt av Taraxacum-arterna i Enare Lappmark. Del I. (A survey of Taraxacum species found in Inari Lapland, Northernmost Finland. Part I). Norrlinia 3: 1-24. ISSN 0780-3214. ISBN 951-45-5815-4

The Taraxacum flora of the Northern part of Finnish Lapland was studied and specimens were collected in 1954, 1967, and later more regularly, almost every year from 1973 to 1990. A list is presented of species belonging to the sections Boreigena, Ceratophora, Erythrosperma, Borea, and Vulgaria (Ruderalia). In addition, 3 species from the section Spectabilia are included. The total number of species is 143. A list of the localities is given for each species, and 8 distribution maps are presented. Taxonomic problems especially concerning sectio Borea are discussed. Many species, belonging to sect. Vulgaria, were probably introduced in the 1940’s with hay-transports of the German troops. The collected specimens are kept in the Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki (H).