Savanna room

The land of the lion king

Most of us associate the savanna with the plains of Africa, but savannas can also be found in North and South America, South-East Asia and India. Savannas appear in areas which fluctuate between dry and rainy seasons. This room also has a dry season during winter, as the plants are barely watered between November and March.

The grassy areas offer food for several different types of animal. For many plant species, herbivores can represent either a threat or an opportunity. Many plants use spikes and toxins to protect themselves from hungry herbivores. It is no coincidence that this room houses many poisonous plants. Plants that are especially toxic are marked with a skull.

On the other hand, many plants also benefit from animals. For example, the seeds of the sausage tree are more likely to germinate if they pass through the digestive tract of an animal. Animals can also spread the seeds further.

Get to know the plants in this room:

The savanna room in summer during the rain season.
The savanna room in winter during the dry season.
The savanna room and a sausage tree (Kigelia africana).
Savanna room in summer during the rain season.