Catalogue of lichens and allied fungi of Murmansk Region, Russia

Gennadii Urbanavichus, Teuvo Ahti & Irina Urbanavichene 2008: Catalogue of lichens and allied fungi of Murmansk Region, Russia. Norrlinia 17: 1-80. ISSN 0780-3214. ISBN 978-952-10-4921-7

A new, annotated catalogue of lichens, lichenicolous fungi and some allied fungi of the Murmansk Region has been prepared on the basis of the authors’ own collections in different parts of the area, herbarium collections mainly preserved in Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden Institute, Kirovsk, and Botanical Museum, Helsinki, as well as literature data. The list contains 1139 accepted species of 278 genera, including 1029 species of lichens, 86 species of lichenicolous fungi and 24 species of  saprophytic fungi. For each species the distribution is given using the traditional biogeographic provinces of East Fennoscandia recognized by the Finnish botanists. The substrate or host species (in case of lichenicolous fungi) is also indicated. If the species is only known from literature, the source publication is cited. The following new nomenclatural combinations are validated: Miriquidica pycnocarpa var. sorediata (Coppins & Fryday) G. Urban., Rhizocarpon geographicum subsp. kittilense (Räsänen) Ahti and R. geographicum subsp. lindsayanum (Räsänen) Ahti.