Tanzanian mushrooms

Marja Härkönen, Tuomo Niemelä & Leonard Mwasumbi 2003: Tanzanian mushrooms. Edible, harmful and other fungi. Norrlinia 10: 1-200. ISSN 0780-3214. ISBN 952-10-1420-2

Complete, colour-illustrated descriptions are presented for 105 larger Basidiomycetes occurring in Tanzania: 46 agarics, 4 boletes, 4 pleurotoid fungi, 6 chanterelles, 1 ramarioid fungus, 35 polypores, 4 stereoid fungi, 3 gastromycetes and 2 auricularioid fungi. A special emphasis is laid on edible and poisonous species, and on wood-rotting fungi. The vegetation of Tanzania is briefly outlined, as well as the structures and terminology of different fungal groups and their ecology. Ethnomycological data were collected with 103 interviews among 35 tribes from rural Tanzania. A wide array of vernacular names are listed, in particular for Tanzanian edible mushrooms. Three new species are described: Russula harkoneniana Buyck, Phellinus amanii Niemelä and Clavulina wisoli R.H. Petersen. A new combination, Funalia polyzona (Pers.) Niemelä, is made.

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