Coll. Richard Frey (MZH/FMNH/Luomus): taxon list part 1 – Xylophagidae to Dolichopodidae

Promachus gomerae Frey, 1936

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) = Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo (Luomus).

The list is work in progress and may contain errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes. The GBIF suggested names are automatically generated and have not been reviewed.

Known or suspected manuscript names present in the collection are listed as chironyms.

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Collection: Diptera collection of Richard Frey

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MSManuscript (name)
See D-fennica.Some material moved to the Diptera East Fennoscandia collection at MZH
In D-fennica.All material moved to the Diptera East Fennoscandia collection at MZH.
Standard abbreviations in this catalogue.

Part 1: Diptera, Brachycera, Xylophagidae to Dolichopodidae


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Rachicerus relictus (Frey, 1954) species Electra relicta Frey 2 Rachicerus relicta (Frey, 1954)
Rachicerus robustus   species Rhachicerus robustus Frey 1 Rachicerus robustus (Frey, 1954)
Rachicerus maculipennis   species Rhachicerus maculipennis Frey 1 Rachicerus maculipennis (Frey, 1954)
Rachicerus pauciarticulatus   species Rhachicerus pauciarticulatus Frey 1 Rachicerus pauciarticulatus (Frey, 1954)
Rachicerus   genus Rhachicerella 1 Kamerun Rachicerus
Rachicerus pilosus   species Gymnorhachicerus pilosus Frey 4   1 ex destroyed. Rachicerus pilosus (Frey, 1954)
Xylophagus ater   species Xylophagus ater Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Xylophagus ater Meigen, 1804
Xylophagus cinctus   species Xylophagus cinctus Deg.     In D-fennica. Xylophagus cinctus (De Geer, 1776)
Xylophagus rufipes   species Xylophagus rufipes Lw. 1 Xylophagus rufipes Loew, 1869
Xylophagus junki   species Xylophagus junci 1 Xylophagus junki (Szilady, 1932)
Heterostomus curvipalpis   species Heterostomus curvipalpis Mig. 1 Heterostomus curvipalpis Bigot, 1857
Coenomyia ferruginea   species Coenomyia ferruginea Scop. 2 Coenomyia ferruginea (Scopoli, 1763)
Anacanthaspis bifasciata   species Anacanthaspis bifasciata Röd. 1 Anacanthaspis bifasciata Roder, 1889
Stratioleptis pleskei Seguy, 1926 species Stratioleptis pleskei Seg. 1 Odontosabula gloriosa Matsumura, 1905
Atherimorpha   genus Atherimorpha 1 Atherimorpha White, 1915
Arthropeas tabanoides   chironym Arthropeas tabanoides n. 1   MS name by Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Xylophagidae: 16


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Lampromyia canariensis   species Lampromyia canariensis Macq. 4 Lampromyia canariensis Macquart, 1838
Lampromyia pallida   species Lampromyia pallida Mcq. 2 Lampromyia pallida Macquart, 1835
Lampromyia lecerfi   species Lampromyia Le Cerfi Seg. 1 Lampromyia lecerfi Seguy, 1930

Taxa in collection for Vermileonidae: 3


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Bolbomyia wuorentausi   species Cechenia kamtschatica Szil. 2   MS name for what was later named wuorentausi? Bolbomyia wuorentausi (Szilady, 1934)

Taxa in collection for Bolbomyiidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Atherix ibis   species Atherix ibis Fabr. 2 Atherix ibis (Fabricius, 1798)
Suragina caerulescens   species Atherix caerulescens Brun. 10 Suragina caerulescens (Brunetti, 1912)
Suragina fascipennis (Bezzi, 1916) species Atherix fascipennis Bezzi 3 Suragina fascipennis (Bezzi, 1916)
Suragina cincta   species Atherix cincta Brun. 1 Suragina cincta (Brunetti, 1909)
Suragina limbata (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Atherix limbata O.-S. 1 Suragina limbata (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Suragina intermedia   species Atherix intermedia Brun. 2 Suragina intermedia (Brunetti, 1909)
Atherix marginata   species Atherix marginata Fabr. 1 Atherix marginata (Fabricius, 1781)
Atrichops apollinis   chironym Atherix apollinis Lind. V. cyprica Fr.     MS name by Frey. Material removed.   Atrichops apollinis Lindner, 1923
Atherix marginata   species Atherix maroccana Seg. 4 Atherix marginata (Fabricius, 1781)
Suragina s-fuscum (Frey, 1954) species Atherix s-fuscum Frey 2 Suragina s-fuscum (Frey, 1954)

Taxa in collection for Athericidae: 10


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Spania nigra   species Spania nigra Mg.     In D-fennica. Spania nigra Meigen, 1830
Ptiolina grandis   species Ptiolina grandis Frey 1 Ptiolina grandis Frey, 1918
Ptiolina fulva   species Ptiolina fulva Beck. 2  
Ptiolina nigrina   species Ptiolina nigrina Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Ptiolina obscura (Fallen, 1814)
Ptiolina obscura   species Ptiolina obscura Fall.     In D-fennica. Ptiolina obscura (Fallen, 1814)
Ptiolina paradoxa   species Ptiolina Ptiolina paradoxa 2 Ptiolina paradoxa (Jaennicke, 1867)
Ptiolina cinereofasciata   species Ptiolina phragmitophila Schin. 2 Ptiolina cinereofasciata (Schummel, 1837)
Omphalophora lapponica   species Omphalophora lapponica Frey 1 Omphalophora lapponica Frey, 1907
Omphalophora oculata   species Omphalophora oculata Beck. 2 Omphalophora oculata Becker, 1900
Triptotricha   genus Triptotricha disparilis Bergr. 3 Triptotricha Loew, 1872
Dialysis cispacifica   species Dialysis cispacifica Bezzi 2 Dialysis cispacifica Bezzi, 1912
Dasyomma cinerascens   species Dasyomma cinerascens Phil. 1 Dasyomma cinerascens (Philippi, 1865)
Rhagio scolopaceus   genus Rhagio scolopacea L.     In D-fennica. Rhagio scolopaceus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhagio cavannae (Bezzi, 1898) species Rhagio cavannae Bezzi 1 Rhagio cavannae (Bezzi, 1898)
Rhagio latipennis Lw. species Rhagio latipennis Lw 1 Rhagio latipennis (Loew, 1856)
Rhagio strigosa Meig. species Rhagio strigosa Meig. 1 Rhagio strigosus Meigen, 1804
Rhagio punctipennis Say species Rhagio punctipennis Say 2 Rhagio punctipennis (Say, 1823)
Rhagio perdicaceus Frey, 1954 species Rhagio perdicaceus Frey ~11 Rhagio perdicaceus Frey, 1954
Rhagio philippinus   species Rhagio philippinus Frey 4  
Rhagina incurvatus de Meij. species Rhagio incurvatus de Meij. 1 Rhagina incurvatus (Meijere, 1911)
Rhagio griseicollis Frey, 1954 species Rhagio formosus B. griseicollis 1 Rhagio griseicollis Frey, 1954
Rhagio flavimedius   species Rhagio flavimedius Coq.     Material removed, location unknown. Rhagio flavimedius (Coquillett, 1898)
Rhagio chrysostigma   species Rhagio chrysostigma Lw     Material removed, location unknown. Rhagio chrysostigma (Loew, 1857)
Rhagio immaculatus   species Rhagio immaculata Mg.     Material removed, location unknown. Rhagio immaculatus Meigen, 1804
Rhagio maculatus   species Rhagio maculata Deg.     In D-fennica. Rhagio maculatus (De Geer, 1776)
Rhagio annulata (De Geer, 1776) species Rhagio annulata Deg. 1 Rhagio annulatus (De Geer, 1776)
Rhagio tringarius   species Rhagio Rhagio tringaria     In D-fennica. Rhagio tringarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhagio tringarius   species Rhagio [tringaria] v. punctatus Lw     Material removed, location unknown. Rhagio tringarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhagio tringarius   species Rhagio [tringaria] v. Göbeli Strobl 2 Rhagio tringarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhagio conspicua   species Rhagio conspicua Mg. 2 Rhagio conspicuus Meigen, 1804
Rhagio cingulata   species Rhagio cingulata Lw 3 Rhagio cingulatus (Loew, 1856)
Rhagio notatus   species Rhagio notata Mg.     In D-fennica. Rhagio notatus (Meigen, 1820)
Rhagio lineola   species Rhagio lineola Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Rhagio lineola Fabricius, 1794
Rhagio lineola   species Rhagio [lineola] v. monticola Egg. 6 Rhagio lineola Fabricius, 1794
Rhagio sp. 1   chironym Rhagio Itoi i.sch.     MS name by Frey. In D-fennica.  
Rhagio dimidiata   species Rhagio dimidiata Lw 6 Rhagio dimidiatus (Loew, 1863)
Rhagio vermileoides   species Rhagio vermileoides Frey 1  
Symphoromyia crassicornis   species Symphoromyia crassicornis Panz. 1   See D-fennica. Symphoromyia crassicornis (Panzer, 1806)
Symphoromyia melaena   species Symphoromyia melaena Mg. 1 Symphoromyia melaena (Meigen, 1820)
Symphoromyia sp.   species Symphoromyia sp. 2  
Chrysopilus boettcheri   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilodes) Böttcheri Frey 2 Chrysopilus boettcheri Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus nobilipennis   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) nobilipennis Frey 3 Chrysopilus nobilipennis Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus calopterus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) calopterus Schin. 1 Chrysopilus calopterus Schiner, 1868
Chrysopilus gemmiferus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) gemmiferus Frey 1 Chrysopilus gemmiferus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus postmacula   chironym Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) postmacula i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysopilus illustris   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) illustris Frey 9 Chrysopilus illustris Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus angustifrons   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) angustifrons Frey 6 Chrysopilus angustifrons Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus ferruginosus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) ferruginosus Wied. 2 Chrysopilus ferruginosus (Wiedemann, 1819)
Chrysopilus philippinus Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) [ferruginosus] subsp. philippinus Frey 6 Chrysopilus philippinus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus dimidiatus Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) [ferruginosus] subsp. dimidiatus Frey 5 Chrysopilus dimidiatus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus burmanicus Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) [ferruginosus] subsp. burmanicus Frey 3 Chrysopilus burmanicus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus niveofarinosus Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) niveofarinosus Frey 4  
Chrysopilus quadratus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) quadratus Say 5 Chrysopilus quadratus (Say, 1823)
Chrysopilus nubecula   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) nubecula Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Chrysopilus nubecula (Fallen, 1814)
Chrysopilus luteolus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) luteolus Fall.     In D-fennica. Chrysopilus luteolus (Fallen, 1814)
Chrysopilus luteolentus   chironym Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) luteolentus i.sch.     MS name by Frey. Material removed, currect location unknown.  
Chrysopilus unicolor   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) unicolor Brun. ~18 Chrysopilus unicolor Brunetti, 1909
Chrysopilus nigripalpis   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) nigripalpis Bezzi 1 Chrysopilus nigripalpis Bezzi, 1912
Chrysopilus opacifrons   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) opacifrons de Meij. 2 Chrysopilus opacifrons Meijere, 1911
Chrysopilus azurescens   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) azurescens Frey 1  
Chrysopilus sahlbergianus   chironym Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) sahlbergianus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysopilus depressiconus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) depressiconus Frey 8 Chrysopilus depressiconus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus griseipennis   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) griseipennis Frey 8 Chrysopilus griseipennis Bezzi, 1912
Chrysopilus stigma   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) stigma Brun. 1 Chrysopilus stigma Brunetti, 1909
Chrysopilus monostigma   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) monostigma Frey 7  
Chrysopilus modestus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) modestus Lw 2 Chrysopilus modestus Loew, 1872
Chrysopilus aureus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) aureus Mg 9 Chrysopilus aureus (Meigen, 1804)
Chrysopilus pallipes   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) pallipes Lw 1 Chrysopilus pallipes (Loew, 1869)
Chrysopilus basilaris   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) basilaris Say 1 Chrysopilus basilaris (Say, 1823)
Chrysopilus bolivianus   chironym Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) bolivianus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysopilus splendidus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) splendidus Mg 2 Chrysopilus splendidus (Meigen, 1820)
Chrysopilus alpicola   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) alpicola Pok. 5 Chrysopilus alpicola (Pokorny, 1886)
Chrysopilus auratus   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) auratus Fabr. 5 Chrysopilus auratus (Fabricius, 1805)
Chrysopilus albibasalis   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) albibasalis Brun. 1  
Chrysopilus malaisei   species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) Malaisei Frey 5 Chrysopilus malaisei Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus tenggeranus Frey, 1934 species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) tenggeranus Frey 1 Chrysopilus tenggeranus Frey, 1934
Chrysopilus shananus Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Chrysopilus) shananus Frey 2 Chrysopilus shananus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus thoracicus   species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) thoracicus Macq. 3 Chrysopilus thoracicus (Fabricius, 1805)
Chrysopilus dives   species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) dives Loew 1 Chrysopilus dives Loew, 1871
Chrysopilus foedus   species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) foedus Lw 2 Chrysopilus foedus Loew, 1861
Chrysopilus propinquus   species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) propinquus Walk. 1 Chrysopilus propinquus Kertesz, 1902
Chrysopilus nova   chironym Chrysopilus (Variopilus) nova i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysopilus aequicellulatus Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) aequicellulatus Frey 2 Chrysopilus aequicellulatus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus dauricus   species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) dauricus Frey 1 Chrysopilus dauricus Frey, 1954
Chrysopilus asiaticus   species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) asiaticus Lind. 1 Chrysopilus auratus (Fabricius, 1805)
Chrysopilus kyotoensis Frey, 1954 species Chrysopilus (Variopilus) kyotoënsis Frey 1 Chrysopilus kyotoensis Frey, 1954
Stylospania lancifera   species Stylospania lancifera Frey 1 Stylospania lancifera Frey, 1954
Schizella furcicornis   species Schizella furcicornis Bezzi 2 Schizella furcicornis Bezzi, 1916
Schizella pulchrina   species Schizella pulchrina Frey 2 Schizella pulchrina Frey, 1954

Taxa in collection for Rhagionidae: 89


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Hilarimorpha orientalis   species Hilarimorpha orientalis Frey 1 Hilarimorpha orientalis Frey, 1954

Taxa in collection for Hilarimorphidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pantophthalmus herculeanus   chironym Pantophthalmus herculeanus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Pantophthalmus frauenfeldi   species Pantophthalmus Frauenfeldi Schin. 1 Pantophthalmus frauenfeldi (Schiner, 1868)
Pantophthalmus vittatus   species Pantophthalmus vittatus Wied. 1 Pantophthalmus vittatus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Pantophthalmus kerteszianus (Enderlein, 1914) species Pantophthalmus conspicabilis Austen 1 Pantophthalmus kerteszianus (Enderlein, 1914)
Pantophthalmus pictus   species Pantophthalmus pictus Wied. 6 Pantophthalmus pictus (Wiedemann, 1821)
Pantophthalmus bellardi   species Pantophthalmus Bellardi Bell. 1 Pantophthalmus bellardii (Bellardi, 1862)
Rhaphiorhynchus planiventris Wiedemann, 1821 species Rhaphiorhynchus planiventris Wied. 1 Pantophthalmus planiventris (Wiedemann, 1821)

