Coll. Richard Frey (MZH/FMNH/Luomus): taxon list part 3 – Helcomyzidae to Chloropidae

Promachus gomerae Frey, 1936

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) =

Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo (Luomus).

The list is work in progress and may contain errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes. The GBIF suggested names are automatically generated and have not been reviewed.

Known or suspected manuscript names present in the collection are listed as chironyms.

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Collection: Diptera collection of Richard Frey

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MSManuscript (name)
See D-fennica.Some material moved to the Diptera East Fennoscandia collection at MZH
In D-fennica.All material moved to the Diptera East Fennoscandia collection at MZH.
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Part 3: Diptera, Brachycera, Helcomyzidae to Chloropidae


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Helcomyza ustulata Curtis, 1825 species Helcomyza ustulata Curt. 6 Helcomyza ustulata Curtis, 1825

Taxa in collection for Helcomyzidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Heterocheila buccata   species Heterochila buccata Fall.     In D-fennica. Heterocheila buccata (Fallen, 1820)

Taxa in collection for Heterocheilidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Willistoniella pleuropunctata (Wiedemann, 1824) species Willistoniella pleuropunctata Wied. 9 Willistoniella pleuropunctata (Wiedemann, 1824)
Ropalomera femorata (Fabricius, 1805) species Ropalomera femorata Fabr. 5 Ropalomera femorata (Fabricius, 1805)
Apophorhynchus flaviceps (Macquart, 1846) species Ropalomera [femorata] var. flaviceps Macq. 3 Apophorhynchus flaviceps (Macquart, 1846)
Ropalomera clavipes (Fabricius, 1805) species Ropalomera clavipes Fabr. 2 Ropalomera clavipes (Fabricius, 1805)
Ropalomera stictica Wiedemann, 1830 species Ropalomera stictica Wied. 1 Ropalomera stictica Wiedemann, 1830
Ropalomera nudipes Frey, 1959 species Ropalomera nudipes Frey 1 Ropalomera nudipes Frey, 1959

Taxa in collection for Rhopalomeridae: 6


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Coelopa frigida   species Coelopa gravis Hal. 1 Coelopa frigida (Fabricius, 1805)
Coelopa pilipes   species Coelopa pilipes Hal. 2 Coelopa pilipes Haliday, 1838
Malacomyia sciomyzina (Haliday, 1833) species Malacomyia sciomyzina Hal. 8 Malacomyia sciomyzina (Haliday, 1833)

Taxa in collection for Coelopidae: 3


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Dryomyza formosa (Wiedemann, 1830) species Dryomyza (Stenodryomyza) formosa Wd. 4 Dryomyza formosa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Dryomyza macularis   chironym Dryomyza (Stenodryomyza) macularis Frey 6   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Dromyza anilis   species Dryomyza (Neuroctena) anilis Fall. 4   See D-fennica.  
Dromyza anilis   chironym Dryomyza (Neuroctena) [anilis] var. japonica Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Dryope flaveola   species Dryomyza (Dryomyza) flaveola Fabr. 2 Dryope flaveola (Fabricius, 1794)
Dryope flaveola   species Dryomyza (Dryomyza) [flaveola] f. Zawadski Schin.[sic.] 2 Dryope flaveola (Fabricius, 1794)
Dryope flaveola   chironym Dryomyza (Dryomyza) [flaveola] f. lineolata in sch. 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Dryope flaveola (Fabricius, 1794)
Dryomyza decrepita   species Dryomyza (Dryomyza) decrepita Zett.     In D-fennica. Dryope decrepita (Zetterstedt, 1838)

Taxa in collection for Dryomyzidae: 8


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Orygma luctuosum   species Orygma luctuosa Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Orygma luctuosum Meigen, 1830
Saltella sphondylii   species Saltella sphondylii Schrank 4   det. Pont 1988 Saltella sphondylii (Schrank, 1803)
Ortalischema albitarse   species Ortalischema albitarsis Zett. 2   det. Pont 1988 Ortalischema albitarse (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Toxopoda rotundata   species Toxopoda // *OBSCURED* 10   det. Ozerov 1991  
Toxopoda discedens   species   1   det. Ozerov 1991  
Paratoxopoda depilis (Walker, 1849) species Paratoxopoda depilis Walk. 2 Paratoxopoda depilis (Walker, 1849)
Paratoxopoda depilis   species Paratoxopoda [depilis] v. fasciventris Bezzi 1 Paratoxopoda depilis (Walker, 1849)
Paratoxopoda nigritarsis   species Paratoxopoda nigritarsis Duda 1 Paratoxopoda nigritarsis Duda, 1926
Themira annulipes   species Enicita annulipes Mg. 2   det Pont. See D-fennica. Themira annulipes (Meigen, 1826)
Themira leachi   species Enicita leachi Mg.     In D-fennica. Themira leachi (Meigen, 1826)
Themira minor   species Enicomira minor Hal.     In D-fennica. Themira minor (Haliday, 1833)
Themira superba   species Themira superba Hal.     In D-fennica. Themira superba (Haliday, 1833)
Themira arctica   species Themira arctica Beck.     In D-fennica. Themira arctica (Becker, 1915)
Themira putris   species Themira putris L. 1   det. Pont 1988 Themira putris (Linnaeus, 1758)
Themira nigricornis   species Themira nigricornis Mg. 4   det. Pont 1988 Themira nigricornis (Meigen, 1826)
Themira gracilis   species Themira gracilis Zett.     In D-fennica. Themira gracilis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Themira pusilla   species Themira pusilla Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Themira pusilla (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Meroplius fasciculatus (Brunetti, 1909) species Parameroplius fasciculatus Brun. 1 Meroplius fasciculatus (Brunetti, 1909)
Meroplius minutus   species Meroplius stercorarius R.-D. 2 Meroplius minutus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Nemopoda nitidula   species Nemopoda cylindrica F. 1   det. Pont 1988 Nemopoda nitidula (Fallen, 1820)
Nemopoda pectinulata   species Nemopoda pectinulata Lw 15   det. Pont 1988 Nemopoda pectinulata Loew, 1873
Nemopoda pectinulata   chironym Nemopoda [pectinulata] subsp. crassior Frey 12   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Nemopoda pectinulata Loew, 1873
Archisepsis armata (Schiner, 1868) species Palaeosepsis (Palaeosepsis) armata Schin. 5 Archisepsis armata (Schiner, 1868)
Archisepsis discolor   species Palaeosepsis (Palaeosepsis) haemorrhoidalis schin. 12 Archisepsis discolor (Bigot, 1857)
Lateosepsis laticornis (Duda, 1926) species Palaeosepsis (Palaeosepsis) laticornis Duda 2 Lateosepsis laticornis (Duda, 1926)
Archisepsis pusio (Schiner, 1868) species Palaeosepsis (Palaeosepsis) pusio Shin. 7 Archisepsis pusio (Schiner, 1868)
Microsepsis armillata (Melander & Spuler, 1917) species Palaeosepsis (Palaeosepsis) armillata Mel. 5 Microsepsis armillata (Melander & Spuler, 1917)
Dicranosepsis bicolor (Wiedemann, 1830) species Palaeosepsis (Dicranosepsis) bicolor Wied. 24 Dicranosepsis bicolor (Wiedemann, 1830)
Leptomerosepsis simplicicrus (Duda, 1926) species Palaeosepsis (Leptomerosepsis) simplicicrus Duda 1 Leptomerosepsis simplicicrus (Duda, 1926)
Brachythoracosepsis nodosa (Walker, 1849) species Palaeosepsis (Leptomerosepsis) nodosa Walk. 2 Brachythoracosepsis nodosa (Walker, 1849)
Sepsis indica   species Sepsis indica Wied. 11 Sepsis indica Wiedemann, 1824
Sepsis burmae   chironym Sepsis burmae i.s. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sepsis testacea   species Sepsis spectabilis de Meij. 8 Sepsis testacea Walker, 1860
Sepsis lateralis   species Sepsis lateralis Wied. 17 Sepsis lateralis Wiedemann, 1830
Sepsis lateralis   species Sepsis [lateralis] v. impunctata Macq. 6 Sepsis lateralis Wiedemann, 1830
Sepsis coprophila Meijere, 1906 species Sepsis coprophila de Meij. 8 Sepsis coprophila Meijere, 1906
Sepsis subcoprophaga   chironym Sepsis subcoprophaga i.s. 9   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sepsis thoracica   species Sepsis thoracica R.-D. 17 Micropeza thoracicum Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Sepsis thoracica   species Sepsis [thoracica] v. tridens Beck. 4 Micropeza thoracicum Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Sepsis arotrolabis Duda, 1926 species Sepsis arotrolabis Duda 1 Sepsis arotrolabis Duda, 1926
Sepsis latiforceps Duda, 1926 species Sepsis latiforceps Duda 2 Sepsis latiforceps Duda, 1926
Sepsis barbata   species Sepsis barbata Beck. 3 Sepsis barbata Becker, 1907
Sepsis dissimilis   species Sepsis albopunctata Lamb 1 Sepsis dissimilis Brunetti, 1909
Sepsis fissa   species Sepsis fissa Beck 9 Sepsis fissa Becker, 1903
Sepsis duplicata   species Sepsis pilipes v.d.W.     In D-fennica. Sepsis duplicata Haliday, 1838
Sepsis flavimana   species Sepsis flavimana Meig. Sepsis flavimana Meigen, 1826
Sepsis flavimana   species Sepsis simplex Goetgh. & B.     In D-fennica. Sepsis flavimana Meigen, 1826
Sepsis flavimana   species Sepsis borealis Frey     In D-fennica. Sepsis flavimana Meigen, 1826
Sepsis biflexuosa   species Sepsis biflexuosa Strobl Sepsis biflexuosa Strobl, 1893
Sepsis orthocnemis   species Sepsis orthocnemis Frey     In D-fennica. Sepsis orthocnemis Frey, 1908
Sepsis cynipsea   species Sepsis cynipsea L.     In D-fennica. Sepsis cynipsea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sepsis fulgens   species Sepsis fulgens Hoffm.     In D-fennica. Sepsis fulgens Meigen, 1826
Sepsis   genus Sepsis sp. 6 Burma Sepsis Fallén, 1810
Sepsis punctum   species Sepsis punctum Fabr.     In D-fennica. Sepsis punctum (Fabricius, 1794)
Sepsis punctum   species Sepsis [punctum] var. quadrisetosa Duda 12 Sepsis punctum (Fabricius, 1794)
Sepsis violacea   species Sepsis violacea Mg     In D-fennica. Sepsis violacea Walker, 1826
Sepsis luteipes   species Sepsis luteipes Mel.&Sp. 1 Sepsis luteipes Melander & Spuler, 1917
Australosepsis frontalis   species Australosepsis tenella de Meij. 10 Australosepsis frontalis (Walker, 1860)
Australosepsis niveipennis   species Australosepsis niveipennis Beck. 2 Australosepsis niveipennis (Becker, 1903)
Australosepsis niveipennis   species Australosepsis [niveipennis] v. robusta Duda 1 Australosepsis niveipennis (Becker, 1903)

Taxa in collection for Sepsidae: 60


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pelidnoptera nigripennis (Fabricius, 1794) species Pelidnoptera nigripennis Fabr.     In D-fennica. Pelidnoptera nigripennis (Fabricius, 1794)
Pelidnoptera nigripennis   chironym Phaeomyia [nigripennis] fuscicornis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Pelidnoptera nigripennis (Fabricius, 1794)
Pelidnoptera fuscipennis   species Phaeomyia fumipennis Zett. Pelidnoptera fuscipennis (Meigen, 1830)
Pelidnoptera fuscipennis   species Phaeomyia fuscipennis Mg. Pelidnoptera fuscipennis (Meigen, 1830)

Taxa in collection for Phaeomyiidae: 4


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Tetanura pallidiventris   species Tetanura pallidiventris Fall.     In D-fennica. Tetanura pallidiventris Fallen, 1820
Atrichomelina pubera (Loew, 1862) species Melina (Atrichomelina) pubera Lw. 6 Atrichomelina pubera (Loew, 1862)
Pherbellia albocostata   species Melina (Ctenomelina) albocostata Fall.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia albocostata (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia austera (Meigen, 1830) species Melina (Ctenomelina) austera Mg.     Location of material unknown. Pherbellia austera (Meigen, 1830)
Pherbellia dorsata   species Melina (Ctenomelina) dorsata Zett.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia dorsata (Zetterstedt, 1846)
Pherbellia griseola   species Melina (Ctenomelina) griseola Fall.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia griseola (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia griseola   species Melina (Ctenomelina) fuscipes Macq. Pherbellia griseola (Fallen, 1820)
Sciomyza aristalis (Coquillett, 1901) species Melina (Ctenomelina) aristata Coq. 1 Sciomyza aristalis (Coquillett, 1901)
Pherbellia dubia   species Melina (Melina) dubia Fall.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia dubia (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia obtusa   species Melina (Melina) obtusa Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Pherbellia obtusa (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia griseicollis   species Melina (Melina) griseicollis Beck.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia griseicollis (Becker, 1900)
Pherbellia pallidiventris   species Melina (Melina) pallidiventris Fall.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia pallidiventris (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia sordida   species Melina (Melina) sordida Hend.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia sordida (Hendel, 1902)
Pherbellia ventralis   species Melina (Melina) ventralis Fall.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia ventralis (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia annulipes   species Melina (Melina) annulipes Zett.     In D-fennica (misid.). Pherbellia annulipes (Zetterstedt, 1846)
Pherbellia nana   species Melina (Melina) nana Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Pherbellia nana (Fallen, 1820)
Colobaea bifasciella (Fallén, 1820) species Colobaea bifasciella Fall.     In D-fennica. Colobaea bifasciella (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia limbata (Meigen, 1830) species Graphomyzina limbata Mg.     Location of material unknown. Pherbellia limbata (Meigen, 1830)
Pherbellia ornatifrons   chironym Graphomyzina ornatifrons in sch. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sciomyza simplex   species Biscofia simplex Fall.     In D-fennica. Sciomyza simplex Fallén, 1820
Sciomyza testacea   species Biscofia testaea Macq.     In D-fennica. Sciomyza testacea Macquart, 1835
Sciomyza dryomyzina Zetterstedt, 1846 species Biscofia dryomyzina Zett.     In D-fennica. Sciomyza dryomyzina Zetterstedt, 1846
Pteromicra glabricula   species Pteromicra nigrimana Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Pteromicra glabricula (Fallen, 1820)
Pteromicra glabricula   species Pteromicra glabricula Fall.     In D-fennica. Pteromicra glabricula (Fallen, 1820)
Pteromicra leucopeza   species Pteromicra leucopeza Mg,     In D-fennica. Opomyza leucopeza Waltl, 1837
Pteromicra similis Steyskal, 1954 species Pteromicra similis Steysk. 1 Pteromicra similis Steyskal, 1954
Colobaea pectoralis (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Ctenulus pectoralis Zett.     In D-fennica. Colobaea pectoralis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Colobaea punctata   species Ctenulus punctatus Lundb. 1 Colobaea punctata (Lundbeck, 1923)
Ditaeniella grisescens   species Ditaeniella grisescens Mg. 7 Pherbellia grisescens (Meigen, 1830)
Ditaeniella grisescens   species Ditaeniella [grisescens] subsp. macellata Co. 1   Name not recognised. Pherbellia grisescens (Meigen, 1830)
Pherbellia brunnipes   species Oxytaenia brunnipes Meig.     In D-fennica. Sciomyza brunnipes Waltl, 1837
Pherbellia lutheri   species Oxytaenia lutheri Frey     Location of material unknown. A manuscriupt name, described by Rozkošný as Pherbellia lutheri? Pherbellia lutheri Rozkosny, 1982
Pherbellia schoenherri   species Pherbellia schönherri Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Pherbellia schoenherri (Fallen, 1826)
Pherbellia quadrata Steyskal, 1961 species Pherbellia quadrata 1 Pherbellia quadrata Steyskal, 1961
Pherbellia cinerella   species Ditaenia cinerella Fall.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia cinerella (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia cinerella   species Ditaenia [cinerella] subsp. meridionalis Strobl     Location of material unknown. Pherbellia cinerella (Fallen, 1820)
Pherbellia seticoxa Steyskal, 1961 species Ditaenia seticoxa Steysk. 3   3 paratypes Pherbellia seticoxa Steyskal, 1961
Renocera johnsoni Cresson, 1920 species Renocera johnsoni Cres.     Location of material unknown. Renocera johnsoni Cresson, 1920
Renocera pallida   species Renocera pallida Fall.     In D-fennica. Renocera pallida (Fallen, 1820)
Renocera strobli   species Renocera strobli Hend.     In D-fennica. Renocera stroblii Hendel, 1900
Renocera striata   species Renocera striata Mg.     In D-fennica. Renocera striata (Meigen, 1830)
Antichaeta analis   species Antichaeta analis Mg.     In D-fennica. Anticheta analis (Meigen, 1830)
Antichaeta atriseta   species Antichaeta atriseta Lw     In D-fennica.  
Antichaeta brevipennis   species Hemitelopteryx brevipennis Zett.     In D-fennica. Anticheta brevipennis (Zetterstedt, 1846)
Ectinocera borealis   species Ectinocera borealis Zett.     In D-fennica. Ectinocera borealis Zetterstedt, 1838
Tetanocera elata   species Tetanocera elata Fabr.     In D-fennica. Tetanocera elata (Fabricius, 1781)
Tetanocera robusta   species Tetanocera robusta Lw 2   See D-fennica. Tetanocera robusta Loew, 1847
Tetanocera ferriginea Fallén, 1820 species Tetanocera ferruginea Fall. 5   See D-fennica. Tetanocera ferriginea Fallen, 1820
Tetanocera arrogans   species Tetanocera arrogans Mg.     In D-fennica. Tetanocera arrogans Meigen, 1830
Tetanocera latifibula   species Tetanocera latifibula Frey 1   See D-fennica. Tetanocera latifibula Frey, 1924
Tetanocera montana   species Tetanocera borealis Frey     In D-fennica. Tetanocera montana Day, 1881
Tetanocera   species Tetanocera punctifrons Rond.     In D-fennica. Tetanocera Duméril, 1800
Tetanocera kerteszi   species Tetanocera ornatifrons Frey     In D-fennica. Tetanocera kerteszi Hendel, 1901
Tetanocera ferruginea   species Tetanocera brunnipennis Frey     In D-fennica. Tetanocera ferruginea Fallén, 1820
Tetanocera lapponica   species Tetanocera lapponica Frey     In D-fennica. Tetanocera lapponica Frey, 1924
Tetanocera kerteszi   species Tetanocera griseicollis Frey     In D-fennica. Tetanocera kerteszi Hendel, 1901
Tetanocera brevisetosa   species Tetanocera brevisetosa Frey     In D-fennica. Tetanocera brevisetosa Frey, 1924
Tetanocera fuscinervis   species Tetanocera unicolor Lw 2   See D-fennica. Tetanocera fuscinervis (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Tetanocera silvatica   species Tetanocera silvatica Mg.     In D-fennica. Tetanocera silvatica Meigen, 1830
Tetanocera hyalipennis   species Tetanocera hyalipennis v. Ros.     In D-fennica. Tetanocera hyalipennis Roser, 1840
Tetanocera lapponica   species Tetanocera lapponica Fall.     In D-fennica. Tetanocera lapponica Frey, 1924
Tetanocera plebeja   species Tetanocera plebeia Lw. 9 Tetanocera plebeja Loew, 1862
Tetanocera valida   species Tetanocera valida Lw 3 Tetanocera valida Loew, 1862
Tetanocera loewi Steyskal, 1959 species Tetanocera loewi Steysk. 4 Tetanocera loewi Steyskal, 1959
Tetanocera plumosa   species Tetanocera nangiae Brinh. 6 Tetanocera plumosa Loew, 1847
Tetanocera mesophora   species Tetanocera mesophora Steysk. 4  
Tetanocera montana   species Tetanocera montana Day 4 Tetanocera montana Day, 1881
Tetanocera rotundicornis   species Tetanocera rotundicornis Lw 1 Tetanocera rotundicornis Loew, 1861
Tetanocera elata   species Tetanocera nigricosta Rond. 1   Likely a misid for T. phyllophora. Tetanocera elata (Fabricius, 1781)
Tetanocera vicina   species Tetanocera vicina Macq. 9 Tetanocera vicina Macquart, 1843
Euthycera chaerophylli (Fabricius, 1798) species Lunigera chaerophylli Fabr.     In D-fennica. Euthycera chaerophylli (Fabricius, 1798)
Euthycera arcuata   species Lunigera borealis Cres. 1 Euthycera arcuata (Loew, 1859)
Euthycera arcuata   species Lunigera arcuata Lw 1 Euthycera arcuata (Loew, 1859)
Dictya umbrarum   species Dictya umbrarum L. 12   See D-fennica. Dictya umbrarum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Trypetolimnia formosa (Loew, 1862) species Trypetoptera formosa Loew     Location of material unknown. Trypetolimnia formosa (Loew, 1862)
Trypetoptera canadensis (Macquart, 1843) species Trypetoptera canadensis Macq. 7 Trypetoptera canadensis (Macquart, 1843)
Trypetoptera punctulata   species Trypetoptera punctulata Scop.     In D-fennica. Trypetoptera punctulata (Scopoli, 1763)
Pherbina coryleti   species Pherbina coryleti Scop.     In D-fennica. Pherbina coryleti (Scopoli, 1763)
Euthycera chaerophylli (Fabricius, 1798) species Pherbina chaerophylli Meig.     In D-fennica. Euthycera chaerophylli (Fabricius, 1798)
Pherbina coryleti   species Pherbina reticulata Fabr.     In D-fennica. Pherbina coryleti (Scopoli, 1763)
Pherbellia schoenherri   species Pherbina punctata Fabr.     In D-fennica. Pherbellia schoenherri (Fallen, 1826)
Psacadina vittigera (Schiner, 1862) species Pherbina vittigera Schin.     Location of material unknown. Psacadina vittigera (Schiner, 1864)
Poecilographa decora (Loew, 1864) species Poecilographa decora Lw 6 Poecilographa decora (Loew, 1864)
Elgiva cucularia   species Hedroneura cucularia L.     In D-fennica. Elgiva cucularia (Linnaeus, 1767)
Elgiva solicita   species Hedroneura sundevalli Fries (rufa) 3   See D-fennica. Elgiva solicita (Harris, 1780)
Elgiva divisa   species Hedroneura divisa Lw     In D-fennica. Elgiva divisa (Loew, 1845)
Elgiva connexa (Steyskal, 1954) species Hedroneura conieya Steysk. [sic] 1 Elgiva connexa (Steyskal, 1954)
Elgiva solicita   species Hedroneura rufa Bzz 2 Elgiva solicita (Harris, 1780)
Dictyacium ambiguum (Loew, 1864) species Dorycium ambiguum Lw 5 Dictyacium ambiguum (Loew, 1864)
Dictya laurentiana   species Dorycium laurentiana Steysk. 6 Dictya laurentiana Steyskal, 1954
Ilione albiseta   species Elgiva albiseta Scop.     In D-fennica. Ilione albiseta (Scopoli, 1763)
Ilione turcestanica (Hendel, 1903) species Elgiva turcestanica Hend.     Location of material unknown. Ilione turcestanica (Hendel, 1903)
Ilione lineata   species Elgiva lineata Fall.     In D-fennica. Ilione lineata (Fallen, 1820)
Ilione trifaria   species Elgiva lateritia Rond.     Location of material unknown. Ilione trifaria (Loew, 1847)
Ilione trifaria   species Elgiva trifaria Lw     Location of material unknown. Ilione trifaria (Loew, 1847)
Hydromya dorsalis   species Hydromya dorsalis Fabr.     In D-fennica. Hydromya dorsalis (Fabricius, 1775)
Euthycera stictica (Fabricius, 1805) species Limnia stictica Fabr.     Location of material unknown. Euthycera stictica (Fabricius, 1805)
Euthycera guanchica   species Limnia guanchica Frey     Location of material unknown. Euthycera guanchica Frey, 1936
Euthycera fumigata   species Limnia fumigata Scop.     In D-fennica. Euthycera fumigata (Scopoli, 1763)
Limnia striaticeps   chironym Limnia striaticeps Frey 7   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Limnia unguicornis   species Limnia unguicornis Scop.     In D-fennica. Limnia unguicornis (Scopoli, 1763)
Limnia saratogensis (Fitch, 1855) species Limnia saratogensis Fitch 4 Limnia saratogensis (Fitch, 1855)
Limnia lindbergi   species Limnia lindbergi Steysk. 3 Limnia lindbergi Steyskal, 1978
Limnia conica   species Limnia conica Steysk. 2 Limnia conica Steyskal, 1978
Limnia boscii   species Limnia boscii R.-D. 5 Limnia boscii (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Limnia fitchi 25 paratypes species Limnia fitchi Steysk. 25  
Coremacera marginata   species Statinia marginata Fabr.     In D-fennica. Coremacera marginata (Fabricius, 1775)
Coremacera catenata   species Statinia catenata Lw     Location of material unknown. Coremacera catenata (Loew, 1847)
Thecomyia longicornis Perty, 1833 species Thecomyia longicornis Perty 6 Thecomyia longicornis Perty, 1833
Thecomyia trilineata Hendel, 1932 species Thecomyia trilineata Hend. 2 Thecomyia trilineata Hendel, 1932
Sepedon aenescens   species Sepedon violaceus Hend. 7 Sepedon aenescens Wiedemann, 1830
Sepedon plumbella   species Sepedon plumbellus Wied. 10 Sepedon plumbella Wiedemann, 1830
Sepedon costalis   species Sepedon costalis Walk. 6 Sepedon costalis Walker, 1858
Sepedon convergens Loew, 1862 species Sepedon convergens Lw 1 Sepedon convergens Loew, 1862
Sepedon senegalensis   species Sepedon senegalensis Macq. 1 Sepedon senegalensis Macquart, 1843
Sepedon sp. 1   species Sepedon sp. 1  
Sepedon ornatifrons Adams, 1905 species Sepedon ornatifrons Ad. 1 Sepedon ornatifrons Adams, 1905
Sepedon fuscipennis   species Sepedon fuscipennis Lw 11 Sepedon fuscipennis Loew, 1859
Sepedomerus macropus (Walker, 1849) species Sepedon macropus Mlk. 1 Sepedomerus macropus (Walker, 1849)
Sepedon armipes Loew, 1859 species Sepedon armipes Lw 13 Sepedon armipes Loew, 1859
Sepedon neili Steyskal, 1951 species Sepedon nehli Steysk. 2 Sepedon neili Steyskal, 1951
Sepedon borealis Steyskal, 1951 species Sepedon borealis Steysk. 9 Sepedon borealis Steyskal, 1951
Sepedonea guatemalana (Steyskal, 1951) species Sepedon guatemalana Steysk. 2 Dictya guatemalana Steyskal, 1954
Sepedonea telson (Steyskal, 1951) species Sepedon telson Steysk. 1 Sepedonea telson (Steyskal, 1951)
Sepedon lignator Steyskal, 1951 species Sepedon lignator Steysk. 1 Sepedon lignator Steyskal, 1951
Dichetophora obliterata   species Dichaetophora gracilis Lw     Location of material unknown. Dichetophora obliterata (Fabricius, 1805)
Dichetophora finlandica   species Dichaetophora obliterata Fabr.     In D-fennica. Finnish material previously under this name belongs to D. finlandica Verbeke, 1964. Dichetophora finlandica Verbeke, 1964
Dichetophora sp.   species Dichaetophora sp. 1  
Tetanocera plumosa   species Tetanocera nanciae Br. 5   det. Steyskal Tetanocera plumosa Loew, 1847
Tetanocera ferriginea Fallén, 1820 species Tetanocera ferruginea Fallen 5   det. Steyskal Tetanocera ferriginea Fallen, 1820
Tetanocera plebeja Loew, 1862 species Tetanocera plebeja Loew 5   det. Steyskal Tetanocera plebeja Loew, 1862
Tetanocera fuscinervis   species Tetanocera unicolor Loew 5   det. Steyskal Tetanocera fuscinervis (Zetterstedt, 1838)

Taxa in collection for Sciomyzidae: 132


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Periscelis annulipes Loew, 1858 species Periscelis annulipes Lw 1 Periscelis annulipes Loew, 1858
Periscelis nigra (Zetterstedt, 1860) species Periscelis nigra Zett.     In D-fennica. Periscelis nigra (Zetterstedt, 1860)
Myodris annulata (Fallén, 1813) species Microperiscelis annulata Fall. 1 Myodris annulata (Fallén, 1813)
Periscelis   genus Sphyroperiscelis 1 Periscelis Loew, 1858

Taxa in collection for Periscelididae: 4


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Idiocelyphus bakeri Malloch, 1929 species Idiocelyphus Bakeri Mall. 12 Idiocelyphus bakeri Malloch, 1929
Acelyphus boettcheri Frey, 1941 species Acelyphus Boettcheri Frey 2 Acelyphus boettcheri Frey, 1941
Acelyphus politus Malloch, 1929 species Acelyphus politus Mall. 9 Acelyphus politus Malloch, 1929
Spaniocelyphus viridicolor (Frey, 1941) species Acelyphus [politus] var. viridicolor Frey 1 Spaniocelyphus viridicolor (Frey, 1941)
Chamaecelyphus halticinus   species Chamaecelyphus halticinus Frey 1 Chamaecelyphus halticinus Frey, 1941
Chamaecelyphus gutta (Speiser, 1910) species Chamaecelyphus gutta Speis. 1 Chamaecelyphus gutta (Speiser, 1910)
Spaniocelyphus levis   species Spaniocelyphus laevis v.d.Wlp Mall 9 Spaniocelyphus levis (Wulp, 1881)
Spaniocelyphus nigrocoeruleus Malloch, 1929 species Spaniocelyphus nigrocoeraleus Mall. 3 Spaniocelyphus nigrocoeruleus Malloch, 1929
Spaniocelyphus fuscipes   species Spaniocelyphus formosanus Mall. 1 Spaniocelyphus fuscipes (Macquart, 1851)
Spaniocelyphus palmi Frey, 1941 species Spaniocelyphus Palmi Frey 10 Spaniocelyphus palmi Frey, 1941
Spaniocelyphus bigoti (Karsch, 1884) species Spaniocelyphus Bigoti Karsch. 9 Spaniocelyphus bigoti (Karsch, 1884)
Spaniocelyphus philippinus Frey, 1941 species Spaniocelyphus philippinus Frey 7 Spaniocelyphus philippinus Frey, 1941
Spaniocelyphus javanus   chironym Spaniocelyphus javanus Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Celyphus eos   species Celyphus eos Frey 1 Celyphus eos Frey, 1941
Celyphus obtectus   species Celyphus lucidus Karsch 1 Celyphus obtectus Dalman, 1818
Celyphus difficilis   species Celyphus dififcilis Mall. 2 Celyphus difficilis Malloch, 1927
Celyphus signatus   species Celyphus [signatus] v. discoideus Frey 1 Celyphus signatus Karsch, 1884
Celyphus obtectus Dalman, 1818 species Celyphus obtectus Dalm. 29 Celyphus obtectus Dalman, 1818
Celyphus resplendens (Frey, 1941) species Hemiglobus resplendens Frey 3 Celyphus resplendens (Frey, 1941)
Celyphus pellucidus   species Hemiglobus pellucidus Frey 2 Celyphus pellucidus (Frey, 1941)
Celyphus lacunosus   species Hemiglobus lacunosus Frey 1 Celyphus lacunosus (Frey, 1941)
Celyphus unicolor   species Hemiglobus [lacunosus] v. unicolor Frey 1 Celyphus unicolor (Frey, 1941)
Celyphus testaceus (Malloch, 1929) species Hemiglobus testaceus Mall. 8 Celyphus testaceus (Malloch, 1929)
Celyphus   genus Celyphus sp. 1 SanMiguel  
Celyphus hyacinthus   species Paracelyphus hyacinthus Big. 8 Celyphus hyacinthus (Bigot, 1859)
Celyphus hyacinthus   species Paracelyphus [hyacinthus] var. viridis Frey 2 Celyphus hyacinthus (Bigot, 1859)
Celyphus hyacinthus   species Paracelyphus sumatrensis v.d.Wlp 1 Celyphus hyacinthus (Bigot, 1859)

