Checklist of vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan

Georgy A. Lazkov & Beishekan A. Sultanova 2011: Checklist of vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan. Norrlinia 24: 1–166. ISSN 0780-3214. ISBN 978-952-10-7588-9.

The first checklist of vascular plants (ferns, lycopods, horsetails, conifers and phanerogams) of
Kyrgyzstan has been prepared on the basis of literature data, herbarium collections mainly preserved
at the Institute of Biology and Soil Science in Bishkek (FRU, Kyrgyzstan) and at the Komarov
Botanical Institute in St. Petersburg (LE, Russia), and the authors’ field observations. The list
contains 3 869 species, of which 3 798 species are native to the country. For each species the
distribution in Kyrgyzstan is given according to the biogeographic provinces. The endemic status of
every species is also indicated.