Taxa in collection for Pantophthalmidae: 7


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pantophthalmus rothschildi   species Atopomyia Rothschildi Aust.     In D-fennica. Pantophthalmus rothschildi (Austen, 1909)
Coenura elegans   species Coenura elegans Phil. 1  
Pelecorhynchus albolineatus Hardy, 1918 species Pelecorhynchus albolineatus Hardy 1 Pelecorhynchus albolineatus Hardy, 1918
Pelecorhynchus personatus (Walker, 1848) species Pelecorhynchus personatus Wlk. 1 Pelecorhynchus personatus (Walker, 1848)
Siridorhina natalensis   chironym Siridorhina natalensis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Apocampta subcanus   species Apocampta subcanus Walk. 1  
Pseudotabanus queenslandi Ricardo, 1915 species Pseudotabanus queenslandi Rr 1 Pseudotabanus queenslandi Ricardo, 1915
Pseudotabanus madagascarensis   chironym Pseudotabanus madagascarensis n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Philoliche longirostris (Hardwicke, 1823) species Corizoneura longirostris Hardw. 5 Philoliche longirostris (Hardwicke, 1823)
Scaptia lata   species Osca lata Guer. 1 Scaptia lata (Guerin-Meneville, 1835)
Fidena castanea   species Listrapha castanea Perty 1 Fidena castanea (Perty, 1833)
Fidena rhinophora (Bellardi, 1859) species Melpia pyrausta O.-S. 1 Fidena rhinophora (Bellardi, 1859)
Scaptia rufa (Macquart, 1838) species Melpia rufa Mcq. 1 Scaptia rufa (Macquart, 1838)
Scaptia guttata   species Scaptia guttata Don. 2 Scaptia guttata (Donovan, 1805)
Scaptia brevirostris (Macquart, 1850: 326) species Scaptia brevirostris Macq. 1 Scaptia brevirostris (Macquart, 1850)
Scaptia auriflua   species Scaptia auriflua Don. 1 Scaptia auriflua (Donovan, 1805)
Scaptia jacksoni   species Scaptia jacksoni Macq. 2 Scaptia jacksonii (Macquart, 1838)
Scaptia orientalis   species Scaptia orientalis Macq. 1 Scaptia orientalis Mackerras, 1960
Scaptia maculiventris   species Scaptia maculiventris Westw. 2 Scaptia maculiventris (Westwood, 1835)
Scaptia quadrimaculata   species Scaptia quadrimaculata Walk. 1  
Phara rueppeli   species Phara rueppeli Jaenn. 1  
Phara biclausa   species Phara biclausa Loew 1  
Nycteromyia brevirostris   species Nycteromyia brevirostris Phil. 1  
Pangonia surcoufi Seguy, 1929 species Ectinocerella surcoufi Seg. 2  
Pangonius mauritanus (Linnaeus, 1767) species Pangonius (Taeniopangonia) proboscidea Fabr. 2 Pangonius mauritanus (Linnaeus, 1767)
Pangonius powelli Seguy, 1930 species Pangonius (Taeniopangonia) powelli Seg. 1 Pangonius powelli (Seguy, 1930)
Pangonius alluaudi Seguy, 1930 species Pangonius (Pangonius) alluaudi Seg. 2 Pangonius alluaudi Seguy, 1930
Pangonius haustellatus (Fabricius, 1781) species Pangonius (Melanopangonia) marginata Fabr. 2 Pangonius haustellatus (Fabricius, 1781)
Pangonius celer Frey chironym Pangonius (Melanopangonia) celer Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Pangonius micans   species Pangonius (Melanopangonia) micans Mg. 2 Pangonius micans (Meigen, 1820)
Esenbeckia fuscipennis (Wiedemann, 1828: 95) species Esenbeckia fuscipennis Wied. 2 Erioneura fuscipennis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Esenbeckia translucens   species Esenbeckia translucens Macq. 1 Esenbeckia translucens (Macquart, 1846)
Esenbeckia tincta   chironym Esenbeckia tincta i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Esenbeckia fasciata   chironym Esenbeckia fasciata i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Esenbeckia aurulans   species Esenbeckia aurulans Wied. 1  
Esenbeckia illota   species Esenbeckia illota Will. 1 Esenbeckia illota (Williston, 1901)
Esenbeckia pellucens   chironym Esenbeckia pellucens i.sch. 6   MS name by Frey.  
Fidena basilaris   species Phaeoneura basilaris Wied. 1 Esenbeckia tepicana (Townsend, 1912)
Fidena spilapterus   chironym Fidena spilapterus i.sch. 4   MS name by Frey.  
Fidena hirsuta   species Sackenimyia hirsuta Thunb. 2  
Fidena marginalis   species Sackenimyia marginalis Wied. 10 Fidena marginalis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Fidena sorbens   species Sackenimyia sorbens Wied. 11 Fidena sorbens (Wiedemann, 1828)
Fidena sanguifera   chironym Sackenimyia sanguifera i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Fidena leucopogon   species Sackenimyia leucopogon Wied. 6 Fidena leucopogon (Wiedemann, 1828)
Fidena sp.   species Sackenimyia sp. 1  
Fidena flavolanatus   chironym Sackenimyia flavolanatus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Fidena winthemi   species Sackenimyia winthemi Wied. 1 Fidena winthemi (Wiedemann, 1819)
Fidena erythronotata (Bigot, 1892) species Sackenimyia erythronotata Big. 2 Fidena erythronotata (Bigot, 1892)
Fidena analis (Fabricius, 1805: 91) species Sackenimyia analis Fabr. 4 Fidena analis (Fabricius, 1805)
Elaphella cervus   species Elaphella cervus Wied. 1  
Scione incompleta   species Scione incompleta Macq. 1 Scione incompleta Walker, 1850
Scione claripennis   species Rhinotriclista claripennis Ric 1 Scione claripennis Ricardo, 1900
Acanthocera longicornis (Fabricius, 1775: 790) species Acanthocera longicornis Fabr. 3 Acanthocera longicornis (Fabricius, 1775)
Acanthocera coarctata (Wiedemann, 1828: 578) species Spheciogaster coarctata Wied. 3 Acanthocera coarctata (Wiedemann, 1828)
Udenocera sp.   species Udenocera flavipennis Macq. 1 Philippines Diabasis flavipennis Macquart, 1850 is currently a nomen dubium.  
Tabanus obscurestigmatus Bigot, 1859 species Madagascarina obscurestigmatus Big. 1   Madagascarina Frey is a manuscript name. Tabanus obscurestigmatus Bigot, 1859
Diachlorus bicinctus (Fabricius, 1805) species Diachlorus bicinctus Fabr. 2 Diachlorus bicinctus (Fabricius, 1805)
Diachlorus apicalis   chironym Diachlorus apicalis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Lutziella   genus Lutziella 6  
Selasoma tibiale   species Selasoma tibiale Fbr. 3 Selasoma tibiale (Fabricius, 1805)
Lepiselaga crassipes   species Lepiselaga lepidota Wied. 3 Lepiselaga crassipes (Fabricius, 1805)
Leucotabanus exaestuans   species Pseudoselasoma leucaspis Wied. 1 Leucotabanus exaestuans (Linnaeus, 1758)
Pseudoselasoma subbicinctus   chironym Pseudoselasoma subbicinctus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Pseudacanthocera sylveirii (Macquart, 1838: 159) species Pseudoselasoma sylvierai Macq. 3 Pseudacanthocera sylveirii (Macquart, 1838)
Ancala latipes (Macquart, 1838: 123) species Ancala latipes Macq. 6 Ancala latipes (Macquart, 1838)
Ancala africana   species Ancala africanus Gray 2 Ancala africana (Griffith & Pidgeon, 1832)
Pachyschelomyia notopleuralis ?   species Ancala fenestratus Macq. 3 Pachyschelomyia notopleuralis Barretto, 1950
Ancala fasciata   species Ancala fasciatus Fabr. 6 Ancala fasciata (Fabricius, 1775)
Ancala confucius Macquart, 1855 species Ancala confucius Macq. 6   Name is a nomen dubium.  
Euancala maculatissima   species Euancala maculatissima Macq. 1 Euancala maculatissima (Macquart, 1838)
Neotabanus ater   chironym Neotabanus ater Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Stenotabanus   genus Melanotabanus 2 Stenotabanus Lutz, 1913
Stenotabanus tricolor   chironym Stenotabanus tricolor Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Chlorotabanus mexicanus (Linnaeus, 1758) species Stenotabanus maxicanus L. 3 Chlorotabanus mexicanus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Stenotabanus viridinervis   chironym Stenotabanus viridinervis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Stenotabanus apicalis   chironym Stenotabanus apicalis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus sabuletorum   species Stenotabanus gerkei Brauer 1 Tabanus sabuletorum Loew, 1874
Atylotus agrestis (Wiedemann, 1828) species Stenotabanus ditaeniatus Macq. 4 Atylotus agrestis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Tabanus uniformis Ricardo, 1911 species Stenotabanus uniformis Ric. 3 Tabanus uniformis Ricardo, 1911
Tabanus fusconervosus   species Stenotabanus fur Will. 1 Tabanus fusconervosus Macquart, 1838
Atylotus pulchellus   species Stenotabanus pulchellus Lw 1 Atylotus pulchellus (Loew, 1858)
Tabanus exoticus Ricardo, 1913 species Stenotabanus exoticus Ric. 4 Tabanus exoticus Ricardo, 1913
Stenotabanus gannanensis?   chironym Stenotabanus gannanensis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus sorbillans Wiedemann, 1828 species Stenotabanus sorbillans Wied. 10 Tabanus sorbillans Wiedemann, 1828
Stenotabanus leptipalpus   chironym Stenotabanus leptipalpus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Stenotabanus rubiginosus   chironym Stenotabanus rubiginosus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Stenotabanus taeniotes (Wiedemann, 1828) species Stenotabanus taeniotes Wied. 1 Stenotabanus taeniotes (Wiedemann, 1828)
Stenotabanus exhabilis   chironym Stenotabanus exhabilis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cydistomyia nigropictus   species Cydistomyia nigropictus Macq. 1 Cydistomyia nigropictus Macquart, 1855
Cydistomyia pseudoardens (Taylor, 1913) species Cydistomyia pseudoardens Tayl. 1 Cydistomyia pseudoardens Taylor, 1913
Cydistomyia victoriensis (Ricardo, 1915) species Cydistomyia victoriensis Ric. 2 Cydistomyia victoriensis Ricardo, 1915
Cydistomyia albithorax   species Cydistomyia doddi Tayl. 1 Cydistomyia albithorax (Ricardo, 1913)
Tabanus eminens   chironym Tabanus eminens Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus sp.1   species Tabanus sp. 1  
Tabanus felxilis   species Tabanus vanderwulpi Ost.-Sack. 2  
Tabanus griseoscutellatus Krober, 1924 species Tabanus griseoscutellatus Kröb. 1 Tabanus griseoscutellatus Krober, 1924
Tabanus ixion Osten Sacken, 1882 species Tabanus ixion Ost.-S. 1 Tabanus ixion Osten Sacken, 1882
Tabanus osten-sackeni   chironym Tabanus Osten-Sackeni Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus sp.2   species Tabanus sp. 1  
Tabanus biguttatus Wiedemann, 1830 species Tabanus biguttatus Wied. 1 Tabanus biguttatus Wiedemann, 1830
Tabanus optatus Walker, 1856 species Tabanus optatus Walk. 5 Tabanus optatus Walker, 1856
Tabanus arbucklei   species Tabanus besti var. arbucklei Aust. 3 Tabanus arbucklei Austen, 1912
Tabanus besti   species Tabanus obscurissimus Ric. 1 Tabanus besti Surcouf, 1907
Tabanus sp.3   species Tabanus sp. 1  
Tabanus oculus   species Tabanus albonotatus Big. [sic.] 4   intepreted as albonotatus Bellardi, not Bigot  
Tabanus insignis Loew, 1858 species Tabanus insignis Lw 4 Tabanus insignis Loew, 1858
Tabanus elegantissimus   chironym Tabanus elegantissimus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus striatus Fabricius, 1787 species Tabanus striatus Fabr. 10 Tabanus striatus Fabricius, 1787
Tabanus macer   species Tabanus bicallosus Ric. 1 Tabanus macer (Bigot, 1892)
Tabanus tenens Walker, 1850 species Tabanus tenens Wlk. 1 Tabanus tenens Walker, 1850
Tabanus reducens Walker, 1859 species Tabanus reducens Walk. 6 Tabanus reducens Walker, 1859
Tabanus secedens Walker, 1854 species Tabanus kingsleyi Ric. 3 Tabanus secedens Walker, 1854
Tabanus occidentalis Linnaeus, 1758 species Tabanus occidentalis L. 1 Tabanus occidentalis Linnaeus, 1758
Tabanus rubidus Wiedemann, 1821 species Tabanus rubidus Wied. 13 Tabanus rubidus Wiedemann, 1821
Tabanus distinctus Ricardo, 1908 species Tabanus distinctus Ric. 1 Tabanus distinctus Ricardo, 1908
Tabanus kingi Austen, 1911 species Tabanus kingi Aust. 4 Tabanus kingi Austen, 1911
Tabanus canus Karsch, 1879 species Tabanus canus Karsch 1 Tabanus canus Karsch, 1879
Tabanus ustus Walker, 1850 species Tabanus ustus Walk. 2 Tabanus ustus Walker, 1850
Tabanus eriksoni   chironym Tabanus eriksoni i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus taeniola   species Tabanus serratus Lw 1 Tabanus taeniola Palisot de Beauvois, 1806
Tabanus copemani Austen, 1912 species Tabanus copemani Aust. 4 Tabanus copemani Austen, 1912
Tabanus coniformis Ricardo, 1908 species Tabanus coniformis Ric. 4 Tabanus coniformis Ricardo, 1908
Tabanus sp.4   species Tabanus sp. 4  
Tabanus succiruber   chironym Tabanus succiruber i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus confutse   chironym Tabanus confutse i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus orientis   species Tabanus melanopygatus Big. 1 Tabanus orientis Walker, 1848
Tabanus fumifer Walker, 1856 species Tabanus fumifer Walk. 1 Tabanus fumifer Walker, 1856
Tabanus philippinensis Kröber, 1924 species Tabanus philippinensis Kröb. 2 Tabanus philippinensis Krober, 1924
Tabanus diversus   chironym Tabanus diversus i.sch. 8   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus euyao?   chironym Tabanus euyao i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus sudeticus   species Tabanus sudeticus Zell. 2   See D-fennica. Tabanus sudeticus Zeller, 1842
Tabanus bovinus   species Tabanus bovinus L. 2   See D-fennica. Tabanus bovinus Linnaeus, 1758
Tabanus apricus Meigen, 1820 species Tabanus apricus Mg. 3 Philipomyia aprica (Meigen, 1820)
Philipomyia graeca (Fabricius, 1794) species Tabanus graecus Fabr. 2 Philipomyia graeca (Fabricius, 1794)
Tabanus spodopterus Meigen, 1820 species Tabanus spodopterus Mg. 2 Tabanus spodopterus Wiedemann, 1820
Tabanus sp.5   species Tabanus sp. 1  
Tabanus bromius   species Tabanus bromius L. 3   See D-fennica. Tabanus bromius Linnaeus, 1758
Tabanus bromius   species Tabanus glaucus Mg. 2 Tabanus bromius Linnaeus, 1758
Tabanus tergestinus Egger, 1859 species Tabanus tergestinus Egg. 4 Tabanus tergestinus Egger, 1859
Tabanus miki Brauer, 1880 species Tabanus miki Brauer 2 Tabanus miki Brauer, 1880
Tabanus cordiger   species Tabanus fortunatus Frey 3 Tabanus cordiger Meigen, 1820
Atylotus canarius (Enderlein, 1929) species Tabanus canaria End. 1 Atylotus canarius (Enderlein, 1929)
Tabanus maculicornis Zetterstedt, 1842 species Tabanus maculicornis Zett. 2   See D-fennica. Tabanus maculicornis Zetterstedt, 1842
Tabanus autumnalis Linnaeus, 1761 species Tabanus autumnalis L. 1 Tabanus autumnalis Linnaeus, 1760
Tabanus autumnalis Linnaeus, 1761 species Tabanus [autumnalis] v. brunnescens Szil. 1 Tabanus autumnalis Linnaeus, 1760
Tabanus cordiger Linnaeus, 1761 species Tabanus cordiger Mg. 2   See D-fennica.  
Tabanus glaucopis Meigen, 1820 species Tabanus glaucopis Mg. 3   also as Tabanus cognatus Loew, 1858 Tabanus glaucopis Meigen, 1820
Tabanus cognatus Loew, 1858 species Tabanus cognatus Lw 1 Tabanus glaucopis Meigen, 1820
Tabanus exclusus Pandelle, 1883 species Tabanus exclusus Pand. 1 Tabanus exclusus Pandellé, 1883
Silvius alpinus   species Silvius vituli Fabr. 2 Silvius alpinus (Scopoli, 1763)
Silvius silvester   chironym Silvius silvester Bergr. 3   labeled as types, but undescribed?  
Silvius quadrivittatus   species Silvius 4-vittatus Say 1 Silvius quadrivittatus (Say, 1823)
Nemorius irritans (Ricardo, 1901) species Silvius irritans var. Ric. 1 Nemorius irritans (Ricardo, 1901)
Gastroxides   chironym Rhinomyza opacus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Gastroxides ornatus (Bigot, 1859) species Rhinomyza ornatus Big. 1 Gastroxides ornatus (Bigot, 1859)
Hinea angulata   chironym Hinea angulata i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanocella umbraticola (Austen, 1911 species Tabanocella umbraticola Aust. 1 Tabanocella umbraticola (Austen, 1911)
Chrysops sepulcralis Fabricius, 1794 species Chrysops sepulcralis Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Chrysops sepulcralis Fabricius, 1794
Chrysops sepulcralis   species Chrysops maura Siebke     In D-fennica. Chrysops sepulcralis Fabricius, 1794
Chrysops nigripes   species Chrysops nigripes Zett.     In D-fennica. Chrysops nigripes Zetterstedt, 1838
Chrysops nigripes   species Chrysops [nigripes] v. lapponica Lw     In D-fennica. Chrysops nigripes Zetterstedt, 1838
Chrysops nigripes   species Chrysops [nigripes] v. fenestrula Frey     In D-fennica. Chrysops nigripes Zetterstedt, 1838
Chrysops divaricata   species Chrysops divaricata Lw     In D-fennica. Chrysops divaricatus Loew, 1858
Chrysops chinensis   chironym Chrysops chinensis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops rufipes Meigen, 1820 species Chrysops rufipes Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Chrysops rufipes Meigen, 1820
Chrysops viduatus   species Chrysops quadrata Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Chrysops viduatus (Fabricius, 1794)
Chrysops relictus Meigen, 1820 species Chrysops relicta Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Chrysops relictus Meigen, 1820
Chrysops relictus   species Chrysops [relicta] var. melanopleurus Wahlb,     In D-fennica. Chrysops relictus Meigen, 1820
Chrysops caecutiens (Linnaeus, 1758) species Chrysops caecutiens L. 2   See D-fennica. Chrysops caecutiens (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chrysops suavis Loew, 1858 species Chrysops suavis Lw 1 Chrysops suavis Loew, 1858
Chrysops viduatus   species Chrysops minor Szil. 1   See D-fennica. Chrysops viduatus (Fabricius, 1794)
Chrysops niger Macquart, 1838 species Chrysops niger Will. 1 Chrysops niger Macquart, 1838
Chrysops noctifer Osten Sacken, 1877 species Chrysops pertinax Will. 1 Chrysops noctifer Osten Sacken, 1877
Chrysops japonicus Wiedemann, 1828 species Chrysops japonicus Wiedemann, 1828 2 Chrysops japonicus Wiedemann, 1828
Chrysops signifer Walker, 1861 species Chrysops signifer Walk. 6 Chrysops signifer Walker, 1861
Chrysops basalis Shiraki, 1918 species Chrysops basalis Shir. 2 Chrysops basalis Shiraki, 1918
Chrysops ceylonicus   chironym Chrysops ceylonica i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops dispar (Fabricius, 1798) species Chrysops dispar Fabr. 5 Chrysops dispar (Fabricius, 1798)
Chrysops dispar (Fabricius, 1798) species Chrysops [dispar] v. manilensis Schin. 4 Chrysops dispar (Fabricius, 1798)
Chrysops flaviventris   species Chrysops v-nigrum de Meij. 3 Chrysops flaviventris Macquart, 1846
Chrysops fixissimus   species Chrysops fixissima Walk. 4 Chrysops fixissimus Walker, 1856
Chrysops sp. 1   species Chrysops sp. 1  
Chrysops laetus Fabricius, 1805 species Chrysops laeta Fabr. 2 Chrysops laetus Fabricius, 1805
Chrysops langier   species Chrysops wellmanii Aust. 1  
Chrysops madagascarensis n.   chironym Chrysops madagascarensis n. 1   MS name by Frey.   Chrysops madagascarensis Ricardo, 1902
Chrysops sp. 2   chironym Chrysops sp. Villarica 3   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops nobilis   chironym Chrysops nobilis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops sp. 3   chironym Chrysops sp. Moulti 3   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops chilensis   chironym Chrysops chilensis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops sp. 4   species Chrysops sp. 1  
Chrysops exilis   chironym Chrysops exilis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops carbonarius Walker, 184 species Chrysops carbonaria Walk. 6 Chrysops carbonarius Walker, 1848
Chrysops humilis   chironym Chrysops humilis i.sch. 10   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops excitans Walker, 1850 species Chrysops excitans Walk. 7 Chrysops excitans Walker, 1850
Chrysops fulvaster Osten Sacken, 1877 species Chrysops fulvastra O.S. 2 Chrysops fulvaster Osten Sacken, 1877
Chrysops frigidus Osten Sacken, 1875 species Chrysops frigida O.S. 2 Chrysops frigidus Osten Sacken, 1875
Chrysops flavidus Wiedemann, 1821 species Chrysops flavida Wied. 1 Chrysops flavidus Wiedemann, 1821
Chrysops furcatus Walker, 1848 species Chrysops furcata Walk. 4 Chrysops furcatus Walker, 1848
Chrysops aberrans Philip, 1941 species Chrysops aberrans Philip. 1 Chrysops aberrans Philip, 1941
Chrysops mlokosiewiczi Bigot, 1880 species Chrysops mlokosiewiczi Big. 2 Chrysops mlokosiewiczi Bigot, 1880
Chrysops fenestrata   chironym Chrysops fenestrata i.sch. 6   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops sp. 5   species Chrysops sp. 1  
Chrysops connexus Loew, 1858 species Chrysops connexus Lw. 1 Chrysops connexus Loew, 1858
Chrysops mauritanicus Costa, 1893 species Chrysops mauritanicus Costa 1 Chrysops mauritanicus Costa, 1893
Chrysops flavipes   species Chrysops punctifera Lw. 1 Chrysops flavipes Meigen, 1804
Chrysops italicus Meigen, 1804 species Chrysops italicus Mg. 1 Chrysops italicus Meigen, 1804
Chrysops jorgenseni   chironym Chrysops Jörgenseni n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysops vanderwulpi Krober, 1929 species Chrysops vanderwulpi Kröb. 1 Chrysops mlokosiewiczi Bigot, 1880
Chrysops sp. 6   species Chrysops sp. 1  
Tabanocella longirostris   species Scarphia longirostris Big. 1 Tabanocella longirostris (Bigot, 1859)
Aegophagamyia brunnea (Surcouf, 1909) species Scarphia brunnea Surc. 1 Aegophagamyia brunnea (Surcouf, 1909)
Tabanus taeniola Palisot de Beauvois, 1806 species Tabanus taeniola P.Beauv. 4   Misidentified? Tabanus taeniola Palisot de Beauvois, 1806
Tabanus taeniola Palisot de Beauvois, 1806 species Tabanus socius Walk. 1   Misidentified? Tabanus taeniola Palisot de Beauvois, 1806
Tabanus pallidifacies Surcouf, 1906 species Tabanus pallidifacies Surc. 2 Tabanus pallidifacies Surcouf, 1906
Tabanus hilaris Walker, 1850 species Tabanus hilaris W. 1 Tabanus striatus Fabricius, 1787
Tabanus nemocallosus Ricardo, 1909 species Tabanus nemocallosus Ric. 1 Tabanus nemocallosus Ricardo, 1909
Tabanus choracinus   species Tabanus choracinus Beauv. 2   Unrecognised name.  
Tabanus par Walker, 1854 species Tabanus par Walk. 1 Tabanus par Walker, 1854
Tabanus sudanicus   chironym Tabanus sudanicus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus pseudolineola   chironym Tabanus pseudolineola i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Atylotus virgo   species Tabanus virgo Wied. 1 Atylotus virgo (Wiedemann, 1824)
Tabanus defectus   chironym Tabanus defectus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus diversifrons   species Tabanus flaviventris Big. 1 Tabanus diversifrons Ricardo, 1911
Tabanus dichrocerus   chironym Tabanus dichrocerus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus subuniventris   chironym Tabanus subuniventris n.sp. 4   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus subuniventris   chironym Tabanus [subuniventris] v. brunnipes n. 4   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus lineola   species Tabanus lineola Fabr. 1 Tabanus lineola Fabricius, 1794
Tabanus trispila   species Tabanus trispila Wied. 1 Hybomitra trispila (Wiedemann, 1828)
Tabanus gracilis   species Tabanus gracilis Wied. 1 Tabanus gracilis Wiedemann, 1828
Tabanus pallipennis   species Tabanus pallipennis Macq. 2 Tabanus pallipennis Macquart, 1846
Tabanus cinerescens Macleay, 1826 species Tabanus cinerescens Macl. 1 Tabanus cinerescens Macleay, 1826
Tabanus innotabilis   species Tabanus innotabilis Walk. 1 Tabanus innotabilis Walker, 1848
Tabanus obscurilineatus   species Tabanus obscurilineatus Tayl. 1 Tabanus obscurilineatus Taylor, 1919
Dasybasis neogermanica   species Dasybasis neogermanica Ric. 1 Dasybasis neogermanica (Ricardo, 1915)
Dasybasis nemopunctata   species Dasybasis nemopunctata Ric. 1 Dasybasis nemopunctata (Ricardo, 1914)
Dasybasis oculata   species Dasybasis oculata Ric. 1 Dasybasis oculata (Ricardo, 1915)
Dasybasis spadix   species Dasybasis spadix Tayl. 1 Dasybasis spadix Taylor, 1916
Dasybasis vetusta   species Dasybasis vetusta Walk. 1 Dasybasis vetusta (Walker, 1848)
Dasybasis froggatti (Ricardo, 1915) species Dasybasis [appendiculata Mcq.] subsp. froggatti Ric. 2 Dasybasis froggatti (Ricardo, 1915)
Dasybasis gregaria   species Dasybasis gregaria Ric. 1 Dasybasis gregaria (Erichson, 1842)
Dasybasis indefinita   species Dasybasis indefinita Tayl. 1 Dasybasis indefinita (Taylor, 1918)
Dasybasis innotata (Ferguson & Henry, 1920) species Dasybasis innotata Ferg. & H. 1   Also 2 likely innotata. Dasybasis innotata (Ferguson & Henry, 1920)
Hybostraba calopus   chironym Hybostraba calopus Frey 8   MS name by Frey.  
Hybostraba excitata   chironym Hybostraba excitata Frey 8   MS name by Frey.  
Tabanus claripennis   species Hybostraba ovalipalpus End. 1 Tabanus claripennis (Bigot, 1892)
Poeciloderas quadripunctatus   species Hybopelma quadripunctatus Wied. 4 Poeciloderas quadripunctatus (Fabricius, 1805)
Tabanus trifarius   species Archiplatius trifarius Macq. ? 1 Dasybasis chilensis (Macquart, 1838)
Dasyrhamphis nigritus Wiedemann, 1830 species Tabanus alexandrinus Wied. 1 Tabanus nigrita (Cyrillus, 1792)
Dasyrhamphis umbrinus   species Tabanus umbrinus Mg. 1 Dasyrhamphis umbrinus (Meigen, 1820)
Dasyrhamphis tomentosus   species Tabanus tomentosus Macq. 1 Dasyrhamphis tomentosus (Macquart, 1846)
Tabanus filipjevi   species Tabanus Filipjevi N.Ols. 2 Tabanus filipjevi Olsufjev, 1936
Tabanus quatuornotatus   species Tabanus 4-notatus Mg. 2 Tabanus quatuornotatus Meigen, 1820
Tabanus nemoralis   species Tabanus nemoralis Mg. 1 Tabanus nemoralis Meigen, 1820
Tabanus lunatus   species Tabanus lunatus Fabr. 2 Tabanus lunatus Fabricius, 1794
Tabanus jörgenseni   chironym Tabanus jörgenseni i.sch. 7   MS name by Frey.  
Stypommisa punctipennis   species Stypommisa punctipennis End. 3 Stypommisa punctipennis Enderlein, 1923
Stypommisa cupricolor   chironym Stypommisa cupricolor i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Atylotus rusticus   species Ochrops rusticus L. 2   See D-fennica. Atylotus rusticus (Linnaeus, 1767)
Atylotus fulvus   species Ochrops fulvus Mg. 3 Atylotus fulvus (Meigen, 1804)
Atylotus agrestis   species Ochrops agrestis Wied. 1 Atylotus agrestis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Atylotus agrestis   species Ochrops v. minor 1 Atylotus agrestis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Atylotus plebeius   species Ochrops plebejus Fall.     In D-fennica. Atylotus plebeius (Fallen, 1817)
Atylotus sublunaticornis (Zetterstedt, 1842) species Ochrops sublunaticornis Zett     In D-fennica. Atylotus sublunaticornis (Zetterstedt, 1842)
Dasybasis bonariensis   species Agelanius bonariensis Macq. 2 Dasybasis bonariensis (Macquart, 1838)
Tabanus chrysurus   species Hybomitra chrysurus Lw 2 Tabanus chrysurus Loew, 1858
Hybomitra tarandina   species Hybomitra tarandinus L. 2   See D-fennica. Hybomitra tarandina (Linnaeus, 1758)
Hybomitra aequetincta   species Hybomitra aequetincta Beck. 2 Hybomitra aequetincta (Becker, 1900)
Hybomitra longiglossa   species Hybomitra longiglossa Phil. 1 Hybomitra longiglossa (Philip, 1931)
Hybomitra lurida   species Hybomitra metabola Dunn. 2 Hybomitra lurida (Fallen, 1817)
Stypommisa rubrithorax   species Hybomitra punctulipennis End. 2 Stypommisa rubrithorax (Macquart, 1838)
Agkistrocerus megerlei   species Hybomitra megerlei Wied. 3 Agkistrocerus megerlei (Wiedemann, 1828)
Hybomitra micans   species Hybomitra micans Meig. 2 Pangonius micans (Meigen, 1820)
Hybomitra aterrima   species Hybomitra aterrimus Meig. 5 Hybomitra aterrima (Meigen, 1820)
Hybomitra auripilus   species Hybomitra [aterrimus] v. auripilus Mg. 1 Hybomitra auripila (Meigen, 1820)
Hybomitra auripilus   species Hybomitra [aterrimus] v. lugubris Mg. 1 Hybomitra auripila (Meigen, 1820)
Hybomitra sp. 1   genus Hybomitra sp. 2 ? Japan  
Hybomitra nigricornis   species Hybomitra nigricornis Zett. 1 Hybomitra nigricornis (Zetterstedt, 1842)
Hybomitra distinguenda   species Hybomitra distinguendus Verr.     In D-fennica. Hybomitra distinguenda (Verrall, 1909)
Hybomitra muehlfeldi   species Hybomitra mühlfeldi Brauer     In D-fennica. Hybomitra muehlfeldi (Brauer, 1880)
Hybomitra confiformis   species Hybomitra conformis Frey     In D-fennica. Hybomitra confiformis Chvala & Moucha, 1971
Hybomitra bimaculata   species Hybomitra var. bisignatus Jaenn.     In D-fennica. Hybomitra bimaculata (Macquart, 1826)
Hybomitra bimaculata   species Hybomitra solstitialis Meig.     In D-fennica. Hybomitra bimaculata (Macquart, 1826)
Hybomitra acuminata   species Hybomitra acuminata Lw 1 Hybomitra acuminata (Loew, 1858)
Hybomitra affinis   species Hybomitra affinis Kirby 1 Hybomitra affinis (Kirby, 1837)
Hybomitra rhombica   species Hybomitra rhombica O.-S. 1 Hybomitra rhombica (Osten Sacken, 1876)
Dichelacera   genus Linapha 8 Dichelacera Macquart, 1838
Tabanus barbarus Coquebert, 1804 species Styporhamphis barbarus Coqueb. 1 Tabanus barbarus Coquebert de Montbret, 1804
Therioplectes gigas   species Styporhamphis gigas Herbst 3 Therioplectes gigas (Herbst, 1787)
Styporhamphis illustris   chironym Styporhamphis illustris i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Cryptotylus unicolor   species Ommallia viridis End. 5 Cryptotylus unicolor (Wiedemann, 1828)
Tabanus americanus   species Stigmatophthalmus americanus Fors 1 Tabanus americanus Forster, 1771
? Tabanus atratus   species Stigmatophthalmus atratus Wied. 1  
Tabanus latus   chironym Stigmatophthalmus latus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.    
Tabanus discus   species Stigmatophthalmus discus Wied. 1 Tabanus discus Wiedemann, 1828
Tabanus fuscus   species Stigmatophthalmus fuscus Wied. 1 Tabanus fuscus Wiedemann, 1819
Tabanus sugens   species Stigmatophthalmus sugens i.sch. 4 Tabanus sugens Wiedemann, 1828
Tabanus clarus   species Stigmatophthalmus clarus i.sch. 1  
Stigmatophthalmus lugubris   species Stigmatophthalmus lugubris 1  
Cryptotylus unicolor   species Stigmatophthalmus unicolor Wied. 8 Cryptotylus unicolor (Wiedemann, 1828)
Cryptotylus ?   species Stigmatophthalmus pellucidus Wied. 1   Unrecognised name. Cryptotylus Lutz, 1909
Dasyrhamphis ater   species Dasyrhamphis ater Rossi 3 Dasyrhamphis ater (Rossi, 1790)
Dicladocera huanachinus   chironym Dicladocera huanachinus Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Catachlorops psolopterus   species Gymnochela fuscipennis Mcq. 4 Catachlorops psolopterus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Gymnochela lineatipes   chironym Gymnochela lineatipes i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Stibasoma willistoni   species Stibasoma Willistoni Lutz 2 Stibasoma willistoni Lutz, 1907
Stibasoma festivum   species Stibasoma festivum Wied. 1 Stibasoma festivum (Wiedemann, 1828)
Dichelacera cervicornis   species Dichelacera cervicornis Fabr. 4 Dichelacera cervicornis (Fabricius, 1805)
Dichelacera damicornis   species Dichelacera damicornis Fabr. 3 Dichelacera damicornis (Fabricius, 1805)
Dichelacera januarii   species Dichelacera Januarii Wied. 2 Dichelacera januarii (Wiedemann, 1819)
Dichelacera flavescens   species Dichelacera rufa Mcq. 6 Dichelacera flavescens (Thunberg, 1827)
Dichelacera rubricosa   species Dichelacera rubricosa Wied. 6 Dichelacera rubricosa (Wulp, 1881)
Dichelacera parvidens   species Dichelacera parvidens End. 3 Dichelacera parvidens (Enderlein, 1925)
Dichelacera minor   chironym Dichelacera minor i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Dichelacera punctipennis   chironym Dichelacera punctipennis Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Psalidia   genus Psalidia 1 Psalidia Enderlein, 1922
Tabanus amaenus   species Phyrta amaenus Walk. 1 Tabanus amaenus Walker, 1848
Tabanus takasagoensis Shiraki, 1918 species Phyrta takasagoensis Shir. 1 Tabanus signatipennis Portschinsky, 1887
Haematopota beringeri   species Haematopota béringeri Aust. 3 Haematopota beringeri Austen, 1912
Haematopota denshamii   species Haematopota denshamii Aust. 2 Haematopota denshamii Austen, 1908
Haematopota copemanii   species Haematopota copemanii Aust. 2 Haematopota copemanii Austen, 1908
Haematopota morangensis   chironym Haematopota morangensis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Haematopota pertinens   species Haematopota pertinens Aust. 3 Haematopota pertinens Austen, 1908
Haematopota pruniens   species Haematopota puniens [sic.] Aust. 3 Haematopota abyssinica Surcouf, 1908
Haematopota nociva   species Haematopota nociva Aust. 2 Haematopota nociva Austen, 1908
Haematopota hirta   species Haematopota hirta Ric. 4 Haematopota hirta Ricardo, 1906
Haematopota italica   species Haematopota italica Meig. 2 Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804
Haematopota variegata   species Haematopota variegata Fabr. 2 Silvius variegatus (Fabricius, 1805)
Haematopota italica   species Haematopota [variegata] v. nigricornis Gob.     In D-fennica. Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804
Haematopota subcylindrica   species Haematopota [variegata] v. subcylindrica Pand.     In D-fennica. Haematopota subcylindrica Pandelle, 1883
Haematopota pluvialis   species Haematopota pluvialis L. 9 Haematopota pluvialis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Haematopota lusitanica Guerin-Meneville, 1835 species Haematopota [pluvialis] v. lusitanica Guer. 1 Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804
Haematopota vittata Loew, 1858 species Haematopota vittata Lw 2 Haematopota vittata Loew, 1858
Haematopota albihirta   species Haematopota mactans Aust. 4 Haematopota albihirta Karsch, 1888
Haematopota ugandae   species Haematopota ugandae Ric. 4 Haematopota ugandae Ricardo, 1906
Haematopota furva   species Haematopota furva Aust. 1 Haematopota furva Austen, 1912
Haematopota similis   species Haematopota similis Ric. 2 Haematopota similis Ricardo, 1906
Haematopota javana   species Haematopota javana Wied. 1 Haematopota javana Wiedemann, 1821
Haematopota cingulata   species Haematopota cingulata Wied. 1 Haematopota cingulata Wiedemann, 1828
Haematopota punctifera   species Haematopota punctifera Big. 1 Haematopota punctifera Bigot, 1891
Haematopota sp.1   species Haematopota sp. 1  
Haematopota sp.2   chironym Haematopota philippina (Kröb 9) Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Haematopota sp.3   chironym Haematopota Kröberi (Kröb 10) Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Potisa   genus Potisa sp. 1  
Tylopelma   genus Tylopelma 1  
Heptatoma pellucens   species Heptatoma pellucens Fabr. 2 Heptatoma pellucens (Fabricius, 1777)

Taxa in collection for Tabanidae: 345


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Xylomya sordida   species Xylomya sordida Pleske 1 Xylomya sordida (Pleske, 1928)
Xylomya sordida   species Xylomya [sordida] var. permutata Frey 1 Xylomya sordida (Pleske, 1928)
Xylomya maculata   species Xylomya maculata Mg.     Material removed (likely now under X. czekanovskii (Pleske, 1925). Xylomya maculata (Meigen, 1804)
Xylomya semimaculata   species Xylomya semimaculata Frey 2 Xylomya semimaculata (Frey, 1960)
Xylomya luteicornis   species Xylomya luteicornis Frey 2 Xylomya luteicornis (Frey, 1960)
Solva varia   species Xylomya varia Meig. 1 Solva varia (Meigen, 1820)
Solva procera   species Xylomya procera Frey 1 Solva procera (Frey, 1960)
Xylomya honsyuana   species Xylomya honsyuana Frey 1  
Solva ichneumonea (Frey, 1960) species Ceratosolva ichneumonea Frey 1 Solva ichneumonea (Frey, 1960)
Solva pulchrina   species Ceratosolva pulchrina Frey 1 Solva pulchrina (Frey, 1960)
Solva formosipes   species Solva formosipes Frey 2 Solva formosipes Frey, 1960
Solva freyi   species Solva fascipennis Frey 6 Solva freyi Nagatomi, 1975
Solva kambaitiensis   species Solva kambaitiensis Frey 2 Solva kambaitiensis Frey, 1960
Solva calopodata   species Solva calopodata Big. 1 Solva calopodata (Bigot, 1879)
Solva marginata   species Solva marginata Meig. 9 Solva marginata (Meigen, 1820)
Solva cabrerae   species Solva cabrerae Beck. 1 Solva cabrerae (Becker, 1908)
Solva illustris   species Solva illustris Frey 2 Solva illustris Frey, 1960
Solva basalis   species Solva basalis Frey 2 Solva basalis Frey, 1960
Solva luzonensis   species Solva luzonensis End. 1 Solva luzonensis (Enderlein, 1921)
Solva montium   species Solva montium Frey 2 Solva montium Frey, 1960
Solva japonica   species Solva japonica Frey 1 Solva japonica Frey, 1960
Solva rectitibia   species Solva rectitibia Frey 1 Solva rectitibia Frey, 1960
Solva vittata (Doleschall, 1859) species Solva vittipes Bezzi 4 Solva vittata (Doleschall, 1859)
Solva flavipes   species Solva flavipes Do. 3 Solva flavipes (Doleschall, 1859)
Solva inamoena   species Solva inamoena Walk. 1 Solva inamoena Walker, 1859
Solva nigroscutata   species Solva nigroscutata de M. 1 Solva nigroscutata Meijere, 1916
Solva vittata (Doleschall, 1859) species Solva doleschalli Frey n. nom. 1 Solva vittata (Doleschall, 1859)

