Megaloptera from East Fennoscandia in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH/Luomus)

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) = Luonnonhistoriallinen keskusmuseo (Luomus). It is very much a work in progress and may contain many errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes.

The GBIF suggested names are automatically generated and have not been reviewed.

Group: Megaloptera

Collection section: Minor insect orders (Luomus): Megaloptera East Fennoscandia.

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name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Sialis lutaria (Linnaeus, 1758) Species   91 Eastern Fennoscandia Sialis lutaria (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sialis morio Klingstedt, 1932 Species   151 Eastern Fennoscandia syntypes Sialis morio Klingstedt, 1933
Sialis sordida Klingstedt, 1932 Species   235 Eastern Fennoscandia syntypes Sialis sordida Klingstedt, 1933
Sialis fuliginosa Pictet, 1836 Species   80 Eastern Fennoscandia Sialis fuliginosa Pictet, 1836
Sialis sibirica McLachlan, 1872 Species   7 Eastern Fennoscandia Sialis sibirica McLachlan, 1872
Sialis Latreille, 1803 genus   263 Eastern Fennoscandia 1 slide, 2 larvae Sialis Latreille, 1802

Taxa in collection for Sialidae: 6