Taxa in collection for Celyphidae: 27


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Asilostoma plaumanni   chironym Asilostoma Plaumanni Frey 7   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Lauxania cylindricornis   species Lauxania cylindricornis Fabr. 4   See D-fennica. Lauxania cylindricornis (Fabricius, 1794)
Lauxania coerulescens   chironym Lauxania (GV.53434-53546,) coerulescens Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Muirella pollinosa   chironym Muirella pollinosa Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Cnodacomyia guttata   chironym Cnodacomyia guttata Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Cnodacomyia fascipennis   chironym Cnodacomyia fascipennis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Melanomyza undulinervis   chironym Lauxaniella undulinervis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Melanomyza signatifrons (Coquillett, 1904) species Lauxaniella signatifrons Coq. 2 Melanomyza signatifrons (Coquillett, 1904)
Steganolauxania latipennis (Coquillett, 1898) species Steganolauxania latipennis Coq. 1   TODO: CHECK IF A TYPE Steganolauxania latipennis (Coquillett, 1898)
Meum unicum   species Meum unicum i.sch. 1   Only a wing on a slide remains, no label  
Steganopsis curvinervis (Thomson, 1869) species Steganopsis curvinervis Thoms. 6 Steganopsis curvinervis (Thomson, 1869)
Steganopsis minor (Meijere, 1914) species Steganopsis minor Meij. 1 Steganopsis minor (Meijere, 1914)
Steganopsis divergens Frey, 1927 species Steganopsis divergens Frey 1 Steganopsis divergens Frey, 1927
Steganopsis multilineata Meijere, 1924 species Steganopsis multilineata de Meij. 8 Steganopsis multilineata Meijere, 1924
Steganopsis pupicola   species Steganopsis pupicola Meij. 1 Steganopsis pupicola Meijere, 1910
Steganopsis pusilla   species Steganopsis pusilla Frey 2 Steganopsis pusilla Frey, 1927
Steganopsis bakeri Bezzi, 1914 species Steganopsis Bakeri Bezzi 3 Steganopsis bakeri Bezzi, 1914
Steganopsis aterrima Frey, 1927 species Steganopsis aterrima Frey 3 Steganopsis aterrima Frey, 1927
Prosopophorella cyaneostoma (Frey, 1927) species Steganopsis cyaneostoma Frey 1 Prosopophorella cyaneostoma (Frey, 1927)
Lyperomyia calopus Frey, 1927 species Lyperomyia calopus Frey 3 Lyperomyia calopus Frey, 1927
Pachycerina seticornis   species Pachycerina seticornis Fall.     In D-fennica. Lauxania seticornis (Fallen, 1820)
Pachycerina javana (Macquart, 1851) species Pachycerina javana Macq. 8 Pachycerina javana (Macquart, 1851)
Pachycerina levanderi   chironym Pachycerina Levanderi Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Cerataulina boettcheri (Frey, 1927) chironym Calliclypeus Boettcheri Frey   1     Cerataulina boettcheri (Frey, 1927)
Melanopachycerina leucochaeta Melanopachycerina leucochaeta (Meijere, 1914) species Melanopachycerina leucochaeta Meij. 2  
Melinella nitidifrons   chironym Melinella nitidifrons Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Camptoprosopella nigra ? Malloch, 1933 species Camptoprosopella nigra Hend. 1   Hend. = mistake? Camptoprosopella nigra Malloch, 1933
Camptoprosopella xanthoptera Hendel, 1907 species Camptoprosopella xanthoptera Hend. 8 Camptoprosopella xanthoptera Hendel, 1907
Camptoprosopella diversa Curran, 1926 species Camptoprosopella diversa Curr. 1 Camptoprosopella diversa Curran, 1926
Camptoprosopella vulgaris (Fitch, 1856) species Camptoprosopella vulgaris Fitch 3 Camptoprosopella vulgaris (Fitch, 1856)
Camptoprosopella verticalis (Loew, 1861) species Camptoprosopella verticalis Lw 3 Camptoprosopella verticalis (Loew, 1861)
Camptoprosopella puncticeps   chironym Camptoprosopella puncticeps Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Camptoprosopella rectifasciata   chironym Camptoprosopella rectifasciata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Camptoprosopella obliquefasciata   chironym Camptoprosopella obliquefasciata Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Trypetopachycera irrorata   chironym Trypetopachycera irrorata Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Neoxangelina congruens (Hendel, 1910) species Physogenia congruens Hend. 3 Physegenua congruens Hendel, 1910
Physegenua octolineata   chironym Physogenia 8-lineata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Physegenua ferruginea Schiner, 1868 species Physogenia ferruginea Schin. 7 Physegenua ferruginea Schiner, 1868
Physegenua vittata Macquart, 1848 species Physogenia vittata Mcq. 8 Physegenua vittata Macquart, 1848
Physegenua striatopunctata Hendel, 1926 species Physogenia striatopunctata Hend. 1 Physegenua striatopunctata (Hendel, 1926)
Physegenua obscuripennis   species Physogenia variegata Lw 3 Physegenua obscuripennis (Bigot, 1857)
Xangelina bequaerti (Curran, 1938) species Xangalina Bequaerti Curr. 1 Homoneura bequaerti Curran, 1938
Xangelina submetallica (Loew, 1862) species Xangalina submetallica Lw 4 Xangelina submetallica (Loew, 1862)
Sciasminettia dichaetophora (Hendel, 1907) species Sciasmomyia dichaetophora Hend. 1 Sciasminettia dichaetophora (Hendel, 1907)
Calliopum flaviseta   chironym Halidayella flaviseta Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Calliopum elisae   species Halidayella Elisae Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Calliopum elisae (Meigen, 1826)
Calliopum aeneum   species Halidayella aenea Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Calliopum aeneum (Fallen, 1820)
Calliopum nitens   species Halidayella nitens Lw 1 Thuringia A nomen dubium  
Xenochaetina ferruginosa Hendel, 1926 species Xenochaetina (Xenochaetina) ferruginosa Hend. 2 Xenochaetina ferruginosa Hendel, 1926
Xenochaetina flavipennis (Fabricius, 1805) species Xenochaetina (Xenochaetina) flavipennis F. 10 Xenochaetina flavipennis (Fabricius, 1805)
Xenochaetina aeneoides Hendel, 1932 species Xenochaetina (Pseudohalidayella) aeneoides Hend. 8 Xenochaetina aeneoides Hendel, 1932
Xenochaetina fasciventris   chironym Xenochaetina (Pseudohalidayella) fasciventris Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Xenochaetina opaca Hendel, 1936 species Xenochaetina (Pseudohalidayella) opaca Hend. 5 Xenochaetina opaca Hendel, 1936
Xenochaetina leucostoma Hendel, 1936 species Xenochaetina (Pseudohalidayella) leucostoma Hend. 5 Xenochaetina leucostoma Hendel, 1936
Xenochaetina nigricornis   chironym Xenochaetina (Pseudohalidayella) nigricornis Frey 6   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Physoclypeus flavus (Wiedemann, 1830) species Physoclypeus flavus Wied. 5 Physoclypeus flavus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Neoparoecus signatipes (Loew, 1856) species Paroecus signatipes Lw 1 Neoparoecus signatipes (Loew, 1856)
Procritomyia tetanocerina   chironym Procritomyia tetanocerina Frey 5 Brazon: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Luzonomyza bakeri (Bezzi, 1914) species Trigonometopus (Luzonomyia) Bakeri Bezzi 1 Steganopsis bakeri Bezzi, 1914
Trigonometopus frontalis   species Trigonometopus (Trigonometopus) frontalis Mg. 3 Sciasminettia frontalis (Meigen, 1830)
Trigonometopus albiseta Bezzi, 1914 species Trigonometopus (Trigonometopus) albiseta Bezzi 1 Trigonometopus albiseta Bezzi, 1913
Sauteromyia guttipennis   chironym Sauteromyia guttipennis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Diplochasma monochaeta (Hendel, 1909) species Sauteromyia monochaeta Hend. 1 Diplochasma monochaeta (Hendel, 1909)
Trigonometopsis   genus Trigonometopsis 1 Trigonometopsis Malloch, 1925
Ritaemyia approximatonervis Frey, 1919 species Ritaemyia approximatonervis Frey 1 Ritaemyia approximatonervis Frey, 1919
Griphoneura imbuta (Wiedemann, 1830) species Griphoneura imbuta Wied. 4 Griphoneura imbuta (Wiedemann, 1830)
Griphoneura similata   chironym Griphoneura similata Frey 1 South America Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Griphoneura andina   chironym Griphoneura andina Frey 3 South America Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura melini   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) Melini Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura marginalis   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) marginalis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura maculipennis   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) maculipennis Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura cinerascens   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) cinerascens Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura carneovirens   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) carneovirens Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura elegantula Frey, 1919 species Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) elegantula Frey 1 Pseudogriphoneura elegantula Frey, 1919
Pseudogriphoneura discalis   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) discalis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura plaumanni   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) Plaumanni Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura pusilla   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) pusilla Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura nigricornis   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) nigricornis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza ferdinandi (Frey, 1919) species Pseudogriphoneura (Pseudogriphoneura) Ferdinandi Frey 1 Sapromyza ferdinandi (Frey, 1919)
Sapromyza duodecimvittata (Frey, 1918) species Pseudogriphoneura (Deceia) 12-vittata Frey 2 Sapromyza duodecimvittata (Frey, 1918)
Pseudogriphoneura collaris   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Melanomyza) collaris Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura argyropleura   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Melanomyza) argyropleura Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura calliope   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Melanomyza) calliope Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura poecila   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Melanomyza) poecila Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura longiceps   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Chamaemyzella) longiceps Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza leptoptera (Frey, 1919) species Pseudogriphoneura (Histriomyza) leptoptera Frey 3 Brazil: Rio de Janeiro (type), Nova Teutonia Sapromyza leptoptera (Frey, 1919)
Pseudogriphoneura sapromyzoidea   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Trivialia) sapromyzoidea Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza lopesi Shewell, 1989 species Sapromyza lopesi     “Homotype”, ie. not a type. Seen by Shewell. Sapromyza lopesi Shewell, 1989
Pseudogriphoneura trivialis   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Exotella) trivialis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura andicola   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Exotella) andicola Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura grisella   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Exotella) grisella Frey 4   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudogriphoneura vittulata   chironym Pseudogriphoneura (Exotella) vittulata Frey 8   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Hypagoga contiguella   chironym Hypagoga contiguella Frey 8   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Hypagoga infuscata   chironym Hypagoga infuscata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Xenochaetina porcaria (Fabricius, 1805) species Allogriphoneura porcaria Fabr. 2 Xenochaetina porcaria (Fabricius, 1805)
Xenochaetina porcaria   chironym Allogriphoneura [porcaria] var. similis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Xenochaetina porcaria (Fabricius, 1805)
Neogriphoneura quadrifrons   chironym Neogriphoneura quadrifrons Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Rhabdolauxania brasiliensis   chironym Rhabdolauxania brasiliensis Frey 6   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza basalis Zetterstedt, 1847 species Nannosapromyza basalis Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Sapromyza basalis Zetterstedt, 1847
Sapromyza pleuralis (Kertész, 1913) species Sapromyza (Chamaesapromyza) pleuralis Kerz. 1 Sapromyza pleuralis (Kertesz, 1913)
Sapromyza vittata (Frey, 1917) species Sapromyza (Poecilosapromyza) vittata Frey 1   TODO: REGISTER TYPE Sapromyza vittata Walker, 1849
Himantopyga scaptomyzina Frey, 1927 species Sapromyza (Himantopyga) scaptomyzina Frey 5 Himantopyga scaptomyzina Frey, 1927
Himantopyga flavicollis   chironym Sapromyza (Himantopyga) flavicollis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza amaurocerus   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) amaurocerus Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza deflecta   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) deflecta Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza cinereipennis   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) cinereipennis Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza rubida   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) rubida Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza melini   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) Melini Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza commensalis   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) commensalis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza humerella   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) humerella Frey 9   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza indecora   chironym Sapromyza (Neosapromyza) indecora Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza obscuripennis Loew, 1847 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) obscuripennis Lw 3 Sapromyza obscuripennis Loew, 1847
Sapromyza quadripunctata   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) quadripunctata L. 1   See D-fennica. Sapromyza quadripunctata (Linnaeus, 1767)
Sapromyza sexpunctata   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) sexpunctata L. 2   See D-fennica. Sapromyza sexpunctata Meigen, 1826
Sapromyza leningradensis   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) leningradensis Czerny     In D-fennica. This is a poorbly understood taxon and most likely synonymous with one of the other european Sapromyza.  
Sapromyza zetterstedti   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) Zetterstedti Hend.     In D-fennica. Sapromyza zetterstedti Hendel, 1908
Sapromyza punctiventris (Rondani, 1868) species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) punctiventris Rdi 1 Minettia punctiventris (Rondani, 1868)
Sapromyza rotundicornis Loew, 1863 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) rotundicornis Lw 1 Sapromyza rotundicornis Loew, 1863
Sapromyza signifera   chironym Sapromyza (Sapromyza) signifera Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Sapromyza amabilis   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) amabilis Frey     In D-fennica. Sapromyza amabilis Frey, 1930
Sapromyza obsoleta Fallén, 1820 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) obsoleta Fall. 4 Sapromyza obsoleta Fallén, 1820
Sapromyza apicalis   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) apicalis beck. 2 Sapromyza apicalis Loew, 1847
Sapromyza transcaucasica   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) transcaucacica Czerny 1 Sapromyza transcaucasica Czerny, 1932
Sapromyza intonsa Loew, 1847 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) intonsa Lw 2 Sapromyza intonsa Loew, 1847
Sapromyza insularis   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) [insularis] var. Bentejui Frey 9 Sapromyza insularis (Schiner, 1868)
Sapromyza insularis   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) [insularis] var. insularis (Beck) 8 Sapromyza insularis (Schiner, 1868)
Sapromyza transformata   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) [insularis] var. transformata Beck. 4 Sapromyza transformata Becker, 1908
Sapromyza tinguarrae   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) Tinguarrae Frey 8 Sapromyza tinguarrae Frey, 1936
Sapromyza indigena   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) indigena Beck. 4 Sapromyza indigena Becker, 1908
Sapromyza sexpunctata   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) pellucida Beck     In D-fennica? Sapromyza sexpunctata Meigen, 1826
Sapromyza simplicior   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) simplex Lw. 1 Sapromyza simplicior Hendel, 1908
Sapromyza setiventris Zetterstedt, 1847 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) setiventris Zett.     In D-fennica Sapromyza setiventris Zetterstedt, 1847
Hendelimyza pubifrons Frey, 1927 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) pubifrons Frey 1 Hendelimyza pubifrons Frey, 1927
Sapromyza opaca   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) imitatrix Czerny     In D-fennica Sapromyza opaca Becker, 1895
Sapromyza monticola Melander, 1913 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) monticola Mel. 1 Sapromyza monticola Melander, 1913
Sapromyza obesa Zetterstedt, 1847 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) obesa Zett. 1 Sapromyza obesa Zetterstedt, 1847
Sapromyza infumata Becker, 1908 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) infumata Beck. 10 Sapromyza infumata Becker, 1908
Sapromyza teneriffensis Frey, 1936 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) teneriffensis Frey 10 Sapromyza teneriffensis Frey, 1936
Sapromyza hirtiloba Frey, 1949 species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) hirtiloba Frey 1 Sapromyza hirtiloba Frey, 1949
Sapromyza hyalinata   species Sapromyza (Sapromyza) hyalinata Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Sapromyza hyalinata (Meigen, 1826)
Sapromyza cinctipes (de Meijere, 1910) species Xenosapromyza cinctipes de Meij. 1 Sapromyza cinctipes (Meijere, 1910)
Meiosimyza platycephala (Loew, 1847) species Meiosimyza platycephala Lw 3 Italy See D-fennica. Meiosimyza platycephala (Loew, 1847)
Agriphoneura africana   species Agriphoneura africana Frey 1  
Calliopum nigerrimum (Melander, 1913) species Amaurolycia nigerrima Mel. 1 Calliopum nigerrimum (Melander, 1913)
Cnemacantha guttalata   species Lycia (Cnemacantha) muscaria Fall.     In D-fennica  
Meiosimyza guttulata Macquart, 1846 species Lycia (Lycia) guttalata Macq. 1  
Meiosimyza punctifera   chironym Lycia (Lycia) punctifera Frey 10   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Poecilolycia annulata (Melander, 1913) species Lycia (Lycia) annulata Lw 1 USA: Illinois Lw = mistake? Poecilolycia annulata (Melander, 1913)
Meiosimyza vittata   species Lycia (Lycia) quadrivittata Lw     In D-fennica Sapromyza vittata Walker, 1849
Meiosimyza delicatissima   chironym Lycia (Lycia) delicatissima Frey 2 Brazil Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Poecilolycia quadrilineata (Loew, 1861) species Lycia (Lycia) quadrilineata Lw 1 USA: Alaska Poecilolycia quadrilineata (Loew, 1861)
Meiosimyza duplolineata   chironym Lycia (Lycia) duplolineata Frey   Brazil Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Meiosimyza rorida   species Lycia (Lycia) rorida Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza rorida (Fallen, 1820)
Meiosimyza laeta   species Lycia (Lycia) laeta Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza laeta (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Pseudolyciella pallidiventris   species Lycia (Lycia) pallidiventris Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza pallidiventris (Fallen, 1820)
Meiosimyza subfasciata   species Lycia (Lycia) subfasciata Zett.     In D-fennica Meiosimyza subfasciata (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Meiosimyza decipiens   species Lycia (Lycia) decipiens Lw 2   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza decipiens (Loew, 1847)
Meiosimyza illota   species Lycia (Lycia) illota Lw 1   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza illota (Loew, 1847)
Meiosimyza affinis   species Lycia (Lycia) affinis Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza affinis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Meiosimyza decempunctata   species Lycia (Lycia) 10-punctata Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Meiosimyza decempunctata (Fallen, 1820)
Aulogastromyia anisodactyla   species Aulogastromyia anisodactyla Lw     See D-fennica. Aulogastromyia anisodactyla (Loew, 1845)
Tricholauxania praeusta   species Tricholauxania praeusta Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Tricholauxania praeusta (Fallen, 1820)
Eusapromyza poeciloptera (Loew, 1873) species Eusapromyza poeciloptera Lw 1 Eusapromyza poeciloptera (Loew, 1873)
Eusapromyza multipunctata (Fallén, 1820) species Eusapromyza multipunctata Fall. 2 Eusapromyza multipunctata (Fallen, 1820)
Peplomyza discoidea   species Peplomyza discoidea Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Peplomyza discoidea (Meigen, 1830)
Peplomyza litura   species Peplomyza litura Mg. 5 Peplomyza litura (Meigen, 1826)
Teratominettia fuscipennis   chironym Teratominettia fuscipennis Frey 1   Manuscript genus and species name by R. Frey.  
Poecilominettia picticornis (Coquillett, 1904) species Poecilominettia picticornis Coq. 2 Poecilominettia picticornis (Coquillett, 1904)
Poecilominettia sexseriata Hendel, 1932 species Poecilominettia sexseriata Hend. 2 Poecilominettia sexseriata Hendel, 1932
Poecilominettia octovittata (Williston, 1896) species Poecilominettia octovittata Coq. 3 Poecilominettia octovittata (Williston, 1896)
Poecilominettia grata (Wiedemann, 1830) species Poecilominettia grata Wied. 1 Poecilominettia grata (Wiedemann, 1830)
Poecilominettia flavella   chironym Poecilominettia flavella Frey 5   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Minettia flaveola (Coquillett, 1898) species Poecilominettia flaveola Coq. 2 Minettia flaveola (Coquillett, 1898)
Minettia cinctipes   chironym Minettia (Dichaetominettia) cinctipes Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Minettia diversipes   chironym Minettia (Dichaetominettia) diversipes Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Minettia chilensis   chironym Minettia (Euminettia) chilensis Schin. 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Minettia chilensis (Schiner, 1868)
Minettia flavipalpis (Loew, 1847) species Minettia (Euminettia) flavipalpis Lw 1 Minettia flavipalpis (Loew, 1847)
Minettia plumicornis (Fallén, 1820) species Minettia (Euminettia) plumicornis Fabr. 4   Fabr. = mistake? Minettia plumicornis (Fallen, 1820)
Minettia fasciata (Fallén, 1826) species Minettia (Euminettia) fasciata Fall. 3 Minettia fasciata (Fallen, 1826)
Minettia subvittata (Loew, 1847) species Minettia (Euminettia) subvittata Lw 2 Minettia subvittata (Loew, 1847)
Minettia longiseta (Loew, 1847) species Minettia (Euminettia) longiseta Lw 3 Minettia longiseta (Loew, 1847)
Minettia tunisica   species Minettia (Euminettia) pallida Meig. 2   A doubtful synonym? Minettia tunisica Papp, 1981
Minettia loewi   species Minettia (Euminettia) Loewi Schin. 1   See D-fennica. Minettia loewi (Schiner, 1864)
Minettia lupulina   species Minettia (Euminettia) lupulina Fabr. 4 Minettia lupulina (Fabricius, 1787)
Minettia desmometopa   species Minettia (Euminettia) desmometopa de Meij.     In D-fennica Minettia desmometopa (de Meijere, 1907)
Minettia magna (Coquillett, 1898) species Minettia (Euminettia) magna Coq. 2 Minettia magna (Coquillett, 1898)
Minettia ussuriensis   chironym Minettia (Euminettia) ussuriensis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Minettia obscura (Loew, 1861) species Minettia (Euminettia) obscura Lw 5 Minettia obscura (Loew, 1861)
Minettia quadrispinosa Malloch, 192 species Minettia (Minettia) 4-spinosa Mall. 3 Minettia quadrispinosa Malloch, 1927
Minettia fuscofasciata (Meijere, 1910) species Minettia (Minettia) fuscofasciata de Meij. 1 Minettia fuscofasciata (Meijere, 1910)
Minettia longipennis   species Minettia (Minettia) longipennis Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Minettia longipennis (Fabricius, 1794)
Minettia rufiventris (Macquart, 1848) species Minettia (Minettia) rufiventris Macq. 8 Minettia rufiventris (Macquart, 1848)
Minettia sublongipennis   chironym Minettia (Minettiella) sublongipennis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Minettia inusta (Meigen, 1826) species Prorhaphochaeta (Prorhaphochaeta) inusta Meig. 1 Minettia inusta (Meigen, 1826)
Minettia flaviventris   chironym Prorhaphochaeta (Prorhaphochaeta) flaviventris n. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Minettia flaviventris (Costa, 1844)
Minettia styriaca   species Prorhaphochaeta (Pseudocnemacantha) styriaca Strobl     In D-fennica Minettia styriaca (Strobl, 1892)
Neominettia contigua (Fabricius, 1794) species Neominettia contigua Fabr. 2 Neominettia contigua (Fabricius, 1794)
Neominettia wiedemanni Hendel, 1926 species Neominettia Wiedemanni Hend. 1 Neominettia wiedemanni Hendel, 1926
Neominettia obsoleta   chironym Neominettia obsoleta Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Neominettia costalis (Fabricius, 1805) species Neominettia costalis Wied. 1   Wied. = mistake? Neominettia costalis (Fabricius, 1805)
Ocellominettia apocrita   chironym Ocellominettia apocrita Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Trichominettia hendeli   chironym Trichominettia Hendeli Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Setulina geminata (Fabricius, 1805) species Calominettia geminata Fabr. 4 Setulina geminata (Fabricius, 1805)
Protrigonometopus maculifrons Hendel, 1938 species Deutominettia maculifrons Hend. 1 Protrigonometopus maculifrons Hendel, 1938
Minettia assimilis Malloch, 1926 species Deutominettia assimilis Mall. 1 Minettia assimilis Malloch, 1926
Allominettia corollae Allominettia corollae (Fabricius, 1805) species Chaetominettia corollae Fabr. 11  
Allominettia mactans (Fabricius, 1794) species Chaetominettia mactans Fabr. 2 Allominettia mactans (Fabricius, 1794)
Chaetocoelia distinctissima (Schiner, 1868) species Chaetocoelia distinctissima Schin. 1 Chaetocoelia distinctissima (Schiner, 1868)
Chaetocoelia condeana   chironym Chaetocoelia condeana Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura formosa   chironym Homoneura (Trypetoschema) formosa Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura trypetoptera (Hendel, 1908) species Homoneura (Trypetoschema) trypetoptera Hend. 4 Homoneura trypetoptera (Hendel, 1908)
Homoneura picta (Meijere, 1904) species Homoneura (Trypetoschema) picta de Meij. 1 Homoneura picta (Meijere, 1904)
Homoneura euaresta (Coquillett, 1898) species Homoneura (Trypetoschema) euaresta Coq. 3 Homoneura euaresta (Coquillett, 1898)
Homoneura bella   chironym Homoneura (Heterochaetella) bella Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura terminalis (Loew, 1862) species Homoneura (Heterochaetella) terminalis Lw 6 Homoneura terminalis (Loew, 1862)
Homoneura conterminalis   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) conterminalis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura subgeminata   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) subgeminata Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura terminata   species Homoneura (Homoneura) terminata Frey 2 Homoneura terminata (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura quinquevittata (Meijere, 1910) species Homoneura (Homoneura) 5-vittata Meij. 2 Homoneura quinquevittata (Meijere, 1910)
Homoneura quinquevittata (Meijere, 1910) species Homoneura (Homoneura) [5-vittata] var. formosana Mall. 2 Homoneura quinquevittata (Meijere, 1910)
Homoneura fletcheri   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) Fletcheri Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura butuanensis (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) butuanensis Frey 1 Homoneura butuanensis (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura albomarginata Czerny, 1932 species Homoneura (Homoneura) albomarginata Czerny 1 Homoneura albomarginata Czerny, 1932
Homoneura seriepunctata (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) seriepunctata Frey 6 Homoneura seriepunctata (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura wuorentausi   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) Wuorentausi Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura notata (Fallén, 1820) species Homoneura (Homoneura) notata Fall. 2 Homoneura notata (Fallen, 1820)
Homoneura lamellata (Becker, 1895) species Homoneura (Homoneura) lamellata Beck.     In D-fennica Homoneura lamellata (Becker, 1895)
Homoneura incerta (Malloch, 1914) species Homoneura (Homoneura) incerta Mall. 1 Homoneura incerta (Malloch, 1914)
Homoneura chinensis Malloch, 1926 species Homoneura (Homoneura) chinensis Mall. 1 Homoneura chinensis Malloch, 1926
Homoneura bistriata (Kertész, 1915) species Homoneura (Homoneura) bistriata Kert. 6 Rhagadolyra bistriata Kertesz, 1915
Homoneura liberia Curran, 1938 species Homoneura (Homoneura) liberia Curr. 1 Homoneura liberia Curran, 1938
Homoneura cuthbertsoni Curran, 1938 species Homoneura (Homoneura) cuthbertsoni Curr. 1 Homoneura cuthbertsoni Curran, 1938
Homoneura durbanensis   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) durbanensis 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura grammonota (Speiser, 1924) species Homoneura (Homoneura) bilineata Speis. 1 Homoneura grammonota (Speiser, 1924)
Homoneura pectinitibia   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) pectinitibia 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura sublaxipes   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) sublaxipes i.sch. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura loewi Malloch, 1931 species Homoneura (Homoneura) loewi Mall. 1 Homoneura loewi Malloch, 1931
Homoneura tenera   species Homoneura (Homoneura) tenera Lw     In D-fennica Homoneura tenera (Loew, 1846)
Homoneura brevicornis (Kertész, 1915) species Homoneura (Homoneura) brevicornis Kert. 4 Homoneura brevicornis (Kertesz, 1915)
Homoneura horvathi   species Homoneura (Homoneura) punctipennis Meij. 8 Homoneura horvathi (Kertesz, 1900)
Homoneura geomyzina Frey, 1927 species Homoneura (Homoneura) geomyzina Frey 6 Homoneura geomyzina (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura daurilana   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) daurilana Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura padangensis   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) padangensis de Meij. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Homoneura padangensis (Meijere, 1916)
Homoneura palavanensis   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) palavanensis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura horni Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) Horni Mall. 3 Homoneura horni Malloch, 1929
Homoneura sattelbergensis (Kertész, 1900) species Homoneura (Homoneura) sattelbergensis Kert. 1 Homoneura sattelbergensis (Kertesz, 1900)
Homoneura mediosignata Frey, 1927 species Homoneura (Homoneura) mediosignata Frey 7 Homoneura mediosignata (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura signata (Wulp, 1881) species Homoneura (Homoneura) signata v.d.Wulp 8 Homoneura signata (Wulp, 1881)
Homoneura ochripennis (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) ochripennis Frey 1 Homoneura ochripennis (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura neosignata Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) neosignata Mall. 2 Homoneura neosignata Malloch, 1929
Homoneura dapaensis (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) dapaënsis Frey 4 Homoneura dapaensis (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura dapaensis   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) [dapaënsis] var. pseudobioculata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Homoneura dapaensis (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura spiculata (Frey, 1917) species Homoneura (Homoneura) spiculata Frey 6 Homoneura spiculata (Frey, 1917)
Homoneura fuscobrunnea Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) fuscobrunnea Mall 6 Homoneura fuscobrunnea Malloch, 1929
Homoneura simplicissima   species Homoneura (Homoneura) tagalica Frey 7 Homoneura simplicissima (Meijere, 1910)
Homoneura sauteri Malloch, 1927 species Homoneura (Homoneura) adustapex Frey [overlined, replaced with sauteri … ?] 1 Homoneura sauteri Malloch, 1927
Homoneura affinis Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) affinis Mall. 9 Homoneura affinis Malloch, 1929
Homoneura sublucida Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) sublucida Mall. 6 Homoneura sublucida Malloch
Homoneura unguiculata (Kertész, 1913) species Homoneura (Homoneura) unguiculata Kert. 6 Homoneura unguiculata (Kertesz, 1913)
Homoneura laticosta (Thomson, 1869) species Homoneura (Homoneura) laticosta Thoms. 8 Homoneura laticosta (Thomson, 1869)
Homoneura beckeri (Kertész, 1900) species Homoneura (Homoneura) Beckeri Kert. 4 Teratocranum beckeri Kertesz, 1899
Homoneura circumcincta (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) circumcincta Frey 2 Homoneura circumcincta (Frey, 1927)
Homoneura nothosticta (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) nothosticta Frey 1  
Homoneura bilineella (Frey, 1927) species Homoneura (Homoneura) bilineella Frey 1 Homoneura bilineella Frey, 1927
Homoneura signatifrons (Kertész, 1900) species Homoneura (Homoneura) signatifrons Kert. 3 Homoneura signatifrons (Kertesz, 1900)
Homoneura piceoides Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) piceoides Mall. 3 Homoneura piceoides Malloch, 1929
Homoneura maquilingensis Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) maquilingensis Mall. 7 Homoneura maquilingensis Malloch, 1929
Homoneura biumbrata (Loew, 1873) species Homoneura (Homoneura) tesquae Beck.     Moved to Diptera Fennica. Homoneura biumbrata (Loew, 1847)
Homoneura biumbrata   species Homoneura (Homoneura) biumbrata Lw 1 Homoneura biumbrata (Loew, 1847)
Homoneura septentrionalis (Loew, 1847) species Homoneura (Homoneura) septentrionalis Lw 1 Homoneura septentrionalis Loew, 1847
Homoneura philippinensis Malloch, 1929 species Homoneura (Homoneura) philippinensis Mall 5 Homoneura philippinensis Malloch, 1929
Homoneura pubiseta pubiseta (Kertész, 1900) species Homoneura (Homoneura) pubiseta Kert. 3  
Homoneura mediospinosa Merz, 2003 species Homoneura (Homoneura) interstincta Fall.     Moved to Diptera Fennica. Homoneura mediospinosa Merz, 2003
Homoneura hawaiiensis (Grimshaw, 1902) species Homoneura (Homoneura) hawaiiensis Grimsh. 4 Homoneura hawaiiensis (Grimshaw, 1902)
Homoneura itoi   chironym Homoneura (Homoneura) itoi n.sp. 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Coeniopsis niger   chironym Coeniopsis niger Frey 7   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura americana (Wiedemann, 1830) species Tarsohomoneura americana Wied. 3 Homoneura americana (Wiedemann, 1830)
Homoneura disjuncta (Johnson, 1914) species Tarsohomoneura disjuncta Johns. 2 Homoneura disjuncta (Johnson, 1914)
Homoneura philadelphica (Macquart, 1843) species Mallochomyza philadelphica Macq. 2 Homoneura philadelphica (Macquart, 1843)
Homoneura nubilifera (Malloch, 1920) species Mallochomyza nubulifera Mall. [sic] 1 Homoneura nubilifera (Malloch, 1920)
Homoneura littoralis (Malloch, 1915) species Mallochomyza littoralis Mall. 1 Homoneura littoralis (Malloch, 1915)
Sapromyza harti Malloch, 1914 species Mallochomyza Harti Mall 1 Homoneura harti (Malloch, 1914)
Homoneura bispina (Loew, 1861) species Mallochomyza bispina Lw 3 Homoneura bispina (Loew, 1861)
Homoneura tenuispina   species Mallochomyza seticauda Mall. 2 Homoneura tenuispina (Loew, 1861)
Trypetisoma tephritina (Meijere, 1914) species Trypaneoides tephritina de Meij. 1 Trypetisoma tephritina (Meijere, 1914)
Trypetisoma fenestrata (Meijere, 1910) species Trypaneoides fenestrata de Meij. 1 Trypetisoma fenestrata (Meijere, 1910)
Homoneura lindbergi   chironym Xenohomoneura Lindbergi Frey 3 Morocco Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura lunata (Meijere, 1910) species Euhomoneura lunata de Meij. 3 Homoneura lunata (Meijere, 1910)
Homoneura ornatipennis (Meijere, 1910) species Euhomoneura ornatipennis Meij. 2 Homoneura ornatipennis (Meijere, 1910)
Phobeticomyia boettcheri Frey, 1927 species Poecilomyza Boettcheri Frey 2 Phobeticomyia boettcheri Frey, 1927
Homoneura orientalis (Wiedemann, 1830) species Neohomoneura orientalis Wied. 3 Homoneura orientalis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Homoneura honesta (Kertész, 1915) species Neohomoneura honesta Kert. 2 Homoneura honesta (Kertesz, 1915)
Homoneura intereuns   species Neohomoneura Jacobsoni Mall. 1 Homoneura intereuns (Walker, 1856)
Homoneura nigrontata (Kertész, 1915) species Neohomoneura nigronotata Kert. 1 Homoneura nigrontata (Kertesz, 1915)
Homoneura apicata   chironym Neohomoneura apicata Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Homoneura umbrosa Malloch, 1929 species Chaetohomoneura umbrosa Mall. 7 Homoneura umbrosa Malloch, 1929
Wawu monstruosus (Wulp, 1898) species Monocera monstruosa Wlp 1 Wawu monstruosus (Wulp, 1898)
Wawu philippina   chironym Monocera philippina Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Phobeticomyia lunifera (Meijere, 1910) species Phobeticomyia lunifera de Meij. 2 Phobeticomyia lunifera (Meijere, 1910)
Euprosopomyia maculosa Malloch, 1929 species Euprosopomyia maculosa Mall. 1 Euprosopomyia maculosa Malloch, 1929
Prosopomyia pallida Loew, 1856 species Prosopomyia pallida Lw 4 Prosopomyia pallida Loew, 1856
Cestrotus megacephalus Loew, 1862 species Cestrotus megacephalus Lw 6 Cestrotus megacephalus Loew, 1862
Cestrotus flavoscutellatus Meijere, 1910 species Turriger flavoscutellatus Meij. 2 Cestrotus flavoscutellatus Meijere, 1910
Cestrotus flavipes Frey, 1927 species Turriger flavipes Frey 1 Cestrotus flavipes (Frey, 1927)
Cestrotus turritus Loew, 1862 species Turriger turritus Lw 1 Cestrotus turritus Loew, 1862
Cestrotus fasciatus   chironym Turriger fasciatus Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Cainohomoneura delta Stuckenberg, 1971 species Rhagadolyrella lunata Frey 1 Cainohomoneura delta Stuckenberg, 1971
Poichilus fasciatus Frey, 1927 species Poichilus fasciatus Frey 3 Poichilus fasciatus Frey, 1927
Noonamyia irregularis (Frey, 1958) species Neogeomyza irregularis Frey 3 Noonamyia irregularis (Frey, 1958)
Noonamyia fascipennis (Frey, 1958) species Neogeomyza fascipennis Frey 1 Noonamyia fascipennis (Frey, 1958)