Taxa in collection for Xylomyidae: 27


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Chiromyza vittata   species Chiromyza vittata Wied. 1 Chiromyza vittata Wiedemann, 1820
Barbiellinia annulipes   species Chiromyza annulipes End. 2 Barbiellinia annulipes (Enderlein, 1921)
Chiromyza   genus Chiromyza sp. 2 Chiromyza Wiedemann, 1820
Chiromyza ochracea   species Xenomorpha fuscana Wied. 1   also as Chiromyza fuscana Wied. Chiromyza ochracea Wiedemann, 1820
Chiromyza ochracea   species Xenomorpha ochracea Wied. 3 Chiromyza ochracea Wiedemann, 1820
Chiromyza immatura   chironym Xenomorpha immatura Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Mesomyza tenuicornis   species Xenomorpha tenuicornis End. 1 Mesomyza tenuicornis Enderlein, 1921
Nonacris brevicornis   species Xenomorpha brevicornis End. 2 Nonacris brevicornis Enderlein, 1921
Nonacris partitifrons   species Xenomorpha partitifrons End. 1 Nonacris partitifrons Enderlein, 1921
Stratiomyidae   family Xenomorpha sp. 1 Stratiomyidae
Mapuchemyia australis   species Hylorus australis Aub. 2 Mapuchemyia australis (Aubertin, 1930)
name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Exaireta spinigera   species Neoexaireta spinigera Wied. 3 Exaireta spinigera (Wiedemann, 1830)
Exaireta   genus Neoexaireta sp. 1 Exaireta Schiner, 1867
Paractina lativentris   chironym Paractina lativentris i.c. 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Australoactina incisuralis   species Actina incisuralis Mcq. 1 Australoactina incisuralis (Macquart, 1847)
Actina nitens   species Actina nitens Latr. 3   Misidentified? Beris chalybata (Forster, 1771)
Actina viridis (Say, 1824) species Actina viridis Say 1 Actina viridis (Say, 1824)
Exodontha dubia   species Hexodontha dubia Zett. 1 Exodontha dubia (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Macromeracis plaumanni   species Neochorisops plaumanni Lindn. 7 Macromeracis plaumanni (Lindner, 1949)
Actina apicalis (Frey, 1960) species Chorisops apicalis Frey 1 Actina apicalis (Frey, 1960)
Chorisops marginata   species Chorisops marginata Frey 1 Chorisops marginata Frey, 1960
Chorisops tibialis   species Chorisops tibialis Mg. 1 Chorisops tibialis (Meigen, 1820)
Chorisops panamana   chironym Chorisops panamana ? I. Coll. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Actina amoena   species Chorisops amoena End. 13 Actina amoena (Enderlein, 1921)
Actina fraterna   species Chorisops fraterna Frey 13 Actina fraterna (Frey, 1960)
Actina fraterna   species Chorisops [amoena] ab. unicolor Frey 1 Actina fraterna (Frey, 1960)
Actina fraterna   species Chorisops [amoena] ab. fuscitibia Frey 1 Actina fraterna (Frey, 1960)
Oplachantha cincticornis   species Holachantha cincticornis End. 14 Oplachantha cincticornis Enderlein, 1921
Oplachantha bellula   species Holachantha bellula [?Dedr.] 1 Oplachantha bellula (Williston, 1888)
Oplachantha mexicana (Bellardi, 1859) species Holachantha mexicana Bell. 1 Oplachantha mexicana (Bellardi, 1859)
Hadrestia aenea   species Hadrestia minor Bréthes 1 Hadrestia aenea Thomson, 1869
Beris dolichocera   species Beris dolichocera Frey 11 Beris dolichocera Frey, 1960
Beris excellens   species Beris excellens Frey 2 Beris excellens Frey, 1960
Beris pulchripennis   species Beris pulchripennis Frey 6 Beris pulchripennis Frey, 1960
Beris malaisei   species Beris malaisei Frey 12 Beris malaisei Frey, 1960
Beris burmanica   species Beris burmanica Frey 12 Beris burmanica Frey, 1960
Beris luteistigma   species Beris luteistigma Frey 12 Beris luteistigma Frey, 1960
Beris fuscipes   species Beris petiolata Frey 10   also as Beris petiolata Frey (4 exx) Beris fuscipes Meigen, 1820
Beris morrisii   species Beris morrisii Dale 4   See D-fennica. Beris morrisii Dale, 1841
Beris fuscipes Meigen, 1820 species Beris fuscipes Meig. 6   See D-fennica. Beris fuscipes Meigen, 1820
Beris chalybata   species Beris chalybata Forst. 1   See D-fennica. Beris chalybata (Forster, 1771)
Beris geniculata   species Beris geniculata Curt. 2 Beris geniculata Curtis, 1830
Beris clavipes   species Beris clavipes L. 2   See D-fennica. Beris clavipes (Linnaeus, 1767)
Beris vallata   species Beris vallata Forst. 2 Beris vallata (Forster, 1771)
Allognosta nigripes   species Allognosta nigripes Frey 2 Allognosta nigripes Frey, 1960
Allognosta lativertex   species Allognosta lativertex Frey 1 Allognosta lativertex Frey, 1960
Allognosta flavofemoralis   species Allognosta foveifrons Frey,1960 1 Allognosta flavofemoralis Pleske, 1926
Allognosta vagans   species Allognosta sapporensis Matsum. 2 Allognosta vagans (Loew, 1873)
Allognosta fuscitarsis   species Allognosta fuscitarsis Say 3 Allognosta fuscitarsis (Say, 1823)
Allognosta rufithorax   species Allognosta rufithorax Frey 3 Allognosta rufithorax Frey, 1960
Allognosta varians   species Allognosta varians Frey 1 Allognosta varians Frey, 1960
Allognosta varians   chironym Allognosta [varians] var. dubia [strikethrough on name] Frey 1   MS name, apparently rejected by Frey.   Allognosta varians Frey, 1960
Allognosta flavopleuralis   species Allognosta flavopleuralis Frey 3 Allognosta flavopleuralis Frey, 1960
Allognosta pluchella   species Allognosta pluchella Frey 7 Allognosta pluchella Frey, 1960
Allognosta maculipleura   species Allognosta maculipleura Frey 5 Allognosta maculipleura Frey, 1960
Allognosta annulifemur   species Allognosta annulifemur End. 2 Allognosta annulifemur Enderlein, 1921
Allognosta caloptera   species Allognosta caloptera Frey ~9 Allognosta caloptera Frey, 1960
Allognosta albifascia   species Allognosta albifascia Frey 5 Allognosta albifascia Frey, 1960
Allognosta japonica   species Allognosta japonica Frey 2 Allognosta japonica Frey, 1960
Allognosta burmanica   species Allognosta burmanica Frey 6 Allognosta burmanica Frey, 1960
Allognosta partita   species Allognosta partita End. 2 Allognosta partita Enderlein, 1921
Allognosta philippina   species Allognosta philippina Frey 2 Allognosta philippina Frey, 1960
Arcuavena barbiellinii   species Arcuavena barbiellinii Bezzi 5 Arcuavena barbiellinii (Bezzi, 1908)
Cyphomyia   genus [Cyphomyia, sp. 23 Brazil Cyphomyia Wiedemann, 1819
Cyphomyia unicolor   species Cyphomyia cyanocephala Gerst. 1 Cyphomyia unicolor (Walker, 1854)
Cyphomyia auriflamma   species Cyphomyia auriflamma Wied. 16 Cyphomyia auriflamma Wiedemann, 1819
Cyphomyia aurifrons   species Cyphomyia aurifrons 28 Cyphomyia aurifrons Wiedemann, 1830
Cyphomyia pan   chironym Cyphomyia pan Frey ~12   MS name by Frey.  
Cyphomyia verticalis Gerstaecker, 1857 species Cyphomyia verticalis Gerst. 4 Cyphomyia verticalis Gerstaecker, 1857
Cyphomyia varipes   species Cyphomyia varipes Gerst. 2 Cyphomyia varipes Gerstaecker, 1857
Euparyphus elegans   species Cyphomyia elegans Frey 2 Euparyphus elegans (Wiedemann, 1830)
Cyphomyia wiedemanni   species Cyphomyia Wiedemanni Gerst. 8 Cyphomyia wiedemanni Gerstaecker, 1857
Cyphomyia hybrida   species Cyphomyia hybrida Gerst. 4 Cyphomyia hybrida Gerstaecker, 1857
Cyphomyia gracilicornis   species Cyphomyia gracilicornis Gerst. 9 Cyphomyia gracilicornis Gerstaecker, 1857
Cyphomyia geniculata   species Cyphomyia geniculata Gerst. 8 Cyphomyia geniculata Gerstaecker, 1857
Cyphomyia gracilicornis   species Cyphomyia lanuginosa Gerst. 8 Cyphomyia gracilicornis Gerstaecker, 1857
Cyphomyia albitarsis   species Cyphomyia albitarsis Fabr. 1 Cyphomyia albitarsis (Fabricius, 1805)
Cyphomyia orientalis   species Gyneuryparia orientalis Kert. 3 Cyphomyia orientalis Kertesz, 1914
Melanochroa dubia Roder, 1886 species Melanochroa dubia v. Röd. 1 Melanochroa dubia Roeder, 1886
Myxosargus   genus Myxosargus 1 Myxosargus Brauer, 1882
Rhingiopsis chlorotechna   chironym Rhingiopsis chlorotechna n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Alliocera graeca   species Alliocera graeca Saund. 1 Alliocera graeca Saunders, 1845
Stratiomys longicornis   species Hirtea longicornis Scop. 3 Stratiomys longicornis (Scopoli, 1763)
Adoxomyia palestinensis   species Hirtea palestinensis Lindn. 1 Adoxomyia palestinensis (Lindner, 1937)
Stratiomys japonica   species Hirtea japonica v.d.Wulp 6 Stratiomys japonica Wulp, 1885
Stratiomys apicalis   species Hirtea apicalis Walk. 6 Stratiomys apicalis Walker, 1854
Stratiomys longicornis   genus Hirtea anubis Wied. 1 Stratiomys longicornis (Scopoli, 1763)
Stratiomys sp. 1   species Stratiomys sp. 1  
Stratiomys concinna   species Stratiomys concinna Mg. 1 Stratiomys concinna Meigen, 1822
Stratiomys singularior   species Stratiomys furcata Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Stratiomys singularior (Harris, 1776)
Stratiomys chamaeleon   species Stratiomys chamaeleon L. 4 Stratiomys chamaeleon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Stratiomys potamida   species Stratiomys potamida Mg. 2 Stratiomys potamida Meigen, 1822
Stratiomys przwealskii   species Stratiomys przwealskii Pleske 1 Stratiomys przwealskii (Pleske, 1899)
Stratiomys cenisia   species Stratiomys cenisia Mg. 4 Stratiomys cenisia Meigen, 1822
Stratiomys cenisia   chironym Stratiomys [cenisia] v. persica Frey 4   A manuscript name by Frey.   Stratiomys cenisia Meigen, 1822
Stratiomys equestris   species Stratiomys sintenisi Pleske 1 Stratiomys equestris Meigen, 1835
Stratiomys wagneri   species Stratiomys wagneri Pleske 1 Stratiomys wagneri (Pleske, 1899)
Stratiomys meigenii   species Stratiomys meigenii Wied. 5 Stratiomys meigenii Wiedemann, 1830
Stratiomys sp. 2   species Stratiomys sp. 1  
Stratiomys equestris   species Stratiomys equestris Mg. 1 Stratiomys equestris Meigen, 1835
Stratiomys sp. 3   species Stratiomys sp. 1  
Stratiomys sp. 4   species Stratiomys sp. 1  
Hoplitimyia mutabilis   species Stratiomys mutabilis Fabr. 6 Hoplitimyia mutabilis (Fabricius, 1787)
Hoplitimyia mutabilis   species Stratiomys [mutabilis] v. nobilior Frey 9 Hoplitimyia mutabilis (Fabricius, 1787)
Cyrtopus charon   chironym Cyrtopus charon Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cyrtopus fragilis   chironym Cyrtopus fragilis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Scapanocnema tonkiniana   chironym Scapanocnema Scapanocnema tonkiniana i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Odontomyia pachyceps   species Promeranisa pachyceps Big. 4 Odontomyia pachyceps Bigot, 1879
Psellidotus fenestratus   species Hedriodiscus fenestratus Thoms. 2 Psellidotus fenestratus (Thomson, 1869)
Hedriodiscus sp. 1   species Hedriodiscus sp. 2  
Hedriodiscus sp. 2   species Hedriodiscus sp. 2  
Hedriodiscus truquii   species Hedriodiscus truquii Bell. 1 Hedriodiscus truquii (Bellardi, 1859)
Psellidotus elegans   species Hedriodiscus elegans Macq. 1 Psellidotus elegans (Macquart, 1838)
Hedriodiscus sp. 3   species Hedriodiscus sp. 1  
Hedriodiscus marginatus   chironym Hedriodiscus marginatus n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Odontomyia ornata (Meigen, 1822) species Odontomyia ornata Meig. 2 Odontomyia ornata (Meigen, 1822)
Odontomyia flavissima   species Odontomyia flavissima Rossi 2 Odontomyia flavissima (Rossi, 1790)
Anoplodonta nigrirostris   species Odontomyia nigrirostris Lw 1 Anoplodonta nigrirostris (Loew, 1866)
Odontomyia sp. 1   species Odontomyia sp. 1  
Odontomyia lutatius Walker, 1849 species Odontomyia lutatius Wlk. 1 Odontomyia lutatius Walker, 1849
Odontomyia annulata   species Odontomyia annulata Meig. 1 Odontomyia annulata (Meigen, 1822)
Odontomyia angulata   species Odontomyia angulata Panz. 2 Odontomyia angulata (Panzer, 1798)
Odontomyia hydroleon   species Odontomyia hydroleon L. 2 Odontomyia hydroleon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Odontomyia hydropota   species Odontomyia hydropota Mg. 1 Odontomyia angulata (Panzer, 1798)
Odontomyia felina   species Odontomyia felina Panz. 2 Odontomyia hydroleon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Odontomyia garatas   species Odontomyia garatas Walk. 5 Odontomyia garatas Walker, 1849
Odontomyia ochropa   species Odontomyia ochropa Thoms. 6 Odontomyia ochropa Thomson, 1869
Odontomyia denominata   chironym Odontomyia denominata Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Odontomyia lutatiiformis   chironym Odontomyia lutatiiformis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Odontomyia sp. 2   species Odontomyia sp. 1  
Odontomyia cyanea Brunetti, 1920 species Odontomyia cyanea Brun. 1 Odontomyia cyanea Brunetti, 1920
Neuraphanisis sp.   species Neuraphanisis sp. 1  
Odontomyia tigrina   species Neuraphanisis tigrina Fabr. 4 Odontomyia tigrina (Fabricius, 1775)
Odontomyia cephalonica   species Neuraphanisis cephalonica Strobl 2 Odontomyia cephalonica Strobl, 1898
Odontomyia limbata Wiedemann in Meigen, 1822 species Neuraphanisis limbata Meig. 3 Odontomyia limbata (Wiedemann, 1822)
Odontomyia consobrina   species Neuraphanisis consobrina Macq. 1 Odontomyia consobrina Macquart, 1848
Odontomyia finalis   species Neuraphanisis finalis Walk. 2 Odontomyia finalis (Walker, 1859)
Odontomyia howana   chironym Neuraphanisis howana i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hedriodiscina   genus Hedriodiscina sp. 2  
Chloromelas cuprina   species Chloromelas heteronevra Macq. 3 Chloromelas cuprina (Wiedemann, 1830)
Chloromelas sp. 1   species Chloromelas sp. 2  
Chloromelas sp. 2   species Chloromelas sp. 1  
Conostylia bottcheri   chironym Conostylia böttcheri Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Odontomyia argentata   species Catatasina argentata Fabr. 2 Odontomyia argentata (Fabricius, 1794)
Odontomyia microleon   species Catatasina microleon L.     In D-fennica. Odontomyia microleon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Odontomyia microleon   var Catatasina [microleon] v. minor Pleske 3 Odontomyia microleon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Catatasina sp.   species Catatasina sp. 1  
Oplodontha viridula   species Hoplodontha viridula L. 4 Oplodontha viridula (Fabricius, 1775)
Oplodontha viridula   var Hoplodontha [viridula] v. subvittata Mg. 1 Oplodontha viridula (Fabricius, 1775)
Oplodontha viridula   var Hoplodontha [viridula] v. jejuna Schrank 1 Oplodontha viridula (Fabricius, 1775)
Oplodontha rubrithorax   species Hoplodontha rubrithorax Macq. 6 Oplodontha rubrithorax (Macquart, 1838)
Oplodontha ornatifrons   chironym Hoplodontha ornatifrons Frey 5   MS name by Frey.  
Oplodontha sp.   species Hoplodontha sp. 1  
Nigritomyia fulvicollis   species Negritomyia fulvicollis Kert. 6 Nigritomyia fulvicollis (Kertesz, 1914)
Nigritomyia maculipennis   species Negritomyia maculipennis Macq. 9 Nigritomyia maculipennis (Macquart, 1850)
Nigritomyia loewii   species Negritomyia Loewi Brauer 3 Nigritomyia loewii (Brauer, 1882)
Clitellaria ephippium   species Clitellaria ephippium Fabr. 1 Clitellaria ephippium (Fabricius, 1775)
Clitellaria bergeri   species Clitellaria Bergeri Pleske 2 Clitellaria bergeri (Pleske, 1925)
Clitellaria bilineata   species Engonia bilineata Fbr. 5 Clitellaria bilineata (Fabricius, 1805)
Ampsalis sp. 1   species Ampsalis sp. 1  
Ampsalis sp. 2   species Ampsalis sp. 1  
Ampsalis sp. 3   species Ampsalis sp. 1  
Campeprosopa flavipes   species Campeprosopa flavipes Mcq. 4 Campeprosopa flavipes Macquart, 1850
Campeprosopa longispina (Brunetti, 1913) species Campeprosopa longissima Brun. [sic] 5 Campeprosopa longispina (Brunetti, 1913)
Neoctarthia archicera   chironym Neoctarthia archicera Frey 3   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Euryneura fascipennis   species Euryneura fascipennis Fabr. 3 Euryneura fascipennis (Fabricius, 1805)
Euryneura elegans   species Euryneura elegans Will. 1 Euryneura elegans Williston, 1888
Euryneura propinqua   species Euryneura propinqua Schin. 3 Euryneura propinqua Schiner, 1868
Clitellariinae genus 1   genus gen. 1 5  
Clitellariinae genus 2   genus gen. 2 3  
Clitellariinae genus 3   genus gen. 3 1  
Clitellariinae genus 4   genus gen. 4 1  
Pycnomalla splendens   species Pycnomalla splendens Fabr. 2 Pycnomalla splendens (Fabricius, 1787)
Adoxomyia dahlii   species Adoxomyia dahli Meig. 1 Adoxomyia dahlii (Meigen, 1830)
Adoxomyia heminopla   species Adoxomyia heminopla Wied. 1 Adoxomyia heminopla (Wiedemann, 1819)
Euclitellaria formosana   species Euclitellaria formosana Kert. 3 Adoxomyia formosana (Kertesz, 1923)
Oxycera trilineata   species Oxycera trilineata L. 1 Oxycera trilineata (Linnaeus, 1767)
Oxycera trilineata   var Oxycera [trilineata] v. proxima Lw 2 Oxycera trilineata (Linnaeus, 1767)
Oxycera leonina   species Oxycera leonina Panz. 2 Oxycera leonina (Panzer, 1798)
Oxycera locuples   species Oxycera locuples Lw 5 Oxycera locuples Loew, 1857
Oxycera rara   species Oxycera pulchella Lw 1   Lw. = mistake? Oxycera rara (Scopoli, 1763)
Oxycera meigenii Staeger, 1844 species Oxycera meigeni Staeg. 2 Oxycera meigenii Staeger, 1844
Oxycera dives   species Oxycera dives Lw     In D-fennica. Oxycera dives Loew, 1845
Oxycera marginata   species Oxycera marginata Loew 1 Oxycera marginata Loew, 1859
Oxycera muscaria   species Oxycera muscaria Fabr. 1 Oxycera muscaria (Fabricius, 1794)
Oxycera nigricornis   species Oxycera formosa Mg. 3 Oxycera nigricornis Olivier, 1811
Oxycera atronidida   chironym Oxycera atronidida Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Oxycera dispar   species Heraclina dispar Kert. 1 Oxycera dispar (Kertesz, 1914)
Oxycera pygmaea   species Heraclina pygmaea Meig. 1 Oxycera pygmaea (Fallen, 1817)
Nemotelus proboscideus Loew, 184 species Nemotelus proboscideus Lw. 2 Nemotelus proboscideus Loew, 1846
Nemotelus longirostris   species Nemotelus longirostris Wied. 1 Nemotelus longirostris Wiedemann, 1824
Nemotelus lasiops   species Nemotelus lasiops Lw 3 Nemotelus lasiops Loew, 1846
Nemotelus cingulatus   species Nemotelus pulcher Loew 1 Nemotelus cingulatus Dufour, 1852
Nemotelus latiusculus   species Nemotelus perplexus Beck. 6 Nemotelus latiusculus Loew, 1871
Nemotelus latiusculus   species Nemotelus latiusculus Lw 6 Nemotelus latiusculus Loew, 1871
Nemotelus dentatus   species Nemotelus dentatus Beck. 4 Nemotelus dentatus Becker, 1902
Nemotelus sp.   species Nemotelus sp. 3  
Nemotelus brevirostris   species Nemotelus globuliceps Lw. 2 Nemotelus brevirostris Meigen, 1822
Nemotelus brevirostris   chironym Nemotelus [globuliceps] v. Pleskei Frey 1   A manuscript name by Frey.   Nemotelus brevirostris Meigen, 1822
Nemotelus cypriacus   species Nemotelus cypriacus Lindn. 4 Nemotelus cypriacus Lindner, 1937
Nemotelus insularis   species Nemotelus insularis Beck. 4 Nemotelus insularis Becker, 1908
Nemotelus pantherinus   species Nemotelus pantherinus L. 5 Nemotelus pantherinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Nemotelus notatus   species Nemotelus notatus Zett.     In D-fennica. Nemotelus notatus Zetterstedt, 1842
Nemotelus signatus Frivaldszky, 1855 species Nemotelus signatus Friv. 1 Nemotelus signatus Frivaldszky, 1855
Nemotelus heptapotamicus Pleske, 1937 species Nemotelus heptapotamicus Pleske 1 Nemotelus heptapotamicus Pleske, 1937
Nemotelus pantherinus   species Nemotelus Saturninii Pleske [sic] 1 Nemotelus pantherinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Nemotelus kansensis Adams, 1903 species Nemotelus trinotatus Mel. 2 Nemotelus kansensis Adams, 1903
Nemotelus bellulus   species Nemotelus bellulus Mel. 1 Nemotelus bellulus Melander, 1903
Nemotelus nigrinus   species Nemotelus nigrinus Fall. 1 Nemotelus nigrinus Fallen, 1817
Chrysochlorina vespertilio   species Chrysochlora Willistoni Curr. 1 Chrysochlorina vespertilio (Fabricius, 1805)
Chrysochlora flavicollis   chironym Chrysochlora flavicollis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysochlora pallens   chironym Chrysochlora pallens Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysochlorina pulchra   species Chrysochlora pulchra Will. 1 Chrysochlorina pulchra (Williston, 1900)
Chrysochlora pectoralis   chironym Chrysochlora pectoralis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysochlora similis   species Chrysochlora similis Will. 1   Unrecognised name. Chrysochlorina similis (Macquart, 1855)
Chrysochlora rufiventris   chironym Chrysochlora rufiventris Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysochlorina vespertilio   species Chrysochlora vespertilio Fabr. 1 Chrysochlorina vespertilio (Fabricius, 1805)
Chrysochlorina incompleta   species Chrysochlora incompleta Curr. 3 Chrysochlorina incompleta (Curran, 1929)
Chramatomyia transversa   chironym Chramatomyia transversa Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Chaetosargus hirticornis   species Chaetosargus hirticornis Wied. 1 Chaetosargus hirticornis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Cacosis niger   species Cacosis niger Wied. 1 Cacosis niger (Wiedemann, 1819)
Ruba maculipennis   chironym Ruba maculipennis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ruba opponens   species Ruba opponens Walk. 1 Ruba opponens Walker, 1865
Lasiopa peleteria   species Lasiopa peleteria Brullé 1 Lasiopa peleteria Brullé, 1833
Lasiopa villosa   species Lasiopa villosa Fabr. 3 Lasiopa villosa (Fabricius, 1794)
Lasiopa balius   species Lasiopa tenuirostris Lw. 5 Lasiopa balius (Walker, 1849)
Lasiopa calva   species Lasiopa calva Meig. 3 Lasiopa calva (Meigen, 1822)
Chordonota flavitarsis   species Lasiopa flavitarsis End. 2 Chordonota flavitarsis (Enderlein, 1914)
Chordonota inermis   species Chordonota inermis Wied. 5 Chordonota inermis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Santaremia nigra   chironym Santaremia nigra Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Hermetia illucens   species Hermetia illucens L. 16 Hermetia illucens (Linnaeus, 1758)
Hermetia sp.   species Hermetia sp. 1  
Hermetia dilutipennis   chironym Hermetia dilutipennis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hermetia minor   chironym Hermetia minor Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Acrodesmia albitarsis   species Acrodesmia albitarsis Wied. 1   Not recognised.  
Scammatocera   genus Scammatocera sp. 1 Scammatocera Enderlein, 1914
Eudmeta marginata   species Eudmeta marginata Fabr. 8 Eudmeta marginata (Fabricius, 1805)
Massicyta buttcheri   species Massicyta büttcheri Frey 2  
Caenocephaloides melanarius   species Caenocephalus melanarius Walk. 1 Caenocephaloides melanarius (Walker, 1861)
Chelonomima proloxocera Speiser, 1922 species Chelonomima proloxocera Speis. 1 Chelonomima proloxocera Speiser, 1922
Asyncritus   genus Asyncritus 7   v.d.Wulp = mistake Asyncritus
Salduba chrysoteles   chironym Salduba chrysoteles Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Evaza soror   species Evaza soror Kert. 1   Not recognised.  
Evaza nigripennis   species Evaza nigripennis Kert. 7 Evaza nigripennis Kertesz, 1909
Evaza fenestrata Frey chironym Evaza fenestrata Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Evaza bipars   species Evaza bipars Walk. 5 Evaza bipars Walker, 1856
Evaza formosana   species Evaza formosana Kert. 2 Evaza formosana Kertesz, 1914
Evaza javanensis   species Evaza javanensis de Meij. 6 Evaza javanensis Meijere, 1911
Sathroptera flavipes   species Sathroptera flavipes Kert. 1 Sathroptera flavipes Kertesz, 1914
Tinda nigra   species Tinda nigra Macq. 1 Vanoyia tenuicornis (Macquart, 1834)
Tinda indica   species Tinda indica Walk. 3 Tinda indica (Walker, 1851)
Rosapha bicolor (Bigot, 1877) species Rosapha bicolor Big. 1 Rosapha bicolor (Bigot, 1877)
Ptilocera fastuosa Gerstaecker, 1857 species Ptilocera fastuosa Gerst. 10 Ptilocera fastuosa Gerstaecker, 1857
Ptilocera smaragdina Walker, 1849 species Ptilocera smaragdina Walk. 7 Ptilocera smaragdina Walker, 1849
Ptilocera amethystina Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1857 species Ptilocera amethystina Sn. v. Voll. 2 Ptilocera amethystina Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1857
Ptilocera quadridentata   species Ptilocera 4-dentata F. 4 Ptilocera quadridentata (Fabricius, 1805)
Ptilocera continua   species Ptilocera continua Walk. 6 Ptilocera continua Walker, 1851
Platyna hastata   species Platyna hastata Fabr. 1 Platyna hastata (Fabricius, 1805)
Panacris lucida   species Panacris lucida Gerst. 1 Panacris lucida Gerstaecker, 1857
Craspedometopon frontale   species Craspedometopon frontale Kert. 4 Craspedometopon frontale Kertesz, 1909
Raphanocera turanica   species Raphanocera turanica Pleske 1 Raphanocera turanica Pleske, 1922
Culcua elegans   chironym Culcua elegans Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Culcua simulans Walker, 1856 species Culcua simulans Walk. 6 Culcua simulans Walker, 1856
Pseudopanacris chalybeus   chironym Pseudopanacris chalybeus Frey 10   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Acanthinomyia elongata   species Acanthinomyia elongata Wied. 3 Acanthinomyia elongata (Wiedemann, 1824)
Acanthinomyia longa   species Acanthinomyia longa Wied. 1 Acanthinomyia longa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Neoacanthina fasciata Kertesz, 1914 species Neoacanthina fasciata Kert. 1 Mexico Neoacanthina fasciata Kertesz, 1914
Artemita hieroglyphica   species Artemita hieroglyphica Wied. 2 Artemita hieroglyphica (Wiedemann, 1830)
Artemita podexargenteus   species Artemita podex-argenteus End. 2 Artemita podexargenteus Enderlein, 1914
Artemita podexargenteus   species Artemita bicolor Kert. 1 Artemita podexargenteus Enderlein, 1914
Artemita amenides   species Artemita amenides Walk. 1 Artemita amenides (Walker, 1849)
Artemita convexa   species Artemita convexa Walk. 1 Artemita convexa (Walker, 1854)
Leucacanthina amicula   chironym Leucacanthina amicula Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Cibotogaster fumipennis   species Cibotogaster fumipennis Kert. 6 Cibotogaster fumipennis Kertesz, 1914
Cibotogaster azurea (Gerstaecker, 1857) species Cibotogaster azurea Gerst. 2 Cibotogaster azurea (Gerstaecker, 1857)
Cibotogaster enderleini   species Cibotogaster enderleini Kert. 8 Cibotogaster enderleini Kertesz, 1914
Camptopteromyia fractipennis   species Camptopteromyia fractipennis de Meij. 3 Camptopteromyia fractipennis Meijere, 1914
Obrapa perilampoides   species Obrapa perilampoides Wlk. 1 Obrapa perilampoides Walker, 1858
Obrapa fosbor   chironym Obrapa fossor Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Abiomyia annulipes   species Abiomyia annulipes Kert. 1 Abiomyia annulipes Kertesz, 1914
Monacanthomyia nigrifemur   species Ceratothyrea nigrifemur de Meij. 1 Monacanthomyia nigrifemur (Meijere, 1914)
Aulana confirmata   species Aulana confirmata Walk. 2 Aulana confirmata Walker, 1864
Calamocerus longulus   chironym Calamocerus longulus Frey 8   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Polypachygaster albiseta   chironym Polypachygaster albiseta Frey 3   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Sternobrithes tumidus   species Sternobrithes tumidus Lw 3 Sternobrithes tumidus Loew, 1857
Gabaza albiseta (de Meijere, 1907) species Wallacea albiseta Kert. 4   Kert. = mistake Gabaza albiseta (Meijere, 1907)
Gabaza argentea (Kertesz, 1909) species Wallacea argentea Dol. 3 Gabaza argentea Walker, 1858
Argyrobrithes separatus   species Wallacea separata de Meij. 3 Argyrobrithes separatus (Meijere, 1907)
Prostomomyia femoralis   chironym Prostomomyia femoralis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cosmariomyia argyrosticta   species Cosmariomyia argyrosticta Kert. 3 Cosmariomyia argyrosticta Kertesz, 1914
Meropachygaster duplicapex   chironym Meropachygaster duplicapex Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Xystothyreella corumbana   chironym Xystothyreella corumbana Frey 3   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Manotes plana   species Manotes plana Kert. 5 Manotes plana Kertesz, 1916
Pegadomyia aterrima   chironym Pegadomyia aterrima Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Pachygaster atra   species Pachygaster ater Panz. 5 Pachygaster atra (Panzer, 1798)
Pachygaster mexicana   chironym Pachygaster mexicana Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Neopachygaster meromelaena   species Neopachygaster orbitalis Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Neopachygaster meromelaena (Dufour, 1841)
Pachygaster leachii Curtis, 1824 species Praomyia leachi Curt. 6 Pachygaster leachii Curtis, 1824
Neopachygaster maculicornis   species Praomyia maculicornis Hine 6 Neopachygaster maculicornis (Hine, 1902)
Eupachygaster lasiops   species Eupachygaster lasiops Speis. 2 Eupachygaster lasiops Speiser, 1922
Popanomyia argentea   chironym Popanomyia argentea Frey *OBSCURED* 2   MS name by Frey.  
Vittiger plaumanni   chironym Vittiger Plaumanni Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Alliophleps elliptica   species Alliophleps elliptica Beck. 2 Alliophleps elliptica Becker, 1908
Borboridea megaspis   species Borboridea megaspis Kert. 1 Borboridea megaspis Kertesz, 1916
Zabrachia minutissima   species Zabrachia minutissima Zett.     In D-fennica. The Finnish material under this name in collection mostly belongs to Z. tenella (Jaenn.). Zabrachia minutissima (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Zabrachia stackelbergi   species Zabrachia stackelbergi Kriv. Rozk.     In D-fennica. Neopachygaster stackelbergi (Krivosheina & Rozkosny, 1990)
Paracechorismenus intermedius   species Paracechorismenus intermedius Kert. 4 Paracechorismenus intermedius Kertesz, 1916
Raphiocera armata   species Raphiocera armata Wied. 3 Raphiocera armata Wiedemann, 1830
Raphiocera armata   species Raphiocera falleni Perty 2 Raphiocera armata Wiedemann, 1830
Raphiocera sp.   species Raphiocera sp. 2  
Raphiocera ornata   species Hoplistes ornata Macq. 3 Raphiocera ornata (Macquart, 1846)
Histiodroma inermis   species Histiodroma inermis Schin. 2 Histiodroma inermis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Dicamptocrana jorgenseni Frey, 1934 species Dicamptocrana Jörgenseni Frey 1 Dicamptocrana jorgenseni Frey, 1934
Acrochaeta fasciata Wiedemann, 1830 species Acrochaeta fasciata Wied. 1 Acrochaeta fasciata Wiedemann, 1830
Analcocerus   genus Analcocerus 1 Analcocerus Loew, 1855
Ptecticus cingulatus   species Ptecticus cingulatus Lw 2 Ptecticus cingulatus Loew, 1855
Ptecticus leucopeza   chironym Ptecticus leucopeza Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Ptecticus vulpianus   species Ptecticus rectinervis de Meij. 1 Ptecticus vulpianus Enderlein, 1914
Ptecticus australis Schiner, 1868 species Ptecticus australis Schin. 3 Ptecticus australis Schiner, 1868
Ptecticus aurifer   species Ptecticus aurifer Walk. 10 Ptecticus aurifer Walker, 1854
Ptecticus testaceus   species Ptecticus testaceus F. 11 Ptecticus testaceus (Fabricius, 1805)
Ptecticus trivittatus   species Ptecticus similis Will. 3 Ptecticus trivittatus (Say, 1829)
Ptecticus lamelliferus   species Ptecticus lamelliferus Frey 1  
Ptecticus tricolor   species Ptecticus tricolor v.d.Wulp 4 Ptecticus tricolor Wulp, 1904
Ptecticus remeans   species Ptecticus remeans Wlk. 1 Ptecticus remeans (Walker, 1859)
Ptecticus tenebrifer   species Ptecticus tenebrifer Walk. 4 Ptecticus tenebrifer (Walker, 1849)
Ptecticus longipennis (Wiedemann, 1824) species Ptecticus longipennis Wied. 6 Ptecticus longipennis Wiedemann, 1824
Ptecticus alipes   chironym Ptecticus alipes Frey 2 Philippines MS name by Frey.  
Ptecticus   genus Ptecticus 7 Ptecticus Loew, 1855
Aloipha   genus Aloipha 4 Aloipha Enderlein, 1914
Sargus fasciatus   species Merosargus fasciatus F. 8 Sargus fasciatus Fabricius, 1805
Merosarginus catharinae   chironym Merosarginus catharinae i.sch. 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Cephalochrysa ferruginea   species Chrysochroma ferrugineum End. 1 Cephalochrysa ferruginea (Enderlein, 1914)
Sargus bipunctatus (Scopoli, 1763) species Chrysochroma bipunctatum Scop. 1 Sargus bipunctatus (Scopoli, 1763)
Chrysochroma bellula   chironym Chrysochroma bellula Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysochroma ocellaris   chironym Chrysochroma ocellaris Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Sargus   genus Chrysochroma 2 Sargus Fabricius, 1798
Sargus thoracicus   species Calosargus thoracicus Macq. 3 Sargus thoracicus Macquart, 1834
Sargus gemmifer   species Geosargus magnificus Big. 2 Sargus gemmifer Walker, 1849
Sargus cuprarius   species Geosargus cuprarius L. 3   See D-fennica. Sargus cuprarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sargus cuprarius   species Geosargus nubeculosus Zett.     In D-fennica. Sargus cuprarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sargus flavipes   species Geosargus nigripes Zett.     In D-fennica. Sargus flavipes Meigen, 1822
Sargus iridatus   species Geosargus iridatus Scop. 2   See D-fennica. Sargus iridatus (Scopoli, 1763)
Sargus niphonensis Bigot, 1879 species Geosargus niphonensis 4 Sargus niphonensis Bigot, 1879
Sargus mactans   species Geosargus mactans Walk. 6 Sargus mactans Walker, 1859
Sargus mactans   chironym Geosargus [mactans] v. javanicus Frey 3   MS name by Frey.   Sargus mactans Walker, 1859
Sargus metallinus   species Geosargus metallinus Frey 6 Sargus metallinus Fabricius, 1805
Sargus mandarinus   species Geosargus mandarinus Schin. 1 Sargus mandarinus Schiner, 1868
Sargus flavipes Meigen, 1822 species Geosargus flavipes Meig. 1 Sargus flavipes Meigen, 1822
Sargus rufipes   species Geosargus rufipes Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Sargus rufipes Wahlberg, 1854
Sargus decorus   species Geosargus decorus Say 5 Sargus decorus Say, 1824
Sargus sp. 1   species Geosargus sp. 1  
Sargus viridis Say, 1823 species Geosargus viridis Say 9 Sargus viridis Say, 1823
Sargus sp. 2   species Geosargus sp. 1  
Pedicella scutellaris   chironym Pedicella scutellaris i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Sargus stramineus   species Pedicella stramineus Fabr. 1 Merosargus staminea (Fabricius, 1805)
Pedicella dubia   chironym Pedicella dubia i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Pedicella illucens   chironym Pedicella illucens i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Pedicella fuscicornis   chironym Pedicella fuscicornis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Pedicella   genus Pedicella 3 Pedicella Bigot, 1856
Chloromyia formosa (Scopoli, 1763) species Chloromyia formosa Scop. 4   See D-fennica. Chloromyia formosa (Scopoli, 1763)
Chloromyia speciosa   species Chloromyia speciosa Macq. 1 Chloromyia speciosa (Macquart, 1834)
Microchrysa flaviventris   species Microchrysa flaviventris Wied. 12 Microchrysa flaviventris (Wiedemann, 1824)
Microchrysa bicolor   species Microchrysa bicolor Wied. 7 Microchrysa bicolor (Wiedemann, 1830)
Microchrysa polita   species Microchrysa polita L. 5   See D-fennica. Microchrysa polita (Linnaeus, 1758)
Microchrysa flavicornis   species Microchrysa flavicornis Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Microchrysa flavicornis (Meigen, 1822)
Microchrysa cyaneiventris   species Microchrysa cyaneiventris Zett.     In D-fennica. Microchrysa cyaneiventris (Zetterstedt, 1842)
Prosopochrysa vitripennis   species Prosopochrysa vitripennis Dol. 4 Prosopochrysa vitripennis (Doleschall, 1856)
Prosopochrysa svensoni   chironym Prosopochrysa svensoni Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Cephalochrysa hovas   species Cephalochrysa hovas Big. 2 Cephalochrysa hovas (Bigot, 1859)

Taxa in collection for Stratiomyidae: 370


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Moegistorhynchus longirostris   species Moegistorhynchus longirostris Wied. 1 Moegistorhynchus longirostris (Wiedemann, 1819)
Nemestrinus rufipes (Olivier, 1810) species Nemestrellus rufipes Ol. 1 Nemestrinus rufipes (Olivier, 1810)
Nemestrinus aegyptiacus   species Nemestrinus aegyptiacus Wied. 2 Nemestrinus aegyptiacus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Nemestrinus persicus   species Nemestrinus persicus Lichtw. 1 Nemestrinus persicus Lichtwardt, 1909
Nemestrinus capito   species Heminemestrinus capito Lw 1 Nemestrinus capito (Loew, 1873)
Nemestrinus ruficaudis (Lichtwardt, 1907) species Rhynchocephalus ruficaudis Lichtw. 3 Nemestrinus ruficaudis (Lichtwardt, 1907)
Nemestrinus caucasicus   species Rhynchocephalus caucasicus Fisch. 1 Nemestrinus caucasicus (Fischer, 1806)
Neorhynchocephalus sulphureus (Wiedemann, 1830) species Neorhynchocephalus sulphureus Wied. 4 Neorhynchocephalus sulphureus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Neorhynchocephalus sackenii (Williston, 1880) species Neorhynchocephalus sackenii Will. 3 Neorhynchocephalus sackenii (Williston, 1880)
Fallenia fasciata   species Fallenia fasciata Fabr. 2 Fallenia fasciata (Fabricius, 1805)
Atriadops macula (Wiedemann, 1824) species Atriadops macula Wied. 1 Atriadops macula (Wiedemann, 1824)
Hirmoneura austeni   species Hermoneura austeni Lichtw. 1 Hirmoneura austeni Lichtwardt, 1909
Hermoneura subandina   species Hermoneura subandina Lichtw. 2   Unrecognised name.  
Hermoneura obscura Sack species Hermoneura obscura Sack 1   Unrecognised name.  
Hermoneura ahngeri   chironym Hermoneura ahngeri Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Nemestrinidae: 15


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pterodontia virmondii   species Pterodontia Virmondi Er. 1 Pterodontia virmondii Erichson, 1840
Psilodera fasciata   species Psilodera fasciata Wied. 1 Acrocera fasciata Wiedemann, 1830
Psilodera valida   species Psilodera valida Wied. 1 Psilodera valida (Wiedemann, 1830)
Psilodera bipunctata   species Psilodera bipunctata Wied. 1 Psilodera bipunctata (Wiedemann, 1819)
Nipponcyrtus shibakawae (Matsumura, 1916) species Opsebius nipponensis Cole 2 Nipponcyrtus shibakawae (Matsumura, 1916)
Nipponcyrtus shibakawae (Matsumura, 1916) species Opsebius shibakawae Mats. 1 Nipponcyrtus shibakawae (Matsumura, 1916)
Acrocera cabrerae Frey, 1936 species Acrocera cabrerae Frey 1 Acrocera cabrerae Frey, 1936
Acrocera stelviana Pokorny, 1886 species Acrocera stelviana Pok. 2 Acrocera stelviana Pokorny, 1886
Acrocera orbicula   species Paracrocera orbiculus Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Acrocera orbicula (Fabricius, 1787)
Acrocera bacchulus (Frey, 1936) species Paracrocera bacchulus Frey 1 Acrocera bacchulus (Frey, 1936)
Ogcodes varius   species Ogcodes varius Latr. 5 Ogcodes varius Latreille, 1811
Ogcodes gibbosus   species Ogcodes gibbosus L. 4   See D-fennica. Musca gibbosa (Thunberg, 1789)
Ogcodes pallipes   species Ogcodes pallipes Latr. 1   See D-fennica. Ogcodes pallipes Latreille, 1811
Ogcodes mexicanus   chironym Ogcodes mexicanus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ogcodes nigripes   species Ogcodes nigripes Zett.     In D-fennica. Ogcodes nigripes (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Ogcodes zonatus Erichson, 1840 species Ogcodes zonatus Er. 1 Ogcodes zonatus Erichson, 1840
Philopota conica   species Philopota conica Wied. 4 Philopota conica Wiedemann, 1830
Philopota liturata   species Philopota liturata Westw. 3 Philopota liturata Westwood, 1848
Philopota ovata   species Philopota ovata Westw. 1 Philopota ovata Westwood, 1848
Philopota pallidicoxa   chironym Philopota pallidicoxa i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Philopota turbinata   species Philopota turbinata Er. 3 Philopota turbinata Erichson, 1840
Philopota pusilla   chironym Philopota pusilla i.sch. 1 Brazil, Rio Janeiro MS name by Frey.  
Oligoneura nigroaenea   species Philopota aenea Big. [overwritten with] nigroaenea Motch. ~5 Oligoneura nigroaenea (Motschulsky, 1866)
Oligoneura nigroaenea   species Philopota globulifera Mats. 6 Oligoneura nigroaenea (Motschulsky, 1866)
Philopota itoana   chironym Philopota itoana Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Oligoneura murina (Loew, 1844) species Philopota murina Loew 1 Oligoneura murina (Loew, 1844)
Acroceridae   family   2 Brazil Acroceridae
Corononcodes siculus   species Corononcodes siculus Bezzi 1 Corononcodes siculus Bezzi, 1923
Astomella gravis   species Astomella gravis Er. 1 Astomella gravis Erichson, 1840
Rhysogaster orientalis (Frey, 1926) species Rhysogaster orientalis Frey 1 Rhysogaster orientalis (Frey, 1926)
Lasia nigritarsis   species Panops nigritarsis Blanch. 2 Lasia nigritarsis (Blanchard, 1852)
Lasia splendens   species Panops splendens Wied. 1 Lasia splendens Wiedemann, 1824
Lasia rufipes Westwood, 1848 species Panops rufipes Westw. 3 Lasia rufipes Westwood, 1848

