World Thysanoptera in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH/Luomus)

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) = Luonnonhistoriallinen keskusmuseo (Luomus). It is very much a work in progress and may contain many errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes.

The GBIF suggested names are automatically generated and have not been reviewed.

Taxon Thysanoptera

Collection section: Minor insect orders (Luomus): Thysanoptera (World collection)

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name author rank count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Bacillothrips longiceps (Reuter, 1901) species 2 Corfu Bacillothrips longiceps (Reuter, 1901)
Bolothrips icarus (Uzel, 1895) species 1 Europe Bolothrips icarus (Uzel, 1895)
Cephalothrips monilicornis (Reuter, 1885) species 1 Europe Cephalothrips monilicornis (Reuter, 1885)
Compsothrips albosignatus (Reuter, 1884) species 5 Germany, Spain (St. Helena), Morocco 4 on slides Compsothrips albosignatus (Reuter, 1884)
Haplothrips aculeatus (Fabricius, 1803) species 5 Europe Haplothrips aculeatus (Fabricius, 1803)
Haplothrips setiger Priesner, 1921 species 4 Spain (St. Helena) syntypes Haplothrips plumociliatus Maltbaek, 1931; unverified. On slides. Haplothrips setiger Priesner, 1921
Haplothrips simplex (Buffa, 1909) species 1 Tunis on a slide Haplothrips simplex (Buffa, 1909)
Haplothrips statices (Haliday, 1836) species 11 Europe 1836) Haplothrips statices (Haliday, 1836)
Haplothrips Amyot & Serville, 1843 genus 1 Spain (St. Helena) on a slide Haplothrips Amyot & Serville, 1843
Hoplothrips ulmi (Fabricius, 1781) species 1 Europe Hoplothrips ulmi (Fabricius, 1781)
Liothrips oleae (Costa, 1857) species 4 Spain on slides Liothrips oleae (Costa, 1857)
Megathrips flavipes (Reuter, 1901) species 1 Crete Megathrips flavipes (Reuter, 1901)
Megathrips lativentris (Heeger, 1852) species 1 Europe (Holmia) Megathrips lativentris (Heeger, 1852)
Neurothrips magnafemoralis (Hinds, 1902) species 1 Illinois (USA) on a slide Neurothrips magnafemoralis (Hinds, 1902)

Taxa in collection for Phlaeothripidae: 14


name author rank count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Anaphothrips obscurus (Muller, 1776) species 6 Europe Anaphothrips obscurus (Muller, 1776)
Ceratothrips ericae (Haliday, 1836) species 2 Europe, Sweden syntype Thrips piceicornis Reuter, 1901; verified Ceratothrips ericae (Haliday, 1836)
Chirothrips manicatus (Haliday, 1836) species 5 Europe Chirothrips manicatus (Haliday, 1836)
Ctenothrips bridwelli Franklin, 1907 species 1 Illinois (USA) on a slide Ctenothrips bridwelli Franklin, 1907
Ctenothrips distinctus (Uzel, 1895) species 2 Europe Ctenothrips distinctus (Uzel, 1895)
Frankliniella tenuicornis (Uzel, 1895) species 1 Europe Frankliniella tenuicornis (Uzel, 1895)
Limothrips denticornis (Haliday, 1836) species 18 Europe Limothrips denticornis (Haliday, 1836)
Odontothrips ulicis (Haliday, 1836) species 2 Europe (Saxonia) Odontothrips ulicis (Haliday, 1836)
Oxythrips bicolor (Reuter, 1879) species 1 Europe Oxythrips bicolor (Reuter, 1879)
Platythrips tunicatus (Haliday, 1852) species 11 Europe Platythrips tunicatus (Haliday, 1852)
Sericothrips cingulatus Hinds, 1902 species 1 Illinois (USA) on a slide Sericothrips cingulatus Hinds, 1902
Sericothrips staphylinus Haliday, 1836 species 19 Europe Sericothrips staphylinus Haliday, 1836
Taeniothrips picipes (Zetterstedt, 1828) species 1 Europe (Saxonia) Taeniothrips picipes (Zetterstedt, 1828)
Thrips alni Uzel, 1895 species 1 Europe Thrips alni Uzel, 1895
Thrips atratus Haliday, 1836 species 2 Europe Thrips atratus Haliday, 1836
Thrips physapus Linnaeus, 1758 species 19 Europe Thrips physapus Linnaeus, 1758
Thrips tabaci Lindeman, 1889 species 1 Europe (Holmia) Thrips tabaci Lindeman, 1889
Thrips vulgatissimus Haliday, 1836 species 14 Europe (Holmia, Saxonia) Thrips vulgatissimus Haliday, 1836
Tmetothrips subapterus (Haliday, 1836) species 1 Europe Tmetothrips subapterus (Haliday, 1836)

Taxa in collection for Thripidae: 19


name author rank count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Aeolothrips bicolor Hinds, 1902 species 1 Illinois (USA) on a slide Aeolothrips bicolor Hinds, 1902
Aeolothrips fasciatus (Linnaeus, 1758) species 5 Europe Aeolothrips fasciatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Taxa in collection for Aeolothripidae: 2


name author rank count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Melanthrips fuscus Sulzer, 1776 species 2 Spain (St. Helena) “f. graciliformis f. nov”. On slides. Melanthrips fuscus Sulzer, 1776

Taxa in collection for Melanthripidae: 1

Thysanoptera indet.

name author rank count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Thysanoptera   order ~600 Europe, Russia, Crete, Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Madeira, Canary Islands, Azores, Cape de Verde, Uganda, Niger, Zambia, Canada, New Founland Thysanoptera