Taxa in collection for Lauxaniidae: 310


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Acrometopia wahlbergi   species Acrometopia Wahlbergi Zett. 2   See D-fennica. Acrometopia wahlbergi (Zetterstedt, 1846)
Melanochthiphila nigroaenea (Frey, 1958) species Parochthiphila (Melanochthiphila) nigroaenea Frey 9 Melanochthiphila nigroaenea (Frey, 1958)
Parochthiphila spectabilis   species Parochthiphila (Parochthiphila) spectabilis Lw     In D-fennica Parochthiphila spectabilis (Loew, 1858)
Parochthiphila inconstans (Becker, 1903) species Parochthiphila (Parochthiphila) inconstans Beck. 8 Parochthiphila inconstans (Becker, 1903)
Parochthiphila transcaspica   species Parochthiphila (Parochthiphila) transcaspica Frey     Location of material unknown. Parochthiphila transcaspica Frey, 1958
Parochthiphila coronata   species Parochthiphila (Euestelia) coronata Lw     In D-fennica Parochthiphila coronata (Loew, 1858)
Chamaemyia flavipalpis   species Chamaemyia flavipalpis Hal. 3 Chamaemyia flavipalpis (Haliday, 1838)
Chamaemyia polystigma   species Chamaemyia polystigma Mg. 16   See D-fennica. Chamaemyia juncorum (Fallen, 1823)
Chamaemyia juncorum   species Chamaemyia juncorum Fall. 11 Chamaemyia juncorum (Fallen, 1823)
Chamaemyia elegans   species Chamaemyia elegans Panz.     In D-fennica Chamaemyia elegans Panzer, 1808
Chamaemyia geniculata   species Chamaemyia geniculata Zett. 12   See D-fennica. Chamaemyia geniculata (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Pseudodinia varipes Coquillett, 1902 species Pseudodinia varipes Coq. 2 Pseudodinia varipes Coquillett, 1902
Plunomia elegans Curran, 1934 species Plunomia elegans Curr. 4 Plunomia elegans Curran, 1934
Melaleucopis simmondsi Sabrosky, 1958 species Melaleucopis simonsi Sabr. 1 Melaleucopis simmondsi Sabrosky, 1958
Neoleucopis obscura (Haliday, 1833) species Neoleucopis hyalipennis Zett. 1 Leucopis obscura Haliday, 1833
Leucopomyia alticeps (Czerny, 1936) species Leucopis (Leucopomyia) alticeps Czerny 2   See D-fennica. All the moved specimens were Leucopomyia silesiaca (Egger, 1862). Leucopis alticeps Czerny, 1936
Leucopis annulipes Zetterstedt, 1848 species Leucopis (Leucopomyia) annulipes Frey (?Zett.) 3   See D-fennica. Leucopis annulipes Zetterstedt, 1848
Leucopomyia lubrica (Frey, 1958) species Leucopis (Leucopomyia) lubrica Frey 18 Leucopis formosana Hennig, 1938
Leucopis formosana Hennig, 1938 species Leucopis (Leucopomyia) formosana Hen. 1 Leucopis formosana Hennig, 1938
Neoleucopis obscura (Haliday, 1833) species Leucopis (Leucopomyia) obscura Hal. 1 Leucopis obscura Haliday, 1833
Leucopis scutellata Frey, 1936 species Leucopis (Leucopis) scutellaris Frey 20 Leucopis scutellata Frey, 1936
Leucopis griseola (Fallén, 1823) species Leucopis (Leucopis) griseola Fall. 20 Leucopis flavicornis Aldrich, 1914
Leucopis argentata Heeger, 1848 species Leucopis (Leucopis) argentata Heer. 20 Leucopis argentata Heeger, 1848
Leucopis argentata Heeger, 1848 species Leucopis (Leucopis) argenticollis Zett.     In D-fennica Leucopis argentata Heeger, 1848
Leucopis annulipes Zetterstedt, 1848 species Leucopis (Leucopis) annulipes Frey (?Zett.) 8 Leucopis annulipes Zetterstedt, 1848
Leucopis americana Malloch, 1921 species   2 Leucopis americana Malloch, 1921
Cremifania nigrocellulata Czerny, 1904 species   2 Cremifania nigrocellulata Czerny, 1904
Leucopis pulvinariae Malloch, 1921 species   1 Leucopis pulvinariae Malloch, 1921
Leucopis pemphigae Malloch, 1921 species   1 Leucopis pemphigae Malloch, 1921

Taxa in collection for Chamaemyiidae: 29


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Amphipogon flavus   species Amphipogon spectrum Wahlb.     In D-fennica Amphipogon flavum Zetterstedt, 1838
Mycetaulus bipunctatus   species Mycetaulus bipunctatus Fabr. 3 Piophila bipunctatus (Fallen, 1823)
Pseudoseps signata (Fallén, 1820) species Pseudoseps signata M.     In D-fennica Pseudoseps signata (Fallen, 1820)
Protopiophila contecta Walker, 1860 species Protopiophila contecta Walk. 11  
Piophila casei   species Piophila (Piophila) casei L. 4 Piophila casei (Linnaeus, 1758)
Liopiophila varipes (Meigen, 1830) species Piophila (Liophiophila) varipes Meig.     In D-fennica Prochyliza varipes (Meigen, 1830)
Prochyliza nigrimana (Meigen, 1826) species Piophila (Liophiophila) nigrimanus Meig.     In D-fennica Prochyliza nigrimana (Meigen, 1826)
Prochyliza varipes (Meigen, 1830) species Piophila (Liophiophila) lundbecki Duda     In D-fennica Prochyliza varipes (Meigen, 1830)
Stearibia nigriceps (Meigen, 1826) species Piophila (Stearibia) nigriceps Meig.     In D-fennica Piophila nigriceps Meigen, 1826
Allopiophila calceata (Duda, 1924) species Piophila (Allopiophila) calceata Duda     In D-fennica Allopiophila calceata (Duda, 1924)
Allopiophila pectiniventris (Duda, 1924) species Piophila (Allopiophila) pectiniventris Duda Allopiophila pectiniventris (Duda, 1924)
Allopiophila dudai (Frey, 1930) species Piophila (Allopiophila) dudai Frey Allopiophila dudai (Frey, 1930)
Allopiophila flagellaris   chironym Piophila (Allopiophila) flagellaris Frey     Location of material unknown. Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Allopiophila vulgaris (Fallén, 1820) species Piophila (Allopiophila) vulgaris Fall. Allopiophila vulgaris (Fallen, 1820)
Allopiophila lonchaeoides (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Piophila (Allopiophila) lonchaeoides Zett. Allopiophila lonchaeoides (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Allopiophila luteata (Haliday, 1833) species Piophila (Allopiophila) luteata Hali 1 Allopiophila luteata Haliday, 1833
Allopiophila tomentosa   genus Piophila (Boreopiophila)     In D-fennica Allopiophila tomentosa Frey, 1930

Taxa in collection for Piophilidae: 17


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Neottiophilum praeustum   species Neottiophilum praeustum Mg. 2   2 puparia Neottiophilum praeustum (Meigen, 1826)

Taxa in collection for Neottiophilidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Eurygnathomyia bicolor (Zetterstedt, 1837) species Eurygnathomyia bicolor Zett.     In D-fennica Eurygnathomyia bicolor (Zetterstedt, 1837)

Taxa in collection for Eurygnathomyiidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Heloparia bicolor (Walker, 1836) species Heloparia bicolor Walk. 2 Heloparia bicolor (Walker, 1836)
Palloptera terminalis Loew, 1863 species Palloptera (Palloptera) terminalis Lw 1 USA: Alaska Palloptera terminalis Loew, 1863
Palloptera ustulata   species Palloptera (Palloptera) ustulata Fall. 3   See D-fennica. 1 ex destroyed. Palloptera ustulata Fallén, 1820
Palloptera umbellatarum   species Palloptera (Palloptera) umbellatarum Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Palloptera umbellatarum (Fabricius, 1775)
Palloptera formosa   species Palloptera (Palloptera) formosa Frey     In D-fennica Palloptera formosa Frey, 1930
Temnosira saltuum   species Palloptera (Temnosira) saltuum L. 1   See D-fennica. Palloptera saltuum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Toxoneura muliebris   species Palloptera (Toxoneura) muliebris Harris 1 Toxonevra muliebris (Harris, 1780)
Palloptera modesta   species Palloptera (Alasia) parallela Lw 1   See D-fennica. Palloptera modesta (Meigen, 1830)
Toxoneura quinquemaculata (Macquart, 1835) species Palloptera (Alasia) campta Czerny 4 Palloptera quinquemaculata (Macquart, 1835)
Toxoneura laetabilis   species Palloptera (Alasia) laetabilis Loew     In D-fennica Palloptera laetabilis Loew, 1873
Toxoneura superba (Loew, 1861) species Palloptera (Alasia) superba Lw 2 Toxonevra superba (Loew, 1861)
Toxoneura trimacula   species Palloptera (Alasia) trimacula Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Palloptera trimacula (Meigen, 1826)
Toxoneura ephippium   species Palloptera (Alasia) ephippium Zett. 1 Palloptera ephippium Zetterstedt, 1860
Toxoneura septentrionalis Czerny, 1934 species Palloptera (Alasia) septentrionalis Czerny 3  
Toxoneura ephippium   species Palloptera (Alasia) [septentrionalis] var. limbata Rond. 1 Palloptera ephippium Zetterstedt, 1860
Toxoneura usta   species Palloptera (Alasia) usta Mg.     In D-fennica Palloptera usta (Meigen, 1826)
Temnosira ambusta (Meigen, 1826) species Palloptera (Alasia) ambusta Meig. 5   See D-fennica. 2 exx damaged by pests. Palloptera ambusta (Meigen, 1826)

Taxa in collection for Pallopteridae: 17


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Dasiops latifrons (Meigen, 1826) species Dasyops latifrons Meig. 1 Dasiops latifrons (Meigen, 1826)
Dasiops facialis   species Dasyops facialis Coll.     In D-fennica Dasiops facialis (Collin, 1953)
Dasyops procera   species Dasyops procera Morge 9   Not recognised.  
Dasiops spatiosus (Becker, 1895) species Dasyops spatiosa Beck.     In D-fennica Dasiops spatiosus (Becker, 1895)
Dasiops sp.   species Dasyops sp. 1 Burma  
Lamprolonchaea smaragdi   species Lamprolonchaea aurea Macq. 8 Lamprolonchaea smaragdi (Walker, 1849)
Silba calva (Bezzi, 1914) species Lamprolonchaea calva Bezzi 8 Silba calva (Bezzi, 1913)
Dasiops vibrissatus-group   aggregate Lamprolonchaea pecularis Frey 1  
Lonchaea albigena   species Lonchaea hirticeps Zett.     In D-fennica. Material partially unidentifiable. Lonchaea albigena Collin, 1953
Lonchaea albigena Collin, 1953 species Lonchaea albigena Coll.     In D-fennica Lonchaea albigena Collin, 1953
Lonchaea nitens (Bigot, 1885) species Lonchaea nitens Big. 1 Lonchaea nitens (Bigot, 1885)
Lonchaea patens Collin, 1953 species Lonchaea patens Coll.     In D-fennica Lonchaea patens Collin, 1953
Lonchaea chorea (Fabricius, 1781) species Lonchaea chorea Fabr. 3   See D-fennica. Lonchaea chorea (Fabricius, 1781)
Lonchaea limatula Collin, 1953 species Lonchaea flavidipennis Zett. Lonchaea limatula Collin, 1953
Lonchaea limatula Collin, 1953 species Lonchaea limatula Coll.     In D-fennica Lonchaea limatula Collin, 1953
Lonchaea difficilis Hackman, 1956 species Lonchaea difficilis Hackman     In D-fennica Lonchaea difficilis Hackman, 1956
Lonchaea corusca Czerny, 1934 species Lonchaea britteni Coll.     In D-fennica Lonchaea corusca Czerny, 1934
Lonchaea continentalis Bezzi, 1920 species Lonchaea continentalis Bezzi 2 Lonchaea continentalis Bezzi, 1920
Lonchaea deutschi Zetterstedt, 1838 species Lonchaea sarekensis Frey     In D-fennica Lonchaea deutschi Zetterstedt, 1837
Lonchaea deutschi Zetterstedt, 1838 species Lonchaea Deutschi Zett. 1 Lonchaea deutschi Zetterstedt, 1837
Lonchaea sylvatica Beling, 1873 species Lonchaea lucidiventris Beck. 1   See D-fennica. Lonchaea sylvatica Beling, 1873
Lonchaea freyi Czerny, 1934 species Lonchaea Freyi Czerny Lonchaea freyi Czerny, 1934
Lonchaea hackmani Kovalev, 1981 species Lonchaea peregrina Beck.     In D-fennica Lonchaea hackmani Kovalev, 1981
Lonchaea palposa Zetterstedt, 1847 species Lonchaea palposa Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Lonchaea palposa Zetterstedt, 1847
Lonchaea zetterstedti Becker, 1902 species Lonchaea zetterstedti Beck.     In D-fennica Lonchaea zetterstedti Becker, 1902
Lonchaea scutellaris Rondani, 1874 species Lonchaea scutellaris Rond. 1 Lonchaea scutellaris Rondani, 1874
Lonchaea fugax Becker, 1895 species Lonchaea fugax Beck.     In D-fennica Lonchaea fugax Becker, 1895
Lonchaea fugax Becker, 1895 species Lonchaea cariecola Czerny     In D-fennica Lonchaea fugax Becker, 1895
Lonchaea stackelbergi Czerny, 1934 species Lonchaea stackelbergi Czerny     In D-fennica Lonchaea stackelbergi Czerny, 1934
Lonchaea albitarsis Zetterstedt, 1838 species Lonchaea albitarsis Zett.     In D-fennica Lonchaea albitarsis Zetterstedt, 1838
Lonchaea affinis Malloch, 1920 species Lonchaea laxa Coll.     In D-fennica Lonchaea affinis Malloch, 1920
Lonchaea sp. 1   species Lonchaea polita Mall. 3   Unrecognised. A mistake for polita Harris or subpolita Malloch?  
Lonchaea sp. 2   species Lonchaea sp. 3  
Lonchaea sp. 3   species Lonchaea sp. 1  
Lonchaea samari   chironym Lonchaea Samari Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Lonchaea nitidicollis   chironym Lonchaea nitidicollis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Lonchaea glabriseta   chironym Lonchaea glabriseta Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Lonchaea cryptacera   chironym Lonchaea cryptacera Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Silba adipata McAlpine, 1956 species Silba adipata McAlp. 9 Silba adipata McAlpine, 1956
Silba virescens   species Silba aristella Beck. 13 Silba virescens Macquart, 1851
Silba ficiperda (Bezzi, 1914) species Silba ficiperda Bezzi 1 Silba ficiperda (Bezzi, 1913)
Silba citricola Silba citricola (Bezzi, 1914) species Silba aenescens Frey 1  
Silba obscuripennis   chironym Silba obscuripennis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Silba juvenilis   chironym Silba juvenilis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Silba aenescens   chironym Silba aenescens Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Silba longicornis   chironym Silba longicornis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Silba subglabra   chironym Silba subglabra Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Protearomyia nigra (Meigen, 1826) species Earomyia nigra Meig.     In D-fennica Protearomyia nigra (Meigen, 1826)
Dasiops latifrons   species Earomyia parvicornis Zett. Dasiops latifrons (Meigen, 1826)
Earomyia crystallophila (Becker, 1895) species Earomyia nigroviolacea Frey Earomyia crystallophila (Becker, 1895)
Earomyia lonchaeoides Zetterstedt, 1848 species Earomyia lonchaeoides Zett.     In D-fennica Earomyia lonchaeoides Zetterstedt, 1848
Chaetolonchaea dasyops   species Earomyia dasyops Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Finnish material under this name belongs to C. pallipennis (Zett.) Chaetolonchaea dasyops (Meigen, 1826)