Taxa in collection for Acroceridae: 33


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Cerocatus nigroflamma   species Cyclotelus nigriflamma Walk. [sic] 1  
Phycus rufofemoratus Kröber, 1913 species Phycus rufofemoratus Kröb. 2 Phycus rufofemoratus Krober, 1913
Salentia fuscipennis   species Salentia fuscipennis Costa 2 Salentia fuscipennis Costa, 1857
Euphycus dispar (Meigen, 1820) species Salentia dispar Weid. [sic] 2 Euphycus dispar (Meigen, 1820)
Chrysanthemyia chrysanthemi   species Chrysanthemyia chrysanthemi Fabr. 1 Chrysanthemyia chrysanthemi (Fabricius, 1787)
Chrysanthemyia velutinifrons   species Ooeidicera lucidifrons Beck. 1 Chrysanthemyia velutinifrons Becker, 1912
Neotabuda   genus Pachygenia 1 Neotabuda Kröber, 1931
Ectinorhynchus latistria   species Ectinorhynchus latistria Walk. 1 Ectinorhynchus latistria (Walker, 1848)
Pseudoloxocera fascifrons   chironym Pseudoloxocera fascifrons Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Anabarhynchus micans   species Anabarhynchus 1 Anabarhynchus micans (Hutton, 1901)
Parapsilocephala   genus Parapsilocephala 1 Parapsilocephala Kröber, 1912
Dialineura anilis   species Dialineura anilis L. 3 Dialineura anilis (Linnaeus, 1761)
Irwiniella semiargentea (Kröber, 1913) species Irwiniella semiargentea Bröb. 5 Irwiniella semiargentea (Krober, 1913)
Irwiniella lindbergi Lyneborg, 1976 species Irwiniella lindbergi Lyneb. 2   TOO: CHECK TYPE? Irwiniella lindbergi Lyneborg, 1976
Pandivirilia eximia   species Psilocephala eximia Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Pandivirilia eximia (Meigen, 1820)
Pandivirilia melaleuca   species Psilocephala melaleuca Lw 1 Pandivirilia melaleuca (Loew, 1847)
Insulatitan longipes (Loew, 1869) species Psilocephala longipes Lw 2 Insulatitan longipes (Loew, 1869)
Cliorismia ardea   species Psilocephala ardea Fabr. 3 Cliorismia ardea (Fabricius, 1794)
Psilocephala albina   species Psilocephala albina Wied. 1 Psilocephala albina (Wiedemann, 1819)
Psilocephala imberbis   species Psilocephala imberbis Fall.     In D-fennica. Psilocephala imberbis (Fallen, 1814)
Irwiniella kroeberi   species Psilocephala frontata Kröb. 4 Irwiniella kroeberi Metz, 2003
Psilocephala böttcheri   chironym Psilocephala Böttcheri Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Psilocephala sauteri   species Psilocephala Sauteri Kröb. 3 Psilocephala sauteri Krober, 1912
Irwiniella sequa   species Psilocephala sequa Wlk. 1 Irwiniella sequa (Walker, 1852)
Ammothereva laticornis   species Psilocephala laticornis LW 5 Elcaribe laticornis (Loew, 1869)
Ammothereva nigrofemorata   species Psilocephala nigrofemorata Kröb. 1 Ammothereva nigrofemorata (Krober, 1912)
Psilocephala hirtipennis   species Psilocephala hirtipennis Will. 2  
Cerocatus rufiventris (Loew, 1869) species Psilocephala rufiventris Lw 2  
Litolinga acuta (Adams, 1903) species Psilocephala acuta Ad. 1 Litolinga acuta (Adams, 1903)
Cerocatus colei   species Psilocephala scutellaris Lw 2  
Cerocatus pictipennis (Wiedemann, 1821) species Psilocephala pictipennis Wied. 2  
Hoplosathe frauenfeldi (Loew, 1856) species Psilocephala Frauenfeldi Lw 1 Hoplosathe frauenfeldi (Loew, 1856)
Psilocephala stellatifrons   chironym Psilocephala stellatifrons n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Irwiniella nobilipennis (Frey, 1939) species Psilocephala nobilipennis Frey 1   TOO: CHECK TYPE? Irwiniella nobilipennis (Frey, 1939)
Psilocephala sp.   species Psilocephala sp. 1 Brazil  
Ozodiceromya schroederi   species Psilocephala Schröderi Kröb. 2 Ozodiceromya schroederi (Krober, 1911)
Dichoglena nigripennis   species Psilocephala nigripennis Ruthe 1 Dichoglena nigripennis (Ruthe, 1831)
Tabuda superba (Frey, 1921) species Platarista superba Frey 1   TODO: CHECK TYPE. Described as Onychomyia superba Tabuda superba (Frey, 1921)
Thereva argenteolanata Frey, 1921 species Thereva argenteolanata Frey 1 Thereva argenteolanata Frey, 1921
Acrosathe annulata   species Thereva annulata Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Acrosathe annulata (Fabricius, 1805)
Spiriverpa lunulata   species Thereva lunulata Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Spiriverpa lunulata (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Irwiniella purpurariae   species Thereva purpurariae Frey 1 Irwiniella purpurariae (Frey, 1958)
Thereva aurata   species Thereva aurata var. auricincta Egg. 1  
Thereva apicalis Wiedemann, 1821 species Thereva apicalis Wied. 1 Thereva apicalis Wiedemann, 1821
Thereva spiloptera Wiedemann, 1824 species Thereva spiloptera Wied. 1 Thereva spiloptera Wiedemann, 1824
Thereva cincta   species Thereva arcuata Lw. 1 Thereva cincta Meigen, 1820
Thereva brevicornis   species Thereva brevicornis Lw. 1 Thereva brevicornis Loew, 1847
Thereva nobilitata   species Thereva nobilitata Fabr. 4 Thereva nobilitata (Fabricius, 1775)
Thereva oculata   species Thereva [nobilitata] v. oculata Egg. 1 Thereva oculata Egger, 1859
Thereva fulva   species Thereva fulva Mg. 4 Thereva fulva (Meigen, 1804)
Thereva cinifera   species Thereva subfasciata Schumm. 1 Thereva cinifera Meigen, 1830
Thereva hermanni   species Thereva Hermanni Kr. 2 Thereva hermanni Krober, 1912
Thereva rustica   species Thereva nigripes Lw 6 Thereva rustica Loew, 1840
Thereva fuscinervis   species Thereva fuscinervis Zett.     In D-fennica. Thereva fuscinervis Zetterstedt, 1838
Thereva occulta   species Thereva occulta Beck. 1 Thereva occulta Becker, 1908
Thereva teydea Frey, 1936 species Thereva teydeana Frey 2   TODO: RECORD TYPES! Thereva teydea Frey, 1936
Thereva circumscripta   species Thereva circumscripta Lw     In D-fennica. Thereva circumscripta Loew, 1847
Thereva lanata   species Thereva lanata Zett.     In D-fennica. Thereva lanata Zetterstedt, 1838
Thereva plebeja   species Thereva plebeja L. 1   See D-fennica. Thereva plebeja (Linnaeus, 1758)
Thereva praecox   species Thereva praecox Egg. 1 Thereva praecox Egger, 1859
Thereva unica   species Thereva bipunctata Mg. 2 Thereva unica (Harris, 1780)
Thereva marginula   species Thereva marginula Mg. 1 Thereva marginula Meigen, 1820
Thereva sp. 1   species Thereva sp. 1  
Thereva sp. 2   species Thereva sp. 1  

Taxa in collection for Therevidae: 64


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Scenopinus lucidus Becker, 1902 species Scenopinus lucidus Beck. 2 Scenopinus lucidus Becker, 1902
Scenopinus brunneus   species Scenopinus fraterna Kröb. 2   Misidentified, = S. brunneus. Scenopinus brunneus (Krober, 1913)
Scenopinus niger   species Scenopinus nigra Deg.     In D-fennica. Scenopinus niger (De Geer, 1776)
Scenopinus fenestralis   species Scenopinus fenestralis L. 1   TODO: CHECK TYPE Scenopinus fenestralis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Scenopinus fenestralis   species Scenopinus scutellatus Macq. 1   TODO: CHECK TYPE Scenopinus fenestralis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Scenopinus glabrifrons   species Scenopinus glabrifrons Mg. 1 Scenopinus glabrifrons Meigen, 1824
Scenopinus brevicornis   species Scenopinus brevicornis Lw 2 Scenopinus brevicornis Loew, 1873
Scenopinus halteralis Frey, 1936 species Scenopinus halteralis Frey 2 Scenopinus halteralis Frey, 1936
Scenopinus griseus (Kröber, 1913) species Scenopinus griseus Kröb. 6 Scenopinus griseus (Krober, 1913)

Taxa in collection for Scenopinidae: 9


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Mydas mystaceus   species Mydas mystaceus Wied. 3 Mydas mystaceus (Wiedemann, 1831)
Mydas apicalis   species Mydas apicalis Wied. 1 Mydas apicalis (Wiedemann, 1831)
Protomydas dives   species Mydas dives Westw. 1 Protomydas dives (Westwood, 1841)
Mydas coerulescens   species Mydas coerulescens Oliv. 1 Mydas coerulescens Olivier, 1811
Mydas brasilienesis   chironym Mydas brasilienesis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Mydas argyrostomus   species Mydas argyrostomus Gerst. 4 Mydas argyrostomus Gerstaeker, 1868
Mydas argyrostomus   species Mydas [argyrostomus] var. argentinus Frey 1 Mydas argyrostomus Gerstaeker, 1868
Mydas basalis   chironym Mydas basalis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.    
Mydas rubidapex   species Mydas rubidapex Wied. 1 Mydas rubidapex (Wiedemann, 1831)
Mydas clavatus (Drury, 1773) species Mydas clavatus Drury 3 Mydas clavatus (Drury, 1773)
Mydas fruhstorferi   species Mydas fruhstorferi v.d.Wulp 1 Mydas fruhstorferi Wulp, 1896
Mydas ventralis   species Mydas abdominalis Adams 1 Mydas ventralis Gerstaecker, 1868
Mydas nitidus   chironym Mydas nitidus i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.    
Mydas consobrinus   chironym Mydas consobrinus m. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Mydas cingulatus   species Mydas cingulatus Will. 2 Mydas cingulatus Williston, 1898
Cephalocera   genus Cephalocera 1 Cephalocera Latreille, 1829
Miltinus viduatus   species Miltinus viduatus Westw. 1 Miltinus viduatus (Westwood, 1835)
Ectyphus pinguis   species Ectyphus pinguis Gerst. 1 Ectyphus pinguis Gerstaecker, 1868
Ectyphus minutus   chironym Ectyphus minutus n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Leptomydas   genus Leptomydas 1 Leptomydas Gerstaecker, 1868
Dolichogaster brevicornis   species Dolichogaster brevicornis Wied. 3 Dolichogaster brevicornis (Wiedemann, 1821)

Taxa in collection for Mydidae: 21


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Apiocera moerens Westwood, 1841 species Apiocera moerens Westw. 1 Apiocera moerens Westwood, 1841

