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Sahlbergia is a biannual scientific magazine focusing on Nordic invertebrates. Sahlbergia is not a peer-reviewed journal. The main topics are the fauna of Finland: faunistics, taxon identification, and notes on ecology. Sahlbergia does not publish descriptions of new taxa. In addition to research articles and notes, Sahlbergia does also contain occasional news, book reviews, requests for data etc.

Sahlbergia contain content in finnish, swedish and english. Most yearly volumes are split into two issues.


Post-2014 Sahlbergia online only: ISSNB 2342-7582.
Pre-2015 Sahlbergia published on paper: ISSN 1237-3273.

Sahlbergia Supplement

Sahlbergia Supplement 2015 cover
Sahlbergia Supplement latest issue: Provincial List of Finnish Coleoptera 2015.

Sahlbergia Supplement is for occasional longer single-topic issues. One issue has been published as a Sahlbergia Supplement: the Province Catalogue of Finnish Coleoptera 2015

Submitting manuscripts for Salbergia

Sahlbergia is published online as a PDF journal. All articles are licenced using the BY-NC-ND Creative Commons licence.

The manuscript authors’ guide for Sahlbergia is currently available only in Finnish. Browsing the published issues should give authors a good idea of the required format & content style.

The mailing address of Sahlbergia is Sahlbergia, c/o Jere Kahanpää, Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus, P.O. Box 17, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland. Our email address is sahlbergia-lehti at

  • Jere Kahanpää (editor-in-chief)
  • Heidi Viljanen (design & layout editor)