Taxa in collection for Lonchaeidae: 52


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Selachops flavocincta   species Encoelocera bicolor Loew 3 Sweden Selachops flavocincta Wahlberg, 1844
Agromyza alunulata (Hendel, 1931) species Phytobia (Dendromyza) alunulata Hend. 2 Agromyza alunulata Hendel, 1931
Nemorimyza posticata   species Phytobia (Nemoromyza) posticata Meig. 3 Nemorimyza posticata (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza cepae (Hering, 1927) species Phytobia (Cephalomyza) cepae Hering 2 Liriomyza cepae Hering, 1927
Amauromyza luteiceps (Hendel, 1920) species Phytobia (Cephalomyza) luteiceps Hend. Amauromyza luteiceps Hendel, 1920
Liriomyza pseudopygmina (Hendel, 1927) species Phytobia (Cephalomyza) Karli Hend.     In D-fennica. Misidentified according to Spencer (1976). Liriomyza pseudopygmina Hering, 1933
Cerodontha scutellaris (Roser, 1840) species Phytobia (Poëmyza) scutellaris v. Ros. 2 Cerodontha scutellaris (Roser, 1840)
Cerodontha angulata   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) semiposticata Hend. 1 Cerodontha angulata Loew, 1869
Cerodontha scirpi (Hendel, 1931) species Phytobia (Poëmyza) pseuderrans Hend.     In D-fennica. Misidentified according to Spencer (1976).  
Cerodontha muscina   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) muscina Meig.     In D-fennica Cerodontha muscina (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha lateralis   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) lateralis Macq.     In D-fennica  
Cerodontha flavocingulata   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) storåi Frey 8 Finland Types of Dizygomyza storai Frey, 1946 Cerodontha flavocingulata (Strobl, 1909)
Cerodontha incisa (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Poëmyza) incisa Meig.     In D-fennica Cerodontha incisa (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha atra (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Poëmyza) atra Meig.     In D-fennica Cerodontha atra (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha flavocingulata   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) semiatra Hend. 6   See D-fennica. Cerodontha flavocingulata (Strobl, 1909)
Agromyza idaeiana Hardy, 1853 species Phytobia (Poëmyza) stackelbergi Frey     In D-fennica Agromyza idaeiana Hardy, 1853
Cerodontha pygmina (Hendel, 1931) species Phytobia (Poëmyza) pygmina Hend.     Location of material unknown. Cerodontha pygmina Hendel, 1931
Aulagromyza buhri   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) [pygmina] var. approximatonervis Frey     In D-fennica Aulagromyza buhri De Meijere, 1938
Cerodontha pygmaea (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Poëmyza) pygmaea Meig. 2   See D-fennica. Cerodontha pygmaea (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha biseta   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) crassinervis Frey 1   In D-fennica Cerodontha biseta Hendel, 1920
Cerodontha pygmaea   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) pygmella Hend.     In D-fennica Cerodontha pygmaea (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha pygmaea   species Phytobia (Poëmyza) verrucosa Hend. 3 Cerodontha pygmaea (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha calosoma (Hendel, 1931) species Phytobia (Icteromyza) calosoma Hend.     In D-fennica Cerodontha calosoma Hendel, 1931
Cerodontha capitata (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Phytobia (Icteromyza) capitata Zett. 1 Cerodontha capitata Zetterstedt, 1848
Cerodontha lineella   species Phytobia (Icteromyza) hirticeps Hend. 1 Cerodontha lineella (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Cerodontha lineella (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Phytobia (Icteromyza) lineella Zett.     In D-fennica Cerodontha lineella (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Cerodontha geniculata (Fallén, 1823) species Phytobia (Icteromyza) geniculata Fall.     In D-fennica Cerodontha geniculata (Fallen, 1823)
Cerodontha piliseta (Becker, 1903) species Phytobia (Icteromyza) piliseta Beck. 1 Cerodontha piliseta Becker, 1903
Amauromyza abnormalis (Malloch, 1913) species Phytobia (Amauromyza) abnormalis Mall. 12 Amauromyza abnormalis Malloch, 1913
Amauromyza lamii (Kaltenbach, 1858) species Phytobia (Amauromyza) lamii Kalb. 1 Amauromyza lamii (Kaltenbach, 1858)
Amauromyza morionella (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Phytobia (Amauromyza) morionella Zett. 3 Amauromyza morionella Zetterstedt, 1848
Amauromyza moriana   chironym Phytobia (Amauromyza) moriana Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Calycomyza artemisiae (Kaltenbach, 1856) species Phytobia (Calycomyza) artemisiae Kalb.     In D-fennica Calycomyza artemisiae Kaltenbach, 1856
Calycomyza humeralis (Roser, 1840) species Phytobia (Calycomyza) humeralis v.Ros. 2 Calycomyza humeralis (Roser, 1840)
Amauromyza gyrans (Fallén, 1823) species Phytobia (Calycomyza) gyrans Fall. 1 Amauromyza gyrans (Fallen, 1823)
Amauromyza flavifrons (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Trilobomyza) flavifrons Meig.     In D-fennica Amauromyza flavifrons (Meigen, 1830)
Amauromyza labiatarum (Hendel, 1920) species Phytobia (Trilobomyza) labiatarum Hend. 5 Amauromyza labiatarum Hendel, 1920
Amauromyza verbasci (Bouche, 1847) species Phytobia (Trilobomyza) verbasci Bouche 1 Amauromyza verbasci (Bouche, 1847)
Galiomyza morio   species Phytobia (Praspedomyza) morio Brschk.     In D-fennica Phytobia morio (Brischke, 1881)
Liriomyza approximata (Hendel, 1920) species Phytobia (Praspedomyza) approximata Hend. 1 Liriomyza approximata Hendel, 1920
Phytoliriomyza hilarella (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Phytobia (Hilaromyza) hilarella Zett.     In D-fennica Phytoliriomyza hilarella (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Cerodontha ireos (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851) species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) iraeos R.-D.     In D-fennica Cerodontha ireos Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851
Cerodontha morosa (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) morosa Meig. 2   See D-fennica. Cerodontha morosa (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha caricicola   species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) caricicola Her.     In D-fennica Cerodontha caricicola Hering, 1926
Cerodontha proditor   chironym Phytobia (Dizygomyza) proditor Frey     Manuscript name by R. Frey. Location of material unknown.  
Cerodontha bimaculata (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) bimaculata Zett.     In D-fennica Cerodontha bimaculata (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha luctuosa (Meigen, 1830) species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) luctuosa Meig.     In D-fennica Cerodontha luctuosa (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha fasciata   species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) plumbea Hend.     Location of material unknown. Cerodontha fasciata (Strobl, 1880)
Cerodontha caricicola   species Phytobia (Dizygomyza) [plumbea] var. Sönderupi Her. 5 Cerodontha caricicola Hering, 1926
Agromyza lapponica Hendel, 1931 species Agromyza lapponica Hend. 1   See D-fennica. Agromyza lapponica Hendel, 1931
Agromyza lapponica Hendel, 1931 species Agromyza [lapponica] var. normalis Frey     In D-fennica Agromyza lapponica Hendel, 1931
Agromyza sulfuriceps Strobl, 1898 species Agromyza sulphuriceps Strobl     In D-fennica Agromyza sulfuriceps Strobl, 1898
Liriomyza flavolateralis (Watt, 1923) species Agromyza flavolateralis Watt. 2   2 paratypes. Liriomyza flavolateralis (Watt, 1923)
Phytoliriomyza flavopleura (Watt, 1923) species Agromyza flavopleura Watt. 1   1 paratype. Phytoliriomyza flavopleura (Watt, 1923)
Agromyza sp.   species Agromyza ochriceps Lw 1   Not recognised.  
Agromyza cinerascens Macquart, 1835 species Agromyza cinerascens Macq.     In D-fennica Agromyza cinerascens Macquart, 1835
Agromyza luteitarsis (Rondani, 1875) species Agromyza intermittens Beck. 1 Agromyza luteitarsis (Rondani, 1875)
Agromyza igniceps Hendel, 1920 species Agromyza ingniceps Hend.     In D-fennica Agromyza igniceps Hendel, 1920
Japanagromyza   chironym Agromyza viridiata Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey. Japanagromyza Sasakawa, 1958
Japanagromyza salicifolii (Collin, 1911) species Agromyza salicifolii Coll. 3 Japanagromyza salicifolii Collin, 1911
Agromyza pseudoreptans Nowakowski, 1967 species Agromyza reptans Fall. 20   See D-fennica. Agromyza pseudoreptans Nowakowski, 1967
Agromyza reptans Fallén, 1823 species Agromyza [reptans] var. latior Frey 14 Agromyza reptans Fallén, 1823
Agromyza rufipes (Meigen, 1830) species Agromyza rufipes Meig. 4   See D-fennica. Agromyza rufipes Meigen, 1830
Agromyza albipennis Meigen, 1830 species Agromyza albipennis Meig.     In D-fennica Agromyza albipennis Meigen, 1830
Agromyza alunulata (Hendel, 1931) species Agromyza nigripes Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Agromyza alunulata Hendel, 1931
Agromyza graminicola Hendel, 1931 species Agromyza graminicola Hend. Agromyza graminicola Hendel, 1931
Agromyza lucida Hendel, 1920 species Agromyza lucida Hend. 10 Agromyza lucida Hendel, 1920
Agromyza quadriseta Zlobin, 2001 species Agromyza quadriseta n.sp.? 2   2 paratypes. Agromyza quadriseta Zlobin, 2001
Agromyza mobilis Meigen, 1830 species Agromyza mobilis Meig.     In D-fennica Agromyza mobilis Meigen, 1830
Agromyza hierroensis Spencer, 1957 species Agromyza 1   Holotype. Agromyza hierroensis Spencer, 1957
Agromyza nigrociliata Hendel, 1931 species Agromyza nigrociliata Hend. 5 Agromyza nigrociliata Hendel, 1931
Agromyza rondensis   species Agromyza nigrifemur Hend. 1   syntype of A. nigrifemur Hendel, 1931 Agromyza rondensis Strobl, 1900
Agromyza ambigua Fallén, 1823 species Agromyza niveipennis Fall. 2   niveipennis Fall. is a mistake for niveipennis Zett.? Agromyza ambigua Fallen, 1823
Agromyza ambigua Fallén, 1823 species Agromyza ambigua Fall. 7   See D-fennica. Agromyza ambigua Fallen, 1823
Agromyza flaviceps Fallén, 1823 species Agromyza flaviceps Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Agromyza flaviceps Fallén, 1823
Agromyza vicifoliae Hering, 1932 species Agromyza vicifoliae Her. 4   See D-fennica. Agromyza vicifoliae Hering, 1932
Agromyza demeijerei Hendel, 1920 species Agromyza demeijerei Hend. 3   See D-fennica? Agromyza demeijerei Hendel, 1920
Agromyza anthracina Meigen, 1830 species Agromyza anthracina Meig.     In D-fennica Agromyza anthracina Meigen, 1830
Agromyza anthracina Meigen, 1830 species Agromyza Freyi Hend. 1 Agromyza anthracina Meigen, 1830
Agromyza pittodes Hendel, 1931 species Agromyza pittodes Hend. 1 Agromyza pittodes Hendel, 1931
Agromyza salicina Hendel, 1922 species Agromyza salicina hend. 4   See D-fennica? Agromyza salicina Hendel, 1922
Agromyza idaeiana Hardy, 1853 species Agromyza spiraeae Kalt. 15 Agromyza idaeiana Hardy, 1853
Agromyza viciae Kaltenbach, 1872 species Agromyza viciae Kalt. 4 Agromyza viciae Kaltenbach, 1872
Agromyza alnibetulae Hendel, 1931 species Agromyza alnibetulae Hend. 6   See D-fennica Agromyza alnibetulae Hendel, 1931
Agromyza albitarsis Meigen, 1830 species Agromyza albitarsis Meig.     In D-fennica Agromyza albitarsis Meigen, 1830
Agromyza nigrescens Hendel, 1920 species Agromyza nigrescens Hend. 2   See D-fennica Agromyza nigrescens Hendel, 1920
Agromyza orobi Hendel, 1920 species Agromyza orobi Hend.     In D-fennica Agromyza orobi Hendel, 1920
Agromyza nana Meigen, 1830 species Agromyza nana Meig.     In D-fennica Agromyza nana Meigen, 1830
Agromyza frontella (Rondani, 1874) species Agromyza frontella Rdi 1 Agromyza frontella (Rondani, 1874)
Agromyza verdensis Spencer, 1959 species Agromyza verdensis Spenc. 1 Agromyza verdensis Spencer, 1959
Melanagromyza lappae (Loew, 1850) species Melanagromyza lappae Lw     See D-fennica Melanagromyza lappae Loew, 1850
Melanagromyza aeneoventris (Fallén, 1823) species Melanagromyza aeneiventris Fall.     In D-fennica Melanagromyza aeneoventris (Fallen, 1823)
Melanagromyza aenea (Meigen, 1830) species Melanagromyza [aeneiventris] var. fuscociliata Hend. 10   1 ex destroyed. Melanagromyza aenea Meigen, 1830
Ophiomyia beckeri (Hendel, 1923) species Melanagromyza Beckeri Hend.     In D-fennica Ophiomyia beckeri (Hendel, 1923)
Ophiomyia cunctata (Hendel, 1920) species Melanagromyza cunctata Hend.     In D-fennica Ophiomyia cunctata Hendel, 1920
Ophiomyia longilingua (Hendel, 1920) species Melanagromyza longilingua Hend. 1 Ophiomyia longilingua Hendel, 1920
Melanagromyza cunctans (Meigen, 1830) species Melanagromyza cunctans Meig. 1 Melanagromyza cunctans Meigen, 1830
Melanagromyza verdata Spencer, 1961 species   1   Holotype. Melanagromyza verdata Spencer, 1961
Melanagromyza volubilis Spencer, 1965 species   1   Holotype. Melanagromyza volubilis Spencer, 1965
Melanagromyza submetallescens Spencer, 1966 species   1   Paratype. Melanagromyza submetallescens Spencer, 1966
Ophiomyia orbiculata (Hendel, 1931) species Melanagromyza hexachaeta Hend. 4 Ophiomyia orbiculata Hendel, 1931
Ophiomyia orbiculata (Hendel, 1931) species Melanagromyza orbiculata Hend. 5 Ophiomyia orbiculata Hendel, 1931
Melanagromyza pubescens Hendel, 1923 species Melanagromyza pubescens Hend. 4 Melanagromyza pubescens Hendel, 1923
Ophiomyia beckeri   species Melanagromyza goniaea Hend. 13 Ophiomyia beckeri (Hendel, 1923)
Hexomyza simplicoides (Hendel, 1920) species Melanagromyza simplicoides Hend. 1 Hexomyza simplicoides Hendel, 1920
Melanagromyza viridiventris   chironym Melanagromyza viridiventris Frey 7   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Melanagromyza sojae   species Melanagromyza prolifera Mall. 9 Philippines Intepreted as Melanagromyza prolifica (Malloch). Melanagromyza sojae Zehntner, 1900
Melanagromyza ciliatella   chironym Melanagromyza ciliatella Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Melanagromyza indistinctella   chironym Melanagromyza indistinctella Frey 1 Philippines Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Ophiomyia pinguis   species Tylomyza pinguis Fall. 17 Ophiomyia pinguis (Fallen, 1820)
Ophiomyia nasuta   species Tylomyza madizina Hend. 16 Ophiomyia nasuta Melander, 1913
Ophiomyia decembris (Spencer, 1959) species Tylomyza decembris Spenc.     Holotype currently in MZH Diptera Holarctica. Ophiomyia decembris Spencer, 1959
Melanagromyza nairobensis Spencer, 1959 species Tylomyza nairobiensis Spenc. 1 Melanagromyza nairobensis Spencer, 1959
Tropicomyia vigneae   species Tylomyza alustrata Spenc. 16 Tropicomyia vigneae (Seguy, 1951)
Melanagromyza compositana Spencer, 1959 species Tylomyza compositana Spenc. 28 Melanagromyza compositana Spencer, 1959
Melanagromyza albisquama   species Tylomyza minor Spenc. 6 Melanagromyza albisquama (Malloch, 1927)
Melanagromyza lustralis Spencer, 1959 species Tylomyza lustralis Spenc. 1 Melanagromyza lustralis Spencer, 1959
Melanagromyza insolita Spencer, 1959 species Tylomyza insolita Spenc. 1 Melanagromyza insolita Spencer, 1959
Melanagromyza nicolaudis Spencer, 1959 species Tylomyza nicolaudis Spenc. 14 Melanagromyza nicolaudis Spencer, 1959
Ophiomyia curvipalpis   species Ophiomyia proboscidea Strobl 7 Ophiomyia curvipalpis (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Ophiomyia sp.   species Ophiomyia sp. 1  
Ophiomyia aquileigana Lundquist, 1947 species Ophiomyia aquilegiae Lundqv. 1   1 type Ophiomyia aquileigana Lundquist, 1947
Ophiomyia campanularum Starý, 1930 species Ophiomyia campanularum Her. 1 Ophiomyia campanularum Stary, 1930
Ophiomyia maura (Meigen, 1838) species Ophiomyia maura Meig. 14   See D-fennica Ophiomyia maura (Meigen, 1838)
Ophiomyia melandryi de Meijere, 1924 species Ophiomyia melandryi de Meij. 1   See D-fennica? Ophiomyia melandryi De Meijere, 1924
Ophiomyia heringi   species Ophiomyia submaura Her. 1 Ophiomyia heringi Stary, 1930
Ophiomyia heringi Starý, 1930 species Ophiomyia persimilis Hend. 5 Ophiomyia heringi Stary, 1930
Ophiomyia heringi Starý, 1930 species Ophiomyia penicillata Hend.     Location of material unknown. Ophiomyia heringi Stary, 1930
Ophiomyia brasiliana   chironym Ophiomyia brasiliana Frey     Location of material unknown. Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Ophiomyia coerulella   chironym Ophiomyia coerulella Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Ophiomyia farinella   chironym Ophiomyia farinella Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Ophiomyia verdalis Spencer, 1959 species Ophiomyia verdalis Spencer 4 Ophiomyia verdalis Spencer, 1959
Phytoliriomyza perpusilla (Meigen, 1830) species Phytoliriomyza perpusilla Meig. 6   See D-fennica Phytoliriomyza perpusilla Meigen, 1830
Metopomyza xanthaspis (Loew, 1858) species Haplomyza xanthaspis Lw 4   See D-fennica Metopomyza xanthaspis (Loew, 1858)
Metopomyza xanthaspioides (Frey, 1946) species Haplomyza xanthaspioides Frey 10   TODO: CHECK FOR TYPES Metopomyza xanthaspioides Frey, 1946
Metopomyza flavonotata (Haliday, 1833) species Haplomyza flavonotata Hal. 6 Metopomyza flavonotata (Haliday, 1833)
Metopomyza scutellata (Fallén, 1823) species Haplomyza flavoscutellaris Zett. 3 Metopomyza scutellata (Fallén, 1823)
Metopomyza interfrontalis (Melander, 1913) species Haplomyza xanthaspida Hend. 9 Metopomyza interfrontalis (Melander, 1913)
Phytoliriomyza melampyga   species Liriomyza impatientis Brisch. 3 Phytoliriomyza melampyga (Loew, 1869)
Phytoliriomyza variegata (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza variegata Meig. 1 Liriomyza flaveola (Fallen, 1823)
Liriomyza lutea (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza lutea Meig.     In D-fennica Liriomyza lutea (Meigen, 1830)
Phytoliriomyza ornata (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza ornata Meig. 1 Metopomyza ornata (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza strigata (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza striata Hend. 11 Liriomyza strigata Meigen, 1830
Phytoliriomyza dorsata (Siebke, 1863) species Liriomyza fasciata Hend. 2 Phytoliriomyza dorsata (Siebke, 1864)
Phytoliriomyza pectoralis (Becker, 1908) species Liriomyza pectoralis Beck. Phytoliriomyza pectoralis (Becker, 1908)
Liriomyza angulicornis (Malloch, 1918) species Liriomyza triglochinae Hend. 4 Liriomyza angulicornis (Malloch, 1918)
Liriomyza angulicornis (Malloch, 1918) species Liriomyza angulicornis Mall. 1 Liriomyza angulicornis (Malloch, 1918)
Liriomyza plaumanni   chironym Liriomyza Plaumanni Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Liriomyza nigrifrons Hendel, 1920 species Liriomyza nigrifrons Hend. 2 Liriomyza nigrifrons Hendel, 1920
Phytoliriomyza mikii (Strobl, 1898) species Liriomyza Miki Strobl 3 Phytoliriomyza mikii Strobl, 1898
Liriomyza clianthi (Watt, 1923) species Liriomyza clianthis [sic] Watt. 2 Liriomyza clianthi (Watt, 1923)
Liriomyza umbilici Hering, 1927 species Liriomyza umbilici Her. 1 Liriomyza umbilici Hering, 1927
Liriomyza subartemisicola Frey, 1945 species Liriomyza subartemisicola Frey 7 Liriomyza subartemisicola Frey, 1945
Liriomyza artemisicola de Meijere, 1924 species Liriomyza artemisicola de Meij.     In D-fennica Liriomyza artemisicola Meijere, 1924
Liriomyza dracunculi Hering, 1932 species Liriomyza dracunculi Her. 1 Liriomyza dracunculi Hering, 1932
Liriomyza flavocentralis (Watt, 1923) species Liriomyza flavocentralis Watt. 2 Liriomyza flavocentralis (Watt, 1923)
Liriomyza richteri Hering, 1927 species Liriomyza Richteri Her. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza richteri Hering, 1927
Liriomyza orbona (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza orbona Meig. 2   See D-fennica Liriomyza orbona (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza virgo (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Liriomyza virgo Zett. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza virgo (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Liriomyza virgula Frey, 1946 species Liriomyza virgula Frey     In D-fennica Liriomyza virgula Frey, 1946
Liriomyza pedestris Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza pedestris Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza richteri Hering, 1927
Liriomyza flaveola (Fallén, 1823) species Liriomyza flaveola Fall.     In D-fennica Liriomyza flaveola (Fallen, 1823)
Liriomyza bulbata   species Liriomyza [flaveola] var. singularis Frey     In D-fennica Liriomyza bulbata Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza wachtlii Hendel, 1920 species Liriomyza Wachtli Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza wachtlii Hendel, 1920
Liriomyza wachtlii Hendel, 1920 species Liriomyza opaca Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza wachtlii Hendel, 1920
Liriomyza buhri Hering, 1937 species Liriomyza adolescens Frey     In D-fennica Liriomyza buhri Hering, 1937
Liriomyza equiseti de Meijere, 1924 species Liriomyza equiseti [subequiseti Frey, overwritten]     In D-fennica Liriomyza equiseti De Meijere, 1924
Liriomyza amoena (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza amoena Meig. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza amoena (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza canescens Spencer, 1976 species Liriomyza graminicola de Meij.     In D-fennica Liriomyza canescens Spencer, 1976
Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach, 1873) species Liriomyza eupatorii Kalt. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach, 1874)
Liriomyza valerianae Hendel, 1932 species Liriomyza valerianae Hend. 2   See D-fennica Liriomyza valerianae Hendel, 1932
Liriomyza pusilla (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza fasciola Meig. 4   See D-fennica? Liriomyza pusilla (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza euphorbiana Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza euphorbiana Hend. 3   See D-fennica? Liriomyza euphorbiana Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach, 1873) species Liriomyza orbitella Hend. 17   See D-fennica? Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach, 1874)
Liriomyza cruciferarum Hering, 1927 species Liriomyza cruciferarum Her. 1 Liriomyza cruciferarum Hering, 1927
Liriomyza pusio (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza breviseta Frey     In D-fennica Liriomyza pusio (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza bulbata Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza bulbata Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza bulbata Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza cannabis Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza cannabis Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza cannabis Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza strigata (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza strigata Meig. 4   See D-fennica Liriomyza strigata Meigen, 1830
Liriomyza ptarmicae   species Liriomyza aesalon Her. Liriomyza ptarmicae Meijere, 1925
Liriomyza bryoniae   species Liriomyza triton Frey 1 Liriomyza bryoniae (Kaltenbach, 1858)
Liriomyza flavopicta Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza flavopicta Hend. 2 Liriomyza flavopicta Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza andryalae Hering, 1927 species Liriomyza andryalae Her.     Location of material unknown. Liriomyza andryalae Hering, 1927
Liriomyza centaureae Hering, 1927 species Liriomyza centaureae Her.     Location of material unknown. Liriomyza centaureae Hering, 1927
Liriomyza taraxaci Hering, 1927 species Liriomyza taraxaci Her. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza taraxaci Hering, 1927
Liriomyza pusilla (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza pusilla Meig. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza pusilla (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza bryoniae ?   species Liriomyza solani Macq. 9 Liriomyza bryoniae (Kaltenbach, 1858)
Liriomyza sonchi Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza sonchi Hend. 1   See D-fennica Liriomyza sonchi Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza strigata (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza pumila Meig. 8 Liriomyza strigata Meigen, 1830
Liriomyza demeijerei Hering, 1930 species Liriomyza demeijerei Her. 9 Liriomyza demeijerei Hering, 1930
Liriomyza tanaceti de Meijere, 1924 species Liriomyza tanaceti de Meij. 1 Liriomyza tanaceti De Meijere, 1924
Liriomyza congesta (Becker, 1903) species Liriomyza minima Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza congesta (Becker, 1903)
Liriomyza occipitalis Hendel, 1931 species Liriomyza occipitalis Hend.     In D-fennica Liriomyza occipitalis Hendel, 1931
Liriomyza congesta (Becker, 1903) species Liriomyza parva Hend. 9   See D-fennica Liriomyza congesta (Becker, 1903)
Liriomyza congesta (Becker, 1903) species Liriomyza congesta Beck.     In D-fennica Liriomyza congesta (Becker, 1903)
Liriomyza pusio (Meigen, 1830) species Liriomyza pusio Meig.     In D-fennica Liriomyza pusio (Meigen, 1830)
Liriomyza brassicae (Riley, 1885) species Liriomyza brassicae     Location of material unknown. Liriomyza brassicae (Riley, 1885)
Xeniomyza ilicitensis de Meijere, 1934 species Xeniomyza ilicitensis Her. [sic] 2 Xeniomyza ilicitensis De Meijere, 1934
Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer, 1806) species Cerodontha denticornis Panz. 15   See D-fennica Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer, 1806)
Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer, 1806) species Cerodontha [denticornis] var. obscuripleura Frey 14   See D-fennica Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer, 1806)
Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer, 1806) species Cerodontha [denticornis] var. nigroscutellata Strobl 9   See D-fennica Cerodontha denticornis (Panzer, 1806)
Cerodontha affinis (Fallén, 1823) species Cerodontha affinis Fall. 7   See D-fennica Cerodontha affinis (Fallen, 1823)
Cerodontha hennigi Nowakowski, 1967 species Cerodontha lateralis Zett. 1 Cerodontha hennigi Nowakowski, 1967
Cerodontha fulvipes (Meigen, 1830) species Cerodontha fulvipes Meig. 2   See D-fennica Cerodontha fulvipes (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha fulvipes (Meigen, 1830) species Cerodontha femoralis Meig. 3 Cerodontha fulvipes (Meigen, 1830)
Cerodontha atronitens (Hendel, 1920) species Xenophytomyza atronitens Lw [sic] 1 Cerodontha atronitens Hendel, 1920
Aulagromyza trivittata (Loew, 1873) species Phytagromyza trivittata Lw 2   See D-fennica Aulagromyza trivittata (Loew, 1873)
Cerodontha flavocingulata (Strobl, 1909) species Phytagromyza flavocingulata Strobl 3   See D-fennica Cerodontha flavocingulata (Strobl, 1909)
Aulagromyza luteoscutellata (de Meijere, 1924) species Phytagromyza xylostei R.-D. 17   See D-fennica Aulagromyza luteoscutellata (De Meijere, 1924)
Aulagromyza luteoscutellata (de Meijere, 1924) species Phytagromyza [xylostei] var. lonicerarum Frey 11   See D-fennica Aulagromyza luteoscutellata (De Meijere, 1924)
Aulagromyza hendeliana (Hering, 1926) species Phytagromyza Hendeliana Her. 4 Aulagromyza hendeliana Hering, 1926
Aulagromyza heringii Aulagromyza heringii (Hengel, 1920) species Phytagromyza Heringi Hend. 1  
Aulagromyza tridentata (Loew, 1858) species Phytagromyza tridentata Lw 2 Aulagromyza tridentata (Loew, 1858)
Aulagromyza populi (Kaltenbach, 1864) species Phytagromyza populi Kalt. 1 Aulagromyza populi Kaltenbach, 1927
Pseudonapomyza atra   species Pseudonapomyza atra Meig. 1 Pseudonapomyza atra (Meigen, 1830)
Pseudonapomyza confusa Zlobin, 1993 species Pseudonapomyza spicata Mall. 1   holotype and paratypes Pseudonapomyza confusa Zlobin, 1993
Pseudonapomyza lucentis Spencer, 1959 species lucentis Spenc.     holotype? Pseudonapomyza lucentis Spencer, 1959
Pseudonapomyza insularis Zlobin, 1993 species Pseudonapomyza insularis Zlobin, 1993
Napomyza elegans (Meigen, 1830) species Napomyza elegans Meig. 1 Napomyza elegans Meigen, 1830
Napomyza hirticornis (Hendel, 1932) species Napomyza hirticornis Hend. 2 Napomyza hirticornis Hendel, 1932
Phytomyza aconitophila Hendel, 1927 species Napomyza aconitophila Hend. 18 Phytomyza aconitophila Hendel, 1927
Phytomyza lonicerae   species Napomyza xylostei Kalt. 5  
Napomyza lateralis (Fallén, 1823) species Napomyza lateralis Fall. 19 Napomyza lateralis (Fallen, 1823)
Napomyza lateralis   species Napomyza [lateralis] var. minutula Frey 5 Napomyza lateralis (Fallen, 1823)
Napomyza merita Zlobin, 1993 species   1   paratype Napomyza merita Zlobin, 1993
Phytomyza rydeni Hering, 1934 species Napomyza Rydeni her. 2 Phytomyza rydeni Hering, 1934
Napomyza philippinensis   chironym Napomyza philippinensis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Calycomyza allecta (Melander, 1913) species Napomyza sublateralis Frey 9 Calycomyza allecta (Melander, 1913)
Napomyza deflecta   chironym Napomyza deflecta Frey     Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Napomyza cellulata   chironym Napomyza cellulata Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Phytomyza fallaciosa Brischke, 1880 species Phytomyza pseudohellebori Hend. 8   See D-fennica? Phytomyza fallaciosa Brischke, 1881
Phytomyza hellebori Kaltenbach, 1872 species Phytomyza hellebori Kalb. 1 Phytomyza hellebori Kaltenbach, 1872
Phytomyza anemones Hering, 1925 species Phytomyza anemones Her. 1 Phytomyza anemones Hering, 1925
Phytomyza conyzae Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza conyzae Hend. 2 Phytomyza conyzae Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza mimica Hering, 1928 species Phytomyza mimica Her. 1 Phytomyza fallaciosa Brischke, 1881
Phytomyza ranunculi   species Phytomyza [ranunculi] var. flava Fall. 8   See D-fennica Phytomyza ranunculi (Schrank, 1803)
Phytomyza ranunculi   species Phytomyza [ranunculi] var. albipes Meig. 10   See D-fennica Phytomyza ranunculi (Schrank, 1803)
Phytomyza ranunculi   species Phytomyza [ranunculi] var. flavoscutellata Fall. 11 Phytomyza ranunculi (Schrank, 1803)
Phytomyza ranunculi   species Phytomyza [ranunculi] var. praecox Meig. 9   See D-fennica Phytomyza ranunculi (Schrank, 1803)
Chromatomyia ochracea (Hendel, 1920) species Phytomyza ochraea Hend. 1 Chromatomyia ochracea Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza rufescens   species Phytomyza analis Zett.     See D-fennica Phytomyza rufescens Roser, 1840
Phytomyza flavicornis Fallén, 1823 species Phytomyza flavicornis Fall. 10   See D-fennica Phytomyza flavicornis Fallén, 1823
Phytomyza rufipes Meigen, 1830 species Phytomyza rufipes Meig. 2   See D-fennica Phytomyza rufipes Meigen, 1830
Phytomyza varipes Macquart, 1835 species Phytomyza varipes Macq. 3   See D-fennica Phytomyza varipes (Macquart, 1835)
Phytomyza dasyops Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza dasyops Hend. 1 Phytomyza dasyops Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893 species Phytomyza distantiphila Frey 1   See D-fennica Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893
Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893 species Phytomyza pratensis de Meij. 15   See D-fennica? Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893
Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893 species Phytomyza melampyri Her. 2   See D-fennica? Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893
Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893 species Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl 13   See D-fennica Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893
Phytomyza glabra Hendel, 1935 species Phytomyza glabra Hend. 1   See D-fennica Phytomyza glabra Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza eumorpha Frey, 1946 species Phytomyza eumorpha Frey 1 Phytomyza eumorpha Frey, 1946
Phytomyza eumorpha Frey, 1946 species Phytomyza [eumorpha] var. uniseta Frey 1 Phytomyza eumorpha Frey, 1946
Aulagromyza fulvicornis (Hendel, 1935) species Phytomyza fulvicornis Hend.     In D-fennica Aulagromyza fulvicornis Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza cirsii Hendel, 1923 species Phytomyza cirsii Hend. 1 Phytomyza cirsii Hendel, 1923
Phytomyza cytisi Brischke, 1881 species Phytomyza cytisi Brischke 1 Phytomyza cytisi Brischke, 1881
Phytomyza pullula Zetterstedt, 1848 species Phytomyza matricariae Hend. 19   See D-fennica. Phytomyza pullula Zetterstedt, 1848
Phytomyza pullula Zetterstedt, 1848 species Phytomyza anthemidis Hend.     2 syntypes of P. anthemidis. Phytomyza pullula Zetterstedt, 1848
Phytomyza ptarmicae Hering, 1937 species Phytomyza ptarmicae Her. 2   See D-fennica Phytomyza ptarmicae Hering, 1937
Phytomyza cirsii Hendel, 1923 species Phytomyza cirsicola Hend. 1   See D-fennica? Phytomyza cirsii Hendel, 1923
Phytomyza bipunctata Loew, 1858 species Phytomyza bipunctata Lw 6 Phytomyza bipunctata Loew, 1858
Phytomyza bipunctata Loew, 1858 species Phytomyza echinopis Hend. 2   2 syntypes of P. echinopis. Phytomyza bipunctata Loew, 1858
Phytomyza tanaceti Hendel, 1923 species Phytomyza tanaceti Hend. 10 Phytomyza tanaceti Hendel, 1923
Phytomyza pauliloewii Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza Pauli-Loewi Hend. 3   See D-fennica Phytomyza pauliloewi Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza alpestris Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza alpestris Hend. 1 Phytomyza alpestris Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza angelicivora Hering, 1924 species Phytomyza angelicivora Her. 1 Phytomyza angelicivora Hering, 1924
Phytomyza aconiti Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza aconiti Hend. 9 Phytomyza aconiti Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza lappae Goureau, 1851 species Phytomyza lappae R.-D. 10 Phytomyza lappae Goureau, 1851
Phytomyza albiceps Meigen, 1830 species Phytomyza albiceps Meig. 19 Phytomyza albiceps Meigen, 1830
Phytomyza adenostylis Hering, 1926 species Phytomyza adenostylis Her.     Moved to MZH Diptera Holarctica. Phytomyza adenostylis Hering, 1926
Phytomyza marginella Fallén, 1823 species Phytomyza sonchi R.-D. 5 Phytomyza marginella Fallén, 1823
Phytomyza rostrata Hering, 1934 species Phytomyza rostrata Her. 1 Phytomyza rostrata Hering, 1934
Phytomyza subrostrata Frey, 1946 species Phytomyza subrostrata Frey 2 Phytomyza subrostrata Frey, 1946
Phytomyza selini Hering, 1922 species Phytomyza selini Her.     In D-fennica Phytomyza selini Hering, 1922
Phytomyza aquilonia Frey, 1946 species Phytomyza aquilonia Frey 1 Phytomyza aquilonia Frey, 1946
Phytomyza facialis Kaltenbach, 1872 species Phytomyza facialis Kalt. 1 Phytomyza facialis Kaltenbach, 1872
Phytomyza solidaginis Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza solidaginis Hend. 4 Phytomyza solidaginis Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza virgaureae Hering, 1926 species Phytomyza virgaureae Her. 11 Phytomyza virgaureae Hering, 1926
Phytomyza erigerophila Hering, 1927 species Phytomyza erigerophila Her. 2   Syntypes? Phytomyza erigerophila Hering, 1927
Phytomyza thysselinivora Hering, 1924 species Phytomyza thysselinivora Her. 4 Phytomyza thysselinivora Hering, 1924
Phytomyza chaerophylliana Hering, 1931 species Phytomyza chaerophylliana Her. 1   See D-fennica? Phytomyza chaerophylliana Hering, 1931
Phytomyza coniopais Hering, 1931 species Phytomyza coniopais Her. 1 Phytomyza coniopais Hering, 1931
Phytomyza achilleae Hering, 1932 species Phytomyza achillae Her. 1   Syntype? Phytomyza achilleae Hering, 1932
Aulagromyza wuorentausi (Hendel, 1936) species Phytomyza Wuorentausi Hend. 1 Aulagromyza wuorentausi (Hendel, 1936)
Phytomyza sii Hering, 1930 species Phytomyza sii Her. 1   Syntype? Phytomyza sii Hering, 1930
Phytomyza campanulae Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza campanulae Hend. 1 Phytomyza campanulae Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza tussilaginis Hendel, 1925 species Phytomyza tussilaginis Hend. 3   See D-fennica? Phytomyza tussilaginis Hendel, 1925
Phytomyza heracleana Hering, 1937 species Phytomyza heracleana Her. 2   See D-fennica? Phytomyza heracleana Hering, 1937
Phytomyza spondylii Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851 species Phytomyza sphondylii Rob.-Desv. 12   See D-fennica Phytomyza spondylii Goureau, 1851
Phytomyza aegopodii Hendel, 1923 species Phytomyza aegopodii Hend. 4   See D-fennica Phytomyza angelicae Kaltenbach, 1874
Phytomyza angelicastri Hering, 1932 species Phytomyza angelicastri Her. 11 Phytomyza angelicastri Hering, 1932
Phytomyza angelicae Kaltenbach, 1872 species Phytomyza angelicae Kalt. 13 Phytomyza angelicae Kaltenbach, 1874
Phytomyza laserpitii Hendel, 1924 species Phytomyza laserpitii Hend.     In D-fennica Phytomyza angelicae Kaltenbach, 1874
Phytomyza spoliata Strobl, 1906 species Phytomyza spoliata Strobl 16   See D-fennica. 1 ex destroyed. Phytomyza spoliata Strobl, 1906
Phytomyza brevifacies Hendel, 1934 species Phytomyza brevifacies Hend.     In D-fennica? Phytomyza brevifacies Hendel, 1934
Phytomyza gymnostoma Loew, 1858 species Phytomyza palpata Hend. 2 Napomyza gymnostoma (Loew, 1858)
Chromatomyia opacella (Hendel, 1935) species Phytomyza opacella Hend. 15   See D-fennica Chromatomyia opacella Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza polysticha Hendel, 1935 species Phytomyza polysticha Hend. 1 Phytomyza polysticha Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza ilicis Curtis, 1846 species Phytomyza ilicis Hend. 1 Phytomyza ilicis Curtis, 1846
Phytomyza diversicornis Hendel, 1927 species Phytomyza diversicornis Hend. 3   See D-fennica Phytomyza diversicornis Hendel, 1927
Phytomyza continua Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza continua Hend. 3   See D-fennica Phytomyza continua Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza aquilegiae Hardy, 1849 species Phytomyza aquilegiae Hend. 22   See D-fennica Phytomyza aquilegiae Hardy, 1849
Phytomyza thalictricola Hendel, 1925 species Phytomyza thalictricola Hend. 6   See D-fennica Phytomyza thalictricola Hendel, 1925
Phytomyza trolliivora Hering, 1935 species Phytomyza trolliivora Her.     In D-fennica Phytomyza trolliivora Hering, 1935
Phytomyza farfarae Hendel, 1935 species Phytomyza farfarae Hend. 1 Phytomyza farfarae Hendel, 1935
Chromatomyia farfarella (Hendel, 1935) species Phytomyza farfarella Hend. 3 Chromatomyia farfarella Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza flavofemorata   species Phytomyza aristata Hend.     In D-fennica? Phytomyza flavofemorata Strobl, 1893
Aulagromyza orbitalis (Melander, 1913) species Phytomyza orbitalis Melander 1 Aulagromyza orbitalis Melander, 1913
Phytomyza tenella Meigen, 1830 species Phytomyza tenella Meig. 15 Phytomyza tenella Meigen, 1830
Phytomyza plantaginis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851 species Phytomyza plantaginis R.-D. 12   See D-fennica Phytomyza plantaginis Goureau, 1851
Phytomyza veronicicola Hering, 1925 species Phytomyza veronicicola Her. 1 Phytomyza veronicicola Hering, 1925
Phytomyza crassiseta Zetterstedt, 1860 species Phytomyza crassiseta Zett. 9   See D-fennica Phytomyza crassiseta Zetterstedt, 1860
Chromatomyia   genus Phytomyza atricornis Meig. 17   A nomen dubium, including moth C. horticola and C. syngenesiae. See D-fennica. Chromatomyia Hardy, 1849
Chromatomyia scabiosarum (Meijere, 1934) species Phytomyza scabiosaria Her. 2 Chromatomyia scabiosarum De Meijere, 1934
Phytomyza fallaciosa Brischke, 1880 species Phytomyza fallaciosa Bri. 7 Phytomyza fallaciosa Brischke, 1881
Phytomyza affinis Fallén, 1823 species Phytomyza affinis Fall. 19 Phytomyza affinis Fallén, 1823
Phytomyza wahlgreni Rydén, 1944 species Phytomyza robustella Her. 22   See D-fennica Phytomyza wahlgreni Ryden, 1944
Phytomyza continua Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza polyarthrocera Frey     In D-fennica Phytomyza continua Hendel, 1920
? Phytomyza abdominalis Zetterstedt, 1848 species Phytomyza gentianae Hend. 1  
Phytomyza agromyzina Meigen, 1830 species Phytomyza agromyzina Mg. 1 Phytomyza agromyzina Meigen, 1830
Chromatomyia milii (Kaltenbach, 1864) species Phytomyza milii Kalt.     In D-fennica Chromatomyia milii Kaltenbach, 1864
Chromatomyia luzulae (Hering, 1924) species Phytomyza luzulae Her. 9   See D-fennica Chromatomyia luzulae Hering, 1924
Phytomyza nigritella Zetterstedt, 1848 species Phytomyza nigritella Zett. 1 Phytomyza nigritella Zetterstedt, 1848
Chromatomyia periclymeni (Hendel, 1922) species Phytomyza periclymeni de Meij. 26 Phytomyza periclymeni Hendel, 1922
Phytomyza botanica   chironym Phytomyza botanica Frey 5   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Phytomyza hendeli Hering, 1923 species Phytomyza Hendeli Her. 3 Phytomyza hendeli Hering, 1923
Chromatomyia succisae (Hering, 1922) species Phytomyza succisae Her. 2   2 paratypes. Chromatomyia succisae Hering, 1922
Phytomyza hispaniola   chironym Phytomyza hispaniola Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Phytomyza nigrella Hendel, 1935 species Phytomyza nigrella Hend. 1 Phytomyza nigrella Hendel, 1935
Chromatomyia fuscula (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Phytomyza fuscula Zett. 10   See D-fennica Chromatomyia fuscula Zetterstedt, 1838
Chromatomyia nigra (Meigen, 1830) species Phytomyza nigra Meig. 16   See D-fennica Phytomyza nigra (Macquart, 1835)
Chromatomyia ramosa (Hendel, 1923) species Phytomyza ramosa Hend. 1 Chromatomyia ramosa (Hendel, 1923)
Chromatomyia ciliata (Hendel, 1935) species Phytomyza ciliata Hend. 7   See D-fennica Chromatomyia ciliata Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza cineracea Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza cineracea Hend. 12   See D-fennica Napomyza nigritula (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Phytomyza albipennis Fallén, 1823 species Phytomyza albipennis Fall. 13   See D-fennica Phytomyza albipennis Fallén, 1823
Chromatomyia ramosa (Hendel, 1923) species Phytomyza nigriventris Hend. 2   See D-fennica Chromatomyia ramosa (Hendel, 1923)
Phytomyza evanescens Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza evanescens Hend. 15   See D-fennica Phytomyza evanescens Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza opaca Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza opaca Hend. 10   See D-fennica Phytomyza opaca Hendel, 1920
Chromatomyia primulae (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851) species Phytomyza primulae R.-D. 1 Chromatomyia primulae Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851
Phytomyza pubicornis Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza pubicornis Hend. 7 Phytomyza pubicornis Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza calthivora Hendel, 1934 species Phytomyza calthivora Hend. 2   See D-fennica? Phytomyza calthivora Hendel, 1934
Phytomyza calthophila Hering, 1931 species Phytomyza calthophila Her. 11   See D-fennica? Phytomyza calthophila Hering, 1931
Phytomyza calthae Hering, 1924 species Phytomyza calthae Her. 7   See D-fennica? Phytomyza calthae Hering, 1924
Chromatomyia aizoon (Hering, 1932) species Phytomyza aizoon Her. 1 Chromatomyia aizoon Hering, 1932
Phytomyza nigripennis Fallén, 1823 species Phytomyza nigripennis Fall. 17   See D-fennica? Phytomyza nigripennis Fallén, 1823
Phytomyza abdominalis Zetterstedt, 1848 species Phytomyza abdominalis Zett. 14   See D-fennica? Phytomyza abdominalis Zetterstedt, 1848
Phytomyza minuscula Goureau, 1851 species Phytomyza minuscula Gour. 5   See D-fennica Phytomyza minuscula Goureau, 1851
Phytomyza actaeae Hendel, 1922 species Phytomyza actaeae Hend. 1 Phytomyza actaeae Hendel, 1922
Phytomyza thysselini Hendel, 1923 species Phytomyza thysselini Hend. 2   See D-fennica Phytomyza thysselini Hendel, 1923
Phytomyza coniophila Hering, 1931 species Phytomyza coniophila Her. 1 Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856
Chromatomyia milii   species Phytomyza 1   1 paratype of Phytomyza intermedia Spencer, 1957 Chromatomyia milii Kaltenbach, 1864
Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856 species Phytomyza anthrisci Hend. 17   See D-fennica Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856
Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856 species Phytomyza carvi Hend. 8   See D-fennica Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856
Phytomyza obscurella Fallén, 1823 species Phytomyza obscurella Fall. 18   See D-fennica Phytomyza obscurella Fallén, 1823
Phytomyza adjuncta Hering, 1928 species Phytomyza adjuncta Her. 4   2 syntypes. Phytomyza adjuncta Hering, 1928
Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856 species Phytomyza chaerophylli Kalt.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica Phytomyza chaerophylli Kaltenbach, 1856
Phytomyza aurei Hering, 193 species Phytomyza aurei Her.     Location of material unknown. Phytomyza aurei Hering, 1931
Phytomyza kamtschatkensis Hendel, 1935 species Phytomyza kamtschatkensis Hend. 1 Phytomyza kamtschatkensis Hendel, 1935
Phytomyza melana Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza melana Hend. 4 Phytomyza melana Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza brischkei Hendel, 1922 species Phytomyza Brischkei Hend.     In D-fennica Phytomyza brischkei Hendel, 1922
Phytomyza thymi Hering, 1928 species Phytomyza thymi Her. 1 Phytomyza thymi Hering, 1928
Phytomyza trollii Hering, 1930 species Phytomyza trollii Her. 3 Phytomyza trollii Hering, 1930
Phytomyza sedicola Hering, 1924 species Phytomyza sedicola Her. 2   2 syntypes. Phytomyza sedicola Hering, 1924
Phytomyza obscura Hendel, 1920 species Phytomyza obscura Hend. 4 Phytomyza obscura Hendel, 1920
Phytomyza ranunculivora Hering, 1932 species Phytomyza ranunculivora Her. 2 Phytomyza ranunculivora Hering, 1932