Taxa in collection for Apioceridae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Holopogon dimidiatus (Meigen, 1820) species Holopogon dimidiatus Mg. 1 Holopogon dimidiatus (Meigen, 1820)
Holopogon nigripennis (Meigen, 1820) species Holopogon nigripennis Mg. 1 Holopogon nigripennis (Meigen, 1820)
Holopogon fumipennis (Meigen, 1820) species Holopogon fumipennis Mg. 1 Holopogon fumipennis (Meigen, 1820)
Lithoecisus heydenii   species Holopogon Hydeni Lw 4 Lithoecisus heydenii (Loew, 1870)
Eriopogon laniger   species Eriopogon laniger Mg. 2 Eriopogon laniger (Meigen, 1804)
Eriopogon jubatus   species Eriopogon jubatus Beck. 7 Eriopogon jubatus Becker, 1906
Eriopogon persicus   chironym Eriopogon persicus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Leptarthrus brevirostris   species Isopogon brevirostris Mg. 1 Leptarthrus brevirostris (Meigen, 1804)
Leptarthrus vitripennis   species Isopogon vitripennis Mg. 1 Leptarthrus vitripennis (Meigen, 1820)
Heteropogon flavobarbatus   species Heteropogon flavobarbatus Beck. 1 Heteropogon flavobarbatus Becker, 1907
Heteropogon manicatus   species Heteropogon manicatus Lw 1 Heteropogon manicatus (Meigen, 1820)
Heteropogon waltlii   species Heteropogon Waltli Meig. 3 Heteropogon waltlii (Meigen, 1838)
Heteropogon rufiventris   chironym Heteropogon rufiventris Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Hystrichopogon hirticeps   species Hystrichopogon hirticeps Herm. 2 Hystrichopogon hirticeps Hermann, 1906
Amphisbetetus favillaceus   species Amphisbetetus favillaceus Lw 1 Amphisbetetus favillaceus (Loew, 1856)
Cyrtopogon maculipennis   species Cyrtopogon maculipennis Macq. 4 Cyrtopogon maculipennis (Macquart, 1834)
Cyrtopogon flavimanus (Meigen, 1820) species Cyrtopogon flavimanus Mg. 1 Cyrtopogon maculipennis (Macquart, 1834)
Cyrtopogon ruficornis   species Cyrtopogon ruficornis Fabr. 1 Cyrtopogon ruficornis (Fabricius, 1794)
Cyrtopogon pictipennis Coquillett, 1898 species Cyrtopogon pictipennis Coquillett, 1898 1 Cyrtopogon pictipennis Coquillett, 1898
Cyrtopogon luteicornis   species Cyrtopogon luteicornis Zett.     In D-fennica. Cyrtopogon luteicornis (Zetterstedt, 1842)
Cyrtopogon lateralis   species Cyrtopogon lateralis Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Cyrtopogon lateralis (Fallen, 1814)
Cyrtopogon meyerduerii   species Cyrtopogon meyer-dürii Mik 3 Cyrtopogon meyerduerii Mik, 1864
Cyrtopogon profusus   species Cyrtopogon profusus Ost.-S. 1 Cyrtopogon profusus Osten Sacken, 1877
Cyrtopogon pulchripes   species Cyrtopogon pulchripes Lw 1 Cyrtopogon pulchripes Loew, 1871
Cyclosocerus platycerus   species Cyrtopogon platycerus Vill. 1 Cyclosocerus platycerus (Villeneuve, 1913)
Lasiopogon cinctus   species Lasiopogon cinctus Fabr. 1 Lasiopogon cinctus (Fabricius, 1781)
Lasiopogon montanus Schiner, 1862 species Lasiopogon montanus Schin. 1 Lasiopogon montanus Schiner, 1862
Lasiopogon cinctus   species Lasiopogon grajus Bezzi 1 Lasiopogon cinctus (Fabricius, 1781)
Lasiopogon baicalicus   chironym Lasiopogon baicalicus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hypenetes asiliformis   species Hypenetes asiliformis v.d.Wulp 1 Hypenetes asiliformis Wulp, 1882
Stenopogon roederii   species Scleropogon rufipilus Lw 2 Stenopogon roederii Bezzi, 1895
Stenopogon heteroneurus   species Scleropogon heteroneurus Macq. 1 Laphria glauca Enderlein, 1914
Scleropogon dictator   chironym Scleropogon dictator Frey 8   MS name by Frey.  
Scleropogon farinosus   chironym Scleropogon farinosus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Scleropogon vitalisi   chironym Scleropogon vitalisi Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Scleropogon lacteibasis   chironym Scleropogon lacteibasis Frey 5   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon dolorosus   chironym Stenopogon dolorosus n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon callosus   species Stenopogon callosus Wied. 2 Stenopogon callosus (Pallas, 1818)
Stenopogon mongolicus   chironym Stenopogon mongolicus Frey 2   MS name by Frey. MS name by Frey.
Stenopogon procerus   chironym Stenopogon procerus n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon xanthomelas Loew, 1868 species Stenopogon xanthomelas Lw 1 Stenopogon xanthomelas Loew, 1868
Stenopogon sabaudus   species Stenopogon sabaudus Fabr. 1 Stenopogon sabaudus (Fabricius, 1794)
Stenopogon sabaudus   species Stenopogon [sabaudus] v. fulvulus Pall. 3 Stenopogon sabaudus (Fabricius, 1794)
Stenopogon latipennis   species Stenopogon consanguineus Lw 1 Stenopogon latipennis Loew, 1866
Stenopogon luteatus   chironym Stenopogon luteatus n. 4   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon coracinus   species Stenopogon coracinus LW 2 Stenopogon coracinus (Loew, 1847)
Stenopogon carbonarius Hermann, 1929 species Stenopogon v. carbonarius Engel 1 Stenopogon carbonarius Hermann, 1929
Stenopogon laevigatus   species Stenopogon laevigatus Lw 1 Stenopogon laevigatus (Loew, 1851)
Stenopogon similatus   chironym Stenopogon similatus n. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon sanguiflua   chironym Stenopogon sanguiflua n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon puclhripes   chironym Stenopogon puclhripes n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Stenopogon harpacellus   chironym Stenopogon harpacellus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ospriocerus aeacus (Wiedemann, 1828) species Ospriocerus abdominalis Say 1 Stenopogon aeacus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Bathypogon   genus Bathypogon sp. 1 Bathypogon Loew, 1851
Stichopogon trifasciatus   species Neopogon trifasciatus Say 1 Stichopogon trifasciatus (Say, 1823)
Stichopogon albofasciatus   species Echinopogon albofasciatus Mg. 1 Stichopogon albofasciatus (Meigen, 1820)
Stichopogon dorsatus   species Stichopogon dorsatus Beck. 2 Stichopogon dorsatus Becker, 1915
Stichopogon beckeri   species Stichopogon beckeri Bezzi 1 Stichopogon beckeri Bezzi, 1910
Stichopogon scaliger   species Stichopogon scaliger Lw 7 Stichopogon scaliger Loew, 1847
Stichopogon barbistrellus   species Stichopogon barbistrellus Lw 4 Stichopogon barbistrellus Loew, 1854
Stichopogon elegantulus   species Stichopogon elegantulus Wied. 4 Stichopogon elegantulus (Wiedemann, 1820)
Stichopogon madagascariensis   chironym Stichopogon madagascariensis n.sp. 4   MS name by Frey.  
Stichopogon cypriacus   chironym Stichopogon cypriacus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Stichopogon caucasicus   species Dichropogon caucasicus Bezzi 1 Stichopogon caucasicus Bezzi, 1910
Clinopogon sauteri   species Clinopogon sauteri Bezzi 3 Clinopogon sauteri Bezzi, 1910
Crobilocerus megilliformis   species Crobilocerus megilliformis Lw 1 Crobilocerus megilliformis (Loew, 1847)
Pycnopogon   genus Pycnopogon 2 Pycnopogon Loew, 1847
Holcocephala peruviana   species Holcocephala peruana Herm. 2 Holcocephala peruviana Hermann, 1924
Holcocephala longipennis   chironym Holcocephala longipennis n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Holcocephala clavipoda   chironym Holcocephala clavipoda n. 6   MS name by Frey.  
Holcocephala oculata   species Holcocephala oculata F. 1 Holcocephala oculata (Fabricius, 1805)
Holcocephala uruguayensis Lynch Arribalzaga, 1882 species Holcocephala uruguayensis E.L. Arrib. 4 Holcocephala uruguayensis Lynch Arribalzaga, 1882
Holcocephala affinis   chironym Holcocephala affinis i.sch. 12   MS name by Frey.    
Holcocephala brevicornis   chironym Holcocephala brevicornis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Holcocephala curtifasciata   chironym Holcocephala curtifasciata Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Holcocephala flavipes   chironym Holcocephala flavipes i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Trigonomima cyanella   species Trigonomima cyanella Ost.-S. 1 Trigonomima cyanella Osten Sacken, 1882
Damalina albifascia   chironym Damalina albifascia n.sp. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Damalis paradoxa (Frey, 1934) species Aireina paradoxa Frey 1 Damalis paradoxa (Frey, 1934)
Damalis nigella   species Xenomyza nigellus v.d.Wulp 3 Damalis nigella Wulp, 1872
Damalis fulvipes   species fulvipes Westw. 1 Damalis fulvipes (Westwood, 1836)
Damalis major   species major v.d.W. 2 Damalis major Wulp, 1872
Damalis lugens   species lugens Walk. 2 Damalis lugens Walker, 1861
Damalis immerita Osten Sacken, 1882 species immerita O.-Sack. 4 Damalis immerita Osten Sacken, 1882
Damalis saigonensis   species siagonensis Big.[sic] 1 Damalis saïgonensis Bigot, 1878
Damalis vitripennis Osten Sacken, 1882 species vitripennis O.-Sack. 7 Damalis vitripennis Osten Sacken, 1882
Damalis formosana   species formosanus Frey 3 Damalis formosana (Frey, 1934)
Damalis maculata Wiedemann, 1828 species maculata Wied. 4 Damalis maculata Wiedemann, 1828
Damalis scrobiculata (Frey, 1934) species pusilla Frey 2 Damalis scrobiculata Frey, 1934
Damalis floresiana   chironym floresiana Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Damalis fumipennis   species fumipennis Walk. 1 Damalis fumipennis Walker, 1855
Ceraturgus   genus Ceraturgus 1 Ceraturgus Wiedemann, 1824
Habropogon exquisitus   species Habropogon exquisitus Mg. 1 Habropogon exquisitus (Wiedemann, 1820)
Habropogon carthaginiensis Becker, 1915 species Habropogon carthaginiensis Beck. 1 Habropogon carthaginiensis Becker, 1915
Ancylorhynchus giganteus   chironym Ancylorhynchus giganteus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ancylorhynchus scutellaris   chironym Ancylorhynchus scutellaris Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ancylorhynchus glaucius   species Ancylorhynchus glaucius Rossi 1 Ancylorhynchus glaucius (Rossi, 1790)
Scylaticus degener   species Scylaticus degener Schin. 3 Scylaticus degener Schiner, 1868
Scylaticus costalis (Wiedemann, 1819) species Scylaticus costalis Wied. 1 Scylaticus costalis (Wiedemann, 1819)
Dioctria oelandica   species Dioctria oelandica L. 2   See D-fennica. Dioctria oelandica (Linnaeus, 1758)
Dioctria atricapilla   species Dioctria atricapilla Meig. 4   See D-fennica. Dioctria atricapilla Meigen, 1804
Dioctria cothurnata   species Dioctria cothurnata Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Dioctria cothurnata Meigen, 1820
Dioctria rufipes   species Dioctria rufipes Deg. 1   See D-fennica. Dioctria rufipes (Scopoli, 1763)
Dioctria flavipennis   species Dioctria aurifrons Mg. 2 Dioctria flavipennis Meigen, 1820
Dioctria rufipes   species Dioctria flavipes Fall. 4   See D-fennica. Dioctria rufipes (Scopoli, 1763)
Dioctria hyalipennis   species Dioctria hyalipennis Fabr. 2 Dioctria hyalipennis (Fabricius, 1794)
Dioctria linearis Meigen, 1830 species Dioctria linearis Fabr. 3 Dioctria linearis (Fabricius, 1787)
Dioctria humeralis Zeller, 1840 species Dioctria humeralis Zell. 1 Dioctria humeralis Zeller, 1840
Dioctria rufithorax   species Dioctria rufithorax Lw 1 Dioctria rufithorax Loew, 1853
Dioctria bicincta   species Dioctria bicincta Mg. 1 Dioctria bicincta Meigen, 1820
Dioctria lateralis   species Dioctria lateralis Mg. 1 Dioctria lateralis Meigen, 1804
Dioctria longicornis Meigen, 1820 species Dioctria longicornis Mg. 1 Dioctria longicornis Meigen, 1820
Dioctria maroccana   chironym Dioctria maroccana Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Deromyia arrogans   chironym Deromyia arrogans i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Diogmites brunneus   species Deromyia brunnea Fabr. 3 Diogmites brunneus (Fabricius, 1787)
Diogmites winthemi   species Deromyia Winthemi Wied. 3 Diogmites winthemi (Wiedemann, 1821)
Deromyia rufa   chironym Deromyia rufa i.sch. 6   MS name by Frey.  
Diogmites angustipennis   species Deromyia angustipennis Lw 1 Diogmites angustipennis Loew, 1866
Deromyia nigribarbis   chironym Deromyia nigribarbis i.sch. 6   MS name by Frey.  
Diogmites lindigii   species Deromyia Lindigii Schin. 1 Diogmites lindigii (Schiner, 1868)
Blepharepium magnificus   chironym Blepharepium magnificus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Blepharepium leucoproctus   chironym Blepharepium leucoproctus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Blepharepium schadei   chironym Blepharepium Schadei Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Allopogon steinbecki   chironym Allopogon Steinbecki Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Neolaparus volcatus   species Neolaparus volcatus Walk. 3 Neolaparus volcatus (Walker, 1848)
Neolaparus funestus   species Neolaparus funestus Lw 1 Plesiomma funestum Loew, 1861
Neolaparus lugens   species Neolaparus lugens Beck. 1   Not recognised.  
Blepharepium coarctatum (Perty, 1833) species Stenobasis co-arctata Perty 4 Blepharepium coarctatum (Perty, 1833)
Blepharepium coarctatum   chironym Stenobasis [co-arctata] v. fulvibasis Frey 5   MS name by Frey.   Blepharepium coarctatum (Perty, 1833)
Stenobasis latenigra   chironym Stenobasis latenigra Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Senobasis ornata (Wiedemann, 1819) species Lochitis ornatus Wied. 1 Senobasis ornata (Wiedemann, 1819)
Lochites   genus Lochitis sp. 1 Lochites Forster, 1856
Lochites cyclopyga   chironym Lochitis cyclopyga n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Molobratia teutonus   species Dasypogon teutonus L. 3 Molobratia teutonus (Linnaeus, 1767)
Molobratia japonica   species Dasypogon japonica Big. 1 Molobratia japonica (Bigot, 1878)
Molobratia chinensis   chironym Dasypogon chinensis n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Molobratia pekinensis   species Dasypogon pekinensis Big. 2 Molobratia pekinensis (Bigot, 1878)
Dasypogon penelope   chironym Dasypogon penelope Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Dasypogon diadema   species Selidopogon diadema Fabr. 4 Dasypogon diadema (Fabricius, 1781)
Dasypogon diadema   species Selidopogon [diadema] v. cylindricus Fabr. 6 Dasypogon diadema (Fabricius, 1781)
Dasypogon octonotatus   species Selidopogon octonotatus Lw 2 Dasypogon octonotatus Loew, 1869
Lastauroides crassitarsis   species Selidopogon crassitarsis Macq. 1 Lastauroides crassitarsis (Macquart, 1838)
Dasypogon atratus   species Selidopogon atratus Fabr. 1 Dasypogon atratus (Fabricius, 1794)
Saropogon combustus   species Saropogon adustus Lw 2 Saropogon combustus Loew, 1874
Saropogon rubricosus Bezzi, 1916 species Saropogon rubricosus Bezzi 4 Saropogon rubricosus Bezzi, 1916
Saropogon clausus   species Saropogon clausus Beck. 2 Saropogon clausus Becker, 1906
Saropogon subaxilaris   chironym Saropogon subaxilaris Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Saropogon punctipennis   species Saropogon punctipennis Frey 1 Saropogon punctipennis Frey, 1958
Brachyrhopala maculinervis   species Brachyrhopala maculinervis Macq. 1   Not recognised.  
Codula   genus Codula 1 Codula Macquart, 1850
Lastaurus fallax   species Lastaurus fallax Macq. 3 Lastaurus fallax (Macquart, 1846)
Lastaurus ursus   chironym Lastaurus ursus i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Plesiomma tristis   chironym Plesiomma tristis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Plesiomma fuliginosum   species Plesiomma fuliginosum Wied. 2 Plesiomma fuliginosum (Wiedemann, 1821)
Plesiomma caedens   species Plesiomma caedens Wied. 6 Plesiomma caedens (Wiedemann, 1828)
Teratopomyia cyanea   species Teratopomyia cyaneus Fabr. 1 Teratopomyia cyanea (Fabricius, 1781)
Cylicomera rubrofasciata   species Cylicomera rubrofasciata Arrib. 1 Cylicomera rubrofasciata Lynch Arribalzaga, 1881
Thereutria amaraca   species Thereutria amaracus Walk. 1 Thereutria amaraca (Walker, 1849)
Microstylum imperator   chironym Microstylum imperator Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microstylum oberthurii   species Microstylum oberthurii v.d.Wulp 4 Microstylum oberthurii Wulp, 1896
Microstylum oberthurii   chironym Microstylum [oberthurii] v. formosae Frey 1   MS name by Frey.   Microstylum oberthurii Wulp, 1896
Microstylum dux   species Microstylum dux Wied. 4 Microstylum dux (Wiedemann, 1828)
Microstylum dux   chironym Microstylum [dux] v. siamensis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.   Microstylum dux (Wiedemann, 1828)
Microstylum rabodae   species Microstylum Rabodae Karsch. 3 Microstylum rabodae Karsch, 1884
Microstylum radamae   species Microstylum radamae Karsch. 2 Microstylum radamae Karsch, 1884
Microstylum barbarosa   species Microstylum Barbarossa Wied. 1 Microstylum barbarosa (Wiedemann, 1828)
Microstylum gigas   species Microstylum gigas Wied. 1 Microstylum gigas (Wiedemann, 1821)
Microstylum amoyense   species Microstylum amoyense Big. 2 Microstylum amoyense Bigot, 1878
Microstylum nigrum   species Microstylum nigrum Big. 1 Microstylum nigrum Bigot, 1859
Microstylum sp.   species Microstylum sp. 4  
Microstylum balder   chironym Microstylum balder Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Microstylum loke   chironym Microstylum loke Frey 8   MS name by Frey.  
Microstylum cilipes Macquart, 1838 species Megapollyon cilipes Macq. 3 Microstylum cilipes Macquart, 1838
Phellus glaucus Walker, 1851 species Phellus glaucus Walk. 1 Phellus glaucus Walker, 1851
Dicranus tucma Lynch Arribalzaga, 1880 species Dicranus tucma Arrib. 12 Dicranus tucma Lynch Arribalzaga, 1880
Megapoda labiata   species Megapoda labiata Fbr. 1 Megapoda labiata (Fabricius, 1805)
Archilestris capnopterus (Wiedemann, 1828) species Archilestris capnoptera Wied. 6  
Pronomopsis chalybea Hermann, 1912 species Pronomopsis chalybea Herm. 1 Pronomopsis chalybea Hermann, 1912
Pseudorus piceus   species Pseudorus piceus Walk. 1 Pseudorus piceus Walker, 1851
Prytanopogon asiloides   chironym Prytanopogon asiloides Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Hoplistomerus serripes (Fabricius, 1805) species Hoplistomerus serripes Fabr. 1 Hoplistomerus serripes (Fabricius, 1805)
Triclioscelis femorata Röder, 1900 species Triclioscelis femorata v. Röd. 1 Triclioscelis femorata Roeder, 1900
Strobilothrix   genus Strobilothrix 1  
Laphystia sexfasciata Laphystia sexfasciata Say species Laphystia sexfasciata Say 1   Unrecognised name.  
Laphystia flavipes   species Laphystia flavipes Coq. 1 Laphystia flavipes Coquillett, 1904
Laphystia fasciata   species Laphystia fasciata Arrib. 6 Laphystia fasciata (Lynch Arribalzaga, 1880)
Laphystia latiuscula   species Laphystia metallescens Herm. 2 Laphystia latiuscula Loew, 1871
Leptogaster cylindrica   species Leptogaster cylindrica Deg.     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster cylindrica (De Geer, 1776)
Euscelidia setifer Frey, 1937 species Leptogaster setifer Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Euscelidia setifer (Frey, 1937)
Leptogaster trifasciata de Meijere, 1914 species Leptogaster trifasciata de Meij.     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster trifasciata Meijere, 1914
Leptogaster crassitarsis Frey, 1937 species Leptogaster crassitarsis Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster crassitarsis Frey, 1937
Leptogaster cilipes Frey, 1937 species Leptogaster cilipes Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster cilipes Frey, 1937
Leptogaster basilaris   species Leptogaster basilaris Coq.     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster basilaris Coquillett, 1898
Leptogaster ophionea Frey, 1937 species Leptogaster ophionea Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster ophionea Frey, 1937
Leptogaster agrionoides   chironym Leptogaster agrionoides Frey     MS name by Frey. All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Leptogaster plaumanni   chironym Leptogaster Plaumanni Frey     MS name by Frey. All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Leptogaster metatarsalis   chironym Leptogaster metatarsalis Frey     MS name by Frey. All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Leptogaster trimaculata   species Mesoleptogaster trimaculata de Meij.     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster trimaculata Meijere, 1914
Leptogaster madagascariensis Frey, 1937 species Mesoleptogaster madagascariensis Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Leptogaster convergens Frey, 1937 species Mesoleptogaster convergens Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster convergens Frey, 1937
Leptogaster fuscatipennis Frey, 1937 species Mesoleptogaster fuscatipennis Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster fuscatipennis Frey, 1937
Ammophilomima nubilipennis Frey, 1937 species Ammophilomima nubilipennis Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Ammophilomima nubilipennis Frey, 1937
Ammophilomima rufescens Frey, 1937 species Ammophilomima rufescens Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Ammophilomima rufescens Frey, 1937
Ammophilomima vitiosa   species Ammophilomima vitiosa v.d.Wulp     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Ammophilomima vitiosa (Wulp, 1872)
Lagynogaster timorensis Frey, 1937 species Lagynogaster timorensis Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Lagynogaster boettcheri Frey, 1937 species Lagynogaster Boettcheri Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Lagynogaster affinis Frey, 1937 species Lagynogaster affinis Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Lagynogaster affinis Frey, 1937
Lagynogaster suensoni Frey, 1937 species Lagynogaster suensoni Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Lagynogaster sauteri   species Lagynogaster sauteri Herm.     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Lagynogaster sauteri Hermann, 1917
Lagynogaster vitalisiana Frey, 1937 species Lagynogaster Vitalisiana Frey     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Lagynogaster vitalisiana Frey, 1937
Leptogaster princeps   species Lagynogaster princeps Ost-Sack.     All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Leptogaster princeps Osten Sacken, 1882
Ophionomima solocifemur   species Ophionomima solocifemur End. 1   All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Ophionomima solocifemur Enderlein, 1914
Lasiocnemus griseicinctipes Speiser, 1913 species Lasiocnemus griseicinctipes Speis. 1   All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available. Lasiocnemus griseicinctipes Speiser, 1913
Euscelidia elavatiformis   chironym Euscelidia elavatiformis Frey 1   MS name by Frey. All Leptogastrini are on loan and not recorded by species; species counts not available.  
Cerotainia unicolor Hermann, 1912 species Cerotainia unicolor Herm. 1 Cerotainia unicolor Hermann, 1912
Cerotainia bella   species Cerotainia bella Schin. 2 Cerotainia bella Schiner, 1867
Cerotainia flavipes   species Cerotainia flavipes Herm. 2 Cerotainia flavipes Hermann, 1912
Cyphotomyia lynchii   species Cyphotomyia Lynchii Will. 8 Cyphotomyia lynchii Williston, 1889
Eumecosoma   genus Eumecosoma 2 Eumecosoma Schiner, 1866
Atonia viduata (Wiedemann, 1819) species Atoniomyia viduata Wied. 4 Atonia viduata (Wiedemann, 1819)
Atoniomyia inexactinervis   chironym Atoniomyia inexactinervis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Loewinella   genus Loewinella 1 Loewinella Hermann, 1912
Clariola pulchra Kertesz, 1901 species Clariola pulchra Kert. 3  
Aphestia annulipes   species Aphestia annulipes Mcq. 1  
Aphestia nigra   species Aphestia nigra Big. 1 Aphestia nigra Bigot, 1878
Atomosia sayii Johnson, 1903 species Atomosia [rufipes] v. sayi Johns. 1 Atomosia sayii Johnson, 1903
Aphestia rufipes   chironym Atomosia [rufipes] v. gracilis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Atomosia tibialis   species Atomosia tibialis Mcq. 3 Atomosia tibialis Macquart, 1846
Atomosia geniculata   species Atomosia geniculata Wied. 11 Atomosia geniculata (Wiedemann, 1821)
Dasyllis haemorrhoa   species Dasyllis haemorrhoa Wied. 3 Dasyllis haemorrhoa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Dasyllis croceiventris   species Dasyllis croceiventris Wied. 1 Dasyllis croceiventris Wiedemann, 1821
Dasyllis erythrura   species Dasyllis erythrurus Herm. 1 Dasyllis erythrura Hermann, 1912
Dasyllis albicollis   species Dasyllis albicollis Big. 1 Dasyllis albicollis Bigot, 1878
Hyperechia Kreugeri   chironym Hyperechia Kreugeri n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hyperechia usambarae   species Hyperechia usambarae Grünb. 1   Unrecognised name. Possibly H. usambarae Lichtwardt, 1907 ?  
Hyperechia nigripennis   species Hyperechia nigripennis Wied. 2 Hyperechia nigripennis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Laphria praepotens   chironym Laphria praepotens i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria gibbosa   species Laphria gibbosa L.     In D-fennica. Laphria gibbosus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Laphria posticata   species Laphria posticata Say 1 Laphria posticata Say, 1824
Laphria thoracica   species Laphria thoracica Fabr. 2 Laphria thoracica Fabricius, 1805
Laphria flavicollis   species Laphria flavicollis Say 1 Laphria flavicollis Say, 1824
Laphria ursina   chironym Laphria ursina i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria flava   species Laphria flava L. 2   See D-fennica. Laphria flava (Linnaeus, 1761)
Laphria rufa   species Laphria rufa Röd. 2 Laphria rufa Roder, 1887
Laphria varia   species Laphria varia Lw 2 Laphria varia Loew, 1865
Laphria ephippium   species Laphria ephippium Fabr. 3 Laphria ephippium (Fabricius, 1781)
Laphria spiloptera   chironym Laphria spiloptera i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria mitsukurii Coquillett, 1898 species Laphria mitsukurii Coquillett, 1898 1 Laphria mitsukurii Coquillett, 1898
Laphria aurea   species Laphria aurea Fabr. 1 Laphria aureus (Fabricius, 1794)
Laphria nigriventris   chironym Laphria nigriventris Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria dizonias   species Laphria dizonias Loew 1 Laphria dizonias Loew, 1847
Lamyra fulva   species Laphria fulva Mg. 2 Lamyra fulva (Meigen, 1804)
Lamyra fuliginosa (Panzer, 1798: 21) species Laphria fuliginosa Panz. 4   See D-fennica. Lamyra fuliginosa (Panzer, 1798)
Laphria gigas   species Pagidolaphria gigas Macq. 6 Laphria gigas Macquart, 1838
Laphria reinwardtii   species Pagidolaphria Reinwardti Wied. 12 Laphria reinwardtii Wiedemann, 1828
Laphria regalis   chironym Pagidolaphria regalis Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria egregia   species Pagidolaphria egregia v.d.Wlp 2 Laphria egregia Wulp, 1898
Laphria vulcanus   species Pagidolaphria Blumi v.d. Wlp 3 Laphria vulcanus Wiedemann, 1828
Laphria vulcanus   species Pagidolaphria [Blumi] v. femorata Frey 1 Laphria vulcanus Wiedemann, 1828
Laphria dilutata   chironym Pagidolaphria dilutata Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria vitalisi   chironym Pagidolaphria Vitalisi Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria lateralis   species Pagidolaphria lateralis Fabr. 3 Laphria lateralis Fabricius, 1805
Laphria grandaeva   chironym Pagidolaphria grandaeva Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria grandaeva   chironym Pagidolaphria [grandaeva] v. similata Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria vulcana   species Pagidolaphria vulcanus Wied. 4 Laphria vulcanus Wiedemann, 1828
Laphria achilleus   chironym Pagidolaphria achilleus Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria solita   species Pagidolaphria solita v.d.Wlp 3 Laphria solita Wulp, 1872
Laphria leucoprocta   species Pagidolaphria leucoprocta Wied. 11 Laphria leucoprocta Wiedemann, 1828
Laphria rufipes   species Pagidolaphria rufipes Fall. 1 Lamyra rufipes (Fallen, 1814)
Choerades lapponicus   species Pagidolaphria lapponica Zett.     In D-fennica. Cyrtopogon lapponicus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Epholkiolaphria flavifrons   species Epholkiolaphria flavifrons Macq. 2 Java Unrecognised name.  
Epholkiolaphria tagalica   chironym Epholkiolaphria tagalica Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria laosi   chironym Epholkiolaphria Laosi Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria aurifrons   species Epholkiolaphria aurifrons Macq. 4   Unrecognised name.  
Epholkiolaphria boettcheri   chironym Epholkiolaphria Boettcheri Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria sericea   species Epholkiolaphria sericea Say 2 Laphria sericea Say, 1823
Laphria ignea   species Epholkiolaphria ignea Meig.     In D-fennica. Lamyra ignea (Meigen, 1820)
Laphria ignea   chironym Epholkiolaphria [ignea] v. igneola Frey 2   MS name by Frey.   Lamyra ignea (Meigen, 1820)
Laphria castellanii Hradsky, 1962 species Epholkiolaphria castellanii Hrad. 1  
Laphria gilva   species Epholkiolaphria gilva L.     In D-fennica. Laphria gilva (Linnaeus, 1758)
Epholkiolaphria cinereopleura   chironym Epholkiolaphria cinereopleura Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria philippinensis   species Epholkiolaphria partialis Bezzi 12 Laphria philippinensis Enderlein, 1914
Epholkiolaphria curvator   chironym Epholkiolaphria curvator Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria ignobilis   chironym Epholkiolaphria ignobilis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria madagascarensis   chironym Epholkiolaphria madagascarensis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria gabunica   chironym Epholkiolaphria gabunica Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria brachysoma   chironym Epholkiolaphria brachysoma Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria incurva   chironym Epholkiolaphria incurva Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Pogonosoma basifera   species Epholkiolaphria basifera Wlk. 2 Pogonosoma basifera (Walker, 1861)
Epholkiolaphria sp. 1   species Epholkiolaphria sp. 1  
Epholkiolaphria sp. 2   species Epholkiolaphria sp. 2  
Laphria fimbriata Meigen, 1820 species Epholkiolaphria fimbriata Mg. 2 Choerades fimbriata (Meigen, 1820)
Epholkiolaphria ignicollis   chironym Epholkiolaphria ignicollis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria brunneola   chironym Epholkiolaphria brunneola Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria popularis   chironym Epholkiolaphria popularis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Lamyra marginata (Linnaeus, 1758) species Epholkiolaphria marginata L. 2   See D-fennica. Lamyra marginata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Laphria basigutta Walker, 1857 species Epholkiolaphria basigutta Walk. 6 Laphria basigutta Walker, 1857
Laphria bipenicillata Bigot, 1891 species Epholkiolaphria bipenicillata Big. 1 Laphria bipenicillata Bigot, 1891
Laphria dimidiata Macquart, 1846 species Epholkiolaphria dimidiata Macq. 15 Laphria dimidiata Macquart, 1846
Laphria dimidiata   chironym Epholkiolaphria dimidiata v. minor Frey 5   MS name by Frey.   Laphria dimidiata Macquart, 1846
Laphria dimidiata   chironym Epholkiolaphria dimidiata v. javana Frey 4   MS name by Frey.   Laphria dimidiata Macquart, 1846
Laphria azurea   species Epholkiolaphria azurea Herm. 4 Laphria azurea Hermann, 1914
Epholkiolaphria japonica   chironym Epholkiolaphria japonica i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria tabu   chironym Epholkiolaphria tabu Frey 9   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria lacteibasis   chironym Epholkiolaphria lacteibasis Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria virens   chironym Epholkiolaphria virens Frey 8   MS name by Frey.  
Lamyra dioctriaeformis (Meigen, 1820) species Epholkiolaphria dioctriaeformis Mg. 2 Lamyra dioctriaeformis (Meigen, 1820)
Epholkiolaphria dolichodes   chironym Epholkiolaphria dolichodes Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Epholkiolaphria splendens   chironym Epholkiolaphria splendens Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Maira splendida (Guerin-Meneville, 1831) species Maira spectabilis Guér. 1 Maira splendida (Guerin Meneville, 1831)
Maira sp. 1   species Maira sp. 1  
Maira sp. 2   species Maira sp. 1  
Maira hispidella   species Maira hispidella v.d.Wulp 6 Maira hispidella Wulp, 1872
Maira sp. 3   species Maira sp. 1  
Maira sp. 4   species Maira sp. 1  
Maira aenea   species Maira aenea F. 4 Maira aenea (Fabricius, 1805)
Lampria clavipes   species Lampria clavipes Fabr. 12 Lampria clavipes (Fabricius, 1805)
Lampria fulgida Schiner, 1868 species Lampria fulgida Schin. 10 Lampria fulgida Schiner, 1868
Lampria macquarti (Perty, 1833) species Lampria macquarti Perty 4 Michotamia macquarti Joseph & Parui, 1984
Lampria splendens   species Lampria splendens Macq. 5 Lampria splendens (Macquart, 1834)
Laphria rubidofasciata   species Smeringolaphria rubidofasciata v.d. Wulp 1 Laphria rubidofasciata Wulp, 1872
Smeryngolaphria melanura   species Smeringolaphria melanura Wied. 1 Smeryngolaphria melanura (Wiedemann, 1828)
Smeryngolaphria nigrapex   chironym Smeringolaphria nigrapex Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Laphria luteipennis (Macquart, 1848) species Smeringolaphria luteipennis Macq. 1 Laphria luteipennis (Macquart, 1848)
Smeryngolaphria sp. 1   species Smeringolaphria sp. 1  
Smeryngolaphria sp. 2   species Smeringolaphria sp. 1  
Laphria alternans   species Smeringolaphria alternans Wied. 2 Laphria alternans Wiedemann, 1828
Laloides phalaris (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Anisolaphria phalaris O.-Sack. 2 Laloides phalaris (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Orthogonis scapularis   species Orthogonis scapularis Wied. 4 Orthogonis scapularis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Orthogonis nigrocaerulea   species Orthogonis nigrocaerulea v.d.Wulp 1 Orthogonis nigrocaerulea (Wulp, 1872)
Orthogonis   genus   1 Orthogonis Herman, 1914
Pogonosoma maroccanum   species Pogonosoma maroccana Fabr. 1 Pogonosoma maroccanum (Fabricius, 1794)
Pogonosoma crassipes   species Pogonosoma fusifera Walk. 4 Pogonosoma crassipes (Fabricius, 1805)
Pogonosoma exclamatoria   chironym Pogonosoma exclamatoria Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Pogonosoma cyanogaster   species Pogonosoma cyanogaster Bezzi 2 Pogonosoma cyanogaster Bezzi, 1916
Andrenosoma formidolosa   species Nusa formidolosa Walk. 2 Andrenosoma formidolosa (Walker, 1860)
Andrenosoma erythrogaster   species Nusa erythrogaster Wied. 3 Andrenosoma erythrogaster (Wiedemann, 1828)
Andrenosoma pyrrhopyga (Wiedemann, 1828) species Nusa pyrrhopyga Wied. 1 Andrenosoma pyrrhopyga (Wiedemann, 1828)
Andrenosoma atra (Linnaeus, 1758) species Nusa atra L. 3 Andrenosoma atra (Linnaeus, 1758)
Andrenosoma sp. 1   species Nusa sp. 1  
Andrenosoma albibarbis   species Nusa albibarbis Mg. 1  
Laxenecera albicincta   species Laxenecera albicincta Lw 2 Laxenecera albicincta (Loew, 1852)
Nusa infumata   species Dasythrix stenura Lw. 2 Nusa infumata (Loew, 1851)
Dasythrix vitalisi   chironym Dasythrix Vitalisi Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Nusa ramicosa   species Dasythrix ramicosa Lw 2 Nusa ramicosa (Loew, 1871)
Dasythrix picea   chironym Dasythrix picea Herm. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Nusa grisea (Hermann, 1914) species grisea Herm. 4 Nusa grisea (Hermann, 1914)
Lycomya   genus Lycomyia 1 Uaupés River Lycomya Vaisanen, 1984
Rhopalogaster longicornis   species Rhopalogaster longicornis Wied. 1 Rhopalogaster longicornis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Rhopalogaster condei   chironym Rhopalogaster Condei Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Blepharotes macrostylus   species Blepharotes macrostylus Lw 2 Blepharotes macrostylus Loew, 1874
Blepharotes coriarius (Wiedemann, 1830) species Blepharotes coriarius Wied. 1 Blepharotes coriarius (Wiedemann, 1830)
Mallophora freycineti   species Mallophora freycineti Macq. 2 Mallophora freycineti Macquart, 1838
Mallophora charon   chironym Mallophora charon Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora schadei   chironym Mallophora Schadei i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora scopifer   species Mallophora scopifer Wied. 5 Mallophora scopifer (Wiedemann, 1828)
Mallophora pluto   species Mallophora pluto Wied. 1 Mallophora pluto (Wiedemann, 1828)
Mallophora trahens   chironym Mallophora trahens i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora infernalis (Wiedemann, 1821) species Mallophora infernalis Wied. 3 Mallophora infernalis (Wiedemann, 1821)
Mallophora fautrix Osten Sacken, 1887 species Mallophora fautrix O.-Sack. 1 Mallophora fautrix Osten Sacken, 1887
Mallophora ruficauda   species Mallophora ruficauda Wied. 7 Mallophora ruficauda (Wiedemann, 1828)
Mallophora similis   chironym Mallophora similis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora   genus Mallophora 5  
Mallophora geniculata Macquart, 1838 species Mallophora geniculata Macq. 2 Mallophora geniculata Macquart, 1838
Mallophora orcina   species Mallophora orcina Wied. 2 Mallophora orcina (Wiedemann, 1828)
Mallophora dorsalis   chironym Mallophora dorsalis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora helvola   chironym Mallophora helvola i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora psammaecolor   chironym Mallophora psammaecolor i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora tibialis   species Mallophora tibialis Macq. 6 Mallophora tibialis Macquart, 1838
Mallophora robusta   species Mallophora robusta Wied. 10 Hyperechia robusta (Wiedemann, 1828)
Mallophora cubana   chironym Mallophora cubana i.sch. 5   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora caeruleiventris   chironym Mallophora caeruleiventris i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora nigrosetosa   chironym Mallophora nigrosetosa Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora nigritarsis (Fabricius, 1805) species Mallophora nigritarsis Fabr. 4 Mallophora nigritarsis (Fabricius, 1805)
Mallophora argyrotarsis   chironym Mallophora argyrotarsis Frey 8   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora fulvostrigilis   chironym Mallophora fulvostrigilis Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora dasypoda   chironym Mallophora dasypoda Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora fulvotarsis   chironym Mallophora fulvotarsis Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Mallophora pusilla   chironym Mallophora pusilla i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey. Mallophora pusilla Macquart, 1838
Efferia singularis (Macquart, 1838) species Eumachodes singularis Macq. 1 Mallophora singularis Macquart, 1838
Promachus trichonotus (Wiedemann, 1828) species Pseudomallophora trichonotus Wied. 7 Promachus trichonotus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Pseudomallophora aberrans   chironym Pseudomallophora aberrans Frey 5   MS name by Frey? Likely a Promachus species.  
Promachus sp. 1   species Pseudomallophora sp. 1  
Promachus pulchellus Bellardi, 1861 species Pseudomallophora pulchellus Bell. 1 Promachus pulchellus Bellardi, 1861
Promachus sp. 2   species Pseudomallophora sp. 1  
Promachus flavifasciatus   species Pseudomallophora flavofasciata Macq. 4 Promachus flavifasciatus (Macquart, 1838)
Promachus latitarsatus   species Promachus latitarsatus Macq. 4 Promachus latitarsatus (Macquart & Berthelot, 1839)
Promachus gomerae Frey, 1936 species Promachus gomerae Frey 2 Promachus gomerae Frey, 1936
Promachus vexator Becker, 1908 species Promachus vexator Beck. 6 Promachus vexator Becker, 1908
Promachus palmensis Frey, 1936 species Promachus palmensis Frey 4 Promachus palmensis Frey, 1936
Promachus consanguineus   species Promachus consanguineus Macq. 2   A Promachus species. Promachus consanguineus (Macquart, 1838)
Promachus maculosus (Macquart, 1834) species Promachus maculosus Macq. 2 Promachus maculosus (Macquart, 1834)
Promachus gossypiatus   species Promachus gossypiatus Speis. 6 Promachus gossypiatus Speiser, 1910
Promachus manilliensis   species Promachus manilliensis Macq. 5 Promachus manilliensis (Macquart, 1838)
Promachus bifasciatus   species Promachus bifasciatus Macq. 4 Promachus bifasciatus (Macquart, 1838)
Promachus trichozonus   species Promachus trichozonus Lw 2 Promachus trichozonus Loew, 1858
Promachus fasciatus   species Promachus fasciatus Fabr. 1 Promachus fasciatus (Fabricius, 1775)
Promachus forcipatus   species Promachus forcipatus Schin. 8 Promachus forcipatus Schiner, 1868
Promachus varipes (Macquart, 1838) species Promachus varipes Macq. 5 Laphria flavipes Wiedemann, 1821
Promachus triflagellatus   species Promachus triflagellatus Frey 1 Promachus triflagellatus Frey, 1923
Promachus philipinus   species Promachus philipinus Ricardo 3 Promachus philipinus Ricardo, 1920
Promachus yesonicus   species Promachus yesonicus Big. 8 Promachus yesonicus Bigot, 1887
Promachus robustior   chironym Promachus robustior Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus anicius   species Promachus anicius Walk. 5 Promachus anicius (Walker, 1849)
Promachus exquisitus   chironym Promachus exquisitus Frey 5   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus yunnanicus   chironym Promachus yunnanicus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus bastardii   species Promachus bastardii Macq. 1 Promachus bastardii (Macquart, 1838)
Promachus aberrans Paramonov, 1931 species Promachus aberrans Param. 2 Promachus aberrans Paramonov, 1931
Promachus simpsoni Ricardo, 1920 species Promachus simpsoni Ric. 2 Promachus simpsoni Ricardo, 1920
Promachus microlabis   species Promachus microlabis Lw 2 Promachus microlabis Loew, 1857
Promachus rueppelli Loew, 1854 species Promachus Rueppelli Lw 4 Promachus ruepelli Loew, 1854
Promachus rueppelli   species Promachus [Rueppelli] v. albosetulosa Frey 2 Promachus ruepelli Loew, 1854
Promachus brevis   chironym Promachus brevis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus subfasciatus   chironym Promachus subfasciatus Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus tonkinianus   chironym Promachus tonkinianus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus binucleatus   species Promachus binucleatus Bezzi 2 Promachus binucleatus Bezzi, 1908
Promachus fitchii Osten Sacken, 1878 species Promachus fitchi O.-Sack. 1 Promachus fitchii Osten Sacken, 1878
Promachus leontochlaenus   species Promachus leontochlaenus Lw 2 Promachus leontochlaenus Loew, 1871
Promachus caniculus   chironym Promachus caniculus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus leoninus Loew, 1848 species Promachus leoninus Loew 1 Promachus leoninus Loew, 1848
Promachus abdominalis Ricardo, 1920 species Trupanoides abdominalis Ric. 2 Promachus abdominalis Ricardo, 1920
Promachus vertebratus (Say, 1823) species Trupanoides vertebratus Say 4 Promachus vertebratus (Say, 1823)
Promachus sp. 3   species Trupanoides sp. 4   Trupanoides not recognised.  
Promachus complens   species Trupanoides complens Walk. 2 Laphria complens Walker, 1859
Promachus sp. 4   species Trupanoides sp. 1   Trupanoides not recognised  
Promachus fuscipennis (Macquart, 1846) species Trupanoides fuscipennis Macq. 1 Damalis fuscipennis Macquart, 1846
Promachus siamensis   chironym Trupanoides siamensis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus argentipennis   species Trupanoides argentipennis Effl. 1 Promachus argentipennis Efflatoun, 1929
Promachus vitalisi   chironym Trupanoides Vitalisi Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus albopilosus   species Trupanoides albopilosus Macq. 2 Promachus albopilosus (Macquart, 1855)
Promachus asilinus   chironym Trupanoides asilinus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Promachus pseuditamus   chironym Trupanoides pseuditamus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Alcimus rubiginosus Gerstaecker, 1871 species Alcimus rubiginosus Gerst. 2 Alcimus rubiginosus Gerstaecker, 1871
Alcimus mimus   species Alcimus mimus Wied. 3 Alcimus mimus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Alcimus tristrigatus   species Alcimus tristrigatus Lw 2 Alcimus tristrigatus Loew, 1858
Philodicus subocharaceus   chironym Philodicus subocharaceus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Philodicus javanus   species Philodicus javanus Wied. 7 Philodicus javanus (Wiedemann, 1819)
Philodicus javanus   species Philodicus [javanus] v. timorensis Frey 1 Philodicus javanus (Wiedemann, 1819)
Philodicus javanus   species Philodicus [javanus] v. Handschini Frey 1 Philodicus javanus (Wiedemann, 1819)
Philodicus longipes   species Philodicus longipes Schin. 2 Philodicus longipes Schiner, 1868
Philodicus brevicornis   chironym Philodicus brevicornis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Philodicus chinensis   species Philodicus chinensis Schin. 5 Philodicus chinensis Schiner, 1868
Philodicus ponticus   species Philodicus bimaculatus Beck. 3 Philodicus ponticus (Bigot, 1880)
Philodicus fraternus   species Philodicus fraternus Wied. 2 Philodicus fraternus (Wiedemann, 1819)
Philodicus temerarius (Walker, 1851) species Philodicus temerarius Walk. 1 Philodicus temerarius (Walker, 1851)
Philodicus spectabilis   species Philodicus spectabilis Lw 2 Philodicus spectabilis Loew, 1871
Bactria   genus Philomachus 2 Bactria Meigen, 1820
Apoclea femoralis   species Apoclea helva Wied. 4 Apoclea femoralis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Proctophorus pyrrhomystax (Wiedemann, 1828) species Proctophorus pyrrhomystax Wied. 1  
Eumachus leucozona   chironym Eumachus leucozona Frey 1   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Eumachus breviventris   chironym Eumachus breviventris Frey 3   MS name for genus and species by Frey.  
Efferia rufina   species Erax rufinus Wied. 3 Efferia rufina (Wiedemann, 1819)
Pachychoeta copulata   species Erax capulatus Wied. 1 Pachychoeta copulata (Wiedemann, 1819)
Lecania leucopyga   species Erax leucopygus Wied. 3 Lecania leucopyga (Wiedemann, 1828)
Erax sp. 1   species Erax sp. 1  
Erax cubanus   chironym Erax cubanus i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Erax sp. 2   species Erax sp. 1  
Erax sp. 3   species Erax sp. 1  
Erax sp. 4   species Erax sp. 1  
Efferia albibarbis   species Erax cinerascens Bell. 1 Efferia albibarbis (Macquart, 1838)
Efferia femorata   species Erax femoratus Macq. 1 Efferia femorata (Macquart, 1838)
Erax sp. 5   species Erax sp. 2  
Erax spectrum   chironym Erax spectrum i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Erax nigrinus   chironym Erax nigrinus i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Efferia macularis   species Erax macula Wied. 1 Efferia macularis (Wiedemann, 1821)
Pachychoeta annulipes (Macquart, 1846) species Pachychaeta annulipes Macq. 5 Machimus carolinae (Martin & Wilcox, 1965)
Eicherax lutescens   chironym Eicherax lutescens i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Eicherax grisescens   chironym Eicherax grisescens i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Eicherax boliviensis   chironym Eicherax boliviensis i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Eicherax   genus Eicherax 2 Paraguay Eicherax Bigot, 1857
Eicherax pyrrhosoma   chironym Eicherax pyrrhosoma i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Eicherax pyrrhanus   chironym Eicherax pyrrhanus i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Eicherax Schadei   chironym Eicherax Schadei Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Efferia pyrrhogona (Wiedemann, 1828) species Eicherax pyrrhogonus Wied. 8 Efferia pyrrhogona (Wiedemann, 1828)
Efferia velox (Wiedemann, 1828) species Eicherax velox Wied. 8 Efferia velox (Wiedemann, 1828)
Eicherax lineatipes   chironym Eicherax lineatipes i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Efferia stylata   species Eicherax haitensis Mcq. ? 1 Efferia stylata (Fabricius, 1775)
Promachus heteropterus   species Meterax heteropterus Mcq. 1   Meterax Frey is a manuscript name. Megaphorus laphroides (Wiedemann, 1828)
Efferia aestuans (Linnaeus, 1763) species Satanellus aestuans L. 1   Satanellus Frey is a manuscript name. Efferia aestuans (Linnaeus, 1763)
Triorla striola   species Satanellus maculatus Mcq. 3   Satanellus Frey is a manuscript name. Triorla striola (Fabricius, 1805)
Satanellus paraguayensis   chironym Satanellus paraguayensis Frey 5   MS name by Frey.  
Satanellus xiphurus   chironym Satanellus xiphurus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Satanas gigas (Eversmann, 1855) species Satanas gigas Eversm. 4 Asilus gigas (Lichtenstein, 1796)
Proctacanthus xanthopterus   species Proctacanthus xanthopterus Wied. 2 Cerotainia xanthoptera (Wiedemann, 1828)
Eccritosia rubriventris   species Proctacanthus rubriventris Macq. 2 Lampria rubriventris (Macquart, 1834)
Eccritosia sp. 1   species Proctacanthus sp. 2  
Eccritosia sp. 2   species Proctacanthus sp. 2  
Proctacanthus arno   species Proctacanthus arno Towns. 1 Proctacanthus arno Townsend, 1895
Efferia aestuans (Linnaeus, 1763) species Proctacanthus aestuans L. 1 Efferia aestuans (Linnaeus, 1763)
Eccritosia amphinome   species Eccritosia amphinome Walk. 4 Eccritosia amphinome (Walker, 1849)
Anarmostus iopterus (Wiedemann, 1828) species Anarmostus iopterus Wied. 5 Anarmostus iopterus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Asilus barbarus Linnaeus, 1758 species Asilus barbarus L. 2 Asilus barbarus Linnaeus, 1758
Asilus crabroniformis Linnaeus, 1758 species Asilus crabroniformis L. 1   See D-fennica. Asilus crabroniformis Linnaeus, 1758
Asilus sericeus Say, 1823 species Asilus sericeus Say 2 Asilus sericeus Say, 1823
Neoaratus hercules (Wiedemann, 1828) species Aratus hercules Wied. 1 Neoaratus hercules (Wiedemann, 1828)
Stenommatius mendax   species Pamponerus mendax Walk. 1 Stenommatius mendax (Walker, 1857)
Pamponerus germanicus (Linnaeus, 1758) species Pamponerus germanicus L. 2   See D-fennica. Pamponerus germanicus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhadiurgus variabilis   species Rhadiurgus variabilis E. Arrib. 1   See D-fennica. Rhadiurgus variabilis (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Antiphrisson trifarius   species Antiphrisson trifarius Loew 2 Antiphrisson trifarius (Loew, 1849)
Antiphrisson elachypteryx   species Antiphrisson elachypteryx Lw 1 Antiphrisson elachypteryx Loew, 1871
Antiphrisson trifarius   species Antiphrisson sareptans Lichtw. 1 Antiphrisson trifarius (Loew, 1849)
Antiphrisson trifarius   species Antiphrisson thalhammeri Lichtw. 3 Antiphrisson trifarius (Loew, 1849)
Antiphrisson orientalis   chironym Antiphrisson orientalis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Lecania   genus Lecania 3 Brazil, Guatemala  
Astochia melanopygus   species Astochia melanopygus v.d.Wulp 1 Astochia melanopygus (Wulp, 1899)
Astochia trigemina Becker, 1925 species Astochia trigemina Beck. 4 Astochia trigemina Becker, 1925
Astochia philippina   chironym Astochia philippina Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Astochia longistylus   species Astochia longistylus Wied. 4 Astochia longistylus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Astochia longistylus   chironym Astochia [longistylus] var . javanensis Frey 4   MS name by Frey. Astochia longistylus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Astochia longistylus   species Astochia dipygus Schin. 1 Astochia longistylus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Astochia virgatipes   species Astochia virgatipes Coq. 2 Astochia virgatipes (Coquillett, 1898)
Astochia amica   chironym Astochia amica Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Astochia philus (Walker, 1849) species Astochia philus Walk. 3 Astochia philus (Walker, 1849)
Astochia sp. 1   species Astochia sp. 1  
Astochia cylindricornis   chironym Astochia cylindricornis Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Astochia nigripes   chironym Astochia nigripes Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus aurifer   species Neoitamus aurifer Herm. 2 Neoitamus aurifer Hermann, 1917
Neoitamus chinensis   chironym Neoitamus chinensis Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus gracilis   chironym Neoitamus gracilis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus unicus   chironym Neoitamus unicus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus chalybaeiventris   chironym Neoitamus chalybaeiventris Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus strigipes   chironym Neoitamus strigipes Frey 2   MS name by Frey. Neoitamus strigipes Becker, 1925
Neoitamus univittatus   species Neoitamus univittatus Lw 2 Neoitamus univittatus (Loew, 1871)
Neoitamus frater   chironym Neoitamus frater Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus bellinotus   chironym Neoitamus bellinotus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus cothurnatus   species Neoitamus cothurnatus Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Neoitamus cothurnatus (Meigen, 1820)
Neoitamus cyanurus   species Neoitamus cyanurus Lw 2   See D-fennica. Neoitamus cyanurus (Loew, 1849)
Neoitamus socius   species Neoitamus socius Lw 1   See D-fennica. Neoitamus socius (Loew, 1871)
Neoitamus dasymallus (Gerstaecker, 1861) species Neoitamus dasymallus Gerst. 1 Neoitamus dasymallus (Gerstaecker, 1861)
Neoitamus angusticornis (Loew, 1858) species Neoitamus angusticornis Lw 2 Neoitamus angusticornis (Loew, 1858)
Neoitamus aureobarbus   chironym Neoitamus aureobarbus Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus argyrocnemis   chironym Neoitamus argyrocnemis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus argyrocnemis   chironym Neoitamus [argyrocnemis] v. similis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Neoitamus gagatinus   chironym Neoitamus gagatinus Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Philonicus albiceps   species Philonicus albiceps Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Philonicus albiceps (Meigen, 1820)
Promachus pulchellus   species Philonicus pulchellus Bell. 1 Promachus pulchellus Bellardi, 1861
Proctacanthella cacopiloga   species Neophilonicus cacopilogus Hine 1 Proctacanthella cacopiloga (Hine, 1909)
Heligmonevra genitalis (Edwards, 1919) species Haplonotus elegans Frey 11 Heligmonevra genitalis (Edwards, 1919)
Chaetogonophora chaetoprocta Hull, 1962 species Chaetogonophora chaetoprocta Frey 5   Three type specimens were mentioned in the original description. Three empty pin holes can be seen in the drawer paper under this species. Five specimens from the same series remain in coll. Frey, but the types are likely elsewhere.  
Chaetogonophora vorax   chironym Chaetogonophora vorax Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chaetogonophora rapidus   chironym Chaetogonophora rapidus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cinadus spinuliferus   chironym Cinadus spinuliferus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cinadus vicinus   chironym Cinadus vicinus Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Heligmonevra tenuicornis   species Cinadus spurius v.d.Wulp 2 Heligmonevra tenuicornis (Walker, 1859)
Cinadus vitalisi   chironym Cinadus Vitalisi Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Cinadus loasanus   chironym Cinadus loasanus Frey 6 Laos MS name by Frey. The intended name must have been laosanus.  
Oligoschema dynatopygus   chironym Oligoschema dynatopygus Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Oligoschema siamensis   chironym Oligoschema siamensis Frey 2   MS name by Frey. Original genus name possibly lost.  
Oligoschema pilitarsis   chironym Oligoschema pilitarsis Frey 1   MS name by Frey. Original genus name possibly lost.  
Oligoschema mesopyga   chironym Oligoschema mesopyga Frey 4   MS name by Frey. Original genus name possibly lost.  
Hoplopheromerus   genus Hoplopheromerus 1 Tonkin Hoplopheromerus Becker, 1925
Echthistus rufinervis   species Echthistus rufinervis Wied. 2 Echthistus rufinervis (Meigen, 1820)
Echthistus cognatus (Loew, 1849) species Echthistus cognatus Lw 1 Cerdistus neoclaripes (Hardy, 1921)
Antipalpus varipes   species Antipalpus varipes Mg. 2 Antipalpus varipes (Meigen, 1820)
Glaphyropyga himantocera (Wiedemann, 1828) species Glaphyropyga himantocera Wied. 1 Venezuela Glaphyropyga himantocera (Wiedemann, 1828)
Clephydroneura xanthopus   species Clephydroneura xanthopus Wied. 10 Clephydroneura xanthopa (Wiedemann, 1819)
Clephydroneura xanthopus   chironym Clephydroneura [xanthopus] v. flavicollis Frey 8   MS name by Frey. Clephydroneura xanthopa (Wiedemann, 1819)
Clephydroneura maculiventris   chironym Clephydroneura maculiventris Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Clephydroneura bengalensis   species Clephydroneura bengalensis Mcq. 7 Clephydroneura bengalensis (Macquart, 1838)
Clephydroneura farinosa   chironym Clephydroneura farinosa Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Clephydroneura suavis   chironym Clephydroneura suavis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Heligmoneura bifurcata   chironym Heligmoneura bifurcata Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Heligmoneura villosa   chironym Heligmoneura villosa Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Turka tridentatus (Loew, 1871) species Neomochtherus tridentatus Lw. 4 Turka tridentatus (Loew, 1871)
Neomochtherus mundus   species Neomochtherus mundus Lw 1 Neomochtherus mundus (Loew, 1849)
Neomochtherus pallipes   species Neomochtherus pallipes Mg. 2 Neomochtherus pallipes (Meigen, 1820)
Neomochtherus schistaceus   species Neomochtherus schistaceus Beck. 8 Neomochtherus schistaceus (Becker, 1908)
Neomochtherus annulitarsis   species Neomochtherus annulitarsis Lw. 1   Misidentified? Neomochtherus annulitarsis (Loew, 1858)
Engelepogon brunnipes (Fabricius, 1794) species Acanthopleura brunnipes Fabr. 1 Engelepogon brunnipes (Fabricius, 1794)
Cerdistus alboniger   chironym Cerdistus alboniger Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Cerdistus aberrans   chironym Cerdistus aberrans Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ktyr junctus   species Cerdistus junctus Beck. 2 Ktyr junctus (Becker, 1923)
Cerdistus denticulatus   species Cerdistus denticulatus Lw 6 Cerdistus denticulatus (Loew, 1849)
Cerdistus erythrurus   species Cerdistus erythrurus Mg. 4 Cerdistus erythrurus (Meigen, 1820)
Cerdistus erythrurus   species Cerdistus [erythrurus] v. albispinus Strobl 1 Cerdistus erythrurus (Meigen, 1820)
Cerdistus dimidiatus   species Cerdistus dimidiatus Macq. 8 Cerdistus dimidiatus (Macquart & Berthelot, 1839)
Paritamus alpinus (Meigen, 1820) species Cerdistus alpinus Meig. 1 Paritamus alpinus (Meigen, 1820)
Paritamus geniculatus   species Cerdistus geniculatus Mg. 3 Paritamus geniculatus (Meigen, 1820)
Cerdistus sundaicus   chironym Cerdistus sundaicus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Cerdistus australis   chironym Cerdistus australis Frey 1   MS name by Frey. Cerdistus australis Ricardo, 1918
Cerdistus minusculus   chironym Cerdistus minusculus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Trichomachimus scutellaris Coquillett, 1898 species Machimus scutellaris Coq. 4 Trichomachimus scutellaris (Coquillett, 1898)
Ceraturgus aurulentus   species Machimus aurulentus Beck. 1 Ceraturgus aurulentus (Fabricius, 1805)
Machimus chrysitis   species Machimus chrysitis Mg. 1 Machimus chrysitis (Meigen, 1820)
Machimus chrysitis   chironym Machimus [chrysitis] v. amurensis n. 2   MS name by Frey. Machimus chrysitis (Meigen, 1820)
Machimus pilipes   species Machimus pilipes Meig. 1 Machimus pilipes (Meigen, 1820)
Machimus cribratus   species Machimus cribratus Loew. 1 Trichardis cribrata (Loew, 1858)
Machimus subdolus   species Machimus subdolus Lw 2 Machimus subdolus Loew, 1871
Machimus salvarezi   species Machimus Salvarezi Frey 1  
Machimus rusticus   species Machimus rusticus Mg. 3 Machimus rusticus (Meigen, 1820)
Machimus gonatistes   species Machimus gonatistes Zell.     In D-fennica. Machimus gonatistes (Zeller, 1840)
Machimus fimbriatus   species Machimus fimbriatus Mg. 2 Machimus fimbriatus (Meigen, 1804)
Epitriptus maximus   species Machimus maximus Schin. 1 Epitriptus maximus Schiner, 1868
Machimus aberrans (Schiner, 1868) species Machimus aberrans Lw. 2   “Lw.” treated as an error Machimus aberrans (Schiner, 1868)
Machimus arenicolor   chironym Machimus arenicolor Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Machimus madeirensis Schiner, 1868 species Machimus madeirensis Loew 2 Machimus madeirensis Schiner, 1868
Machimus cyanopus   species Machimus cyanopus Lw 4 Machimus cyanopus (Loew, 1849)
Machimus cyanopus   species Machimus [cyanopus] v. albociliatus Frey 2 Machimus cyanopus (Loew, 1849)
Machimus caliginosus (Meigen, 1820) chironym Machimus caliginosus v. cypriacus Frey 2   MS name by Frey. Machimus caliginosus (Meigen, 1820)
Machimus nigrifemoratus   species Machimus nigrifemoratus Macq. 1 Machimus nigrifemoratus (Webb & Berthelot, 1839)
Machimus funerarius   chironym Machimus funerarius Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Machimus monticola   chironym Machimus monticola Frey 2   MS name by Frey. Machimus monticola Frey, 1940
Machimus novarensis   species Machimus novarensis Schin. 2 Machimus novarensis Schiner, 1868
Machimus atricapillus (Fallén, 1814) species Machimus atricapillus Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Machimus atricapillus (Fallen, 1814)
Machimus perplexus Becker, 1915 species Machimus perplexus Beck. 2 Machimus perplexus Becker, 1915
Machimus crassiseta   chironym Machimus crassiseta Frey 5   MS name by Frey.  
Machimus simplex   chironym Machimus simplex Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Machimus agilis   species Machimus agilis Wied. 8 Machimus agilis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Machimus pauper   species Machimus pauper Beck. 4 Machimus pauper Becker, 1923
Machimus atripes   species Machimus atripes Lw 2 Machimus atripes Loew, 1854
Epitriptus arthriticus (Zeller, 1840) species Machimus arthriticus Zell. 1 Epitriptus arthriticus (Zeller, 1840)
Machimus fuscus   species Machimus fuscus Macq. 3  
Epitriptus inconstans   species Machimus inconstans Wied. 2 Epitriptus inconstans (Wiedemann, 1820)
Epitriptus setosulus   species Machimus setosulus Zell. 1 Epitriptus setosulus (Zeller, 1840)
Epitriptus mixtus   species Machimus mixtus Beck. 2 Epitriptus mixtus Becker, 1908
Epitriptus cingulatus   species Machimus cingulatus Fabr. 4 Epitriptus cingulatus (Fabricius, 1781)
Machimus pyragra   species Machimus pyragra Zell. 2 Machimus pyragra (Zeller, 1840)
Machimus poecilogaster (Loew, 1849) species Machimus poecilogaster Lw 2 Machimus poecilogaster (Loew, 1849)
Machimus antennatus (Becker, 1908) species Machimus antennatus Beck. 2 Machimus antennatus (Becker, 1908)
Stilpnogaster aemula   species Stilpnogaster aemula Mg. 2 Stilpnogaster aemula (Meigen, 1820)
Stilpnogaster setiventris (Zetterstedt, 1860) species Stilpnogaster [aemulus] v. setiventris Zett. 2 Stilpnogaster setiventris (Zetterstedt, 1860)
Eutolmus immaculatus   species Eutolmus immaculatus Loew 1 Eutolmus immaculatus Loew, 1871
Eutolmus sedakoffii   species Eutolmus sedakoffi Loew 2 Eutolmus sedakoffii Loew, 1854
Eutolmus haematoscelis   species Eutolmus haematoscelis Gerst. 1 Eutolmus haematoscelis (Gerstaecker, 1861)
Eutolmus kiesenwetteri   species Eutolmus kiesenwetteri Lw 1 Eutolmus kiesenwetteri Loew, 1854
Eutolmus rufibarbis   species Eutolmus rufibarbis Mg. 2 Eutolmus rufibarbis (Meigen, 1820)
Eutolmus mediocris   species Eutolmus mediocris Beck. 1 Eutolmus mediocris Becker, 1923
Eutolmus brevistylus   species Eutolmus brevistylus Coq. 4 Eutolmus brevistylus Coquillett, 1898
Eutolmus trianguliferus   chironym Eutolmus trianguliferus Frey 6   MS name by Frey.  
Eutolmus trianguliferus   chironym Eutolmus [trianguliferus] var. metapleuralis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Eutolmus sp. 1   species Eutolmus misao Macq. 2  
Erax barbatus   species Protophanes punctatus Meig. 2 Erax barbatus Scopoli, 1763
Dysmachus cristatus   species Dysmachus dasynotus Lw. 2 Asilus cristatus Wiedemann, 1820
Cerdistus fuscipennis   species Dysmachus fuscipennis Meig. 4 Cerdistus fuscipennis (Macquart, 1838)
Dysmachus cristatus (Wiedemann, 1820) species Dysmachus cristatus Wied. 1 Asilus cristatus Wiedemann, 1820
Dysmachus trigonus   species Dysmachus trigonus Mg. 5 Dysmachus trigonus (Meigen, 1804)
Dysmachus tricuspis   species Dysmachus tricuspis Lw 2 Dysmachus tricuspis (Loew, 1848)
Dysmachus praemorsus   species Dysmachus praemorsus Lw 1 Dysmachus praemorsus (Loew, 1854)
Dysmachus cephalenus   species Dysmachus cephalenus Lw 1 Dysmachus cephalenus Loew, 1871
Dysmachus stylifer   species Dysmachus stylifer Lw 1 Dysmachus stylifer (Loew, 1854)
Dysmachus cochleatus   species Dysmachus cochleatus Lw 1 Dysmachus cochleatus (Loew, 1854)
Dysmachus picipes   species Dysmachus picipes Mg. 4 Dysmachus picipes (Meigen, 1820)
Neolophonotus capensis   chironym Neolophonotus capensis n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Neolophonotus rhodesi   chironym Neolophonotus Rhodesi n. 2   MS name by Frey. Neolophonotus rhodesii (Ricardo, 1920)
Neolophonotus molitor   species Neolophonotus molitor Wied. 2 Neolophonotus molitor (Wiedemann, 1828)
Neolophonotus nigeria   chironym Neolophonotus nigeria n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Lophopeltis curiosus   chironym Lophopeltis curiosus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cophinopoda chinensis   species Ommatius chinensis Fabr. 8 Cophinopoda chinensis (Fabricius, 1794)
Cophinopoda chinensis   species Ommatius [chinensis] var. dorsocentralis Frey 1 Cophinopoda chinensis (Fabricius, 1794)
Ommatius howanus   chironym Ommatius howanus i.sch. 4   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus australis   chironym Ommatinus australis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus naukleri   chironym Ommatinus Naukleri Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatius dilatipennis   species Ommatinus dilatipennis v.d.Wulp 4 Ommatius dilatipennis Wulp, 1872
Ommatinus sp. 1   species Ommatinus marginellus Wied. 8   = mistake, O. marginellus (Fabricius) ?  
Ommatinus parapuayensis   chironym Ommatinus parapuayensis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus nigromaculosus   species Ommatinus nigromaculosus Beck. 2   Unrecognised name.  
Ommatius similis Becker, 1925 species Ommatinus similis Beck. 1 Ommatius similis Becker, 1925
Ommatinus sp. 2   species Ommatinus sp. 2  
Ommatinus sp. 3   species Ommatinus sp. 1  
Ommatinus sp. 4   species Ommatinus sp. 1  
Ommatius argyrochirus Wulp, 1872 species Ommatinus argyrochirus v.d.Wulp 1 Ommatius argyrochirus Wulp, 1872
Ommatinus argyrocnemis   chironym Ommatinus argyrocnemis Frey 10   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus vitripennis   chironym Ommatinus vitripennis Frey 7   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus parilis   chironym Ommatinus parilis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus puellus   chironym Ommatinus puellus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus nigrosetosus   chironym Ommatinus nigrosetosus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus annulifemur   chironym Ommatinus annulifemur Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus strigatus   chironym Ommatinus strigatus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus villosipes   chironym Ommatinus villosipes n. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatius suffusus Wulp, 1872 species Ommatinus suffusus v.d.Wulp 1 Ommatius suffusus Wulp, 1872
Ommatinus sp. 5   species Ommatinus sp. 4 Calcutta 1 ex destroyed.  
Ommatinus sp. 6   species Ommatinus sp. 2  
Ommatinus sp. 7   species Ommatinus sp. 2  
Ommatinus dimidiatipennis   chironym Ommatinus dimidiatipennis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatius pinguis Wulp, 1872 species Ommatinus pinguis v.d.Wulp 6 Ommatius pinguis Wulp, 1872
Ommatinus affinitatus   chironym Ommatinus affinitatus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatius kambangensis   species Ommatinus kambangensis Meig. 1 Ommatius kambangensis Meijere, 1914
Ommatinus oculatus   chironym Ommatinus oculatus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ommatinus sp. 8   species Ommatinus sp. 2  
Ommatius rubicundus   species Ommatinus rubicundus v.d.W. 2 Ommatius rubicundus Wulp, 1872
Ommatinus leucospilus   chironym Ommatinus leucospilus i.sch. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Michotamia aurata   species Allocotosia aurata Fabr. 2 Michotamia aurata (Fabricius, 1794)
Michotamia compedita   species Allocotosia compedita Wied. 5 Michotamia compedita (Wiedemann, 1828)
Michotamia demeijerei   species Allocotosia annulata de Meij. 3 Michotamia demeijerei Oldroyd, 1975
Michotamia triangulum   species Allocotosia triangulum v.d.Wulp 5 Michotamia triangulum (Wulp, 1872)
Ommatius conopsoides   species Emphysomera conopsoides Wied. 3 Ommatius conopsoides Wiedemann, 1828
Ommatius peregrinus   species Emphysomera peregrina v.d.Wulp 5 Ommatius peregrinus (Wulp, 1872)
Ommatinus sp. 9   species Emphysomera sp. 2  
Ommatius biseriatus (Becker, 1925) species Emphysomera biseriatus Herm. Ommatius biseriatus (Becker, 1925)
Ommatius aliena (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Emphysomera aliena Ost.-Sack. Ommatius aliena (Osten Sacken, 1882)