Taxa in collection for Agromyzidae: 364


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Hendelia beckeri Czerny, 1903 species Hendelia (Hendelia) Beckeri Czerny     In D-fennica Hendelia beckeri Czerny, 1903
Hendelia orientalis Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Prohendelia) orientalis Frey 9  
Hendelia orientalis Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Prohendelia) [orientalis] f. conjuncta Frey 7  
Hendelia orientalis Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Prohendelia) [orientalis] f. obscurior Frey 1  
Hendelia extensicornis Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Aristohendelia) extensicornis Frey 8 Hendelia extensicornis Frey, 1960
Hendelia palliceps Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Burmanochaeta) palliceps Frey 9 Hendelia palliceps Frey, 1960
Hendelia personata Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Burmanochaeta) personata Frey 2 Hendelia personata Frey, 1960
Hendelia aenigma Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Burmanochaeta) aenigma Frey 1 Hendelia aenigma Frey, 1960
Hendelia variabilis Frey, 1960 species Hendelia (Burmanochaeta) variabilis Frey 4 Hendelia variabilis Frey, 1960
Hendelia nigrifrons Frey, 1960 species Clusiodes (Steleoclusiodes) nigrifrons Frey 11  
Clusiodes punctifrons Frey, 1960 species Clusiodes (Clusiodes) punctifrons Frey 5 Clusiodes punctifrons Frey, 1960
Clusiodes leucopeza Frey, 1960 species Clusiodes (Clusiodes) leucopeza Frey 10 Clusiodes leucopeza Frey, 1960
Clusiodes albimanus (Meigen, 1830) species Clusiodes (Clusiodes) albimana Mg. 2   See D-fennica Clusiodes albimanus Meigen, 1830
Clusiodes caledonicus (Collin, 1912) species Clusiodes (Clusiodes) caledonica Coll.     In D-fennica Clusiodes caledonicus Collin, 1912
Clusiodes ruficollis (Meigen, 1830) species Clusiodes (Clusiaria) ruficollis Mg. 1   See D-fennica Clusiodes ruficollis Meigen, 1830
Clusiodes geomyzinus (Fallén, 1823) species Clusiodes (Clusiaria) geomyzina Fall.     In D-fennica Clusiodes geomyzinus Fallen, 1823
Clusiodes pictipes (Zetterstedt, 1855) species Clusiodes (Clusiaria) pictipes Zett.     In D-fennica Clusiodes pictipes Zetterstedt, 1855
Clusiodes freyi Tuomikoski, 1933 species Clusiodes (Clusiaria) Freyi Tuomik.     In D-fennica Clusiodes freyi Tuomikoski, 1933
Clusiodes apicalis (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Clusiodes (Clusiaria) apicalis Zett.     In D-fennica Clusiodes apicalis Zetterstedt, 1848
Clusiodes melanostomus (Loew, 1864) species Clusiodes (Clusiaria) melanostoma Stz.[?] 1 Clusiodes melanostomus Loew, 1864
Hendelia aberrans (Frey, 1928) species Clusiodes (Microclusiaria) aberrans Frey 2   Types  
Hendelia obscuripennis (Frey, 1928) species Clusiodes (Microclusiaria) obscuripennis Frey 1   Types  
Allometopon nobile Frey, 1960 species Allometopon (Calometopon) nobile Frey 10 Allometopon nobile Frey, 1960
Allometopon hirsutiseta Frey, 1928 species Allometopon (Allometopon) hirsutiseta Frey 1 Allometopon hirsutiseta Frey, 1928
Allometopon palpale Frey, 1928 species Allometopon (Allometopon) palpalis Frey 1 Allometopon palpale Frey, 1928
Hendelia latifrons (Frey, 1960) species Xenoclusia latifrons Frey 1 Hendelia latifrons Frey, 1960
Hendelia mirabilis (Frey, 1928) species Labomyia mirabilis Frey 2 Hendelia mirabilis Frey, 1928
Czernyola boettcheri Frey, 1928 species Czernyola boettcheri Frey 5 Czernyola boettcheri Frey, 1928
Czernyola puncticornis Frey, 1928 species Czernyola puncticornis Frey 1 Czernyola biseta Hendel, 1913
Czernyola basalis (Czerny, 1903) species Czernyola basalis Czerny 1 Czernyola basalis (Czerny, 1903)
Czernyola approximata   species Czernyola approximata 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey?  
Clusia tigrina (Fallén, 1820) chironym Paraclusia tigrina Fall. 1       Clusia tigrina Fallen, 1820
Clusia sexlineata Frey, 1960 species Clusia sexlineata Frey 7 Clusia sexlineata Frey, 1960
Clusia flava (Meigen, 1830) species Clusia flava Mg. 1   See D-fennica Clusia flava Meigen, 1830
Czernyola trivittata Soós, 1962 species   4   4 types Czernyola trivittata Soos, 1962
Chaetoclusia bakeri   species Chaetoclusia bakeri Coq. 1 Chaetoclusia bakeri Coquillett, 1904
Chaetoclusia brasiliana   chironym Chaetoclusia [bakeri] ssp. brasiliana i.sch. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Heteromeringia luzonica Frey, 1928 species Heteromeringia luzonica Frey 2 Heteromeringia luzonica Frey, 1928
Heteromeringia malaisei Frey, 1960 species Heteromeringia malaisei Frey 28 Heteromeringia malaisei Frey, 1960
Heteromeringia rufithorax Czerny, 1926 species Heteromeringia rufithorax Czerny 9 Heteromeringia rufithorax Czerny, 1926
Heteromeringia nigritibialis Frey, 1960 species Heteromeringia nigritibialis Frey 3  
Heteromeringia melanopoda   chironym Heteromeringia melanopoda i.sch. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Heteromeringia leucosticta Frey, 1960 species Heteromeringia leucosticta Frey 4 Heteromeringia leucosticta Frey, 1960
Sobarocephala finnilaei Frey, 1918 species Sobarocephala Finniläi Frey 1 Sobarocephala finnilaei Frey, 1918
Sobarocephala cinctiventris   chironym Sobarocephala cinctiventris Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Clusiidae: 45


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Acartophthalmus nigrinus (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Acartophthalmus nigrinus Zett.     In D-fennica Acartophthalmus nigrinus (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Acartophthalmus bicolor Oldenberg, 1910 species Acartophthalmus bicolor Oldbg.     In D-fennica Acartophthalmus bicolor Oldenberg, 1910
Acartophthalmus pusio Frey, 1947 species Acartophthalmus pusio Frey     In D-fennica Acartophthalmus pusio Frey, 1947

Taxa in collection for Acartophthalmidae: 3


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Odinia ornata (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Odinia ornata 5 Odinia ornata Zetterstedt, 1838
Odinia boletina (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Odinia boletina Zett. 12 Odinia boletina Zetterstedt, 1848
Odinia formosipennis Frey, 1961 species Odinia formosipennis Frey 2   2 types Odinia formosipennis Frey, 1961
Neoalticomerus formosus (Loew, 1844) species Neoalticomerus formosus Loew 3 Neoalticomerus formosus Loew, 1844
Traginops irroratus Coquillett, 1900 species Traginops irrorata Coq. 2 Traginops irroratus Coquillett, 1900
Traginops boettcheri   chironym Traginops Boettcheri Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Odiniidae: 6


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Suillia humilis (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza humilis Meig. 2 Suillia humilis (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia humilis (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza f. inornata Lw     In D-fennica Suillia humilis (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia nemorum (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza nemorum Meig. 1   See D-fennica Suillia nemorum (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia variegata (Loew, 1862) species Helomyza variegata Lw 11   See D-fennica? Suillia variegata (Loew, 1862)
Suillia notata (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza notata Mg. 2 Suillia notata (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia oceana (Becker, 1908) species Helomyza oceana Beck. 6 Suillia oceana (Becker, 1908)
Suillia basipuncta   chironym Helomyza basipuncta 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Suillia punctulifera   chironym Helomyza punctulifera 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Suillia geminata   chironym Helomyza geminata Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Suillia grandis   species Helomyza ornatifrons Frey 1 Suillia grandis (Meijere, 1919)
Suillia setitarsis (Czerny, 1904) species Helomyza setitarsis Czerny 2 Suillia setitarsis (Czerny, 1904)
Suillia affinis   species Helomyza affinis Meig. 3   See D-fennica Suillia affinis (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia insularis   chironym Helomyza insularis Hackm. 1   Manuscript name by W. Hackman.  
Suillia flava (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza flava Meig.     See D-fennica Suillia flava (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia plumata (Loew, 1862) species Helomyza plumata Lw 1 Suillia plumata (Loew, 1862)
Suillia sororcula   species Helomyza limbata Thoms. 1 Suillia sororcula Czerny, 1926
Suillia multilineata   chironym Helomyza multilineata 6   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Suillia suensoni   chironym Helomyza suensoni 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Suillia itoi   chironym Helomyza itoi 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Suillia ciliatipes   chironym Helomyza ciliatipes 6   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Suillia laevifrons (Loew, 1862) species Helomyza laevifrons Lw 2   See D-fennica Suillia laevifrons (Loew, 1862)
Suillia similis (Meigen, 1838) species Helomyza similis Meig. 3 Suillia similis (Meigen, 1838)
Suillia bicolor (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Helomyza bicolor Zett. 2   See D-fennica Suillia bicolor (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Suillia bicolor (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Helomyza pr. bicolor det. Hackm. 1 Canada Suillia bicolor (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Suillia longipennis (Loew, 1862) species Helomyza longipennis Lw 1 Suillia longipennis (Loew, 1862)
Suillia pallida (Fallén, 1820) species Helomyza pallida 1   See D-fennica Suillia pallida (Fallen, 1820)
Suillia vaginata (Loew, 1862) species Helomyza vaginata Lw     In D-fennica Suillia vaginata (Loew, 1862)
Suillia oxyphora (Mik, 1900) species Helomyza oxyphora Mik     Location of material unknown. Suillia oxyphora (Mik, 1900)
Suillia fuscicornis (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Helomyza fuscicornis Zett. 2   See D-fennica Suillia fuscicornis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Suillia mikii (Pokorny, 1886) species Helomyza Miki Pok.     In D-fennica Suillia mikii (Pokorny, 1886)
Suillia crinimana (Czerny, 1904) species Helomyza crinimana Czerny 3 Suillia crinimana (Czerny, 1904)
Suillia lurida (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza lurida Meig. 2 Suillia lurida (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia ustulata (Meigen, 1830) species Helomyza ustulata Meig. 2 Suillia ustulata (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia flavifrons (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Helomyza flavifrons Zett. 2   See D-fennica Suillia flavifrons (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Suillia parva (Loew, 1862) species Helomyza collini Hackm. Suillia parva (Loew, 1862)
Suillia picta (Wiedemann, 1830) species Helomyza 1 South Africa Suillia picta (Wiedemann, 1830)
Suillia atricornis (Meigen, 1830) species Allophyla atricornis Meig.     In D-fennica Suillia atricornis (Meigen, 1830)
Suillia laevis (Loew, 1862) species Allophyla laevis Lw 8 Suillia laevis (Loew, 1862)
Orbellia tokyoensis Czerny, 1937 species Orbellia tokyoensis Czerny 3 Orbellia tokyoensis Czerny, 1937
Orbellia nivicola Frey, 1913 species Orbellia nivicola Frey     In D-fennica Orbellia nivicola (Frey, 1913)
Heteromyza oculata Fallén, 1820 species Heteromyza oculata Fall. 2 Heteromyza oculata Fallén, 1820
Tephrochlamys rufiventris (Meigen, 1830) species Heteromyza lapponica Czerny     In D-fennica Tephrochlamys rufiventris (Meigen, 1830)
Heteromyza atricornis Meigen, 1830 species Thelida atricornis Meig. 1 Heteromyza atricornis Meigen, 1830
Tephrochlamys javanensis Frey, 1934 species Tephrochlamys javanensis Frey 2   1 syntype Tephrochlamys javanensis Frey, 1934
Tephrochlamys tarsalis (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Tephrochlamys tarsalis Zett. 2   See D-fennica Tephrochlamys tarsalis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Tephrochlamys flavipes (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Tephrochlamys flavipes Zett. 2   See D-fennica Tephrochlamys flavipes (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Tephrochlamys rufiventris (Meigen, 1830) species Tephrochlamys rufiventris Meig. 6   See D-fennica Tephrochlamys rufiventris (Meigen, 1830)
Tephrochlamys steniusi Frey, 1930 species Tephrochlamys steniusi Frey     In D-fennica Tephrochlamys steniusi Frey, 1930
Eccoptomera pallescens (Meigen, 1830) species Eccomoptera pallecens Meig. 2 Eccoptomera pallescens (Meigen, 1830)
Eccoptomera emarginata Loew, 1862 species Eccomoptera emarginata Loew 2 Eccoptomera emarginata Loew, 1862
Eccoptomera ornata Loew, 1862 species Eccomoptera ornata Lw 3   See D-fennica Eccoptomera ornata Loew, 1862
Eccoptomera infuscata Wahlgren, 1918 species Eccomoptera infuscata Wahlgr.     In D-fennica Eccoptomera infuscata Wahlgren, 1918
Eccoptomera longiseta (Meigen, 1830) species Eccomoptera longiseta Mg.     In D-fennica Eccoptomera longiseta (Meigen, 1830)
Eccoptomera filata Loew, 186 species Eccomoptera filata Lw 1 Eccoptomera filata Loew, 1862
Eccoptomera obscura (Meigen, 1830) species Eccomoptera obscura mg. 4 Eccoptomera obscura (Meigen, 1830)
Schroederella iners (Meigen, 1830) species Schroederia iners Mg. 2 Schroederella iners (Meigen, 1830)
Anorostoma marginatum Loew, 1862 species Anorostoma marginatum Lw 1 Anorostoma marginatum Loew, 1862
Morpholeria kerteszii Czerny, 1924 species Morpholeria Kertészi Czerny 1 Morpholeria kerteszii Czerny, 1924
Morpholeria dudai (Czerny, 1924) species Morpholeria dudai Czerny     In D-fennica Morpholeria dudai (Czerny, 1924)
Morpholeria ruficornis (Meigen, 1830) species Morpholeria ruficornis Mg. 1   See D-fennica Morpholeria ruficornis (Meigen, 1830)
Morpholeria obscuriventris (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Morpholeria obscuriventris Zett.     In D-fennica Morpholeria obscuriventris (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Morpholeria variabilis (Loew, 1862) species Morpholeria variabilis Lw 5 Morpholeria variabilis (Loew, 1862)
Neoleria ruficeps (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Neoleria ruficeps Zett. 2   See D-fennica Neoleria ruficeps (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Neoleria ruficauda Neoleria ruficauda (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Neoleria ruficauda Zett.     In D-fennica  
Neoleria prominens (Becker, 1897) species Neoleria tibialis Zett.     In D-fennica Neoleria prominens (Becker, 1897)
Neoleria inscripta (Meigen, 1830) species Neoleria incripta Mg. 2   See D-fennica Neoleria inscripta (Meigen, 1830)
Neoleria lutea (Loew, 1863) species Neoleria lutea Lw 2   2 types Neoleria lutea (Loew, 1863)
Neoleria inscripta (Meigen, 1830) species Neoleria leucostoma Lw 2   2 types Neoleria inscripta (Meigen, 1830)
Scoliocentra flavotestacea (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Chaetomus flavotestaceus Zett. 1   See D-fennica Scoliocentra flavotestacea (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Scoliocentra confusa (Wahlgren, 1918) species Chaetomus confusus Wahlgr.     In D-fennica Scoliocentra confusa (Wahlgren, 1918)
Gymnomus caesia (Meigen, 1830) species Amoebaleria caesia Meig. 5 Scoliocentra caesia (Meigen, 1830)
Gymnomus amplicornis (Czerny, 1924) species Amoebaleria amplicornis Czerny     In D-fennica Scoliocentra amplicornis (Czerny, 1924)
Scoliocentra nigrinervis (Wahlgren, 1918) species Leria nigrinervis Wahlgr.     In D-fennica Scoliocentra nigrinervis (Wahlgren, 1918)
Heleomyza serrata (Linnaeus, 1758) species Leria serrata L. 2   See D-fennica Heleomyza serrata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Scoliocentra brachypterna (Loew, 1873) species Leria brachypterna Lw     In D-fennica Scoliocentra brachypterna (Loew, 1873)
Heleomyza borealis Boheman, 1865 species Leria modesta Mg. 2   See D-fennica Heleomyza borealis (Boheman, 1865)
Heleomyza pleuralis (Becker, 1907) species Leria pleuralis Beck.     In D-fennica Heleomyza pleuralis (Becker, 1910)
Scoliocentra scutellaris (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Scoliocentra scutellaris Zett. Scoliocentra scutellaris (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Scoliocentra fraterna Loew, 1863 species Scoliocentra fraterna Lw 2   2 types Scoliocentra fraterna Loew, 1863
Pseudoleria pectinata (Loew, 1872) species Pseudoleria pectinata Lw 2 Pseudoleria pectinata (Loew, 1872)
Oecothea fenestralis (Fallén, 1820) species Oecothea fenestralis Fall. 8   See D-fennica Oecothea fenestralis (Fallen, 1820)
Borboropsis puberula (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Borboropsis fulviceps Strobl 1   See D-fennica Borboropsis puberula (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Neossos nidicola (Frey, 1930) species Ornitholeria nidicola Frey     See D-fennica Neossos nidicola (Frey, 1930)
Notomyza edwardsi Malloch, 1933 species Notomyza edwardsi Mall. 1 Notomyza edwardsi Malloch, 1933
Trixoscelis marginella (Fallén, 1823) species Trichoscelis marginella Fall. 2   See D-fennica Trixoscelis marginella (Fallen, 1823)
Trixoscelis laeta (Becker, 1907) species Trichoscelis laeta Beck. 1 Trixoscelis laeta (Becker, 1907)
Trixoscelis approximata (Loew, 1865) species Trichoscelis approximata Lw 1 Trixoscelis approximata (Loew, 1865)
Trixoscelis sabulicola Frey, 1958 species Trichoscelis sabulicola Frey 8 Trixoscelis sabulicola (Frey, 1958)
Trixoscelis obscurella (Fallén, 1823) species Trichoscelis obscurella Fall. 2   See D-fennica Trixoscelis obscurella (Fallen, 1823)
Trixoscelis gentilis Trixoscelis gentilis Frey, 1936 species Trichoscelis gentilis Frey 1  
Trixoscelis pr. aedipus   species Trichoscelis pr. aedipus Beck. 1  
Trixoscelis baliogaster (Czerny, 1909) species Trichoscelis baliogastra Czerny 1 Trixoscelis baliogaster (Czerny, 1909)
Trixoscelis maroccana   chironym Trichoscelis maroccana 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Trixoscelis pedestris (Loew, 1865) species Trichoscelis pedestris Lw 3 Trixoscelis pedestris (Loew, 1865)
Trixoscelis sexlineata Frey, 1949 species Trichoscelis sexlineata Frey 1 Trixoscelis sexlineata Frey, 1949
Trixoscelis frontalis (Fallén, 1823) species Trichoscelis frontalis Fall. 2   See D-fennica Trixoscelis frontalis (Fallen, 1823)
Trixoscelis canescens (Loew, 1865) species Trichoscelis canescens Loew 3 Trixoscelis canescens (Loew, 1865)
Trixoscelis nuda   species Trichoscelis prima Hend. 1 Trixoscelis nuda (Coquillett, 1910)
Neossos   genus Chiropteromyza     In D-fennica Neossos Malloch, 1927

Taxa in collection for Heleomyzidae: 99


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Listriomastix litorea Enderlein, 1909 species Listromastax littorea End. 2 Listriomastix litorea Enderlein, 1909

Taxa in collection for Tethinidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pseudopomyza atrimana   species Pseudopomyza atrimana Meig.     In D-fennica Pseudopomyza atrimana (Meigen, 1830)

Taxa in collection for Pseudopomyzidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Neurochaeta inversa McAlpine, 1978 species   4 Neurochaeta inversa McAlpine, 1978

Taxa in collection for Neurochaetidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Rhinopomyzella nigrimana Hennig, 1969 species   2 Rhinopomyzella nigrimana Hennig, 1969

Taxa in collection for Cypselosomatidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Aureomyza ignipennis   chironym Aureomyza ignipennis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Anthomyza pallida (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Anthomyza pallida Zett.     In D-fennica Anthomyza pallida Zetterstedt, 1838
Anthomyza neglecta Collin, 1944 species Anthomyza neglecta Coll.     In D-fennica Anthomyza neglecta Collin, 1944
Anthomyza pallida (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Anthomyza unguicella Zett.     In D-fennica Anthomyza pallida Zetterstedt, 1838
Anthomyza dissors Collin, 1944 species Anthomyza dissors Coll. 1 Thuringia See D-fennica Anthomyza dissors Collin, 1944
Anthomyza pleuralis Czerny, 1928 species Anthomyza pleuralis Czerny     In D-fennica Anthomyza pleuralis Czerny, 1928
Stiphrosoma laetum (Meigen, 1830) species Anthomyza cingulata Hal.     In D-fennica Stiphrosoma laetum Meigen, 1830
Anthomyza gracilis Fallén, 1823 species Anthomyza gracilis Fall. 1 Anthomyza gracilis Fallén, 1823
Anthomyza elbergi Andersson, 1976 species Anthomyza [gracilis] v. sordidella Zett. 1   See D-fennica Anthomyza elbergi Andersson, 1976
Fungomyza albimana (Meigen, 1830) species Anthomyza albimana Meig. 1 Fungomyza albimana Meigen, 1830
Anthomyza tenuis (Loew, 1863) species Anthomyza tenuis Lw 1   1 type Anthomyza tenuis (Loew, 1863)
Anthomyza variegata (Loew, 1863) species Anthomyza variegata Lw 1 Anthomyza variegata (Loew, 1863)
Stiphrosoma sabulosum (Haliday, 1837) species Anthomyza (Stiphrosoma) sabulosum Hal.     In D-fennica Stiphrosoma sabulosum Haliday, 1837
Paranthomyza nitida (Meigen, 1838) species Paranthomyza nitida Mg.     In D-fennica Opomyza nitida Waltl, 1837
Ischnomyia albicosta Ischnomyia albicosta (Walker, 1849) species Ischnomyia albicosta Walk. 2  
Mumetopia occipitalis Melander, 1913 species Mumetomyia occipitalis Mel. 2 Mumetopia occipitalis Melander, 1913
Amygdalops geniculatus de Meijere, 1916 species Amygdalops geniculata de Meij. 1 Amygdalops geniculatus Meijere, 1916
Amygdalops geniculatus de Meijere, 1916 species Amygdalops [geniculata] var. orientalis Frey 2 Amygdalops geniculatus Meijere, 1916
Amygdalops trivittatus Frey, 1958 species Amygdalops trivittata Frey 1 Amygdalops trivittatus Frey, 1958

Taxa in collection for Anthomyzidae: 18


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Stenomicra subtilis   chironym Stenomicra subtilis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stenomicra quadrata   chironym Stenomicra quadrata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stenomicra albonebula   chironym Stenomicra albonebula Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Cyamops nebulosus Melander, 1913 species Cyamops nebulosa Mel. 1 Cyamops nebulosus Melander, 1913

Taxa in collection for Periscelididae: 4


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Anomalochaeta guttipennis (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Anomalochaeta guttipennis Zett.     In D-fennica Anomalochaeta guttipennis (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Opomyza germinationis (Linnaeus, 1758) species Opomyza germinationis L. 5   See D-fennica Opomyza germinationis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Opomyza nigriventris Loew, 1865 species Opomyza nigriventris Lw     In D-fennica Opomyza nigriventris Loew, 1865
Opomyza petrei Mesnil, 1934 species Opomyza petrei Mesn. 3 Opomyza petrei Mesnil, 1934
Opomyza florum (Fabricius, 1794) species Opomyza florum Fabr. 5   See D-fennica Opomyza florum (Fabricius, 1794)
Opomyza punctata Haliday, 1833 species Opomyza punctata Hal.     In D-fennica Opomyza punctata Haliday, 1833
Opomyza punctella Fallén, 1820 species Opomyza punctella Fall.     In D-fennica Opomyza punctella Fallen, 1820
Geomyza tripunctata Fallén, 1823 species Geomyza tripunctata Fall. 3   See D-fennica Geomyza tripunctata Fallen, 1823
Geomyza combinata (Linnaeus, 1767) species Geomyza combinata L.     In D-fennica Geomyza combinata (Linnaeus, 1767)
Geomyza venusta (Meigen, 1830) species Geomyza venusta Mg. 3 Geomyza venusta (Meigen, 1830)
Geomyza monticola Vockeroth, 1961 species Geomyza monticola Vock. 1 Geomyza monticola Vockeroth, 1961
Geomyza hackmani Nartshuk, 1984 species Geomyza balachowskyi Mesn. 8 Geomyza hackmani Nartshuk, 1984
Geomyza consobrina Zetterstedt, 1847 species Geomyza consobrina Zett.     In D-fennica Geomyza apicalis (Meigen, 1830)
Geomyza lurida (Loew, 1864) species Geomyza lurida Loew 1   TODO: CHECK TYPE Geomyza lurida (Loew, 1864)
Geomyza coquilletti (Hendel, 1917) species Geomyza coquilletti Hend. 2 Geomyza coquilletti (Hendel, 1917)
Geomyza advena Frey, 1960 species Geomyza advena Frey 2 Geomyza advena Frey, 1960
Geomyza apicalis (Meigen, 1830) species Geomyza apicalis Meig. 2   See D-fennica Geomyza apicalis (Meigen, 1830)
Geomyza angustipennis Zetterstedt, 1847 species Geomyza angustipennis Zett.     In D-fennica Geomyza angustipennis Zetterstedt, 1847

Taxa in collection for Opomyzidae: 18


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Chyromya oppidana (Scopoli, 1763) species Chiromyia (Chiromyia) oppidana Scop. 4   See D-fennica Chyromya oppidana (Scopoli, 1763)
Chyromya flava (Linnaeus, 1758) species Chiromyia (Chiromyia) flava L. 6   See D-fennica Chyromya flava (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chyromya robusta   species Chiromyia (Chiromyia) variegata Frey 2 Chyromya robusta (Hendel, 1931)
Gymnochiromyia flavella (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Chiromyia (Gymnochiromyia) minima Beck. 3   See D-fennica Gymnochiromyia flavella (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Chyromya nitescens Frey, 1958 species Chiromyia (Somatiosoma) nitescens Frey 26 Chyromya nitescens Frey, 1958
Aphaniosoma suboculicauda Frey, 1958 species Aphaniosoma suboculicauda Frey 43 Aphaniosoma suboculicauda Frey, 1958
Aphaniosoma quadrinotatum (Becker, 1904) species Aphaniosoma quadrinotatum Beck. 32 Aphaniosoma quadrinotatum (Becker, 1904)
Aphaniosoma rufum Frey, 1936 species Aphaniosoma rufum Frey 40 Aphaniosoma rufum Frey, 1936
Aphaniosoma azoricum Frey, 1958 species Aphaniosoma azoricum Frey 16 Aphaniosoma azoricum Frey, 1958
Aphaniosoma obscuratum Frey, 1945 species Aphaniosoma obscuratum Frey 11 Aphaniosoma obscuratum Frey, 1945

Taxa in collection for Chyromyidae: 10


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Asteia multipunctata Sabrosky, 1939 species Astia multipunctata Sabr. 1 Asteia multipunctata Sabrosky, 1939
Asteia elegantula Zetterstedt, 1847 species Astia elegantula Zett.     In D-fennica Asteia elegantula Zetterstedt, 1847
Asteia amoena Meigen, 1830 species Astia amoena Meig. 11 Asteia amoena Meigen, 1830
Asteia decepta Becker, 1908 species Astia decepta Beck. 7 Asteia decepta Becker, 1908
Asteia pusillima Frey, 1917 species Astia pusillima Frey 1 Asteia pusillima Frey, 1917
Asteia plaumanni Sabrosky, 1957 species Astia plaumanni Sabr. 8 Asteia plaumanni Sabrosky, 1957
Asteia beata Aldrich, 1915 species Astia beata Aldr. 4 Asteia beata Aldrich, 1915
Asteia antennata (Sabrosky, 1943) species Astia antennata Say 1 Asteia antennata (Sabrosky, 1943)
Asteia spinosa (Sabrosky, 1943) species Astia spinosa Sabr. 1 Asteia spinosa (Sabrosky, 1943)
Leiomyza laevigata (Meigen, 1830) species Liomyza laevigata Meig. 3   See D-fennica Leiomyza laevigata (Meigen, 1830)
Leiomyza dudai Sabrosky, 1956 species Liomyza Dudai Sabr.     In D-fennica Leiomyza dudai Sabrosky, 1956
Leiomyza scatophagina (Fallén, 1823) species Liomyza scatophagina Fall.     In D-fennica Leiomyza scatophagina (Fallen, 1823)
Phlebosotera mollis Duda, 1927 species Phlebosotera mollis Duda 2 Phlebosotera mollis Duda, 1927
Phlebosotera setipalpis Sabrosky, 1943 species Phlebosotera setipalpus Sabr. 1 Phlebosotera setipalpis Sabrosky, 1943
Phlebosotera maspalomasi Frey, 1958 species Phlebosotera maspalomasi Frey 1 Phlebosotera maspalomasi Frey, 1958
Tucumyia pollinosa Sabrosky, 1957 species Tucumyia pollinosa Sabr. 1 Tucumyia pollinosa Sabrosky, 1957
Crepidohamma frontalis (Aldrich, 1915) species Sigaloëssa frontalis Aldr. 1 Crepidohamma frontalis (Aldrich, 1915)

Taxa in collection for Asteiidae: 17


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Aulacigaster leucopeza (Meigen, 1830) species Aulacogaster leucopeza Meig. 3   See D-fennica. At least partially misid of A. pappi Kassebeer, 2001. Aulacigaster leucopeza (Meigen, 1830)

Taxa in collection for Aulacigasteridae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Teratomyzidae   family   2   det. D.K. McAlpine Teratomyzidae

Taxa in collection for Teratomyzidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Cryptochetum iceryae (Williston, 1888) species Cryptochaetum iceryae Will. 4 Cryptochetum iceryae (Williston, 1888)
Cryptochetum aenescens Meijere, 1916 species Cryptochaetum aenescens de Meij. 23 Cryptochetum aenescens (Meijere, 1916)


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Sphaerocera curvipes Latreille, 1805 species Sphaerocera curvipes Latr.     In D-fennica Sphaerocera curvipes Latreille, 1805
Sphaerocera monilis Haliday, 1836 species Sphaerocera monilis Hal.     In D-fennica Sphaerocera monilis Haliday, 1836
Ischiolepta crenata (Meigen, 1838) species Sphaerocera crenata Mg.     In D-fennica Ischiolepta crenata (Meigen, 1838)
Ischiolepta denticulata (Meigen, 1830) species Sphaerocera paracrenata Duda     In D-fennica Ischiolepta denticulata (Meigen, 1830)
Ischiolepta nitida (Duda, 1920) species Sphaerocera nitida Duda 6 Ischiolepta nitida (Duda, 1920)
Ischiolepta pusilla (Fallén, 1820) species Sphaerocera pusilla Fall. 1   See D-fennica Ischiolepta pusilla (Fallen, 1820)
Ischiolepta vaporariorum   species Sphaerocera parapusilla Duda 4   See D-fennica Ischiolepta vaporariorum (Haliday, 1836)
Sphaerocera bimaculata Williston, 1896 species Sphaerocera bimaculata Will 8 Sphaerocera bimaculata Williston, 1896
Anatalanta crozetensis Enderlein, 1909 species Anatalanta crozetensis End. 4 Anatalanta crozetensis Enderlein, 1909
Lotophila atra (Meigen, 1830) species Borborus ater Meig. 9   See D-fennica Lotophila atra (Meigen, 1830)
Alloborborus pallifrons (Fallén, 1820) species Alloborborus flavipennis Hal. 4   See D-fennica Alloborborus pallifrons (Fallen, 1820)
Crumomyia nigra (Meigen, 1830) species Crumomyia nigra Meig.     In D-fennica Crumomyia nigra (Meigen, 1830)
Crumomyia notabilis (Collin, 1902) species Crumomyia glacialis Meig. 2   See D-fennica Crumomyia notabilis (Collin, 1902)
Crumomyia glabrifrons (Meigen, 1830) species Crumomyia glabrifrons Mg. 2   See D-fennica Crumomyia glabrifrons (Meigen, 1830)
Crumomyia nitida (Meigen, 1830) species Stratioborborus nitidus Mg.     In D-fennica Copromyza nitida (Meigen, 1830)
Crumomyia fimetaria (Meigen, 1830) species Stratioborborus fimetarius Meig.     In D-fennica Crumomyia fimetaria (Meigen, 1830)
Crumomyia setitibialis (Spuler, 1925) species Stratioborborus annulipes Duda     In D-fennica Crumomyia setitibialis (Spuler, 1925)
Copromyza stercoraria (Meigen, 1830) species Copromyza stercoraria Meig.     In D-fennica Copromyza stercoraria (Meigen, 1830)
Copromyza borealis Zetterstedt, 1847 species Copromyza borealis Zett.     In D-fennica Copromyza borealis Zetterstedt, 1847
Copromyza nigrina (Gimmerthal, 1847) species Copromyza similis Coll.     In D-fennica Copromyza nigrina (Gimmerthal, 1847)
Copromyza equina Fallén, 1820 species Copromyza equina Fall. 8   See D-fennica Copromyza equina Fallén, 1820
Borborillus vitripennis (Meigen, 1830) species Borborillus vitripennis Mg. 3 Borborillus vitripennis (Meigen, 1830)
Borborillus uncinatus (Duda, 1923) species Borborillus uncinatus Duda     In D-fennica Copromyza uncinata (Duda, 1923)
Norrbomia fumipennis (Stenhammar, 1855) species Borborillus fumipennis Stenh.     In D-fennica Borborillus fumipennis (Stenhammar, 1854)
Norrbomia costalis (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Borborillus costalis Zett. 1   See D-fennica Norrbomia costalis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Norrbomia hispanica (Duda, 1923) species Borborillus hispanicus Duda     In D-fennica Norrbomia hispanica (Duda, 1923)
Norrbomia costalis (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Borborillus unicolor Beck. 4 Norrbomia costalis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Norrbomia sordida (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Borborillus sordidus Zett. 5 Borborillus sordida (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Norrbomia marginatis (Adams, 1905) species Borborillus marmoratus Beck. 7 Norrbomia marginatis (Adams, 1905)
Crumomyia pedestris (Meigen, 1830) species Apterina pedestris Mg. 1 Russia: Dudinka See D-fennica Crumomyia pedestris (Meigen, 1830)
Archiborborus hirtipes (Macquart, 1843) species Archiborborus hirtipes Macq. 1 Archiborborus hirtipes (Macquart, 1843)
Pseudodudeia burmanica   chironym Pseudodudeia burmanica Hackm. 1   Manuscript name by W. Hackman  
Ceroptera rufitarsis (Meigen, 1830) species Ceroptera rufitarsis Meig. 8 Ceroptera rufitarsis (Meigen, 1830)
Leptocera subcurvinervis   chironym Leptocera subcurvinervis n. 13 Burma Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman.  
Giraffimyiella giraffa (Richards, 1938) species Leptocera giraffa Richards 1  
Leptocera nigrolimbata Duda, 1925 species Leptocera nigrolimbata Duda 2 Leptocera nigrolimbata Duda, 1925
Leptocera fontinalis (Fallén, 1826) species Leptocera fontinalis Fall. 5   See D-fennica Leptocera fontinalis (Fallen, 1826)
Leptocera caenosa (Rondani, 1880) species Leptocera caenosa Rdi 1 Leptocera caenosa (Rondani, 1880)
Leptocera Oldenbergi (Duda, 1918) species Leptocera Oldenbergi Duda     In D-fennica?  
Leptocera finalis (Collin, 1956) species Leptocera finalis Coll.     In D-fennica Leptocera finalis (Collin, 1956)
Leptocera melanaspis (Bezzi, 1908) species Leptocera melanaspis Bezzi 1 Leptocera melanaspis (Bezzi, 1908)
Leptocera filiforceps (Duda, 1925) species Leptocera filiforceps Duda 2 India Leptocera filiforceps (Duda, 1925)
Leptocera nigra   species Leptocera curvinervis Stenh.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica Leptocera nigra Olivier, 1813
Rachispoda subtinctipennis (Brunetti, 1913) species Leptocera subtinctipennis Brunetti 10  
Rachispoda subtinctipennis (Brunetti, 1913) species Collinellula subtinctipennis Brunetti 2  
Leptocera aequalitarsis Duda, 1925 species Collinellula aequalitarsis Duda 2 Leptocera aequalitarsis Duda, 1925
Leptocera aequalitarsis Duda, 1925 species Collinellula aequalitarsis ssp. ? 4 Burma Leptocera aequalitarsis Duda, 1925
Leptocera hammersteini Duda, 1925 species Collinellula hammersteini Duda 1 Leptocera hammersteini Duda, 1925
Rachispoda acrosticalis (Becker, 1903) species Collinellula acrostichalis Beck 28 Poecilosomella acrosticalis (Becker, 1903)
Rachispoda fuscipennis (Haliday, 1833) species Collinellula fuscipennis Hal. 4 Leptocera fuscipennis (Haliday, 1833)
Rachispoda pseudooctisetosa (Duda, 1925) species Collinellula pseudoctisetata Duda 1  
Collinellula   genus Collinellula pr. fuscipennis Hal. 10  
Pseudocollinella septentrionalis (Stenhammar, 1855) species Pseudocollinella septentionalis Stenh. 6   See D-fennica Opacifrons septentrionalis (Stenhammar, 1854)
Opacifrons coxata (Stenhammar, 1855) species Opacifrons coxata Stenh. 17 Opacifrons coxata (Stenhammar, 1854)
Pseudocollinella humida (Haliday, 1836) species Opacifrons humida Hal. 6   See D-fennica Opacifrons humida (Haliday, 1836)
Pseudocollinella jorlii (Carles-Tolra, 1990) species   6 Opacifrons jorlii Carles-Tolra, 1990
Pteremis fenestralis (Fallén, 1820) species Pteremis [fenestralis] ab. subapterus Frey     In D-fennica? Pteremis fenestralis (Fallen, 1820)
Poecilosomella albipes (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella albipes Duda     Location of material unknown Poecilosomella albipes Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella borboroides (Walker, 1860) species Poecilosomella ornata de Meij. 2 Poecilosomella borboroides (Walker, 1860)
Poecilosomella furcata (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella furcata Duda 1 Poecilosomella furcata Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella angulata (Thomson, 1869) species Poecilosomella angulata Thoms. 46 Poecilosomella angulata (Thomson, 1869)
Poecilosomella   genus Poecilosomella pr. pallidimana Duda 4 Burma Poecilosomella Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella punctipennis (Wiedemann, 1824) species Poecilosomella punctipennis Wied. 7 Poecilosomella punctipennis (Wiedemann, 1824)
Poecilosomella pallidimana (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella pallidimana Duda 2 Poecilosomella pallidimana (Duda, 1925)
Poecilosomella nigrotibia (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella nigrotibiata Duda 3 Poecilosomella nigrotibia Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella varians (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella varians Duda 2 Poecilosomella varians Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella rectinervis (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella rectinervis Duda 3 Poecilosomella rectinervis Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella giraffa (Richards, 1938) species Poecilosomella giraffa Rich. 1 Poecilosomella giraffa (Richards, 1938)
Poecilosomella maxima (Vanschuytbroeck, 1950) species Poecilosomella maxima Vansch. 1 Poecilosomella maxima (Vanschuytbroeck, 1950)
Poecilosomella multipunctata (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella multipunctata Duda 2 Poecilosomella multipunctata Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella longinervis (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella longinervis Duda 1 Poecilosomella longinervis Duda, 1925
Poecilosomella robustior   chironym Poecilosomella robustior Hackm. 2   Manuscript name by W. Hackman.  
Poecilosomella longecostata (Duda, 1925) species Poecilosomella longicostata Duda 4 Limosina longecostata Duda, 1938
Mesaptilotus   genus Mesaptilotus sp. 1 Mesaptilotus Richards, 1951
Aluligera   genus Aluligera sp. 3 Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro Aluligera Richards, 1951
Ocellipsis vulcan Richards, 1957 species Ocellipsis vulcan Rich. 2 Mt. Kenya Ocellipsis vulcan Richards, 1957
Chaetopodella scutellaris (Haliday, 1836) species Chaetopodella scutellaris Hal.     In D-fennica Chaetopodella scutellaris (Haliday, 1836)
Bifronsina bifrons (Stenhammar, 1855) species Limosina bifrons Stenh.     In D-fennica  
Spelobia nana (Rondani, 1880) species Limosina nana Rdi     In D-fennica Limosina nana Rondani, 1880
Limosina subbrevipennis Frey, 1954 species Limosina subbrevipennis Frey 2 Limosina subbrevipennis Frey, 1954
Spelobia parapusio (Dahl, 1909) species Limosina parapusio Dahl     In D-fennica Limosina parapusio Dahl, 1909
Scotophilella simplicipes (Duda, 1925) species Limosina simplicipes Duda     In D-fennica  
Spelobia cambrica (Richards, 1929) species Limosina cambrica Rich.     In D-fennica Limosina cambrica (Richards, 1929)
Spelobia clunipes (Meigen, 1830) species Limosina crassimana Hal.     In D-fennica Spelobia clunipes (Meigen, 1830)
Spelobia   chironym Limosina sp. “crassimana” 1 Burma     Spelobia Spuler, 1924
Spelobia palmata (Richards, 1927) species Limosina palmata Rich.     In D-fennica Limosina palmata (Richards, 1927)
Spelobia talparum (Richards, 1927) species Limosina talparum Rich.     In D-fennica Limosina talparum (Richards, 1927)
Spelobia manicata (Richards, 1927) species Limosina manicata Rich.     In D-fennica Limosina manicata (Richards, 1927)
Spelobia pseudosetaria (Duda, 1918) species Limosina penetralis Coll.     In D-fennica Spelobia pseudosetaria (Duda, 1918)
Spelobia luteilabris (Rondani, 1880) species Limosina luteilabris Rdi     In D-fennica Spelobia luteilabris (Rondani, 1880)
Spelobia rufilabris (Stenhammar, 1855) species Limosina rufilabris Stenh.     In D-fennica Limosina rufilabris Stenhammar, 1854
Phthitia plumosula (Rondani, 1880) species Limosina plumosula Rdi     In D-fennica Phthitia plumosula (Rondani, 1880)
Phthitia longisetosa (Dahl, 1909) species Limosina longisetosa Dahl     In D-fennica Phthitia longisetosa (Duda, 1909)
Limosina sp.   species Limosina sp. 1  
Telomerina flavipes (Meigen, 1830) species Limosina flavipes Mg.     In D-fennica Telomerina flavipes (Meigen, 1830)
Opalimosina liliputana (Rondani, 1880) species Limosina appendiculata Vill.     In D-fennica Opalimosina liliputana (Rondani, 1880)
Opalimosina mirabilis (Collin, 1902) species Limosina mirabilis Coll.     In D-fennica Opalimosina mirabilis (Collin, 1902)
Pullimosina heteroneura (Haliday, 1836) species Limosina heteroneura Duda     In D-fennica Pullimosina heteroneura (Haliday, 1836)
Pullimosina vulgesta Roháček, 2001 species Limosina moesta Vill.     In D-fennica Pullimosina vulgesta Rohacek, 2000
Gonioneura spinipennis Gonioneura spinipennis (Haliday, 1836) species Halidayina spinipennis Hal.     In D-fennica  
Thoracochaeta zosterae (Haliday, 1833) species Thoracochaeta zosterae Hal. 8   See D-fennica Thoracochaeta zosterae (Haliday, 1833)
Thoracochaeta brachystoma (Stenhammar, 1855) species Thoracochaeta brachystoma Stenh. 8 Thoracochaeta brachystoma (Stenhammar, 1854)
Thoracochaeta seticosta (Spuler, 1925) species Thoracochaeta seticosta Spul. 2 Thoracochaeta seticosta (Spuler, 1925)
Trachyopella leucoptera (Haliday, 1836) species Trachyopella leucoptera Hal.     In D-fennica Trachyopella leucoptera (Haliday, 1836)
Trachyopella atomus (Rondani, 1880) species Trachyopella atomus Rdi     In D-fennica Trachyopella atoma (Rondani, 1880)
Trachyopella melania (Haliday, 1836) species Trachyopella melania Hal.     In D-fennica Trachyopella melania (Haliday, 1836)
Trachyopella bovilla Collin, 1954 species Trachyopella coprina Duda     In D-fennica Trachyopella bovilla Collin, 1954
Elachisoma aterrimum (Haliday, 1833) species Elachisoma aterrima Hal. 6   See D-fennica Elachisoma aterrima (Haliday, 1833)
Coproica acutangula (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Coproica acutangula Zett. 6 Coproica acutangula (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Coproica ferruginata (Stenhammar, 1855) species Coproica ferruginea Stenh. 4   See D-fennica Coproica ferruginata (Stenhammar, 1854)
Coproica vagans (Haliday, 1833) species Coproica vagans Hal.     In D-fennica Coproica vagans (Haliday, 1833)
Coproica pusio (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Coproica pseudolugubris Duda 2   See D-fennica Coproica pusio (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Coproica hirtula (Rondani, 1880) species Coproica hirtula Rdi 1   See D-fennica Coproica hirtula (Rondani, 1880)

Taxa in collection for Sphaeroceridae: 113


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Tethina albosetulosa (Strobl, 1900) species Tethina albipila [sic] Merc.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina albosetulosa (Strobl, 1900)
Tethina albosetulosa (Strobl, 1900) species Tethina albosetulosa Strobl. 1 Tethina albosetulosa (Strobl, 1900)
Tethina illota (Haliday, 1838) species Tethina illota Hal. 11 Tethina illota (Haliday, 1838)
Tethina grisea (Fallén, 1823) species Rhicnoëssa grisea Fall. 21 Tethina grisea (Fallen, 1823)
Tethina alboguttata (Strobl, 1900) species Rhicnoëssa alboguttata Strobl. 3 Tethina alboguttata (Strobl, 1900)
Tethina albula (Loew, 1869) species Rhicnoëssa albula Lw 1 Tethina albula Loew, 1869
Tethina parvula (Loew, 1869) species Rhicnoëssa parvula Lw 2 Tethina parvula (Loew, 1869)
Tethina marmorata (Becker, 1908) species Rhicnoëssa marmorata Beck     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina marmorata (Becker, 1908)
Tethina heringi (Hendel, 1934) species Rhicnoëssa heringi Hend.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina heringi (Hendel, 1934)
Tethina longirostris (Loew, 1865) species Rhicnoëssa longirostris Lw     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina longirostris (Loew, 1865)
Tethina strobliana (Mercier, 1923) species Rhicnoëssa Strobliana Merc.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina strobliana (Mercier, 1923)
Tethina grossipes (Becker, 1908) species Rhicnoëssa grossipes Beck.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina grossipes (Becker, 1908)
Tethina incisuralis (Macquart, 1851) species Rhicnoëssa incisuralis Macq.     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina incisuralis (Macquart, 1851)
Tethina pallipes (Loew, 1865) species Rhicnoëssa pallipes Lw     Material moved to Diptera Holarctica. Tethina pallipes (Loew, 1865)
Tethina ochraea (Hendel, 1913) species Rhicnoëssa ochraea Hend. 4  
Dasyrhicnoessa fulva (Hendel, 1913) species Dasychicnoessa fulva Hend. 2 Dasyrhicnoessa fulva (Hendel, 1913)
Pelomyia coronata (Loew, 1866 species Pelomyia coronata Lw 2 Pelomyia coronata Loew, 1866
Pelomyiella mallochi (Sturtevant, 1923) species Pelomyiella Mallochi Sturt. 2 Pelomyiella mallochi Sturtevant, 1923
Pelomyiella mallochi   species Pelomyiella kuntzei Czerny 1 Pelomyiella mallochi Sturtevant, 1923
Pelomyiella hungarica (Czerny, 1928) species Pelomyiella hungarica Czerny 1 Pelomyiella hungarica (Czerny, 1928)
Pelomyiella cinerella (Haliday, 1837) species Pelomyiella cinerella Hal.     In D-fennica Pelomyiella cinerella (Haliday, 1837)
Canace nasica (Haliday, 1839) species Canace nasica Hal. 156 Canace nasica (Haliday, 1839)
Canace salonitana Strobl, 1900 species Canace salonitana Strobl     Location of material unknown. Canace salonitana Strobl, 1900
Procanace grisescens Hendel, 1913 species Procanace grisescens Hend. 2 Procanace grisescens Hendel, 1913