Taxa in collection for Asilidae: 690


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Hyperalonia morio   species Hyperalonia morio Fabr. 11 Hyperalonia morio (Fabricius, 1775)
Hyperalonia morio (Fabricius, 1805) species Hyperalonia erythrocephala 1 Hyperalonia morio (Fabricius, 1775)
Hyperalonia coeruleiventris   species Hyperalonia coeruleiventris Macq. 1 Hyperalonia coeruleiventris (Macquart, 1846)
Ligyra vittata   species Hyperalonia vittata Ricardo 2 Ligyra vittata (Ricado, 1901)
Ligyra sphinx   species Hyperalonia sphinx Fabr. 1 Ligyra sphinx (Fabricius, 1787)
Ligyra ferrea   species Hyperalonia ferrea Walk. 1 Ligyra ferrea (Walker, 1849)
Ligyra xanthus   chironym Hyperalonia xanthus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Ligyra enderleini (Paramonov, 1929) species Hyperalonia Enderleini Par. 2   Overwritten, original label “venus Karsch” Ligyra enderleini (Paramonov, 1929)
Anthrax proserpina   species Hyperalonia prosepina Wied. 3 Ligyra proserpina (Wiedemann, 1828)
Ligyra chrysolampis (Jaennicke, 1867) species Hyperalonia chrysolampis Jaennn. 17 Ligyra chrysolampis (Jaennicke, 1867)
Ligyra paludosa   species Hyperalonia paludosa de Meij. 2 Ligyra paludosa (de Meijere, 1911)
Ligyra tantalus   species Hyperalonia tantalus Fabr. 15 Ligyra tantalus (Fabricius, 1794)
? Ligyra   genus Hyperalonia sp. 1  
Ligyra flora   species Hyperalonia flora Frey 2 Ligyra flora Frey, 1934
Ligyra oenomaus (Rondani, 1875) species Hyperalonia oenomaus Rond. 6 Ligyra oenomaus (Rondani, 1875)
Ligyra harpyia   species Hyperalonia harpyia Wied. 1 Anthrax harpyia (Wiedemann, 1828)
Ligyra devecta   species Hyperalonia devecta Walk. 3 Ligyra devecta Walker, 1860
Ligyra doryca (Boisduval, 1835) species Hyperalonia doryca Boisd. 1 Ligyra doryca (Boisduval, 1835)
Ligyra trifasciata   chironym Hyperalonia trifasciata i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ligyra satyrus   species Hyperalonia satyrus Fabr. 1 Ligyra satyrus (Fabricius, 1775)
Ligyra flaviventris   species Hyperalonia flaviventris Dol. 5 Ligyra flaviventris (Doleschall, 1857)
Ligyra flavofasciata   species Hyperalonia flavofasciata Macq. 5 Ligyra flavofasciata (Macquart, 1855)
Ligyra diffusa   chironym Hyperalonia diffusa Frey 14   MS name by Frey.  
pygmalion (Fabricius, 1805) species Exoprosopa pygmalion Fabr. 2  
punctinervis   species Exoprosopa punctinervis Beck. 4  
rivularis   species Exoprosopa rivularis Mg. 2  
dispar   species Exoprosopa dispar Lw 1   det. By Zerny  
Heteralonia algira (Fabricius, 1794) species Exoprosopa algira F. 2 Heteralonia algira (Fabricius, 1794)
Heteralonia bagdadensis (Macquart, 1840) species Exoprosopa bagdadensis Mcq. 1 Heteralonia bagdadensis (Macquart, 1840)
Heteralonia occlusa (Loew, 1873) species Exoprosopa occlusa Lw 1 Heteralonia occlusa (Loew, 1873)
Heteralonia mucorea (Klug, 1832) species Exoprosopa mucorea Klug 1 Heteralonia mucorea (Klug, 1832)
Exoprosopa major   species Exoprosopa major Ric. 2 Exoprosopa major Ricardo, 1901
Exoprosopa robertii   species Exoprosopa Robertii Macq. 2 Exoprosopa robertii Macquart, 1840
Exoprosopa stannusi   species Exoprosopa stannusi bezzi 1 Exoprosopa stannusi Bezzi, 1912
Exoprosopa luteicosta   species Exoprosopa luteicosta bezzi 1 Exoprosopa luteicosta Bezzi, 1921
Exoprosopa atrinasis   species Exoprosopa atrinasis Speis. 1 Exoprosopa atrinasis Speiser, 1910
Exoprosopa decora   species Exoprosopa decora Lw 4 Exoprosopa decora Loew, 1869
Exoprosopa capucina   species Exoprosopa capucina Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Exoprosopa capucina (Fabricius, 1781)
Exoprosopa capucina   species Exoprosopa [capucina] v. caloptera R. 1   See D-fennica. Exoprosopa capucina (Fabricius, 1781)
Exoprosopa turkestanica   species Exoprosopa turkestanica Param. 1 Exoprosopa turkestanica Paramonov, 1925
Exoprosopa jacchus   species Exoprosopa jacchus Fabr. 2 Exoprosopa jacchus (Fabricius, 1805)
Exoprosopa minos   species Exoprosopa minos Mg. 1 Exoprosopa minos (Meigen, 1804)
Exoprosopa minois   species Exoprosopa minois Lw 1 Exoprosopa minois Loew, 1869
Exoprosopa dedecor   species Exoprosopa dedecor Lw 1 Exoprosopa dedecor Loew, 1871
Exoprosopa decrepita   species Exoprosopa decrepita Wied. 1 Exoprosopa decrepita (Wiedemann, 1828)
Micomitra stupida   species Exoprosopa stupida Rossi 1 Micomitra stupida (Rossi, 1790)
Micomitra iris   species Exoprosopa iris Loew 1 Micomitra iris (Loew, 1869)
Exoprosopa rutila   species Exoprosopa rutila Wied. 1 Exoprosopa rutila (Pallas & Wiedemann, 1818)
Heteralonia aeaca   species Exoprosopa aeacus Mg. 2 Heteralonia aeaca (Meigen, 1804)
Exoprosopa nova Ricardo, 1910 species Exoprosopa nova Ric. 2 Exoprosopa nova Ricardo, 1910
Pterobates pennipes   species Exoprosopa pennipes Wied. 2 Corsomyza pennipes Wiedemann, 1820
Heteralonia megerlei   species Exoprosopa Megerlei Meig. 3 Heteralonia megerlei (Meigen, 1820)
Heteralonia megerlei   species Exoprosopa [Megerlei] v. deserticola Param. 2 Heteralonia megerlei (Meigen, 1820)
Exoprosopa meigenii (Wiedemann, 1828) species Exoprosopa Meigeni Wied. 2 Exoprosopa meigenii (Wiedemann, 1828)
Exoprosopa madagascariensis   species Exoprosopa madagascariensis Macq. 3 Exoprosopa madagascariensis Macquart, 1850
Exoprosopa buchariensis   chironym Exoprosopa buchariensis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Exoprosopa insulata   species Exoprosopa insulata Walk. 3 Exoprosopa insulata (Walker, 1852)
Exoprosopa fasciventris   chironym Exoprosopa fasciventris i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Exoprosopa grandis   species Exoprosopa grandis Wied. 2 Exoprosopa grandis (Wiedemann, 1820)
Exoprosopa dux   species Exoprosopa seniculus Wied. 2 Exoprosopa dux (Wiedemann, 1828)
Exoprosopa melaena   species Exoprosopa melaena Loew 1 Exoprosopa melaena Loew, 1874
Exoprosopa pallasii   species Exoprosopa Pallasii Wied. 1 Exoprosopa pallasii (Wiedemann, 1818)
Heteralonia kirgizorum   species Exoprosopa kirgizorum Param. 1 Heteralonia kirgizorum (Paramonov, 1928)
Litorhina lar   species Exoprosopa lar Fabr. 2 Litorhina lar Fabricius, 1781
Exoprosopa argentifrons   species Exoprosopa argentifrons Macq. 2 Exoprosopa argentifrons Macquart, 1855
Exoprosopa argentifasciata   species Exoprosopa limbipennis Mcq. 2 Exoprosopa argentifasciata Macquart, 1846
Anthrax interrupta   species Exoprosopa interrupta Wied. 2  
Exoprosopa sanctipauli Macquart, 1840 species Exoprosopa Sancti Pauli Macq. 1 Exoprosopa sanctipauli Macquart, 1840
Exoprosopa dimidiata Macquart, 1846 species Exoprosopa dimidiata Mcq. 1 Exoprosopa dimidiata Macquart, 1846
Exoprosopa villaeformis   species Exoprosopa villaeformis Bezzi 1 Exoprosopa villaeformis Bezzi, 1912
Litorhina mesopleuralis   species Exoprosopa mesopleuralis Bezzi 1 Litorhina mesopleuralis (Bezzi, 1924)
Exoprosopa punctifrons   species Exoprosopa punctifrons Bezzi 1 Exoprosopa punctifrons Bezzi, 1924
Exoprosopa spectrum   species Exoprosopa spectrum Speis. 1 Exoprosopa spectrum Speiser, 1910
Exoprosopa sp. 1   species Exoprosopa sp. 1  
Exoprosopa sp. 2   species Exoprosopa sp. 1  
Anthrax clotho   species Stonyx clotho Wied. 1 Anthrax clotho (Wiedemann, 1830)
Litorrhynchus faunus   chironym Litorrhynchus faunus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Exoprosopa fasciata   species Litorrhynchus fasciata Macq. 1 Exoprosopa fasciata Macquart, 1840
Exoprosopa dodrans   species Litorrhynchus dodrans Ost.-Sack. 1 Exoprosopa dodrans Osten Sacken, 1877
Exoprosopa titubans   species Litorrhynchus titubans O.-S. 1 Exoprosopa titubans Osten Sacken, 1877
Chrysanthrax dichotomus   species Isopenthes dichotoma Schin. 1 Exoprosopa dichotoma (Schiner, 1868)
Villa bravae   species Villa bravae Bezzi 2 Villa bravae Bezzi, 1920
Villa phaeotaenia   species Villa phaeotaenia Bezzi 7 Villa phaeotaenia Bezzi, 1920
Poecilanthrax alcyon   species Thyridanthrax alcyon Say 1 Anthrax alcyon (Say, 1824)
Thyridanthrax polyphemus   species Thyridanthrax polyphemus Wied. 2 Thyridanthrax polyphemus (Wiedemann, 1820)
Thyridanthrax incanus   species Thyridanthrax incanus Klug 1 Thyridanthrax incanus (Klug, 1832)
Thyridanthrax perspicillaris   species Thyridanthrax perspicillaris Lw 2 Thyridanthrax perspicillaris (Loew, 1869)
Thyridanthrax elegans   species Thyridanthrax elegans Wied. 4   2 exx as elegans “v. rufipes” Bombylella elegans (Wiedemann, 1828)
Thyridanthrax obliteratus   species Thyridanthrax obliteratus Lw 2 Thyridanthrax obliteratus (Loew, 1862)
Thyridanthrax fenestratus   species Thyridanthrax fenestratus Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Thyridanthrax fenestratus (Fallen, 1814)
Exoprosopa nigrita   species Thyridanthrax nigritus F. 5 Exoprosopa nigrita (Fabricius, 1775)
Paravilla hypoxantha   species Thyridanthrax hypoxantha Macq. 1 Anthrax hypoxantha (Macquart, 1840)
Anthrax gayi   species Thyridanthrax lemniscatus F. 1   F. = mistake? Hemipenthes gayi (Macquart, 1840)
Hemipenthes sinuosus (Wiedemann, 1821) species Thyridanthrax sinuosus Wied. 2 Hemipenthes sinuosus (Wiedemann, 1821)
Poecilanthrax tegminipennis   species Thyridanthrax tegminipennis Say 3 Poecilanthrax tegminipennis (Say, 1824)
Poecilanthrax rostratus   chironym Thyridanthrax rostratus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysanthrax cypris   species Thyridanthrax cypris Mcq 2 Anthrax cypris Meigen, 1820
Chrysanthrax lateralis   chironym Thyridanthrax lateralis i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysanthrax dimidiata   species Thyridanthrax dimidiatus Wied. 3 Anthrax dimidiata (Wiedemann, 1819)
Hemipenthes schadeanus   chironym Thyridanthrax schadeanus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hemipenthes melaleuca (Wiedemann, 1828) species Thyridanthrax melaleuca Wied. 3 Hemipenthes melaleuca (Wiedemann, 1828)
Hemipenthes therezae   chironym Thyridanthrax Therezae Frey 1   MS name by Frey. Updated genus based on the specimen  
Caecanthrax arabicus   species Thyridanthrax punctum Lw 1 Caecanthrax arabica (Macquart, 1840)
Anthrax gradata   species Thyridanthrax gradatus Mcq. 1 Anthrax gradata (Macquart, 1847)
Exhyalanthrax melanchlaenus   species Thyridanthrax melanchlaenus Lw 2 Exhyalanthrax melanchlaenus (Loew, 1869)
Exhyalanthrax abruptus   species Thyridanthrax abruptus Lw 8 Exhyalanthrax abruptus (Loew, 1860)
Exhyalanthrax afer   species Thyridanthrax afer Fabr. 4 Exhyalanthrax afer (Fabricius, 1794)
Exhyalanthrax stigmulus   species Thyridanthrax stigmulus Klug 1 Exhyalanthrax stigmulus (Klug, 1832)
Thyridanthrax lotus   species Thyridanthrax lotus Lw 1 Thyridanthrax lotus (Loew, 1869)
Exhyalanthrax muscarius   species Thyridanthrax vagans Lw 1 Exhyalanthrax muscarius (Pallas, 1818)
Exhyalanthrax contraria   species Thyridanthrax [vagans] v. contrarius Beck. 2   1 ex destroyed. Exhyalanthrax contraria (Becker, 1916)
Hemipenthes reticulatus   chironym Hemipenthes reticulatus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hemipenthes maura (Linnaeus, 1758) species Hemipenthes maurus L. 2 Hemipenthes maura (Linnaeus, 1758)
Hemipenthes maura (Linnaeus, 1758) species Hemipenthes uncinus Lw 1 Hemipenthes maura (Linnaeus, 1758)
Hemipenthes hamifera   species Hemipenthes hamifera Lw 4 Hemipenthes hamifera (Loew, 1854)
Hemipenthes alaiensis   chironym Hemipenthes alaiensis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hemipenthes praecisus   species Hemipenthes praecisus Lw 2 Hemipenthes praecisus (Loew, 1869)
Hemipenthes velutina   species Hemipenthes velutinus Mg. 4 Hemipenthes velutina (Meigen, 1820)
Hemipenthes morio   species Hemipenthes morio L. 2   See D-fennica. Hemipenthes morio (Linnaeus, 1758)
Hemipenthes seminigra   species Hemipenthes seminiger Lw. 3 Hemipenthes seminiger Loew, 1869
Hemipenthes affinis   chironym Hemipenthes affinis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hemipenthes chilensis   chironym Hemipenthes chilensis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Hemipenthes epilais   species Hemipenthes epilais Wied. 2 Hemipenthes epilais (Wiedemann, 1828)
Hemipenthes minas   species Hemipenthes minas Macq. 2 Hemipenthes minas (Macquart, 1848)
Hemipenthes celer (Wiedemann, 1828) species Hemipenthes celer Wied. 1 Hemipenthes celer (Wiedemann, 1828)
Hemipenthes villaricae   chironym Hemipenthes villaricae i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Anthrax hyalacrus   species Hemipenthes hyalacrus Wied. 1   ? Hemipenthes Anthrax hyalacrus Wiedemann, 1828
Hemipenthes condei   chironym Hemipenthes Condei Frey 2 Rio de Janeiro MS name by Frey.  
Diplocampta conopas   species Diplocampta singularis Schin. 1 Anthrax conopas (Philippi, 1865)
Villa nigriceps   species Villa nigriceps Mcq. 8   also as 2 exx as var. Minor. *CHECK TYPES* of var. minor Frey, 1936 Villa nigriceps (Macquart, Webb & Berthelor, 1839)
Villa nigrifrons   species Villa nigrifrons Mcq. 8 Villa nigrifrons (Macquart, Webb & Berthelot, 1839)
Villa humilis (Ruthe, 1831) species Villa humilis Ruthe 1 Villa humilis (Ruthe, 1831)
Villa albida Becker, 1916 species Villa albida Beck. 1 Villa albida Becker, 1916
Villa amasia   species Villa amasia Wied. 3 Anthrax amasia (Wiedemann, 1828)
Villa basilaris   chironym Villa basilaris Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Villa senecio (Loew, 1869) species Villa senecio Lw 1 Villa senecio (Loew, 1869)
Villa pygarga   species Villa pygarga Lw 2 Villa pygarga (Loew, 1869)
Villa limbata (Coquillett, 1898) species Villa limbata (Coquillett, 1898) 1 Villa limbata (Coquillett, 1898)
Anthrax ediditia (Say, 1829) species Villa editia Say 1 Anthrax ediditia (Say, 1829)
Villa embrosa   chironym Villa embrosa i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Villa leucostoma   species Villa leucostoma Mg. 1 Villa leucostoma (Meigen, 1820)
Villa chorassani   species Villa chorassani Beck. 1 Villa chorassani (Becker & Stein, 1913)
Villa occulta (Wiedemann, 1820) species Villa occulta Mg. 1 Villa occulta (Wiedemann, 1820)
Villa sp. 1   species Villa sp. 2  
Villa clarissima   species Villa clarissima Loew 1 Villa clarissima (Loew, 1857)
Villa lateralis (Say, 1823) species Villa lateralis Say 1 Villa lateralis (Say, 1823)
Villa fulviana (Say, 1824) species Villa fulvianus Say 1 Villa fulviana (Say, 1824)
Villa vulgaris   chironym Villa vulgaris i.sch. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Villa alternata   species Villa alternata Say 1 Villa alternata (Say, 1823)
Villa paramuscaria   species Villa muscarius Coq. 1 Villa myximyia Evenhuis, 1978
Villa hottentotta   species Villa hottentotta L. 3   See D-fennica. Villa hottentotta (Linnaeus, 1758)
Villa cana   species Villa 5-fasciata Mg. 1 Villa cana (Meigen, 1804)
Villa paniscus   species Villa paniscus Rossi     In D-fennica. Villa panisca (Rossi, 1790)
Villa circumdata   species Villa circumdata Mg.     In D-fennica. Comptosia stria (Walker, 1849)
Villa cingulum   species Villa cingulum Wied. 1 Villa cingulum (Wiedemann, 1820)
Villa albifacies   species Villa albifacies Macq. 1 Villa festiva (Philippi, 1865)
Villa halteralis   species Villa halteralis Kow.     In D-fennica. Villa halteralis (Kowarz, 1883)
Villa ixion   species Villa ixion F. 3 Villa ixion (Fabricius, 1794)
Villa abbadon   species Villa abbadon F. 2 Villa abbadon (Fabricius, 1794)
Walkeromyia plumipes   species Demeijerea plumipes Phil. 4   Demeijerea Frey is a manuscript name. Walkeromyia plumipes (Philippi, 1873)
Satyramoeba hetrusca (Fabricius, 1794) species Spongostylum etrusca F. 3 Satyramoeba hetrusca (Fabricius, 1794)
Spogostylum shamanus   chironym Spongostylum shamanus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Spogostylum candidum (Sack, 1909) species Spongostylum candidum Sack. 2 Spogostylum candidum (Sack, 1909)
Spogostylum hippolyta   species Spongostylum hippolyta Wied. 1 Spogostylum hippolyta (Wiedemann, 1828)
Spogostylum ocyale   species Spongostylum ocyale Wied. 2 Spogostylum ocyale (Wiedemann, 1828)
Spogostylum sordidum (Sack, 1909) species Spongostylum sordidum Sack 1 Spogostylum sordidum (Sack, 1909)
Anthrax oedipus   species Anthrax oedipus Fabr. 2 Anthrax oedipus Fabricius, 1805
Anthrax plurinotata   species Anthrax plurinotata i.sch. 1  
Anthrax cephus Fabricius, 1805 species Anthrax cephus Fabr. 1 Anthrax cephus Fabricius, 1805
Anthrax hyalapex   chironym Anthrax hyalapex Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Anthrax gideon   species Anthrax acroleuca Wied. 1 Anthrax gideon Fabricius, 1805
Anthrax gideon   species Anthrax gideon Fabr. 2 Anthrax gideon Fabricius, 1805
Hemipenthes gentilis   species Anthrax gentilis Brun. 3 Hemipenthes gentilis (Brunetti, 1909)
Anthrax hybris   chironym Anthrax hybris n.sp. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Exechohypopion subobscurum   species Anthrax obscura Macq. 1 Exechohypopion subobscurum (Macquart, 1942)
Anthrax distigma   species Anthrax distigma Wied. 5 Anthrax distigma Wiedemann, 1828
Anthrax insularis   chironym Anthrax insularis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey. Anthrax insularis Walker, 1849
Anthrax basalis   chironym Anthrax basalis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Anthrax anthrax   species Anthrax anthrax Schrank 2   See D-fennica. Anthrax anthrax (Schrank, 1781)
Anthrax beckeri   chironym Anthrax beckeri i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Anthrax varius Fabricius, 1794 species Anthrax varia Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Anthrax varius Fabricius, 1794
Spogostylum aethiops   species Anthrax aethiops Fabr. 1 Spogostylum aethiops (Fabricius, 1781)
Spogostylum tripunctatum   species Anthrax tripunctatum Wied. 1 Spogostylum tripunctatum (Wiedemann, 1820)
Anthrax sticticus   species Anthrax polystigma Sack 1 Anthrax sticticus Klug, 1832
Spogostylum trinotatum   species Anthrax trinotata Duf. 1 Spogostylum trinotatum (Dufour, 1852)
Anthrax binotatus Wiedemann in Meigen, 1820 species Anthrax binotata Meig. 1   Unrecognised name. Anthrax binotatus Wiedemann, 1820
Spogostylum isis   species Anthrax subnotata Walk. 4 Spogostylum isis (Meigen, 1820)
Anthrax leucogaster   species Anthrax leucogaster Weid. 4 Anthrax leucogaster Wiedemann, 1820
Spogostylum incisurale   species Anthrax incisuralis Macq. 2 Spogostylum incisurale (Macquart, 1840)
Spogostylum niphas (Hermann, 1907) species Anthrax niphas Herm. 1 Spogostylum niphas (Hermann, 1907)
Anthrax virgo Egger, 1859 species Anthrax virgo Egg. 7 Anthrax virgo Egger, 1859
Cytherea obscura   species Cytherea obscura Fabr. 3 Cytherea obscura Fabricius, 1794
Cytherea beckeri Paramonov, 1930 species Cytherea beckeri Param. 2 Cytherea obscura Fabricius, 1794
Cytherea dispar   species Cytherea dispar Lw 2 Heteralonia dispar (Loew, 1869)
Cytherea fratella   species Cytherea fratella Beck. 3 Cytherea fratella (Becker, 1903)
Chalcochiton pallasii   species Cytherea Pallasi Lw 6 Chalcochiton pallasii (Loew, 1856)
Chalcochiton speciosus   species Cytherea speciosus Lw 2 Chalcochiton speciosus Loew, 1844
Chalcochiton holosericea   species Cytherea holosericeus Fabr. 2 Chalcochiton holosericea (Fabricius, 1794)
Cytherea carmelitensis (Becker, 1903) species Cytherea carmelitensis Beck. 3 Usia carmelitensis Becker, 1906
Callostoma fascipenne   species Callostoma fascipenne Mcq. 2 Callostoma fascipenne Macquart, 1840
Callostoma persicum   species Callostoma persica Param. 2 Callostoma persicum (Paramonov, 1929)
Anthrax abbreviata   species Ylasoia abbreviata Wied. 2 Anthrax abbreviata (Wiedemann, 1830)
Ylasoia pegasus   species Ylasoia pegasus Wied. 1 Ylasoia pegasus (Wiedemann, 1828)
Comptosia apicalis   species Alyosia apicalis Mcq. 1 Comptosia apicalis Macquart, 1848
Comptosia fascipennis   species Comptosia fascipennis Macq. 1 Comptosia fascipennis Macquart, 1840
Canariellum acutangula   species Lomatia aculangula Lw 1 Canariellum acutangula (Loew, 1860)
Notolomatia pictipennis   species Lomatia pictipennis Wied. 2 Notolomatia pictipennis (Wiedemann, 1828)
Lomatia erynnis   species Lomatia erynnis Lw 4 Lomatia erynnis Loew, 1869
Lomatia belzebul   species Lomatia belzebul Fabr. 2 Lomatia belzebul (Fabricius, 1794)
Lomatia lateralis (Meigen, 1820: 140) species Lomatia lateralis Mg. 2 Lomatia lateralis (Meigen, 1820)
Lomatia rogenhoferi   species Lomatia rogenhoferi Now. 2 Lomatia rogenhoferi Nowicki, 1868
Lomatia sabaea   species Lomatia sabaea Fabr. 1 Lomatia sabaea (Fabricius, 1781)
Lomatia tysiphone   species Lomatia infernalis Schin. 4 Lomatia tysiphone Loew, 1860
Lomatia tysiphone   species Lomatia tisiphone Lw 1 Lomatia tysiphone Loew, 1860
Lomatia polyzona   species Lomatia polyzona Lw 2 Lomatia polyzona Loew, 1869
Petrorossia funebris   species Lomatia funebris Frey 1 Petrorossia funebris Frey, 1934
Canariellum brunnipenne   species Canaria brunnipennis Macq. 1 Canariellum brunnipenne (Macquart, 1839)
Stomylomyia europaea   species Plesiocera europaea Lw 3 Stomylomyia europaea (Loew, 1869)
Plesiocera fulvipennis   chironym Plesiocera fulvipennis Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Plesiocera algira   species Plesiocera algira Macq. 1 Bombylisoma algirum (Macquart, 1840)
Cononedys stenura   species Aphoebantus stenurus Lw 1 Cononedys stenura (Loew, 1871)
Aphoebantus brandti   chironym Aphoebantus Brandti Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Cononedys escheri   species Aphoebantus Escheri Bezzi 1 Cononedys escheri (Bezzi, 1908)
Aphoebantus marcidus   species Aphoebantus marcidus Coq. 1 Aphoebantus marcidus Coquillett, 1891
Petrorossia fulvula   species Petrorossia fulvula Wied. 5 Petrorossia fulvula (Wiedemann, 1821)
Petrorossia letho   species Petrorossia letho Wied. 2 Petrorossia letho (Wiedemann, 1828)
Petrorossia hespera (Rossi, 1790) species Petrorossia hesperus Rossi 6 Petrorossia hespera (Rossi, 1790)
Petrorossia cypricus   chironym Petrorossia cypricus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Dolichomyia detecta   species Dolichomyia detecta Schin. 1 Dolichomyia detecta Schiner, 1868
Systropus barbiellinii   species Cephenius barbiellinii Bezzi 2 Systropus barbiellinii Bezzi, 1905
Systropus barbiellinii   species Cephenius [barbiellinii] var. javanus Frey 7 Systropus barbiellinii Bezzi, 1905
Systropus roepkei   species Cephenius Roepkei de Meij. 2 Systropus roepkei de Meijere, 1914
Systropus gracilis   species Cephenius gracilis End. 1 Systropus gracilis (Enderlein, 1926)
Systropus indicus   chironym Cephenius indicus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Systropus valdezi Bezzi, 1916 species Cephenius valdezi Pezzi 1 Systropus valdezi Bezzi, 1916
Systropus ophioneus   species Cephenius ophioneus Walk. 1 Systropus ophioneus Westwood, 1850
Systropus blumei Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1863 species Cephenius Blumei Snell Voll. 8 Systropus blumei Smellen van Vollenhoven, 1863
Systropus blumei   chironym Cephenius [Blumei] v. vicarius Frey 1   MS name by Frey. Systropus blumei Smellen van Vollenhoven, 1863
Systropus silvestrii   species Cephenius subcingulatus End. 1 Systropus silvestrii Bezzi, 1914
Systropus nitobei Matsumura, 1916 species Cephenius Nitobei Mats. 1 Systropus nitobei Matsumura, 1916
Systropus femoratus   species Pioperna femorata Karsch 1 Systropus femoratus (Karsch, 1880)