Taxa in collection for Canacidae: 24


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pholeomyia leucozona Bilimek, 1867 species Pholeomyia leucozona Bil. 5 Pholeomyia leucozona Bilimek, 1867
Pholeomyia leucogastra (Loew, 1861) species Pholeomyia leucogastra Lw 8 Pholeomyia leucogastra (Loew, 1861)
Pholeomyia leucogastra (Loew, 1861) species Pholeomyia [leucogastra] var. minutula Frey 9 Pholeomyia leucogastra (Loew, 1861)
Pholeomyia indecora (Loew, 1869) species Pholeomyia indecorana Lw 2 Pholeomyia indecora (Loew, 1869)
Pholeomyia robertsoni (Coquillett, 1902) species Pholeomyia Robertsoni Coq. 8 Pholeomyia robertsoni (Coquillett, 1902)
Pholeomyia   genus Pholeomyia 1 Brazil: Mato Grosso Pholeomyia Bilimek, 1867
Pentamilichia fumipennis   chironym Pentamilichia fumipennis n. 9 Brazil: Mato Grosso Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Paramilichia brasiliensis   chironym Paramilichia brasiliensis n. 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Milichia speciosa Meigen, 1830 species Milichia speciosa Meig. 2 Milichia speciosa Meigen, 1830
Milichia canariensis Becker, 1907 species Milichia [speciosa] var. canariensis Beck. 1 Milichia canariensis Becker, 1907
Milichia pubescens Becker, 1907 species Milichia pubescens Beck. 3 Milichia pubescens Becker, 1907
Milichia ludens (Wahlberg, 1847) species Milichia ludens Wahlb.     In D-fennica Milichia ludens (Wahlberg, 1847)
Milichia   genus Milichia 1 Philippines: Luzon, Los Banos Milichia Meigen, 1830
Milichiella argentea (Fabricius, 1805) species Milichiella argentea Dol. 18 Milichiella argentea (Fabricius, 1805)
Milichiella argentiventris Hendel, 1931 species Milichiella argentiventris Hend. 6 Milichiella argentiventris Hendel, 1931
Milichiella triangulifrons   chironym Milichiella triangulifrons n. 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Milichiella samarita   species Milichiella samarita Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Milichiella bimaculata Becker, 1907 species Milichiella bimaculata Beck. 3 Milichiella bimaculata Becker, 1907
Milichiella lacteipennis (Loew, 1866) species Milichiella lacteipennis Lw 33 Milichiella lacteipennis (Loew, 1866)
Milichiella arcuata (Loew, 1876) species Milichiella arcuata Lw 1 Milichiella arcuata (Loew, 1876)
Milichiella bimaculata   species Eccoptomma freyi Hendel 5 Milichiella bimaculata Becker, 1907
Aldrichiomyza elephas (Hendel, 1913) species Aldrichiomyza elephas Hend. 2 Aldrichiomyza elephas (Hendel, 1913)
Phyllomyza securicornis Fallén, 1823 species Phyllomyza securicornis Fall. 1   See D-fennica Phyllomyza securicornis Fallén, 1823
Phyllomyza rubricornis Schmitz, 1923 species Phyllomyza rubricornis Schmitz     In D-fennica Phyllomyza rubricornis Schmitz, 1923
Phyllomyza formicae Schmitz, 1923 species Phyllomyza formicae Schmitz     In D-fennica Phyllomyza formicae Schmitz, 1923
Phyllomyza tetragona Hendel, 1924 species Phyllomyza tetragona Hend.     In D-fennica Phyllomyza tetragona Hendel, 1924
Phyllomyza silesiaca (Duda, 1935) species Phyllomyza silesiaca Duda     In D-fennica Phyllomyza silesiaca (Duda, 1935)
Phyllomyza heterogyna   chironym Phyllomyza heterogyna n.sp. 8   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Phyllomyza flavipalpis Meijere, 1914 species Phyllomyza flavipalpis de Meij. 8 Phyllomyza flavipalpis Meijere, 1914
Desmometopa m-nigrum (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Desmometopa M-nigrum Zett. 21   See D-fennica Desmometopa m-nigrum (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Desmometopa tarsalis Loew, 1866 species Desmometopa tarsalis Lw     Location of material unknown. Desmometopa tarsalis Loew, 1865
Desmometopa sordida (Fallén, 1820) species Desmometopa sordidum Fall. 2   See D-fennica Desmometopa sordida (Fallen, 1820)
Desmometopa flavicoxa   chironym Desmometopa flavicoxa Frey 1 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Desmometopa flavicoxa Hendel, 1932
Desmometopa affinis   chironym Desmometopa affinis Frey     Manuscript name by R. Frey. Location of material unknown.  
Neophyllomyza acyglossa (Villeneuve, 1920) species Neophyllomyza acyglossa Vill     See D-fennica Neophyllomyza acyglossa (Villeneuve, 1920)
Neophyllomyza diversa   chironym Neophyllomyza diversa n.sp.     Manuscript name by R. Frey or W. Hackman. Location of material unknown.  
Stomosis rufula (Frey, 1918) species Stomosis rufula Frey 1 Stomosis rufula (Frey, 1918)
Leptometopa rufifrons Becker, 1903 species Leptometopa rufifrons Beck. 12 Leptometopa rufifrons Becker, 1903
Leptometopa latipes (Meigen, 1830) species Leptometopa latipes Meig. 4   See D-fennica Leptometopa latipes (Meigen, 1830)
Madiza glabra Fallén, 1820 species Madiza glabra Fall. 7   See D-fennica Madiza glabra Fallén, 1820
Leptometopa halteralis (Coquillett, 1900) species Madiza halteralis Coq. 1 Leptometopa halteralis (Coquillett, 1900)
Desmometopa tarsalis Loew, 1866 species Platophrymyia nigra Will. 2 Desmometopa tarsalis Loew, 1865

Taxa in collection for Milichiidae: 42


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Hemeromyia v-album   chironym Hemeromyia v-album Frey     Manuscript name by R. Frey. Location of material unknown.  
Meoneura vagans (Fallén, 1823) species Meoneura vagans Fall.     In D-fennica Meoneura vagans (Fallen, 1823)
Meoneura flavifacies Collin, 1930 species Meoneura flavifacies Coll.     In D-fennica Meoneura flavifacies Collin, 1930
Meoneura lamellata Collin, 1930 species Meoneura lamellata Coll.     In D-fennica Meoneura lamellata Collin, 1930
Meoneura lacteipennis (Fallén, 1823) species Meoneura lacteipennis Fall.     In D-fennica Meoneura lacteipennis (Fallen, 1823)
Meoneura obscurella (Fallén, 1823) species Meoneura obscurella Fall.     In D-fennica Meoneura obscurella (Fallen, 1823)
Meoneura anceps Frey, 1935 species Meoneura anceps Frey     In D-fennica Meoneura anceps Frey, 1935
Meoneura neottiophila Collin, 1930 species Meoneura neottiophila Coll.     In D-fennica Meoneura neottiophila Collin, 1930
Meoneura glaberrima Becker, 1907 species Meoneura neglecta Coll.     In D-fennica Meoneura glaberrima Becker, 1907
Meoneura triangularis Collin, 1930 species Meoneura triangularis Coll.     In D-fennica Meoneura triangularis Collin, 1930
Carnus hemapterus Nitzsch, 1818 species Carnus hemapterus Nitzsch.     In D-fennica Carnus hemapterus Nitzsch, 1818

Taxa in collection for Carnidae: 11


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Braula coeca Nitzsch, 1818 species Braula coeca Nitzsch 1 Braula coeca Nitzsch, 1818

Taxa in collection for Braulidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Curtonotum trypetipenne Hendel, 1913 species Curtonotum trypetipenne Hend. 2 Curtonotum trypetipenne Hendel, 1913
Curtonotum bathmedum Hendel, 1913 species Curtonotum bathmedum Hend. 6 Curtonotum bathmedum Hendel, 1913
Curtonotum taeniatum Hendel, 1913 species Curtonotum taeniatum Hend. 5 Curtonotum taeniatum Hendel, 1913
Curtonotum tessellatum   chironym Curtonotum tessellatum Frey 8   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Curtonotum andinum   chironym Curtonotum andinum Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Curtonotum gibbum (Fabricius, 1805) species Curtonotum gibbum Fabr. 4 Curtonotum gibbum (Fabricius, 1805)
Curtonotum pantherinum (Walker, 1849) species Curtonotum pantherinum Walk. 1 Curtonotum pantherinum (Walker, 1849)
Curtonotum melini   chironym Curtonotum Melini Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Curtonotum submurinum   chironym Curtonotum submurinum Frey 4   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Curtonotum murinum Hendel, 1913 species Curtonotum murinum Hend. 3 Curtonotum murinum Hendel, 1913
Curtonotum simplex Schiner, 1868 species Curtonotum simplex Schin. 1 Curtonotum simplex Schiner, 1868
Curtonotum   genus Curtonotum sp. 3 Curtonotum Macquart, 1843
Curtonotum impunctatum Hendel, 1913 species Curtonotum impunctatum Hend. 1 Curtonotum impunctatum (Hendel, 1932)
Curtonotum   species Curtonotum fulvum Lw 2   Not recognised. Curtonotum Macquart, 1843
Curtonotum anus (Meigen, 1830) species Curtonotum anus Meig. 2 Curtonotum anus (Meigen, 1830)
Curtonotum arenatum (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Curtonotum arenatum O.-S. 1 Curtonotum arenatum (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Axinota hyalipennis (Hendel, 1914) species Thaumastophila hyalipennis Hend. 4 Axinota hyalipennis (Hendel, 1914)
Axinota   genus Thaumastophila sp. 1 Axinota Wulp, 1886
Axinota   genus Thaumastophila sp. 1 Axinota Wulp, 1886
Cyrtona consobrina Hackman, 1960 species Cyrtona consobrina Hackm. 2   2 types Cyrtona consobrina Hackman, 1960
Cyrtona capensis Hackman, 1960 species Cyrtona capensis Hackm. 2   2 types Cyrtona capensis Hackman, 1960
Cyrtona albomacula (Curran, 1933) species Cyrtona albomacula Curran 1 Cyrtona albomacula (Curran, 1933)

Taxa in collection for Curtonotidae: 22


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Stegana furta (Linnaeus, 1767) species Protostegana furta Fall. 1   See D-fennica? Stegana furta (Linnaeus, 1767)
Stegana   genus Protostegana sp. 1 Stegana Meigen, 1830
Stegana   genus Protostegana ~65 Stegana Meigen, 1830
Stegana aethiopica   chironym Stegana aethiopica n. 7   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana   genus Stegana sp. pr. strobli 21 Stegana Meigen, 1830
Stegana coleoptrata (Scopoli, 1763) species Stegana coleoptrata Scop.     In D-fennica? Stegana coleoptrata (Scopoli, 1763)
Stegana undulata Meijere, 1911 species Stegana undulata de Meij. 5 Stegana undulata Meijere, 1911
Stegana nigrifrons Meijere, 1911 species Stegana nigrifrons de Meij. 3 Philippines Stegana nigrifrons Meijere, 1911
Stegana minutula   chironym Stegana minutula i.sch 3 Philippines Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana nigricornis   chironym Stegana nigricornis n. 2 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana brasiliensis   chironym Stegana brasiliensis n. 6 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Stegana brasiliensis (Duda, 1927)
Stegana simplicipes   chironym Stegana simplicipes n. 6 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana metatarsalis   chironym Stegana metatarsalis n. 1 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana niveitarsis   chironym Stegana niveitarsis n. 4 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana pulchritarsis   chironym Stegana pulchritarsis n. 1 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Stegana annulitarsis   chironym Stegana annulitarsis n. 4 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Acletoxenus formosus (Loew, 1864) species Acletoxenus formosus Lw. 8 Acletoxenus formosus (Loew, 1864)
Colocasiomyia   genus Calocasiomyia     Location of material unknown. Colocasiomyia Meijere, 1914
Stegana nigripennis (Hendel, 1914) species Oxyphortica poeciloptera Duda 9 Stegana nigripennis (Hendel, 1914)
Stegana   genus Oxyphortica sp. 7 Stegana Meigen, 1830
Stegana   genus Oxyphortica sp. pr. convergens 10 Stegana Meigen, 1830
Stegana   genus   11 Stegana Meigen, 1830
Phortica variegata   species Phortica variegata Fall. 4 Phortica variegata (Fallen, 1823)
Amiota alboguttata (Wahlberg, 1839) species Phortica alboguttata Wahlb.     s Amiota alboguttata (Wahlberg, 1839)
Phorticinae   subfamily Phorticinae 3  
Apenthecia crassiseta (Hackman, 1960) species Erima crassiseta Hackm. 1 Apenthecia crassiseta (Hackman, 1960)
Cacoxenus indagator Loew, 1858 species Cacoxenus indagator Lw 2 Cacoxenus indagator Loew, 1858
Gitona distigma Meigen, 1830 species Gitona distigma Meig. 1 Gitona distigma Meigen, 1830
Cacoxenus vlasovi (Duda, 1934) species Gitona vlasovi Duda 1 Cacoxenus vlasovi (Duda, 1934)
Microdrosophila bimaculata (Meijere, 1908) species Oxystyloptera bimaculata de Meij. 7 Microdrosophila bimaculata (Meijere, 1908)
Zaprionus vittiger Coquillett, 1901 species Zaprionus vittiger Coq. ~105 Zaprionus vittiger Coquillett, 1901
Zaprionus tuberculatus Malloch, 1932   Zaprionus tuberculatus Mall. 2 Zaprionus tuberculatus Malloch, 1932
Zaprionus plaumanni   chironym Zaprionus Plaumanni Frey 1 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Zaprionus bogoriensis   species Phorticella // *OBSCURED* multistriata Sturd. 4  
Cladochaeta nebulosa Coquillett, 1900 species Cladochaeta nebulosa Coq. 8 Cladochaeta nebulosa Coquillett, 1900
Chymomyza costata (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Chymomyza costata Zett.     In D-fennica? Chymomyza costata (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Chymomyza distincta (Egger, 1862) species Chymomyza distincta Egger 2   See D-fennica? Chymomyza distincta (Egger, 1862)
Chymomyza fuscimana (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Chymomyza fuscimana Zett.     In D-fennica? Chymomyza fuscimana (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Chymomyza amoena (Loew, 1862) species Chymomyza amoena Lw 1 Chymomyza amoena (Loew, 1862)
Leucophenga maculata (Dufour, 1839) species Leucophenga maculata Duf. 6 Leucophenga maculata (Dufour, 1839)
Leucophenga sp. 1   species Leucophenga sp. pr. maculata 1  
Leucophenga acutipennis   chironym Leucophenga acutipennis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Leucophenga acutipennis Malloch, 1926
Leucophenga truncata   chironym Leucophenga truncata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Leucophenga pectinata   chironym Leucophenga pectinata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Leucophenga pectinata Okada, 1968
Leucophenga albofasciata   species Leucophenga albicincta De Meij. 8 Leucophenga albofasciata (Macquart, 1851)
Leucophenga abbreviata (Meijere, 1911) species Leucophenga abbreviata de Meij. 1 Leucophenga abbreviata (Meijere, 1911)
Leucophenga argentata (Meijere, 1914) species Leucophenga halteropunctata Duda 4 Leucophenga argentata (Meijere, 1914)
Leucophenga ornata Wheeler, 1959 species Leucophenga ornatipennis de Meij. 9 Leucophenga ornata Wheeler, 1959
Drosophila melanogaster Meigen, 1830 species Leucophenga nigriventris Macq. 1 Drosophila melanogaster Meigen, 1830
Leucophenga pulchripennis   chironym Leucophenga pulchripennis Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Leucophenga pulchra   chironym Leucophenga pulchra n. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Leucophenga pulchra (Schiner, 1868)
Rhinoleucophenga polisi   chironym Rhinoleucophenga polisi Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Neorhinoleucophenga luteata   chironym Neorhinoleucophenga luteata i.sch. 6   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Neorhinoleucophenga brunneata   chironym Neorhinoleucophenga brunneata i.sch. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Semnodrosophila pluricellulata   chironym Semnodrosophila pluricellulata Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Scaptodrosophila pleurofasciata   chironym Scaptodrosophila pleurofasciata n. 3 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Scaptodrosophila griseipennis   chironym Scaptodrosophila griseipennis n. 1 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Drosophila obscuripes (Grimshaw, 1901) species Idiomyia obscuripes 1 Drosophila obscuripes (Grimshaw, 1901)
Sphaerogastrella   genus Sphaerogastrella 2 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Sphaerogastrella Duda, 1922
Zygothrica neoaldrichi Burla, 1956 species Zygotricha Melini Frey 1 Zygothrica neoaldrichi Burla, 1956
Mycodrosophila gratiosa (Meijere, 1911) species Mycodrosophila gratiosa de Meij. 2 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Mycodrosophila gratiosa (Meijere, 1911)
Mycodrosophila dimidiata (Loew, 1862) species Mycodrosophila 1 Mycodrosophila dimidiata (Loew, 1862)
Mycodrosophila amabilis (Meijere, 1911) species Mycodrosophila amabilis 3 Mycodrosophila amabilis (Meijere, 1911)
Paramycodrosophila pictula (Meijere, 1911) species // pictula 1 Paramycodrosophila pictula (Meijere, 1911)
Lissocephala bicolor (Meijere, 1911) species Lissocephala bicolor de Meij. 7 Lissocephala bicolor (Meijere, 1911)
Lissocephala unipuncta Malloch, 1929 species Lissocephala v. unipuncta Mall. 1 Lissocephala unipuncta Malloch, 1929
Chaetodrosophila   genus Chaetodrosophila sp. 26 Burma Chaetodrosophila Duda, 1924
Scaptodrosophila acuta (Sturtevant, 1927) species Paradrosophila acuta Sturt. 1 Scaptodrosophila acuta (Sturtevant, 1927)
Cladochaeta inversa (Walker, 1861) species Clastopteromyia inversa Walk. 1 Cladochaeta inversa (Walker, 1861)
Hirtodrosophila   genus Drosophila (Hirtodrosophila) sp. 1 Hirtodrosophila Duda, 1923
Scaptodrosophila pugionata (Meijere, 1916) species Drosophila (Pholadoris) pugionota De Meij. 6 Scaptodrosophila pugionata (Meijere, 1916)
Drosophila busckii Coquillett, 1901 species Drosophila (Dorsilopha) Buschki Coq. 8 Drosophila busckii Coquillett, 1901
Drosophila lutzii Sturtevant, 1916 species Drosophila (Phloridosa) Luzii Sturt. [sic] 1 Drosophila lutzii Sturtevant, 1916
Drosophila melanogaster Meigen, 1830 species Drosophila (Sophophora) melanogaster Meig. 28 Drosophila melanogaster Meigen, 1830
Drosophila simulans Sturtevant, 1919 species Drosophila (Sophophora) simulans Sturt. 3 Drosophila simulans Sturtevant, 1919
Drosophila ananassae Doleschall, 1858 species Drosophila (Sophophora) ananassae Dol. 11 Drosophila ananassae Doleschall, 1858
Lordiphosa miki (Duda, 1924) species Drosophila (Sophophora) Miki Duda 1 Lordiphosa miki (Duda, 1924)
Drosophila kikkawai Burla, 1954 species Drosophila (Sophophora) kikkawai Burla 2 Drosophila kikkawai Burla, 1954
Drosophila obscura Fallén, 1823 species Drosophila (Sophophora) obscura Fall. 1 Drosophila obscura Fallén, 1823
Drosophila tristis Fallén, 1823 species Drosophila (Sophophora) tristis Fall. 1 Drosophila tristis Fallén, 1823
Drosophila   genus Drosophila (Sophophora) algonquin athabasca 11 Drosophila Fallén, 1823
Drosophila seguyi Smart, 1945 species Drosophila (Sophophora) seguyi Smart 9 Drosophila seguyi Smart, 1945
Scaptodrosophila aterrima (Duda, 1940) species Drosophila (Sophophora) aterrima Duda 16 Scaptodrosophila aterrima (Duda, 1940)
Drosophila florae Sturtevant, 1916 species Drosophila (Sophophora) florae Sturt. 2 Drosophila florae Sturtevant, 1916
Drosophila quinaria Loew, 1866 species Drosophila (Drosophila) quinaria Loew 5 Drosophila quinaria Loew, 1866
Drosophila limbata von Roser, 1840 species Drosophila (Drosophila) limbata v.Ros. 2 Drosophila limbata Roser, 1840
Drosophila putrida Sturtevant, 1916 species Drosophila (Drosophila) putrida Mall. 1 Drosophila putrida Sturtevant, 1916
Drosophila funebris (Fabricius, 1787) species Drosophila (Drosophila) funebris Fabr. 2 Drosophila funebris (Fabricius, 1787)
Drosophila repleta Wollaston, 1858 species Drosophila (Drosophila) repleta Woll. 17 Drosophila repleta Wollaston, 1858
Drosophila cardini Sturtevant, 1916 species Drosophila (Drosophila) cardini Sturt. 1 Drosophila cardini Sturtevant, 1916
Drosophila immigrans Sturtevant, 1921 species Drosophila (Drosophila) immigrans Sturt. 9 Drosophila immigrans Sturtevant, 1921
Drosophila ruberrima Meijere, 1911 species Drosophila (Drosophila) ruberrima de Meij. 1 Drosophila ruberrima Meijere, 1911
Drosophila hypocausta Osten Sacken, 188 species Drosophila (Drosophila) hypocausta O.-S. 10 Drosophila hypocausta Osten Sacken, 1882
Drosophila bivittula   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) bivittula Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Drosophila albomicans (Duda, 1924) species Drosophila (Drosophila) albomicans Duda 1 Drosophila albomicans (Duda, 1924)
Drosophila spinofemora Patterson & Wheeler, 1942 species Drosophila (Drosophila) spinifemora [sic] Pat. & Wh. 3   spinifemora is a misspelling of spinofemora Drosophila sulfurigaster (Duda, 1923)
Drosophila sulfurigaster (Duda, 1923) species Drosophila (Drosophila) trivittata Strobl 1 Drosophila sulfurigaster (Duda, 1923)
Hirtodrosophila trivittata (Strobl, 1893) species Drosophila (Drosophila) schildi Mall. 1 Hirtodrosophila trivittata (Strobl, 1893)
Drosophila crucigera Grimshaw, 1902 species Drosophila (Drosophila) crucigera Grimsh. 3 Drosophila crucigera Grimshaw, 1902
Drosophila pilimana Grimshaw, 1901 species Drosophila (Drosophila) pilimana Grimsh. 3 Drosophila pilimana Grimshaw, 1901
Drosophila picticornis Grimshaw, 1901 species Drosophila (Drosophila) picticornis Grimsh. 4 Drosophila picticornis Grimshaw, 1901
Drosophila punalua Bryan, 1938 species Drosophila (Drosophila) lulumahu Bryan 4 Drosophila punalua Bryan, 1934
Scaptomyza parva (Grimshaw, 1901) species Drosophila (Drosophila) parva Grimsh. 4 Scaptomyza parva (Grimshaw, 1901)
Drosophila sordidapex Grimshaw, 1901 species Drosophila (Drosophila) sordidapex Grimsh. 2 Drosophila sordidapex Grimshaw, 1901
Drosophila haleakalae Grimshaw, 1901 species Drosophila (Drosophila) haleakalae Grimsh. 2 Drosophila haleakalae Grimshaw, 1901
Scaptomyza crassifemur (Grimshaw, 1901) species Drosophila (Drosophila) crassifemur Grimsh. 3 Scaptomyza crassifemur (Grimshaw, 1901)
Drosophila punctatonervosa Frey, 1954 species Drosophila (Drosophila) poeciloptera Duda 1 Drosophila punctatonervosa Frey, 1954
Drosophila sexmaculata   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) 6-maculata n. 7 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Drosophila striatifrons   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) striatifrons Frey 6 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Drosophila striatifrons Okada, 1977
Drosophila pittoptera   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) pittoptera n. 9 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Drosophila aquila   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) aquila n. 3 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Drosophila aquila Hardy, 1965
Drosophila minima   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) minima n. 6 Brazil: Nova Teutonia Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Drosophila rufulifrons   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) rufulifrons Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Hirtodrosophila cameraria (Haliday, 1833) species Drosophila (Drosophila) cameraria Halid. 8 Hirtodrosophila cameraria (Haliday, 1833)
Scaptodrosophila pygmaea (Duda, 1926) species Drosophila (Drosophila) pygmaea Duda 12 Drosophila repleta Wollaston, 1858
Drosophila unicolor   chironym Drosophila (Drosophila) [pygmaea] var. unicolor Frey 5   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Drosophila unicolor (Walker, 1864)
Drosophila nodosa Duda, 1926 species Drosophila (Drosophila) nodosa Duda 1 Drosophila nodosa Duda, 1926
Scaptomyza nasalis (Grimshaw, 1901) species Drosophila (Drosophila) nasalis Grimsh. 2 Scaptomyza nasalis (Grimshaw, 1901)
Drosophila   genus Drosophila 31 Drosophila Fallén, 1823
Lordiphosa fenestrarum (Fallén, 1823) species Drosophila (Lordiphosa) fenestrarum Fall. 1 Lordiphosa fenestrarum (Fallen, 1823)
Lordiphosa andalusiaca (Strobl, 1906) species Drosophila (Lordiphosa) andalusiaca Strobl 2 Lordiphosa andalusiaca (Strobl, 1906)
Lordiphosa   genus Drosophila (Lordiphosa) 21 Lordiphosa Basden, 1961
Dicladochaeta   genus Dicladochaeta 1 Dicladochaeta Malloch, 1932
Scaptomyza abrupta Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (Rosenwaldia) abrupta Hackm. 8 Scaptomyza abrupta Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza mediopallens Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (Rosenwaldia) mediopallens Hackm. 2 Scaptomyza mediopallens Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza mitchelli Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (Trogloscaptomyza) mitchelli Hackm. 10 Scaptomyza mitchelli Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza brevilamellata (Frey, 1954) species Scaptomyza (Trogloscaptomyza) brevilamellata Frey 1 Scaptomyza brevilamellata (Frey, 1954)
Scaptomyza longipecten Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza longipecten Hackm. 5 Scaptomyza longipecten Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza pallifrons Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza pallifrons Hackm. 13 Scaptomyza pallifrons Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza kauaiensis Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza kauaiensis Hackm. 1 Scaptomyza kauaiensis Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza inaequalis (Grimshaw, 1901) species Scaptomyza hawaiiensis Hackm. 5 Scaptomyza inaequalis (Grimshaw, 1901)
Scaptomyza albovittata (Malloch, 1938) species Scaptomyza // *OBSCURED* 2 Scaptomyza albovittata (Malloch, 1938)
Scapromyza sp. 1   species Scaptomyza sp. 1  
Scapromyza sp. 2   species Scaptomyza sp. 1  
Scaptomyza remota (Walker, 1849) species Scaptomyza (Macroscaptomyza) altissima Frey 11 Scaptomyza remota (Walker, 1849)
Scaptomyza helvola (Frey, 1954) species Scaptomyza (Macroscaptomyza) helvola Frey 9 Scaptomyza helvola (Frey, 1954)
Scaptomyza buccata Hackman, 1962 species Scaptomyza (Alloscaptomyza) buccata Hackm. 1 Scaptomyza buccata Hackman, 1962
Scaptomyza pallida (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Scaptomyza (Parascaptomyza) pallida Zett. ~29 Scaptomyza pallida Zetterstedt, 1847
Scaptomyza pallida (Zetterstedt, 1847) species Scaptomyza (Parascaptomyza) pallida Zett. ~95 Scaptomyza pallida Zetterstedt, 1847
Scaptomyza substrigata Meijere, 1914 species Scaptomyza (Parascaptomyza) substrigata de Meij. 33 Scaptomyza substrigata Meijere, 1914
Scaptomyza pectinifera (Frey, 1954) species Scaptomyza pectinifera Frey 1 Scaptomyza pectinifera (Frey, 1954)
Scaptomyza australis Malloch, 1923 species Scaptomyza (Bunostoma) australis Mall. 2 Scaptomyza australis Malloch, 1923
Scaptomyza varifrons (Grimshaw, 1901) species Scaptomyza (Bunostoma) cordigera Hackm. 5 Scaptomyza varifrons (Grimshaw, 1901)
Scaptomyza bryanti Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (Bunostoma) bryanti Hackm. 2 Scaptomyza bryanti Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza vittata (Coquillett, 1895) species Scaptomyza (Mesoscaptomyza) vittata Coq. 3 Scaptomyza vittata (Coquillett, 1895)
Scaptomyza wheeleri Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (Mesoscaptomyza) wheeleri Hackm. 3 Scaptomyza wheeleri Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza adusta (Loew, 1862) species Scaptomyza (Mesoscaptomyza) adusta Loew 5 Scaptomyza adusta (Loew, 1862)
Scaptomyza intermedia (Duda, 1927) species Scaptomyza (Hemiscaptomyza) intermedia Duda 1 Stegana intermedia (Duda, 1927)
Scaptomyza trochanterata Collin, 1953 species Scaptomyza (Hemiscaptomyza) trochanterata Collin 7 Scaptomyza trochanterata Collin, 1953
Scaptomyza atahualpa Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (Hemiscaptomyza) atahualpa Hackm. 1 Scaptomyza atahualpa Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza hennigi Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza (//) hennigi Hackm. 8 Scaptomyza hennigi Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza flava (Fallén, 1823) species Scaptomyza (//) flaveola Meig. 1 Scaptomyza flava (Fallen, 1823)
Scaptomyza pisi Tiensuu, 1951 species Scaptomyza [flaveola] f. pisi Tiensuu 1   a nomen nudum  
Scaptomyza montana Wheeler, 1949 species Scaptomyza subsp. montana Wheeler 1 Scaptomyza montana Wheeler, 1949
Scaptomyza grahami Hackman, 1959 species Scaptomyza grahami Hackm. 2 Scaptomyza grahami Hackman, 1959
Scaptomyza graminum (Fallén, 1823) species Scaptomyza graminum Fall. 3   See D-fennica? Scaptomyza graminum (Fallen, 1823)
Scaptomyza atlantica Hackman, 1955 species Scaptomyza (Scaptomyza) atlantica Hackm. 7 Scaptomyza atlantica Hackman, 1955
Scaptomyza nigrita Wheeler, 1952 species Scaptomyza nigrita Wheeler 1 Scaptomyza nigrita Wheeler, 1952
Sphaerogastrella javana (Meijere, 1911) species   3   TODO: MISPLACED: MOVE? Sphaerogastrella javana (Meijere, 1911)

Taxa in collection for Drosophilidae: 159


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Diastata nebulosa (Fallén, 1823) species Diastata nebulosa Fall. 1   See D-fennica? Diastata nebulosa (Fallen, 1823)
Diastata eluta Loew, 1863 species Diastata eluta Lw 1 Diastata eluta Loew, 1863
Diastata adusta Meigen, 1830 species Diastata unipunctata Zett. 1 Diastata adusta Meigen, 1830
Diastata fuscula (Fallén, 1823) species Diastata inornata Lw 3 Diastata fuscula (Fallen, 1823)
Campichoeta obscuripennis (Meigen, 1830) species Campichoeta obscuripennis Mg. 3   See D-fennica? Campichoeta obscuripennis (Meigen, 1830)
Campichoeta punctum Meigen, 1830) species Campichoeta basalis Mg. 7   See D-fennica? Campichoeta punctum (Meigen, 1830)
Campichoeta fumigata Duda, 1934 species Campichoeta [basalis] var. fumigata Duda 5 Campichoeta fumigata Duda, 1934
Campichoeta griseola (Zetterstedt, 1855) species Campichoeta 2 Campichoeta griseola (Zetterstedt, 1855)
Campichoeta sp. 1   species Campichoeta sp. 1  
Odiniomorpha melini   chironym Odiniomorpha Melini Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Diastatidae: 10


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Camilla glabra (Fallén, 1823) species Camilla glabra Fall. 4 Camilla glabra (Fallen, 1823)
Camilla acutipennis (Loew, 1865) species Camilla acutipennis Lw 1 Camilla acutipennis (Loew, 1865)