Taxa in collection for Bombyliidae: 241


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Mythicomyia rileyi   species Mythicomyia rileyi Coq. 2 Mythicomyia rileyi Coquillett, 1893

Taxa in collection for Mythicomyiidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Platypygus chrysanthemi   species Platypygus chrysanthemi Lw 2 Platypygus chrysanthemi Loew, 1844
Platypygus kurdorum Paramonov, 1929 species Platypygus kurdorum Param. 2 Platypygus kurdorum Paramonov, 1929
Platypygus apollonis   chironym Platypygus apollonis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Platypygus luteus   chironym Platypygus luteus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Cyrtosia canariensis   species Cyrtosia canariensis Engel 1 Cyrtosia canariensis Engel, 1933
Cyrtosia canariensis   species Cyrtosia [canariensis] f. tenuis Frey 1 Cyrtosia canariensis Engel, 1933
Cephalodromia nitens   species Cyrtosia nitens Lw 2 Cephalodromia nitens (Loew, 1846)
Glabellula arctica   species Glabellula arctica Zett.     In D-fennica. Glabellula arctica (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Glabellula canariensis   species Glabellula canariensis Frey 3 Glabellula canariensis Frey, 1936
Empidideicus carthaginiensis Becker, 1907 species Empidideicus carthaginiensis 1 Empidideicus carthaginiensis Becker, 1907
Empidideicus insularis (Frey, 1958) species Empidideicus insularis 2   Original name on label “caboverdensis” Empidideicus insularis (Frey, 1958)
Empidideicus freyi Greathead, 1986 species Empidideicus freyi 1 Empidideicus freyi Greathead, 1986
Cyllenia rustica   species Cyllenia maculata Latr. 1 Cyllenia rustica (Rossi, 1790)
Cyllenia turkestanica   species Cyllenia turkestanica Param. 2 Cyllenia turkestanica Paramonov, 1929
Amictus pictus Loew, 1869 species Amictus pictus Lw 4 Amictus pictus Loew, 1869
Amictus validus Loew, 1869 species Amictus validus Lw 3 Amictus validus Loew, 1869
Amictus setosus Loew, 1869 species Amictus setosus Lw 43 Amictus setosus Loew, 1869
Amictus pulchellus Macquart, 1846 species Amictus pulchellus Macq. 1 Amictus pulchellus Macquart, 1846
Toxophora fasciculata   species Toxophora Toxophora Meig. 2 Asilus fasciculatus Villers, 1789
Toxophora amphitea   species Toxophora amphitea Walk. 1 Toxophora amphitea Walker, 1849
Toxophora javana   species Toxophora javana Wied. 1 Toxophora javana Wiedemann, 1821
Conophorus virescens   species Conophorus virescens Fabr. 1 Conophorus virescens (Fabricius, 1787)
Conophorus fuliginosa (Wiedemann, 1820) species Conophorus fuliginosa Wied. 6 Conophorus fuliginosa (Wiedemann, 1820)
Conophorus validus   species Conophorus validus Lw 2 Conophorus validus (Loew, 1869)
Conophorus glaucesens   species Conophorus glaucesens Lw 2 Conophorus glaucesens (Loew, 1863)
Conophorus luctuosus   species Conophorus luctuosus Lw 1 Conophorus luctuosus (Loew, 1871)
Conophorus bellus   species Conophorus bellus Beck. 2 Conophorus bellus (Becker, 1906)
Conophorus nobilis   species Codionus nobilis Lw 1 Amictus nobilis Loew, 1871
Parageron incisa   species Usia incisa Wied. 4 Parageron incisa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Parageron grata   species Usia grata Loew 5 Parageron grata (Loew, 1856)
Usia atrata   species Usia atrata F. 2 Usia atrata (Fabricius, 1798)
Usia unicolor   species Usia unicolor Lw 2 Usia unicolor Loew, 1873
Usia sicula Egger, 1859 species Usia sicula Egg. 2 Usia sicula Egger, 1859
Usia lata Loew, 1846 species Usia lata Lw 1 Usia lata Loew, 1846
Usia bicolor   species Usia bicolor Mcq. 4 Usia bicolor Macquart, 1855
Usia aenea (Rossi, 1794) species Usia aenea Rossi 1 Usia aenea (Rossi, 1794)
Usia aurata (Fabricius, 1794) species Usia aurata F. 2 Parageron aurata (Fabricius, 1794)
Usia versicolor   species Usia versicolor Fabr. 5 Bombylius postversicolor Evenhuis & Greathead, 1999
Usia novakii Strobl, 1902 species Usia Novakii Strobl 2 Usia novakii Strobl, 1902
Usia angustifrons Becker, 1906 species Usia angustifrons Beck. 2 Usia angustifrons Becker, 1906
Usia pusilla   species Usia pusilla Meig. 2 Usia pusilla Meigen, 1820
Corsomyza nigripes   species Corsomyza nigripes Wied. 1 Corsomyza nigripes Wiedemann, 1820
Corsomyza simplex   species Corsomyza fuscipennis Mcq. 1 Corsomyza simplex Wiedemann, 1820
Corsomyza capensis   species Corsomyza capensis Wied. 1 Corsomyza capensis Hesse, 1938
Heterotropus atlas   chironym Heterotropus atlas Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Poecilognathus sulphurea   species Phthiria sulphurea Lw. 2 Poecilognathus sulphurea (Loew, 1863)
Phthiria jorgenseri   chironym Phthiria Jörgenseri Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Phthiria ornata   chironym Phthiria ornata i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Phthiria schadeana   chironym Phthiria Schadeana Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Phthiria vagans   species Phthiria vagans Lw 4 Phthiria vagans Loew, 1846
Phthiria gaedii Wiedemann, 1820 species Phthiria gaedii Mg. 3 Phthiria gaedii Wiedemann, 1820
Phthiria umbripennis Loew, 1846 species Phthiria umbripennis Lw 1 Phthiria umbripennis Loew, 1846
Phthiria scutellaris Wiedemann, 1820 species Phthiria scutellaris Mg. 2 Phthiria scutellaris Wiedemann, 1820
Phthiria umbripennis   species Phthiria notata Big. 1 Phthiria umbripennis Loew, 1846
Phthiria simonyi Becker, 1908 species Phthiria simonyi Beck. 2 Phthiria simonyi Becker, 1908
Phthiria canescens   species Phthiria canescens Lw 4 Phthiria canescens Loew, 1846
Phthiria pulicaria   species Phthiria pulicaria Mikan 4   See D-fennica. Phthiria pulicarius (Mikan, 1796)
Phthiria minuta   species Phthiria minuta F. 3 Phthiria minuta (Fabricius, 1805)
Phthiria boliviana   chironym Phthiria boliviana Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Geron senilis   species Geron senilis F. 1 Bombylius senilis (Fabricius, 1794)
Geron corumbanus   chironym Geron corumbanus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Geron subauratus   species Geron subauratus Lw 2 Geron subauratus Loew, 1863
Geron argentifrons   species Geron argentifrons Brun. 1 Geron argentifrons Brunetti, 1909
Geron hesperidum Frey, 1936 species Geron hesperidum Frey 9 Geron hesperidum Frey, 1936
Geron phallophorus Bezzi, 1920 species Geron phallophorus Bezzi 12 Geron phallophorus Bezzi, 1920
Geron priapeus   species Geron priapeus Bezzi 20 Geron priapeus Bezzi, 1920
Oligodranes flavicornis   chironym Oligodranes flavicornis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Oligodranes bivittatus   chironym Oligodranes bivittatus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Acreotrichus antecedens   species Acreotrichus gibbicornis Mcq. 2 Anthrax albofasciatus Macquart, 1840
Gonarthrus cylindricus   species Gonarthrus cylindricus Bezzi 1 Gonarthrus cylindricus (Bezzi, 1906)
Lordotus gibbus   species Lordotus gibbus Lw 1 Lordotus gibbus Loew, 1863
Lordotus fumigatus   chironym Lordotus fumigatus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Eurycarenus laticeps   species Eurycarenus laticeps Lw 2 Eurycarenus laticeps (Loew, 1852)
Eurycarenus dichopticus   species Eurycarenus dichopticus Bezzi 1 Eurycarenus dichopticus Bezzi, 1920
Bombylius rufum Olivier, 1789 species Heterostylum rufum Ol. 2 Bombylius rufum Olivier, 1789
Heterostylum peruense   chironym Heterostylum peruense i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Heterostylum duocolor   species Heterostylum bicolor v.d.Wulp 2  
Dischistus separatus   species Acanthogeron separatus Beck. 2 Dischistus separatus (Becker, 1906)
Bombomyia discoideus   species Bombylius analis Fabr. 8 Bombomyia discoidea (Fabricius, 1794)
Bombylius stictica   species Bombylius punctatus F. 1 Bombomyia stictica (Boisduval, 1835)
Bombylius fuscus   species Bombylius fuscus Fabr. 2 Bombylius fuscus Fabricius, 1781
Bombylius aureopuncta   chironym Bombylius aureopuncta i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Bombylella atra   species Bombylius ater Scop. 2 Bombylella atra (Scopoli, 1763)
Bombylius floccosus Loew, 1857 species Bombylius floccosus Lw. 3   MISSING FROM SYST. DIPT? Bombylius floccosus Loew, 1857
Bombylella ornata   species Bombylius ornatus Wied. 3 Bombylella ornata (Wiedemann, 1828)
Triplasius pictus   species Bombylius pictus Panz. 2 Triplasius pictus (Panzer, 1794)
Bombylius callopterus   species Bombylius callopterus Lw 2 Bombylius callopterus Loew, 1855
Bombylius albicapillus   species Bombylius albicapillus Lw 8 Bombylius albicapillus Loew, 1872
Bombylius discolor   species Bombylius discolor Mikan 2 Bombylius discolor Mikan, 1796
Bombylius medius   species Bombylius medius L. 2 Bombylius medius Linnaeus, 1758
Brychosoma pictipenne   species Bombylius pictipennis Lw 1 Brychosoma pictipenne (Macquart, 1850)
Bombylius punctipennis Loew, 1855 species Bombylius punctipennis Lw 2 Bombylius punctipennis Loew, 1855
Bombylius albomicans Loew, 1855 species Bombylius albomicans Lw 1 Bombylius medius Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius medius   species Bombylius pallipes Lw 3 Bombylius medius Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius major   species Bombylius major L. 2   See D-fennica. Bombylius major Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius major   species Bombylius [major] v. orientalis Frey 2 Bombylius major Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius major   species Bombylius [major] v. fratellus Wied. 8 Bombylius major Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius major   species Bombylius consanguineus Macq. 1 Bombylius major Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius fimbriatus fimbriatus Loew, 1855 subspecies Bombylius ventralis Lw 1  
Bombylius fimbriatus   species Bombylius fimbriatus Mg. 1 Bombylius fimbriatus Meigen, 1820
Bombylius debilis   species Bombylius debilis Lw 2 Bombylius debilis Loew, 1855
Bombylius diagonalis Wiedemann, 1820 species Bombylius diagonalis Mg. 2 Bombylius diagonalis Wiedemann, 1820
Australoechus micans   species Bombylius micans Fabr. 1 Australoechus micans (Fabricius, 1798)
Bombylius sp. 1   species Bombylius sp. 1  
Bombylius basifumatus Speiser, 1914 species Bombylius basifumatus Speis. 1 Bombylius basifumatus Speiser, 1914
Bombylius rhodius   species Bombylius rhodius Lw 4 Bombylius rhodius Loew, 1855
Bombylius venosus Mikan, 1796 species Bombylius venosus Mikan 1 Bombylius venosus Mikan, 1796
Bombylius canescens   species Bombylius variabilis Lw 5 Bombylius canescens Mikan, 1796
Bombylius nubilus   species Bombylius nubilus Mikan 4 Bombylius nubilus Mikan, 1796
Bombylius amabilis   chironym Bombylius amabilis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Bombylius atriceps   species Bombylius atriceps Lw 2 Bombylius atriceps Loew, 1863
Bombylius lancifer Osten Sacken, 1877 species Bombylius lancifer O.-S. 3 Bombylius lancifer Osten Sacken, 1877
Bombylius oceanus   species Bombylius oceanus Beck. 1 Bombylius oceanus Becker, 1908
Bombylius posticus   species Bombylius fugax Wied. 1 Bombylius posticus Fabricius, 1805
Bombylius cinerascens Mikan, 1796 species Bombylius cinerascens Mikan 2 Bombylius cinerascens Mikan, 1796
Bombylius fulvescens Wiedemann in Meigen, 1820 species Bombylius fulvescens Mg. 2 Bombylius fulvescens Wiedemann, 1820
Bombylius sp. 1   species Bombylius sp. 1  
Bombylius minor   species Bombylius albibarbis Zett. Bombylius minor Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylius minor   species Bombylius minor L. 1 Bombylius minor Linnaeus, 1758
Anastoechus barbatus   species Anastoechus barbatus Ost.-Sack. 4 Anastoechus barbatus Osten Sacken, 1877
Anastoechus trisignatus   species Anastoechus trisignatus Portsch. 3 Anastoechus trisignatus (Portschinsky, 1881)
Anastoechus trisignatus   species Anastoechus retrogradus Beck. 1 Anastoechus trisignatus (Portschinsky, 1881)
Anastoechus setosus   species Anastoechus setosus Lw 1 Anastoechus setosus (Loew, 1855)
Systoechus affinis   species Anastoechus niveus Herm. v. affinis 2 Systoechus affinis Hesse, 1938
Anastoechus lineicornis   chironym Anastoechus lineicornis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Anastoechus asiaticus   species Anastoechus asiaticus Beck. 1 Anastoechus asiaticus Becker, 1916
Anastoechus nitidulus   species Anastoechus nitidulus Fabr. 2 Anastoechus nitidulus (Fabricius, 1794)
Anastoechus latifrons   species Anastoechus latifrons Mcq. 4 Anastoechus latifrons (Macquart, 1839)
Anastoechus australis   chironym Anastoechus australis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Systoechus gradatus (Wiedemann, 1820) species Systoechus gradatus Mg. 3 Systoechus gradatus (Wiedemann, 1820)
Systoechus lucidus   species Systoechus lucidus Lw 1 Systoechus lucidus (Loew, 1855)
Systoechus vulgaris   species Systoechus vulgaris Lw 2 Systoechus vulgaris Loew, 1863
Systoechus mixtus   species Systoechus mixtus Wied. 2 Systoechus mixtus (Wiedemann, 1821)
Systoechus ctenopterus   species Systoechus ctenopterus Mikan 4 Systoechus ctenopterus (Mikan, 1976)
Systoechus ctenopterus   species Systoechus sulphureus Mikan 4 Systoechus ctenopterus (Mikan, 1976)
Systoechus simplex   species Systoechus simplex Lw 1 Systoechus simplex Loew, 1860
Systoechus albidus   species Systoechus albidus Lw 1 Systoechus albidus Loew, 1860
Systoechus autumnalis   species Systoechus autumnalis Wied. 2 Systoechus autumnalis Becker, 1910
Acrophthalmyda sphenoptera   species Acrophthalmyda sphenoptera Lw 1 Acrophthalmyda sphenoptera (Loew, 1855)
Euprepina bicincta   species Euprepina bicinctus Wied. 1 Euprepina bicincta Hull, 1971
Bombylisoma senegalense   species Dischistus diadematus Bezz. 2 Bombylisoma senegalense (Macquart, 1840)
Bombylius minor   species Dischistus minimus Schrank 1 Bombylius minor Linnaeus, 1758
Bombylisoma imitator   species Dischistus imitator Lw 3 Bombylisoma imitator (Loew, 1855)
Bombylisoma simulator   species Dischistus simulator Lw 3 Bombylisoma simulator (Loew, 1855)
Bombylisoma nigriceps   species Dischistus nigriceps Lw 3 Bombylisoma nigriceps (Loew, 1862)
Bombylisoma flavibarbum   species Dischistus flavibarbus Lw 2 Bombylisoma flavibarbum (Loew, 1855)
Bombylisoma unicolor   species Dischistus unicolor Lw 2 Bombylisoma unicolor (Loew, 1855)
Bombylisoma croaticum   species Dischistus barbula Lw 2 Bombylisoma croaticum (Kertesz, 1901)
Bombylisoma breviusculum (Loew, 1855) species Dischistus breviusculum Lw 1 Bombylisoma breviusculum (Loew, 1855)
Sparnopolius confusus   species Sparnopalius fulvus Wied. 3 Sparnopolius confusus (Wiedemann, 1824)
Sparnopolius albopilosus   chironym Sparnopalius albopilosus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Sparnopolius nigellus   chironym Sparnopalius nigellus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Sparnopolius diversus Williston, 1901 species Sparnopalius diversus Will. 2 Sparnopolius diversus Wiliston, 1901

Taxa in collection for Bombyliidae: 153


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Meghyperus occidens Coquillett, 1895 species Meghyperus occidens Coq. 1 Meghyperus occidens Coquillett, 1895
Meghyperus sudeticus   species Meghyperus sudeticus Lw.     In D-fennica. Meghyperus sudeticus Loew, 1850

Taxa in collection for Atelestidae: 2


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Brachystoma vesiculosum (Fabricius, 1794) species Brachystoma vesiculosum Fabr. 6 Copestylum neotropicum Thompson, 1976
Brachystoma pleurale Frey, 1956 species Brachystoma pleurale Frey 2 Brachystoma pleurale Frey, 1956
Brachystoma occidentale   species Brachystoma occidentale Mel. 2 Brachystoma occidentale Melander, 1902
Apalocnemis plorator Collin, 1933 species Apalocnemis plorator Coll. 1 Apalocnemis plorator Collin, 1933
Ceratomerus mediocris   species Ceratomerus mediocris Coll. 1 Ceratomerus mediocris Collin, 1933
Boreodromia bicolor   species Boreodromia bicolor Lw 2 Boreodromia bicolor Loew, 1863

Taxa in collection for Brachystomatidae: 6


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Rhamphomyia sp. 1   species Rhamphomyia (Macrostoma) sp. 1 Paraguay  
Rhamphomyia umbripennis   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) v. umbripennis Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Rhamphomyia umbripennis Meigen, 1822
Rhamphomyia nigripennis   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) nigripennis Fall.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia nigripennis (Fabricius, 1794)
Rhamphomyia caliginosa   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) caliginosa Coll. 2 Rhamphomyia caliginosa Collin, 1926
Rhamphomyia trigemina   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) trigemina 3 Rhamphomyia trigemina Oldenberg, 1927
Rhamphomyia variabilis   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) variabilis Fall.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia variabilis (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia culicina   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) culicina Fall. 2 Rhamphomyia culicina (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia sciarina   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) sciarina Fall.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia sciarina (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia variabilis   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) pallidiventris Fall. 3 Rhamphomyia variabilis (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia flava   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) flava Fall. 3 Rhamphomyia flava (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia flaviventris Macquart, 1827 species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) flaviventris Macq. 4 Rhamphomyia flaviventris Macquart, 1827
Rhamphomyia heterochroma   species Rhamphomyia (Holoclera) heterochroma Bezzi 4 Rhamphomyia heterochroma Bezzi, 1898
Rhamphomyia umbilicata Loew, 1861 species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) umbilicata Lw 3 Rhamphomyia umbilicata Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia umbripes   species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) umbripes Beck 4 Rhamphomyia umbripes Becker, 1887
Rhamphomyia albohirta Collin, 1926 species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) albohirta Coll 4 Rhamphomyia albohirta Collin, 1926
Rhamphomyia minor Oldenberg, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) minor Oldb. 1 Rhamphomyia minor Oldenberg, 1922
Rhamphomyia nox Oldenberg, 1917 species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) nox Oldb. 1 Rhamphomyia nox Oldenberg, 1917
Rhamphomyia galactoptera   species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) galactoptera Strobl. 2 Rhamphomyia galactoptera Strobl, 1893
Rhamphomyia longipes   species Rhamphomyia (Aclonempis) longipes Mg. 7 Rhamphomyia longipes (Meigen, 1804)
Rhamphomyia albovenosa   species Rhamphomyia (Amydroneura) albovenosa v. Röd 1   MS name by v. Röder, formally described by Frey? Rhamphomyia claripennis Oldenberg, 1922
Rhamphomyia erythrophthalma   species Rhamphomyia (Amydroneura) erythrophthalma Meig. 1   New det label: “longipes”. Rhamphomyia erythrophthalma Meigen, 1830
Rhamphomyia hirsutipes Collin, 1926 species Rhamphomyia (Amydroneura) hirsutipes Coll. 3 Rhamphomyia hirsutipes Collin, 1926
Rhamphomyia tipularia   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tipularia Fall. 2 Rhamphomyia tipularia Fallen, 1816
Rhamphomyia stackelbergi Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) Stackelbergi Frey 1   On loan, likely a type. Rhamphomyia stackelbergi Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia nasoni   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) nasoni Coq. 2 Rhamphomyia nasoni Coquillett, 1895
Rhamphomyia bicolor Macquart, 1827 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) bicolor Macq. 2   Listed as a nomen nudum in Systema Dipterorum. Rhamphomyia bicolor Macquart, 1827
Rhamphomyia albidiventris   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) albidiventris Strobl     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia albidiventris Strobl, 1898
Rhamphomyia cribata Oldenberg, 1927 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) cribratus Olbg. 3 Rhamphomyia cribata Oldenberg, 1927
Rhamphomyia dentata Oldenberg, 1910 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) dentata Oldb. 3 Rhamphomyia dentata Oldenberg, 1910
Rhamphomyia pilifer   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) intermedia Frey 4 Rhamphomyia pilifer Meigen, 1838
Rhamphomyia transversipyga   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) dentipes Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia transversipyga Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia amoena   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) amoena Loew 2 Rhamphomyia amoena Loew, 1840
Rhamphomyia albibasis   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) albibasis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia albibasis Frey, 1935
Rhamphomyia tibiella   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tibiella Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia tibiella Zetterstedt, 1842
Rhamphomyia priapulus Loew, 1861 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) priapulus Lw 2 Rhamphomyia priapulus Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia unguiculata Frey, 1913 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) unguiculata Frey     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia unguiculata Frey, 1913
Rhamphomyia curvula   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) curvula Frey 1   See D-fennica. Rhamphomyia curvula Frey, 1913
Rhamphomyia albipennis   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) albipennis Fall.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia albipennis (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia debilis Loew, 1861 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) debilis 1 Rhamphomyia debilis Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia fuscipennis   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) fuscipennis Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia fuscipennis Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia obscura Zetterstedt, 1838 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) obscura Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia obscura Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia pusilla   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) pusilla Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia pusilla Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia subpusilla   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) subpusilla Frey 1 Rhamphomyia subpusilla Frey, 1951
Rhamphomyia barbipalpis Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) barbipalpis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia barbipalpis Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia hoeli Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) Hoeli Frey 3 Rhamphomyia hoeli Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia chibinensis     Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) chibinensis Frey     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia chibinensis Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia transversipyga   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) transversipyga Frey 1 Rhamphomyia transversipyga Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia ozernajensis Frey, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) ozernajensis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia ozernajensis Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia hirtula   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) hirtula Zett. 2 Rhamphomyia hirtula Zetterstedt, 1842
Rhamphomyia filicaudula     Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) filicaudula Frey     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia filicaudula Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia filicauda Henriksen & Lundbeck, 1917 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) filicauda Lundb. 3   See D-fennica. Rhamphomyia filicauda Henriksen & Lundbeck, 1917
Rhamphomyia caudata Zetterstedt, 1838 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) caudata Zett. ~10   In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia caudata Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia longestylata   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) longestylata Frey Rhamphomyia caudata Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia tenuiterfilata   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tenuiterfilata Beck. 2 Rhamphomyia tenuiterfilata Becker, 1900
Rhamphomyia subsultans   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) subsultans Frey 2 Rhamphomyia subsultans Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia araneipes   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) araneipes Frey 3 Rhamphomyia araneipes Frey, 1951
Rhamphomyia atra Meigen, 1822 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) atra Meig. 6 Rhamphomyia atra Meigen, 1822
Rhamphomyia tarsata Meigen, 1822 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) tarsata Meig. 1 Rhamphomyia tarsata Meigen, 1822
Rhamphomyia plumifera   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) plumifera 1   See D-fennica. Rhamphomyia plumifera Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia obscuripennis   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) nitidicollis Frey 2   See D-fennica. Rhamphomyia obscuripennis Meigen, 1830
Rhamphomyia implicata   chironym Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) implicata Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Rhamphomyia diversipennis Becker, 1900 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) diversipennis Beck 1 Rhamphomyia diversipennis Becker, 1900
Rhamphomyia parvula Frey, 1955 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) parvula Frey 6 Rhamphomyia parvula Frey, 1955
Rhamphomyia micropyga Collin, 1926 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) micropyga Coll. 2 Rhamphomyia micropyga Collin, 1926
Rhamphomyia lucidula Zetterstedt, 1842 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) lucidula Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia lucidula Zetterstedt, 1842
Rhamphomyia longicauda Loew, 1861 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) longicauda Lw 4 Rhamphomyia longicauda Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia vittata Loew, 1862 species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) vittata Lw 2 Rhamphomyia vittata Loew, 1862
Rhamphomyia formosula   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) pulchra Lw 1 Rhamphomyia formosula Melander, 1965
Rhamphomyia glabra   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) glabra Loew 1   TODO: missing from SYSTDIPT Rhamphomyia glabra Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia sp. 2   species Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) sp. 1  
Rhamphomyia paradoxa Wahlberg, 1844 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) paradoxa Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia paradoxa Wahlberg, 1844
Rhamphomyia batylimensis   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) batylimensis Frey 2 Rhamphomyia batylimensis Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia fulvolanata Frey, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) fulvolanata Frey 1 Rhamphomyia fulvolanata Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia cymbella Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) cymbella Frey 1 Rhamphomyia cymbella Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia crassirostris (Fallén, 1816) species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) nigripes Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Intepreted as a mistake for R. nigripes Strobl. Rhamphomyia crassirostris (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia maculipennis Zetterstedt, 1842 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) maculipennis Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia maculipennis Zetterstedt, 1842
Rhamphomyia laevipes   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) tephraea Mg. 3 Rhamphomyia laevipes (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia nodipes Fallén, 1816 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) nodipes Fall. 1 Rhamphomyia nodipes Fallen, 1816
Rhamphomyia sp. 3   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) sp. 2  
Rhamphomyia gufitar   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) gufitar Frey     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia gufitar Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia geisha   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) geisha Frey ~4 Rhamphomyia geisha Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia brunneostriata Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) brunneostriata Frey 4 Rhamphomyia brunneostriata Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia brunneostriata Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) [brunneostriata] f. monstruosa Frey 1 Rhamphomyia brunneostriata Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia anomalina   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) anomalina Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia anomalina Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia anomala Oldenberg, 1915 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) anomala Oldbg. 1 Rhamphomyia anomala Oldenberg, 1915
Rhamphomyia anomalipennis Meigen, 1822 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) anomalipennis Mg.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia anomalipennis Meigen, 1822
Rhamphomyia sp. 4   species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) sp. 2  
Rhamphomyia sororia Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Megacyttarus) sororia Frey 4 Rhamphomyia sororia Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia chrysodactyla   species Rhamphomyia (Ctenempis) chrysodactyla Frey 2 Rhamphomyia chrysodactyla Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia ussuriensis   species Rhamphomyia (Ctenempis) ussuriensis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia tonsa Loew, 1871
Rhamphomyia gripha   species Rhamphomyia (Ctenempis) gripha Frey 2 Rhamphomyia gripha Frey, 1935
Rhamphomyia malaisei Frey, 1935 species Rhamphomyia (Ctenempis) Malaisei Frey 3 Rhamphomyia malaisei Frey, 1935
Rhamphomyia pokornyi Bezzi, 1904 species Rhamphomyia (Ctenempis) Pokornyi Bezzi 1   *OBSCURED*, check Rhamphomyia pokornyi Bezzi, 1904
Rhamphomyia coracina Zetterstedt, 1849 species Rhamphomyia (Ctenempis) coracina Zett. 1 Rhamphomyia coracina Zetterstedt, 1849
Rhamphomyia ornithorhampha Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) ornithorhampha Frey 1 Rhamphomyia ornithorhampha Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia pleciaeformis Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) pleciaeformis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia pleciaeformis Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia sphaerophora Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) hambergi Frey 1   Original name crossed over, modern label sphaerophora Rhamphomyia sphaerophora Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia reflexa Zetterstedt, 1838 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) reflexa Zett. 1 Rhamphomyia reflexa Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia taimyrensis   species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) taimyrensis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia taimyrensis Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia leptidiformis   species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) leptidiformis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia leptidiformis Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia zaitsevi Becker, 1915 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) Zaitsevi Frey 1   “zaitzevi Frey” is a mistake? Rhamphomyia zaitsevi Becker, 1915
Rhamphomyia hovgaardii Holmgren, 1880 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) Hovgaardi Holmgr. 5 Rhamphomyia hovgaardii Holmgren, 1880
Rhamphomyia brussnewi Frey, 1915 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) Brussnewi Frey 1 Rhamphomyia brussnewi Frey, 1915
Rhamphomyia vesiculosa   species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) vesiculosa Fall.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia vesiculosa (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia geniculata Meigen, 1830 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) plumipes Mg.     In D-fennica. Intepreted as auct. nec. = R. geniculata Meigen. Rhamphomyia geniculata Meigen, 1830
Rhamphomyia nigrita Zetterstedt, 1838 species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) nigrita Zett. 4 Rhamphomyia nigrita Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia mirifica   species Rhamphomyia (Dasyrhamphomyia) mirifica Frey 1 Rhamphomyia mirifica Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia rostrifera Bezzi, 1912 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) rostrifera Bezzi 2 Rhamphomyia rostrifera Bezzi, 1912
Rhamphomyia spirifera   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) spirifera Frey 7 Rhamphomyia spirifera Frey, 1955
Rhamphomyia sauteri Bezzi, 1912 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) sauteri Bezzi 4 Rhamphomyia sauteri Bezzi, 1912
Rhamphomyia heterogyna Frey, 1952 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) heterogyna Frey 2 Rhamphomyia heterogyna Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia multicolor Frey, 1952 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) multicolor Frey 4 Rhamphomyia multicolor Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia issikii Ito, 1961 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) latistriata Frey 8   TODO: CHECK TYPES Rhamphomyia issikii Ito, 1961
Rhamphomyia praecellens Frey, 1952 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) praecellens Frey 1 Rhamphomyia praecellens Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia ise Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) ise Frey 1 Rhamphomyia ise Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia luteicoxa Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) luteicoxa Frey 2 Rhamphomyia luteicoxa Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia longistigma Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) longistigma Frey 4 Rhamphomyia longistigma Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia harpago Frey, 1952 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) harpago Frey 5 Rhamphomyia harpago Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia itoi Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) Itoi Frey 7 Rhamphomyia itoi Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia pretiosa Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) pretiosa Frey 1 Rhamphomyia pretiosa Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia complicans Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) complicans Frey 4 Rhamphomyia complicans Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia klapperichi Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) Klapperichi Frey 1 Rhamphomyia klapperichi Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia formidabilis Frey, 1951 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) formidabilis Frey 4   det. By T. Saigusa. Rhamphomyia formidabilis Frey, 1951
Rhamphomyia flavobasalis Frey, 1951 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) flavobasalis Frey 3 Rhamphomyia flavobasalis Frey, 1951
Rhamphomyia optimalis Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) optimalis Frey 4 Rhamphomyia optimalis Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia pteropyga Frey, 1951 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) pteropyga Frey 4 Rhamphomyia pteropyga Frey, 1951
Rhamphomyia mollipes Frey, 1953 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) mollipes Frey 3 Rhamphomyia mollipes Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia nipponensis   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) nipponensis Frey 6   1 ex originally from here det. As Rhamphomyia bigelowi by Bartak? Rhamphomyia nipponensis Frey, 1951
Rhamphomyia macilenta Loew, 1864 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) macilenta Lw 1 Rhamphomyia macilenta Loew, 1864
Rhamphomyia sp. 5   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) rustica Lw 1   Unrecognised name.  
Rhamphomyia pulla Loew, 1861 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) pulla Lw 1 Rhamphomyia pulla Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia gilvipes Loew, 1861 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) gilvipes Lw 1 Rhamphomyia gilvipes Loew, 1861
Rhamphomyia mutabilis Loew, 1862 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) mutabilis Lw 1 Rhamphomyia mutabilis Loew, 1862
Rhamphomyia amplipedis Coquillett, 1895 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) amplipedis Coq. 6   det by M. Bartak. Rhamphomyia amplipedis Coquillett, 1895
Rhamphomyia daria   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) gracilis Lw 5 Rhamphomyia daria Walker, 1849
Rhamphomyia curvipes Coquillett, 1904 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) curvipes Coq. 2 Rhamphomyia curvipes Coquillett, 1904
Rhamphomyia principalis Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) principalis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia flavipes Matsumura, 1911
Rhamphomyia insignis Loew, 1871 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) insignis Loew 1 Rhamphomyia insignis Loew, 1871
Rhamphomyia ampla Frey, 1952 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) ampla Frey 8 Rhamphomyia ampla Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia jesonensis   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) sanguis Frey 3 Rhamphomyia jesonensis Matsumura, 1915
Rhamphomyia ladas Frey, 1955 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) ladas Frey 3 Rhamphomyia ladas Frey, 1955
Rhamphomyia stigmosa   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) stigmosa Macq. 3 Rhamphomyia stigmosa Macquart, 1827
Rhamphomyia laevipes (Fallén, 1816) species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) laevipes Fall. 3 Rhamphomyia laevipes (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia foveata   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) foveata Frey 1 Rhamphomyia foveata Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia platycnemis   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) platycnemis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia platycnemis Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia retortus   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) retortus Frey 2 Rhamphomyia retortus Frey, 1955
Rhamphomyia armata Becker, 1915 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) armata Beck. 1 Rhamphomyia armata Becker, 1915
Rhamphomyia spinipes   species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) spinipes Fall. 2 Rhamphomyia spinipes (Fallen, 1816)
Rhamphomyia setitibia Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) setitibia Frey 1 Rhamphomyia setitibia Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia dorsata Becker, 1915 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) dorsata Beck. 1 Rhamphomyia dorsata Becker, 1915
Rhamphomyia virgata Coquillett, 1895 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) virgata Coq. 2 Rhamphomyia virgata Coquillett, 1895
Rhamphomyia multisinuosa Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) multisinuosa Frey 2 Rhamphomyia multisinuosa Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia spectabilis Frey, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) spectabilis Frey 1 Rhamphomyia spectabilis Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia basispinosa Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) basispinosa Frey 2 Rhamphomyia basispinosa Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia grammoptera Frey, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) grammoptera Frey 1 Rhamphomyia grammoptera Frey, 1922
Pararhamphomyia alpina (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Rhamphomyia (Eorhamphomyia) alpina Zett.     In D-fennica.  
Rhamphomyia sudigeronis Coquillett, 1895 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) sudigeronis Coq. 2 Rhamphomyia sudigeronis Coquillett, 1895
Rhamphomyia scutellaris   species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) scutellaris Coq. 1 Rhamphomyia scutellaris Coquillett, 1895
Rhamphomyia sociabilis   species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) sociabilis Will. 6 Rhamphomyia sociabilis (Williston, 1893)
Rhamphomyia japonica Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) japonica Frey 1 Rhamphomyia japonica Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia argentata Roder, 1887 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) argentata v. Ros. 2   “v. Ros.”, mistake for v. Roder. Rhamphomyia argentata Roder, 1887
Rhamphomyia palmeni   species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) Palmeni Frey     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia palmeni Frey, 1913
Rhamphomyia nitidula Zetterstedt, 1842 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) nitidula Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia nitidula Zetterstedt, 1842
Rhamphomyia nitidula   species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) affinis Frey 2   Original manuscript name “pseudonitidula Frey” Rhamphomyia nitidula Zetterstedt, 1842
Rhamphomyia siebecki   species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) Siebecki Strobl 2 Rhamphomyia siebecki Strobl, 1898
Rhamphomyia micans Oldenberg, 1915 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) micans Olbg. 1 Rhamphomyia micans Oldenberg, 1915
Rhamphomyia ignobilis Zetterstedt, 1859 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) ignobilis Zett.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia ignobilis Zetterstedt, 1859
Rhamphomyia caucasica   species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) caucasica Frey 1 Rhamphomyia caucasica Frey, 1953
Rhamphomyia brunneostriata Frey, 1950 species Rhamphomyia (Collinaria) brunneostriata 13   det. T. Saigusa 1985. Rhamphomyia brunneostriata Frey, 1950
Hilara leucoptera   species   14 Hilara leucoptera Loew, 1862
Hilara melanopyga   species   11   TODO: CHECK THESE FOR TYPES AND LOCATION IN COLL  
Hilara itoi   species   5 Hilara itoi Frey, 1952
Hilara neglecta   species   9 Hilara neglecta Frey, 1952
Hilara echinata   species   8 Hilara echinata Frey, 1952
Hilara micropyga   species   10 Hilara micropyga Frey, 1952
Rhamphomyia parvicellutata Frey, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) parvicellutata Frey 1 Rhamphomyia parvicellutata Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia albosegmentata   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) albosegmentata Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Rhamphomyia albosegmentata Zetterstedt, 1838
Rhamphomyia hirtimana   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) hirtimana Olbg. 4 Rhamphomyia hirtimana Oldenberg, 1922
Rhamphomyia sanctimauritii Becker, 1887 species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) Sancti-Mauritii Beck. 3 Rhamphomyia sanctimauritii Becker, 1887
Rhamphomyia melania   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) melania Beck. 2 Rhamphomyia melania Becker, 1887
Rhamphomyia chinoptera   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) chinoptera Bezzi 1 Rhamphomyia chinoptera Bezzi, 1904
Rhamphomyia tristriolata   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) altaica Frey 3 Rhamphomyia tristriolata Nowicki, 1868
Rhamphomyia nubigena Bezzi, 1904 species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) nubigena Bezzi 8 Rhamphomyia nubigena Bezzi, 1904
Rhamphomyia crassimana   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) hirsuta Olbg 7 Rhamphomyia crassimana Strobl, 1898
Rhamphomyia serpentata   species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) serpentata Lw 6 Rhamphomyia serpentata Loew, 1856
Rhamphomyia discoidalis Becker, 1889 species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) discoidalis Beck. 4 Rhamphomyia discoidalis Becker, 1889
Rhamphomyia loewi Nowicki, 1868 species Rhamphomyia (Alpinomyia) Loewi Nov.[sic] 4 Rhamphomyia loewi Nowicki, 1868
Rhamphomyia filipjefi   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) Filipjefi Frey 1 Rhamphomyia filipjefi Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia paraleucoptera   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) paraleucoptera Frey 2 Rhamphomyia paraleucoptera Frey, 1950
Rhamphomyia latifrons   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) latifrons Frey     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia latifrons Frey, 1913
Rhamphomyia cinerascens   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) cinerascens Meig. 3 Rhamphomyia cinerascens (Meigen, 1804)
Rhamphomyia subcinarescens   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) subcinarescens Collin 2 Rhamphomyia subcinarescens Collin, 1926
Rhamphomyia sulcatella   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) sulcatella Coll. 2 Rhamphomyia sulcatella Collin, 1926
Rhamphomyia trilineata   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) sulcatina Coll. 1 Rhamphomyia trilineata Zetterstedt, 1859
Rhamphomyia sulcata de Meijere, 1918 species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) sulcata Meij.     In D-fennica. Rhamphomyia sulcata (Meigen, 1804)
Rhamphomyia scitula   species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) scitula Frey 2 Rhamphomyia scitula Frey, 1922
Rhamphomyia sulcata Meigen, 1822 species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) tibialis Mg. 3 Rhamphomyia sulcata (Meigen, 1804)
Rhamphomyia subtibialis   chironym Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) subtibialis Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Rhamphomyia claripennis Oldenberg, 1922 species Rhamphomyia (Rhamphomyia) claripennis 3   TODO: CHECK ORIGINAL DET IF POSSIBLE Rhamphomyia claripennis Oldenberg, 1922
Empis japonica Frey, 1955 species Empis (Xanthempis) japonica Frey 3 Empis japonica Frey, 1955
Empis stercorea   species Empis (Xanthempis) stercorea L. 1   See D-fennica. Empis stercorea Linnaeus, 1761
Empis trigramma   species Empis (Xanthempis) trigramma Mg. 1 Empis trigramma Wiedemann, 1822
Empis kuntzei Becker, 1910 species Empis (Xanthempis) Kuntzei Beck. 1 Empis kuntzei Becker, 1910
Empis lutea   species Empis (Xanthempis) lutea Mg. 4 Empis lutea Meigen, 1804
Empis semicinerea   species Empis (Xanthempis) semicinerea Lw 3 Empis semicinerea Loew, 1867
Empis styriaca   species Empis (Xanthempis) styriaca Strobl 5 Empis styriaca Strobl, 1893
Empis testacea   species Empis (Xanthempis) testacea Fabr. 2 Empis testacea Fabricius, 1805
Empis laetabilis Collin, 1926 species Empis (Xanthempis) laetabilis Coll. 2 Empis laetabilis Collin, 1926
Empis loewiana Bezzi, 1909 species Empis (Xanthempis) Loewiana Bezzi 1 Empis loewiana Bezzi, 1909
Empis diagramma   species Empis (Xanthempis) diagramma Mg. 4 Empis diagramma Meigen, 1835
Empis aequalis   species Empis (Xanthempis) aequalis Lw. 1 Empis aequalis Loew, 1867
Empis univittata   species Empis (Xanthempis) univittata Lw 1 Empis univittata Loew, 1867
Empis punctata   species Empis (Xanthempis) punctata Mg. 4 Empis punctata Meigen, 1804
Empis albifrons   species Empis (Xanthempis) albifrons Bezzi 2 Empis albifrons Bezzi, 1909
Empis sp. 1   chironym Empis (Argyrandrus) fragilis i. coll 2   MS name by Frey.  
Empis aldrichii   species Empis (Anoplempis) aldrichi Mel     In D-fennica. Empis aldrichii Melander, 1902
Empis poplitea Loew, 1863 species Empis (Anoplempis) poplitea *OBSCURED* 1 Empis poplitea Loew, 1863
Hilarempis varians   species Empis (Anoplempis) varians Big **OBSCURED* 1 Hilarempis varians (Bigot, 1889)
Empis subdumetorum   chironym Empis (Anoplempis) subdumetorum Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Empis villaricae   chironym Empis (Anoplempis) villaricae n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Empis nigritarsis   species Empis (Lissempis) nigritarsis Meig. 3 Empis nigritarsis Meigen, 1804
Empis cuneipennis   species Empis (Lissempis) cuneipennis Bezzi 1 Empis cuneipennis Bezzi, 1899
Empis lissonota   chironym Empis (Lissempis) lissonota n. 3   MS name by Frey.  
Empis cyaneiventris Frey, 1953 species (Anacrostichus) cyaneiventris Frey 1 Empis cyaneiventris Frey, 1953
Empis nitida Meigen, 1804 species Empis (Anacrostichus) nitida Meig. 1 Empis nitida Meigen, 1804
Empis claricolor   species Empis (Anacrostichus) claricolor Frey 1 Empis claricolor Frey, 1953
Empis pachymorion Frey, 1935 species Empis (Anacrostichus) pachymorion Frey 1 Empis pachymorion Frey, 1935
Empis monticola   species Empis (Anacrostichus) monticola Lw 1 Empis monticola Loew, 1868
Empis bistortae   species Empis (Anacrostichus) bistortae Mg. 6 Empis bistortae Meigen, 1822
Empis lucida Zetterstedt, 1838 species Empis (Anacrostichus) lucida Zett.     In D-fennica. Empis lucida Zetterstedt, 1838
Empis vicaria Frey, 1935 species Empis (Anacrostichus) vicaria Frey 1 Empis vicaria Frey, 1935
Empis minor Frey, 1953 species Empis (Anacrostichus) minor Frey 4 Empis minor Frey, 1953
Empis borealis Linnaeus, 1758 species Empis (Platyptera) borealis 1   See D-fennica. Empis borealis Linnaeus, 1758
Empis albicans   species Empis (Polyblepharis) albicans Mg. 3 Empis albicans Meigen, 1822
Empis cylindeacea   species Empis (Polyblepharis) cylindeacea Frey 2 Empis cylindeacea Frey, 1953
Empis fallax Egger, 1860 species Empis (Polyblepharis) fallax Egg. 3 Empis fallax Egger, 1860
Empis crassa Nowicki, 1868 species Empis (Polyblepharis) crassa Now. 2 Empis crassa Nowicki, 1868
Empis dedecor Loew, 1869 species Empis (Polyblepharis) dedecor Lw 2 Empis dedecor Loew, 1869
Empis femorata   species Empis (Pachymeria) femorata Fabr. 2 Empis femorata Fabricius, 1798
Empis picena Bezzi, 1899 species Empis (Pachymeria) picena Bezzi 2   TODO: CHECK IF TYPES Empis picena Bezzi, 1899
Empis erberi   chironym Empis (Pachymeria) erberi Now. 2   MS name by Frey.  
Empis subclavata   species Empis (Pachymeria) subclavata Loew 2 Empis subclavata (Loew, 1873)
Empis sp. 2   species Empis (Pachymeria) sp. Frey det. 2  
Empis ciliata   species Empis (Euempis) ciliata Fabr. 2 Empis ciliata Fabricius, 1787
Empis stigmatica Frey, 1953 species Empis (Euempis) stigmatica Frey 9 Empis stigmatica Frey, 1953
Empis honsyuensis   species Empis (Euempis) [stigmatica] subsp. honsyuensis Frey 5 Empis honsyuensis Frey, 1953
Empis apophysis   species Empis (Euempis) [stigmatica] subsp. apophysis Frey 2 Empis apophysis Frey, 1953
Empis tessellata   species Empis (Euempis) tessellata Fabr. 4 Empis tessellata Fabricius, 1794
Empis tessellata   species Empis (Euempis) [tessellata] var. atripes Strobl 11 Empis tessellata Fabricius, 1794
Empis morio Fabricius, 1794 species Empis (Euempis) morio Fabr. 1 Empis morio Fabricius, 1794
Empis picipes   species Empis (Euempis) picipes Meig.     In D-fennica. Empis picipes Meigen, 1804
Empis picipes   species Empis (Euempis) lasionota Lw 1 Empis picipes Meigen, 1804
Empis erosa Loew, 1869 species Empis (Euempis) erosa Lw 2 Empis erosa Loew, 1869
Empis calcarata   species Empis (Euempis) calcarata Bezzi 2 Empis calcarata Bezzi, 1899
Empis sjoestedti Frey, 1935 species Empis (Euempis) Sjöstedti Frey 2 Empis sjoestedti Frey, 1935
Empis compsogyne Frey, 1953 species Empis (Euempis) compsogyne Frey 5 Empis compsogyne Frey, 1953
Empis multinodosa Frey, 1953 species Empis (Euempis) multinodosa Frey 1 Empis multinodosa Frey, 1953
Empis latro Frey, 1953 species Empis (Planempis) latro Frye 2 Empis latro Frey, 1953
Empis pan Frey, 1953 species Empis (Planempis) pan Frey 2 Empis pan Frey, 1953
Empis microtheca Frey, 1955 species Empis (Planempis) microtheca Frey 1 Empis microtheca Frey, 1955
Empis lacotheca Frey, 1955 species Empis (Planempis) laccotheca Frey 2 Empis lacotheca Frey, 1955
Empis gentilis Frey, 1953 species Empis (Planempis) gentilis Frey 2 Empis gentilis Frey, 1953
Empis seminitida Frey, 1955 species Empis (Planempis) seminitida Frey 2 Empis seminitida Frey, 1955
Empis holocleroides   species Empis (Planempis) holocleroides Frey 2 Empis holocleroides Frey, 1953
Empis mandarina   species Empis (Planempis) mandarina Frey 6 Empis mandarina Frey, 1953
Empis livida   species Empis (Kritempis) livida L. 4 Empis livida Linnaeus, 1758
Empis grisea Fallen, 1816 species Empis (Leptempis) grisea Fall. 1 Empis grisea Fallen, 1816
Empis grisea   species Empis (Leptempis) [grisea] var. rufiventris Strobl 1 Empis grisea Fallen, 1816
Empis quinquelineata Frey, 1953 species Empis (Leptempis) 5-lineata Frey 2 Empis freyi Yang, Zhang & Zhang, 2007
Empis variegata Meigen, 1804 species Empis (Leptempis) variegata Mg. 5 Empis variegata Meigen, 1804
Empis maculata   species Empis (Leptempis) maculata Fabr. 2 Empis maculata Fabricius, 1781
Empis confusa   species Empis (Leptempis) [maculata ] var. confusa Lw 4 Empis confusa Loew, 1865
Empis alpina Loew, 1867 species Empis (Leptempis) serena Pok. 2 Empis alpina Loew, 1867
Empis dimidiata   species Empis (Leptempis) scutellariae Bezzi 2 Empis dimidiata Meigen, 1835
Empis divisa Loew, 1869 species Empis (Leptempis) divisa Lw 1 Empis divisa Loew, 1869
Empis rustica Fallen, 1816 species Empis (Leptempis) rustica Fall. 2 Empis rustica Fallen, 1816
Empis nigricans   species Empis (Leptempis) nigricans Mg. 2 Empis nigricans Meigen, 1804
Empis ingrata Frey, 1953 species Empis (Leptempis) ingrata Frey 1 Empis ingrata Frey, 1953
Empis itoiana Frey, 1953 species Empis (Leptempis) itoiana Frey 6 Empis itoiana Frey, 1953
Empis hyalogyne Bezzi, 1912 species Empis (Leptempis) hyalogyne Bezzi 2 Empis hyalogyne Bezzi, 1912
Empis syusiroiana Frey, 1953 species Empis (Leptempis) syusiroiana Frey 2 Empis syusiroiana Frey, 1953
Empis cochleata   species Empis (Leptempis) cochleata Frey 3 Empis cochleata Frey, 1953
Empis xanthopus   chironym Empis (Leptempis) xanthopus i.coll. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Empis macquarti   species Empis (Empis) macquarti Str. 2 Empis macquarti Becker, 1907
Empis decora   species Empis (Empis) andalusiaca Engel 2 Empis decora Meigen, 1822
Empis mediocris   species Empis (Empis) mediocris Beck. 1 Empis mediocris Becker, 1907
Empis nuntia   species Empis (Empis) nuntia Meig. 1 Empis nuntia Meigen, 1822
Empis nitidiventris   species Empis (Empis) nitidiventris Lw 1 Empis nitidiventris Loew, 1873
Empis pseudomalleola Strobl, 1893 species Empis (Empis) pseudomalleola Strobl 2 Empis pseudomalleola Strobl, 1893
Empis syrovatkai   species Empis (Empis) plumipes Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Empis syrovatkai Chvala, 1985
Empis decora Meigen, 1822 species Empis (Empis) decora Mg. 5 Empis decora Meigen, 1822
Empis genualis Strobl, 1893 species Empis (Empis) [decora] var. Genualis Strobl. 1 Empis genualis Strobl, 1893
Empis simulium   species Empis (Empis) lamellicornis Beck. 7 Empis simulium (Nowicki, 1868)
Empis protarsalis   species Empis (Empis) protarsalis Coll. 4 Empis protarsalis Collin, 1927
Empis planetica Collin, 1927 species Empis (Empis) planetica Coll. 3 Empis planetica Collin, 1927
Empis rufiventris Meigen, 1838 species Empis (Empis) rufiventris Meig. 1 Empis rufiventris Meigen, 1838
Empis acinerea   species Empis (Empis) cinerea Zett.     In D-fennica. Empis acinerea Chvala, 1985
Empis nigripes   species Empis (Empis) pennaria Fall (vernalis) 1   See D-fennica. Empis nigripes Fabricius, 1794
Empis splendidella Frey, 1953 species Empis (Empis) splendidella Frey 5 Empis splendidella Frey, 1953
Empis brunnipennis Meigen, 1822 species Empis (Empis) brunnipennis Mg. 1 Empis brunnipennis Meigen, 1822
Empis jalapensis   chironym Empis (Empis) jalapensis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Empis bicuspidata Collin, 1927 species Empis (Empis) bicuspidata 1 Empis bicuspidata Collin, 1927
Empis praevia   species Empis (Empis) praevia 2 Empis praevia Collin, 1927
Empis nitidissima Strobl, 1893 species Empis (Empis) nitidissima Strobl 1 Empis nitidissima Strobl, 1893
Empis pilosa Loew, 1867 species Empis (Empis) pilosa Lw 6 Empis pilosa Loew, 1867
Empis pennipes Linnaeus, 1758 species Empis (Empis) pennipes L. 1   See D-fennica. Empis pennipes Linnaeus, 1758
Empis sp. 3   species Empis (Empis) subpennata Strobl 2  
Empis ciliatopennata   species Empis (Empis) ciliatopennata Strobl 2 Empis ciliatopennata Strobl, 1893
Empis petulans   species Empis (Empis) petulans Beck. 1 Empis petulans Becker, 1910
Empis lepidopus Meigen, 1822 species Empis (Empis) lepidopus Mg. 1 Empis lepidopus Meigen, 1822
Empis alpicola Strobl, 1893 species Empis (Empis) alpicola Strobl 8 Empis alpicola Strobl, 1893
Empis aestiva   species Empis (Empis) aestiva Lw 13 Empis aestiva Loew, 1867
Empis pusio   species Empis (Empis) pusio Egg. 3 Empis pusio Egger, 1860
Empis coptophleboides Frey, 1953 species Empis (Empis) coptophleboides Frey 3 Empis coptophleboides Frey, 1953
Empis caudatula   species Empis (Empis) caudatula Lw 7 Empis caudatula Loew, 1867
Empis corvina   species Empis (Empis) corvina Lw 7 Empis corvina Loew, 1869
Empis florisomna   species Empis (Empis) florisomna Lw 5 Empis florisomna Loew, 1856
Empis scaura   species Empis (Empis) scaura Lw 7 Empis scaura Loew, 1867
Empis nigricoma   species Empis (Empis) nigricoma Lw 1 Empis nigricoma Loew, 1867
Empis cincinnatula   species Empis (Empis) cincinnatula Lw 2 Empis cincinnatula Loew, 1867
Empis hirta Loew, 1865 species Empis (Empis) hirta Lw 8 Empis hirta Loew, 1865
Empis tristis   species Empis (Empis) tristis Lw 1 Empis tristis Loew, 1867
Empis scopulifera   species Empis (Empis) scopulifera Bezzi 1 Empis scopulifera Bezzi, 1912
Empis anfractuosa   species Empis (Empis) anfractuosa Mik 2 Empis anfractuosa Mik, 1884
Empis prodromus Loew, 1867 species Empis (Empis) prodromus Lw 1 Empis prodromus Loew, 1867
Empis malaisei   species Empis (Empis) Malaisei Frey 5 Empis malaisei Frey, 1953
Empis leptomorion Bezzi, 1909 species Empis (Coptophlebia) leptomorion Bezzi 2 Empis leptomorion Bezzi, 1909
Empis hyalipennis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) hyalipennis Fall.     In D-fennica. Empis hyalipennis Fallen, 1816
Empis dasychira   species Empis (Coptophlebia) dasychira Mik 1 Empis dasychira Mik, 1878
Empis abbreviata   species Empis (Coptophlebia) abbreviata Lw 1 Empis abbreviata Loew, 1869
Empis pavesii   species Empis (Coptophlebia) Pavesii Bezzi 1 Empis pavesii Bezzi, 1895
Empis sauteriana   species Empis (Coptophlebia) Sauteriana Bezzi 2 Empis sauteriana Bezzi, 1914
Empis volucris Wiedemann, 1822 species Empis (Coptophlebia) volucris Mg. 2 Empis volucris Wiedemann, 1822
Empis patagiata   species Empis (Coptophlebia) patagiata Bezzi 1 Empis patagiata Bezzi, 1914
Empis subpatagiata   species Empis (Coptophlebia) subpatagiata Frey 2 Empis subpatagiata Frey, 1953
Empis persimilis Frey, 1953 species Empis (Coptophlebia) persimilis Frey 1 Empis persimilis Frey, 1953
Empis adelpha   species Empis (Coptophlebia) adelpha Frey 1 Empis adelpha Frey, 1953
Empis jacobsoni Meijere, 1907 species Empis (Coptophlebia) Jacobsoni de Meij. 1 Empis jacobsoni Meijere, 1907
Empis cineraria   species Empis (Coptophlebia) velutina cineraria Bz. 1 Empis cineraria Bezzi, 1914
Empis velutinella   species Empis (Coptophlebia) velutinella Frey 2 Empis velutinella Frey, 1953
Empis quadrimanus   species Empis (Coptophlebia) quadrimanus Frey 3 Empis quadrimanus Frey, 1953
Empis tenuinervis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) tenuinervis Bezzi 1 Empis tenuinervis Bezzi, 1912
Empis subabreviata   species Empis (Coptophlebia) subabreviata Frey 2 Empis subabreviata Frey, 1953
Empis leptargyra   species Empis (Coptophlebia) leptargyra Frey 1 Empis leptargyra Frey, 1953
Empis pilositarsis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) pilositarsis Frey 1 Empis pilositarsis Frey, 1953
Empis degener Frey, 1953 species Empis (Coptophlebia) degener Frey 3 Empis degener Frey, 1953
Empis villosipes   species Empis (Coptophlebia) villosipes Frey 2 Empis villosipes Frey, 1953
Empis kawatiensis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) kawatiensis Frey 6 Empis kawatiensis Frey, 1953
Empis difficilis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) difficilis Frey 5 Empis difficilis Frey, 1953
Empis kyushuensis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) kyushuensis Frey 6 Empis kyushuensis Frey, 1953
Empis clausa Coquillett, 1895 species Empis (Coptophlebia) clausa Coq. 3 Empis clausa Coquillett, 1895
Empis incensa Frey, 1953 species Empis (Coptophlebia) incensa Frey 1 Empis incensa Frey, 1953
Empis cinctiventris Frey, 1953 species Empis (Coptophlebia) cinctiventris Frey 1 Empis cinctiventris Frey, 1953
Empis burmaensis   species Empis (Coptophlebia) burmaensis Frey 1 Empis burmaensis Frey, 1953
Hilarempis ignipennis   species Hilarempis ignipennis Frey 1  
Hilara japonica (Frey, 1952) species Pseudoragas japonica Frey 5 Hilara japonica (Frey, 1952)
Rhagas unica   species Rhagas unica Walk. 1   See D-fennica.  
Hilarigona krogeri Frey, 1952 species Hilarigona Krogeri Frey 6 Hilarigona krogeri Frey, 1952
Hilara femorella   species Hilara (Platyhilara) femorella Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Hilara femorella Zetterstedt, 1842
Hilara sulcitarsis   species Hilara (Platyhilara) sulcitarsis Strobl 1 Hilara sulcitarsis Strobl, 1892
Hilara diversipes   species Hilara (Platyhilara) diversipes Strobl 1 Hilara diversipes Strobl, 1892
Hilara elegans   species Hilara (Calohilara) elegans Frey 4 Hilara elegans (Frey, 1952)
Hilara pulchella (Frey, 1952) species Hilara (Calohilara) pulchella Frey 3 Hilara pulchella (Frey, 1952)
Hilara kambaitiensis (Frey, 1952) species Hilara (Calohilara) kambaitiensis Frey 3 Hilara kambaitiensis (Frey, 1952)
Hilara vetula   species Hilara (Meroneurula) vetula Frey 6