Taxa in collection for Camillidae: 2


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Apotropina lutea Apotropina lutea (Meijere, 1906) species Lasiopleura lutea de Meij. 1  
Lasiopleura dimorpha (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Lasiopleura dimorpha O.-S. 10 Lasiopleura dimorpha (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Apotropina meijerei (Sabrosky, 1952) species Lasiopleura ornatifrons de Meij. 10 Apotropina meijerei (Sabrosky, 1952)
Lasiopleura coenosioides Frey, 1923 species Lasiopleura coenosioides Frey 3 Lasiopleura coenosioides Frey, 1923
Apotropina fuscipleuris (Becker, 1911) species Parahippelates fuscipleura Beck. 2 Apotropina fuscipleuris (Becker, 1911)
Apotropina pulchrifrons (Meijere, 1906) species Parahippelates pulchrifrons de Meij. 1 Apotropina pulchrifrons (Meijere, 1906)
Hippelates nobilis Loew, 1863 species Hippelates nobilis Lw 10 Hippelates nobilis Loew, 1863
Hippelates proboscideus Williston, 1896 species Hippelates proboscideus Wilk. 2 Hippelates proboscideus Williston, 1896
Liohippelates bishoppi (Sabrosky, 1941) species Hippelates bishoppi Sabr. 2 Liohippelates bishoppi (Sabrosky, 1941)
Cadrema pallida (Loew, 1866) species Cadrema pallida Loew 6 Cadrema pallida (Loew, 1866)
Cadrema bilineata (Meijere, 1904) species Liohippelates [nigricornis] v. bilineatus de Meij. 4 Cadrema bilineata (Meijere, 1904)
Cadrema citreiformis (Becker, 1911) species Liohippelates citreiformis Beck. 1 Cadrema citreiformis (Becker, 1911)
Cadrema caballus (Frey, 1923) species Liohippelates caballus Frey 2 Cadrema caballus (Frey, 1923)
Apallates viridiniger (Enderlein, 1911) species Liohippelates viridiniger End. 1 Apallates viridiniger (Enderlein, 1911)
Apallates convexus (Loew, 1866) species Liohippelates convexus Lw 10 Apallates convexus (Loew, 1866)
Apallates paessleri (Duda, 1930) species Liohippelates Paessleri Duda 1 Apallates paessleri (Duda, 1930)
Liohippelates flaviceps (Loew, 1863) species Liohippelates metallicus Beck. 1 Liohippelates flaviceps (Loew, 1863)
Liohippelates peruanus (Becker, 1912) species Liohippelates peruanus Beck. 9 Liohippelates peruanus (Becker, 1912)
Liohippelates tibialis Duda, 1930 species Liohippelates tibialis Duda 8 Liohippelates tibialis Duda, 1930
Chloropidae   family Tylopterna monstrosum Bezzi 2   Not the material described by Frey Chloropidae
Sepsidoscinis maculipennis Hendel, 1914 species Sepsidoscinis maculipennis Hend. 3 Sepsidoscinis maculipennis Hendel, 1914
Anatrichus erinaceus Loew, 1860 species Anatrichus erinaceus Lw 9 Anatrichus erinaceus Loew, 1860
Nomba chrysomelina (Enderlein, 1920) species Celyphomima chrysomelina End. 1 Nomba chrysomelina (Enderlein, 1920)
Nomba boettcheri (Frey, 1923) species Epicelyphus Boettcheri Frey 6 Nomba boettcheri (Frey, 1923)
Dactylothyrea infumata Meijere, 1910 species Dactylothyrea infumata de Meij. 1 Dactylothyrea infumata Meijere, 1910
Dactylothyrea hyalipennis Meijere, 1910 species Dactylothyrea hyalipennis de Meij. 4 Dactylothyrea hyalipennis Meijere, 1910
Disciphus alatus Becker, 1911 species Diciphus alatus Beck. 1 Disciphus alatus Becker, 1911
Rhodesiella elegantula (Becker, 1911) species Rhodesiella elegantula Beck. 4 Centorisoma elegantulum Becker, 1910
Oscinisoma rectum (Becker, 1911) species Rhodesiella recta Beck. 2   2 types Oscinisoma rectum (Becker, 1911)
Rhodesiella nitidifrons (Becker, 1911) species Rhodesiella nitidifrons Beck. 1 Rhodesiella nitidifrons (Becker, 1911)
Rhodesiella flavitarsis Sabrosky, 1957 species Rhodesiella flavitarsis Sabr. 4   4 types Rhodesiella flavitarsis Sabrosky, 1957
Rhodesiella ceylonica (Frey, 1917) species Rhodesiella ceylonica (Frey) 2 Rhodesiella ceylonica (Frey, 1917)
Rhodesiella nobilis (Frey, 1923) species // nobile Frey 1 Rhodesiella nobilis (Frey, 1923)
Rhodesiella femoralis (Becker, 1911) species Prionoscelus femoralis Beck. 1 Rhodesiella femoralis (Becker, 1911)
Loxobathmis obliquans Enderlein, 1911 species Loxobathmis obliquans End. 4 Loxobathmis obliquans Enderlein, 1911
Melanochaeta lindbergi (Sabrosky, 1957) species Elachiptera lindbergi Sabr. ~134 Melanochaeta lindbergi (Sabrosky, 1957)
Elachiptera simplicipes Becker, 1910 species Elachiptera simplicipes Beck. 2 Elachiptera simplicipes Becker, 1910
Elachiptera bimaculata (Loew, 1845) species Elachiptera bimaculata Lw ~18 Elachiptera bimaculata (Loew, 1845)
Elachiptera brevipennis (Meigen, 1830) species Elachiptera brevipennis Meig. 1 Elachiptera brevipennis (Meigen, 1830)
Gampsocera trisigillata Frey, 1923 species Gampsocera trisigillata Frey 1 Gampsocera trisigillata Frey, 1923
Elachiptera freyi Duda, 1934 species Gampsocera trivialis Frey 3 Elachiptera freyi Duda, 1934
Gampsocera mutata Becker, 1911 species Gampsocera mutata Beck. 1 Gampsocera mutata Becker, 1911
Melanochaeta capreolus (Haliday, 1838) species Melanochaeta capreola Curt. 1 Melanochaeta capreolus (Haliday, 1838)
Elachiptera decipiens (Loew, 1863) species Melanochaeta decipiens LW 1 Elachiptera decipiens (Loew, 1863)
Elachiptera ruficollis (Frey, 1918) species Melanochaeta ruficollis Frey 1 Elachiptera ruficollis (Frey, 1918)
Coryphisoptron flaviceps (Enderlein, 1911) species Discogastrella flavipes End. [sic] 2 Coryphisoptron flaviceps (Enderlein, 1911)
Aspistylina plumiger (Meigen, 1830) species Macrostyla plumiger Mg 1  
Gaurax nigricornis Becker, 1911 species Gaurax nigricornis Beck 10 Gaurax nigricornis Becker, 1911
Gaurax venustus Czerny, 1906 species Gaurax venustus Mg. 1 Gaurax venustus Czerny, 1906
Pseudogaurax rubicundus (Becker, 1911) species Gaurax rubicundus Beck. 1 Pseudogaurax rubicundus (Becker, 1911)
Gaurax rubicundulus Frey, 1923 species Gaurax rubicundulus Frey 1 Gaurax rubicundulus Frey, 1923
Gaurax niveopubescens Frey, 1923 species Gaurax niveopubescens Frey 1 Gaurax niveopubescens Frey, 1923
Cestoplectus brachycephalus (Frey, 1923) species Gaurax brachycephalus Frey 1 Cestoplectus brachycephalus (Frey, 1923)
Cestoplectus hippelatinus (Frey, 1923) species Gaurax hippelatinus Frey 1  
Gaurax fuscinervis Frey, 1923 species Gaurax fuscinervis Frey 1 Gaurax fuscinervis Frey, 1923
Gaurax dubius (Macquart, 1835) species // dubia Macq.     In D-fennica? Gaurax dubius (Macquart, 1835)
Gaurax borealis (Duda, 1933) species // [dubia] var. borealis Duda     In D-fennica? Gaurax borealis Duda, 1933
Conioscinella lutea (Frey, 1923) chironym Anotrigonum luteum Frey 7   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Conioscinella lutea (Frey, 1923)
Conioscinella neorobusta Sabrosky, 1977 chironym // robustum Frey 9   Manuscript name by R. Frey.   Conioscinella neorobusta Sabrosky, 1977
Aphanotrigonum trilineatum (Meigen, 1830) species Aphanotrigonum 3-lineatum Mg. 1   See D-fennica? Aphanotrigonum trilineatum (Meigen, 1830)
Tricimba humeralis (Loew, 1858) species Tricimba humeralis Lw. 6 Tricimba humeralis (Loew, 1858)
Tricimba humeralis (Loew, 1858) species Tricimba [humeralis] var. opacifrons Duda 6 Tricimba humeralis (Loew, 1858)
Tricimba enderleini Duda, 1930 species Tricimba Enderleini Duda 3 Tricimba enderleini Duda, 1930
Discogastrella gruenbergi Enderlein, 1911 species Tricimba numerata Beck. 11 Discogastrella gruenbergi Enderlein, 1911
Arcuator semimaculatus (Becker, 1911) species Conioscinella semimaculata Beck. 10 Arcuator semimaculatus (Becker, 1911)
Trachysiphonella scutellata (von Roser, 1840) species Conioscinella pumilio Zett. 7 Dasyopa scutellata (Roser, 1840)
Trachysiphonella pygmaea   species Conioscinella [pumilio] var. flavella Zett. 2 Dasyopa pygmaea (Meigen, 1838)
Biorbitella rubicunda (Becker, 1912) species Conioscinella rubicunda Beck. 2 Pseudogaurax rubicundus (Becker, 1911)
Malloewia incolumis (Becker, 1912) species Conioscinella 1 Malloewia incolumis (Becker, 1912)
Olcella parva (Adams, 1904) species Conioscinella parva Ad. 2 Olcella parva (Adams, 1904)
Olcella mendozana Enderlein, 1911 species Conioscinella mendozana End. 1 Olcella mendozana Enderlein, 1911
Conioscinella semicirularis Duda, 1930 species Conioscinella [soluta] var. semicircularis Duda 1 Conioscinella semicirularis Duda, 1930
Olcella opposita (Becker, 1912) species Conioscinella opposita Beck. 3 Olcella opposita (Becker, 1912)
Conioscinella brevitriangularis   chironym Conioscinella brevitriangularis n. 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Oscinimorpha longirostris (Loew, 1858) species Conioscinella longirostris Lw 1 Oscinimorpha longirostris (Loew, 1858)
Oscinimorpha sordidissima (Strobl, 1893) species Conioscinella sordidissima Strobl 4 Oscinimorpha sordidissima (Strobl, 1893)
Incertella kerteszi (Becker, 1910) species Conioscinella Kertészi Beck. 2 Incertella kerteszi (Becker, 1910)
Colliniella meijerei (Duda, 1932) species Conioscinella Meijerei Duda 4 Aphanotrigonum meijerei (Duda, 1933)
Incertella nigrifrons (Duda, 1933) species Conioscinella nigrifrons Duda     In D-fennica? Conioscinella nigrifrons Duda, 1933
Incertella albipalpis (Meigen, 1830) species // albipalpis Mg. 5 Incertella albipalpis (Meigen, 1830)
Oscinimorpha minutissima (Strobl, 1900) species // minutissima Strobl 4   See D-fennica? Oscinimorpha minutissima (Strobl, 1900)
Conioscinella frontella (Fallén, 1820) species // frontella Fall. 2   See D-fennica? Conioscinella frontella (Fallen, 1820)
Calamoncosis sorella (Becker, 1911) species Neolcanobates sorellus Beck. 1 Calamoncosis sorella (Becker, 1911)
Eribolus nana (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Eribolus sudeticus Beck.     In D-fennica? Eribolus nana (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Conioscinella gallarum (Duda, 1933) species Tropidoscinis gallarum Duda     In D-fennica? Conioscinella gallarum (Duda, 1933)
Incertella zuercheri (Duda, 1933) species Tropidoscinis Zürcheri Duda 2   See D-fennica? Conioscinella zuercheri Duda, 1933
Monochaetoscinella anonyma (Williston, 1896) species Monochaetoscinella anonyma Will. 10 Monochaetoscinella anonyma (Williston, 1896)
Apallates costaricanus (Duda, 1930) species Oscinella costaricensis Duda 9 Bolivia Not recognized. Gaurax costaricanus (Duda, 1930)
Apallates luteipes (Becker, 1912) species Oscinella // *OBSCURED* 11 Apallates luteipes (Becker, 1912)
Apallates nigripes (Duda, 1930) species Oscinella buccalis Duda 2 Apallates nigripes (Duda, 1930)
Coryphisoptron albohirtum Enderlein, 1913 species Oscinella albohirta End. 1   Enderlein, 1913 Coryphisoptron albohirtum Enderlein, 1913
Apallates subtomentosus (Enderlein, 1911) species Oscinella subtomentosa End. 2 Apallates subtomentosus (Enderlein, 1911)
Lioscinella sulfurihalterata (Enderlein, 1911) species Oscinella sulphurihalterata 1  
Oscinella dimidiofrit Becker, 1913 species Oscinella dimidiatofrit Frey [sic] 1   TODO: CORRECT MIXED LABELS! Oscinella dimidiofrit Becker, 1913
Biorbitella hesperia (Sabrosky, 1940) species Oscinella hesperia Sabr. 1   TODO: CORRECT MIXED LABELS! Biorbitella hesperia (Sabrosky, 1940)
Oscinella aharonii Duda, 1933 species Oscinella costaricensis Duda ~108 Oscinella aharoni Duda, 1933
Oscinella indica   species Oscinella indica Brun. 1   Name not recignised.  
Stenoscinis hirtipennis (Frey, 1923) species Oscinella hirtipennis Frey 1 Stenoscinis hirtipennis (Frey, 1923)
Rhopalopterum anthracinum (Meigen, 1930) species Oscinella anthracina Mg.     In D-fennica? Rhopalopterum anthracinum (Meigen, 1830)
Rhopalopterum atricillum (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Oscinella [anthracina] var. atripes Duda     In D-fennica? Rhopalopterum atricilla (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Oscinella nitidigenis (Becker, 1908) species Oscinella nitidigenis Beck. 27   1 ex destroyed Oscinella nitidigenis (Becker, 1908)
Oscinella frit (Linnaeus, 1758) species Oscinella prope frit 10 Oscinella frit (Linnaeus, 1758)
Oscinella frit (Linnaeus, 1758) species Oscinella var. atricilla L. 4 Oscinella frit (Linnaeus, 1758)
Oscinella pr. pusilla   species Oscinella prope pusilla Meig. 3  
Oscinella maura (Fallén, 1820) species Oscinella maura Fall.     In D-fennica? Oscinella maura (Fallen, 1820)
Oscinella maura (Fallén, 1820) species Oscinella [maura] var. albiseta Mg. 1 Styria See D-fennica? Oscinella maura (Fallen, 1820)
Calamoncosis minima (Strobl, 1893) species Calamonsosis minima Strobl 5 Calamoncosis minima (Strobl, 1893)
Calamoncosis oscinella (Becker, 1910) species Siphonella oscinina Fall. 2 Calamoncosis oscinella (Becker, 1910)
Lipara lucens Meigen, 1830 species Lipara lucens Meig. 1   See D-fennica? Lipara lucens Meigen, 1830
Lipara stenrothi   chironym Lipara stenrothi Frey 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Calamoncosis similis (Schiner, 1854)   Lipara similis Schin. 1 Calamoncosis similis (Schiner, 1854)
Siphunculina ornatifrons (Loew, 1858) species // ornatifrons Lw 23 Siphunculina ornatifrons (Loew, 1858)
Anacamptoneurum novum (Frey, 1923) species Anacamptoneurum novum Frey 1 Anacamptoneurum novum (Frey, 1923)
Polyodaspis ruficornis (Macquart, 1835) species Polyodaspis ruficornis Macq. 2 Polyodaspis ruficornis (Macquart, 1835)
Polyodaspis tarsalis (Frey, 1923) species Polyodaspis [ruficornis] var. tarsalis Frey 1 Polyodaspis tarsalis (Frey, 1923)
Epimadiza nigrescens Duda, 1933 species Epimadiza nigrescens Duda 1 Epimadiza nigrescens Duda, 1933
Pselaphia cornifera Becker, 1912 species Pselaphia cornifera Beck. 1 Pselaphia cornifera Becker, 1912
Pselaphia flava Sabrosky, 1957: species Pselaphia flavipes Sabr. 1 Pselaphia flava Sabrosky, 1957
Polyodaspis sulcicollis (Meigen, 1838) species // sulcicollis Mg. 2 Polyodaspis sulcicolis (Meigen, 1838)
Dicraeus raptus (Haliday, 1838) species Dicraeus raptus Curt. 1 Dicraeus raptus (Haliday, 1838)
Dicraeus vagans (Meigen, 1838) species Dicraeus vagans Mg. 2 Chlorops vagans Waltl, 1837
Dicraeus tibialis (Macquart, 1835) species Dicraeus tibialis Mcq. 1 Dicraeus tibialis (Macquart, 1835)
Dicraeus fennicus Duda, 1932 species Dicraeus fennicus Duda 3   See D-fennica? Dicraeus fennicus Duda, 1933
Dicraeus styriacus (Strobl, 1898) species Dicraeus vallaris Coll.     In D-fennica? Dicraeus styriacus (Strobl, 1898)
Dicraeus orientalis Becker, 1911 species Dicraeus orientalis Beck. 2 Dicraeus orientalis Becker, 1911
Dicraeus trivittatus Sabrosky, 1957 species Dicraeus 13 Dicraeus trivittatus Sabrosky, 1957
Dicraeus pennisetivora Deeming, 1979 species Dicraeus 2   2 paratypes Dicraeus pennisetivora Deeming, 1979
Dicraeus curvinervis   chironym Dicraeus curvinervis Frey 8 Burma Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Pseudeurina maculata Meijere, 1904 species Pseudeurina maculata de Meij. 9 Pseudeurina maculata Meijere, 1904
Camarota curvipennis (Latreille, 1805) species Camarota curvinervis Latr. [sic] 4 Camarota curvipennis (Latreille, 1805)
Platycephala planifrons (Fabricius, 1798) species Platycephala planifrons Fabr. 2 Platycephala planifrons (Fabricius, 1798)
Platycephala scapularum (Becker, 1907) species Platycephala [planifrons] var. algerica Duda 1 Platycephala scapularum (Becker, 1907)
Platycephala sasae Nartshuk, 1973 species Platycephala 1   Det. Nartshuk Platycephala sasae Nartshuk, 1973
Platycephala umbraculata (Fabricius, 1794) species Platycephala umbraculata Fabr. 1   See D-fennica? Musca domestica Linnaeus, 1758
Platycephala extensa Frey, 1923 species Platycephala extensa Frey 1 Platycephala extensa Frey, 1923
Neoloxotaenia luzonica (Frey, 1923) species Pachylophus [pellucidus] var. luzonicus Frey 2 Neoloxotaenia luzonicus (Frey, 1923)
Pachylophus contractus Becker, 1910 species // contractus Beck. 1 Pachylophus contractus Becker, 1910
Pachylophus varipes Adams, 1905 species // varipes Ad. 2 Pachylophus varipes Adams, 1905
Pachylophus frontalis Loew, 1858 species // frontalis Lw 1 Pachylophus frontalis Loew, 1858
Pachylophus fossulatus Adams, 1905 species // fossulatus Ad. 2 Pachylophus fossulatus Adams, 1905
Pachylophus proximus Adams, 1905 species // proximus Ad. 3 Pachylophus proximus Adams, 1905
Meromyzella capensis (Loew, 1860) species Meromyza capensis Lw 4   2 exx added later Meromyzella capensis (Loew, 1860)
Meromyza pratorum Meigen, 1830 species // pratorum Mg. 2 Meromyza pratorum Meigen, 1830
Meromyza americana Fitch, 1856 species // americana Lw. 1 Meromyza americana Fitch, 1856
Meromyza saltatrix (Linnaeus, 1761) species // saltatrix L. 1 Meromyza saltatrix (Linnaeus, 1761)
Meromyza variegata Meigen, 1830 species // variegata Mg. 1 Meromyza variegata Meigen, 1830
Ectecephala obscura (Schiner, 1868) species // obscurum Schin. 1 Ectecephala obscura (Schiner, 1868)
Ectecephala brasiliensis Becker, 1912 species // brasiliensis Beck. 2 Ectecephala brasiliensis Becker, 1912
Parectecephala eucera (Loew, 1863) species Parectecephala eucera Loew 2 Parectecephala eucera (Loew, 1863)
Aragara imitator (Becker, 1911) species Ochtherisoma imitator Beck 3 Aragara imitator (Becker, 1911)
Eutropha noctilux (Walker, 1859) species Eurina noctilux Walk. 10 Eutropha noctilux (Walker, 1859)
Platycephala calva (Egger, 1862) species Eurina calva Egg. 1 Platycephala calva (Egger, 1862)
Eurina magnifica   chironym Eurina magnifica n.sp. 1   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Trichieurina pubescens (Meigen, 1830) species Tricheurina pubescens Mg. 2 Trichieurina pubescens (Meigen, 1830)
Anthracophagella albovariegata (Thomson, 1869) species // albovariegata Thoms. 5 Anthracophagella albovariegata (Thomson, 1869)
Chlorops strigulus (Fabricius, 1794) species Anthracophaga strigula F. 2 Chlorops strigulus (Fabricius, 1794)
Coniochlorops obliquefasciata (Frey, 1923) species Luzonia obliquefasciata Frey 3 Coniochlorops obliquefasciata Frey, 1923
Cryptonevra flavitarsis (Meigen, 1830) species Haplegis flavitarsis Mg. 1   Genus name added later. Cryptonevra flavitarsis (Meigen, 1830)
Metopostigma sauteri Becker, 1911 species Metopostigma Sauteri Beck. 2 Metopostigma sauteri Becker, 1911
Lasiosina albipila (Loew, 1866) species Lasiosina albipila Lw 1   Genus name added later. Lasiosina albipila (Loew, 1866)
Semaranga dorsocentralis Becker, 1911 species Semaranga dorsocentralis Beck. 12 Semaranga dorsocentralis Becker, 1911
Mepachymerus indicus Frey, 1961 species Mepachymerus indicus Frey 12 Mepachymerus indicus Frey, 1961
Mepachymerus baculus Speiser, 1910 species Mepachymerus baculus Speis. 1 Mepachymerus baculus Speiser, 1910
Mepachymerus longicollis (Becker, 1910) species Mepachymerus longicollis Beck. 1 Mepachymerus longicollis (Becker, 1910)
Steleocerellus flavifrons (Frey, 1918) species // neotropicus Beck. 1 Steleocerellus flavifrons (Frey, 1918)
Ensiferella obscurella (Becker, 1911) species // obscurellus Beck. 4 Ensiferella obscurella (Becker, 1911)
Pseudopachychaeta pachycera (Strobl, 1902) species Pseudopachychaeta pachycera Strobl 11 Pseudopachychaeta pachycera Strobl, 1902
Diplotoxa messoria (Fallén, 1820) species Diplotoxa messoria Fall. 1   See D-fennica? Diplotoxa messoria (Fallen, 1820)
Melanum laterale (Haliday, 1833) species Melanum laterale Hal. 1   See D-fennica? Melanum laterale (Haliday, 1833)
Capnoptera pilosa Loew, 1866 species Capnoptera pilosa Lw 3 Capnoptera pilosa Loew, 1866
Capnoptera scutata (Rossi, 1790) species Capnoptera scutata Rossi 2 Capnoptera scutata (Rossi, 1790)
Eutropha fulvifrons (Haliday, 1833) species Eutropha fulvifrons Hal. 10 Eutropha fulvifrons (Haliday, 1833)
Eutropha mediterranea Becker, 1910 species Eutropha [fulvifrons] v. mediterrana Beck. 2 Eutropha mediterranea Becker, 1910
Eutropha variegata Loew, 1866 species Eutropha variegata Lw     In D-fennica? Eutropha variegata Loew, 1866
Cetema cereris (Fallén, 1820) species Cetema cereris Fall. 2   See D-fennica? Cetema cereris (Fallen, 1820)
Epichlorops puncticollis (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Epichlorops puncticollis 1 Melanum puncticollis (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Chlorops varsoviensis Becker, 1910 species Chlorops varsoviensis Beck.     In D-fennica? Chlorops varsoviensis Becker, 1910
Chlorops laetus Meigen, 1830 species Chlorops laeta Mg. 1 Chlorops laetus Meigen, 1830
Chlorops   genus Chlorops 2 Chlorops Meigen, 1803
Chlorops gracilis Meigen, 1830 species Oscinis gracilis Mg. 3   See D-fennica? Chlorops gracilis Meigen, 1830
Chlorops planifrons (Loew, 1866) species Oscinis planifrons Lw 5 Chlorops planifrons (Loew, 1866)
Chlorops planifrons (Loew, 1866) species Oscinis [planifrons] v. triangularis Beck. 3 Chlorops planifrons (Loew, 1866)
Chlorops serenus Loew, 1866 species Oscinis serena Lw 1 Chlorops serenus Loew, 1866
Chlorops obscurellus (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Oscinis brunnipes Zett.     In D-fennica? Chlorops obscurellus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Chlorops figuratus (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Oscinis figurata Zett.     In D-fennica? Chlorops figuratus (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Chlorops pumilionis (Bjerkander, 1778) species Oscinis pumilionis Bjerk.     In D-fennica? Chlorops pumilionis (Bjerkander, 1778)
Chlorops pannonicus Strobl, 1893 species Oscinis pannonica Strobl 1 Chlorops pannonicus Strobl, 1893
Rhodesiella finitima (Becker, 1911) species Oscinis finitima Beck. 2 Chlorops finitimus Becker, 1910
Chlorops centorivergens (Duda, 1933) species Oscinis centorivergens Duda 1   1 type Chlorops centorivergens (Duda, 1933)
Chlorops sahlbergii Loew, 1863 species Oscinis Sahlbergi Lw 1   1 type Chlorops sahlbergii Loew, 1863
Trigonomma cinereomicans (Frey, 1918) species Oscinis // *OBSCURED* 1 Trigonomma cinereomicans (Frey, 1918)
Chlorops ochraceus Becker, 1911 species Oscinis ochracea Beck. 2 Chlorops ochraceus Becker, 1911
Chlorops stigmatellus Becker, 1911 species Oscinis stigmatella Beck. 2 Chlorops stigmatellus Becker, 1911
Chlorops canaliculatus Becker, 1911 species Oscinis canaliculata Beck. 5 Chlorops canaliculatus Becker, 1911
Chlorops grisecens Becker, 1916 species Oscinis grisescens Beck. [sic] 1 Chlorops grisecens Becker, 1916
Chlorops rufinus (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Oscinis rufina Zett.     In D-fennica? Chlorops rufinus (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Chlorops scalaris Meigen, 1830 species // scalaris Mg.     In D-fennica? Chlorops scalaris Meigen, 1830
Chlorops speciosus Meigen, 1830 species // speciosa Mg. 2   See D-fennica? Chlorops speciosus Meigen, 1830
Chlorops calceatus Meigen, 1830 species // calceata Mg. 2   See D-fennica? Chlorops calceatus Meigen, 1830
Chloropsina tagalica (Frey, 1923) species // tagalica Frey 1 Chloropsina tagalica (Frey, 1923)
Chlorops dimidiatifemur Frey, 1923 species // dimidiatifemur Frey 2 Chlorops dimidiatifemur Frey, 1923
Chlorops excelsior Frey, 1923 species // excelsior Frey 2  
Trigonomma bisulcatum (Enderlein, 1911) species // bisulcata End. 1 Trigonomma bisulcatum (Enderlein, 1911)
Assuania thalhammeri (Strobl, 1893) species Assuania Thalhammeri Strobl 3 Assuania thalhammeri (Strobl, 1893)
Eutropha nigroscutellata (Becker, 1911) species Assuania nigroscutellata Beck. 2 Eutropha nigroscutellata (Becker, 1911)
Chloropsina elegans (Bezzi, 1914) species Chromatopterum elegans Bezzi 9 Chloropsina elegans (Bezzi, 1914)
Parectecephala longicornis (Fallén, 1820) species Parectecephala longicornis Zett. 6 Parectecephala longicornis (Fallen, 1820)
Parectecephala andalusiaca (Strobl, 1899) species Parectecephala andalusiaca Strobl 2 Parectecephala andalusiaca (Strobl, 1899)
Parectecephala indistincta Duda, 1930 species Parectecephala indistincta Duda 2 Parectecephala indistincta Duda, 1930
Lagaroceras sequens Becker, 1910 species Lagaroceras sequens Beck. 1 Lagaroceras sequens Becker, 1910
Neoloxotaenia gracilis (Meijere, 1908) species Loxotaenia gracilis de Meij. 3 Neoloxotaenia gracilis (Meijere, 1908)
Neoloxotaenia umbrosa (Frey, 1923) species Loxotaenia umbrosa Frey 1 Neoloxotaenia umbrosa (Frey, 1923)
Thaumatomyia sulcifrons (Becker, 1907) species Thaumatomyia sulcifrons Beck. 8 Thaumatomyia sulcifrons (Becker, 1907)
Thaumatomyia rufa (Macquart, 1835) species Thaumatomyia rufa Macq. 1 Thaumatomyia rufa (Macquart, 1835)
Thaumatomyia rufa (Macquart, 1835) species Thaumatomyia [rufa] v. nigrovittata Strobl 1 Thaumatomyia rufa (Macquart, 1835)
Thaumatomyia notata (Meigen, 1830) species Thaumatomyia notata Meig. 17 Thaumatomyia notata (Meigen, 1830)
Thaumatomyia flavifrons (Macquart, 1835) species Thaumatomyia [notata] v. flavifrons Mcq. 5 Thaumatomyia flavifrons (Macquart, 1835)
Chlorops obscuricornis Loew, 1863 species Thaumatomyia obscuricornis Lw 1 Chlorops obscuricornis Loew, 1863
Thaumatomyia nigricornis   chironym Thaumatomyia nigricornis Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Thaumatomyia glabra (Meigen, 1830) species // glabra Meig. 1 Thaumatomyia glabra (Meigen, 1830)
Thaumatomyia pullipes (Coquillett, 1898) species // pallipes Coq. [sic] 1   Name later corrected to pullipes on label Thaumatomyia pullipes (Coquillett, 1898)
Thaumatomyia glabrina (Becker, 1912) species // glabrina Beck. 3 Thaumatomyia glabrina (Becker, 1912)
Thaumatomyia rufithorax (Duda, 1930) species // rufithorax Duda 1 Conioscinella rufithorax Duda, 1930
Merochlorops lucens (Meijere, 1908) species Formosina lucens de Meij. 10 Merochlorops lucens (Meijere, 1908)
Merochlorops distans (Frey, 1923) species Formosina distans Frey 5 Merochlorops distans (Frey, 1923)
Merochlorops vitalisi   chironym Formosina Vitalisi Frey 3   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Thressa gigas (Frey, 1923) species Chalcidomyia gigas Frey 1 Thressa gigas (Frey, 1923)
Thressa beckeri (Meijere, 1913) species // Beckeri de Meij. 6 Thressa beckeri (Meijere, 1913)
Thressa punctifera (Meijere, 1910) species // punctifera de Meij. 10 Thressa punctifera (Meijere, 1910)
Thressa flavipes   chironym // [punctifera] . flavipes Frey 4   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  
Thressa cyanescens (Becker, 1916) species // cyanescens Beck. 1 Thressa cyanescens (Becker, 1916)
Thressa aeneiventris (Meijere, 1910) species // aeneiventris de Meij. 8 Thressa aeneiventris (Meijere, 1910)
Thressa polita (Meijere, 1910) species // polita de Meij. 8 Thressa polita (Meijere, 1910)
Thressa meijerei   chironym // Meijerei Frey 2   Manuscript name by R. Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Chloropidae: 234