Rainforest room

A forest teeming with life

The rainforest is like a bustling metropolis – millions of different species living their fast-paced lives on multiple layers. There is little light in the dense rainforests and few species can make their homes on the lowest levels. Plants compete for light by reaching for the sky.

The rainforest you see around you is young, in its infancy almost, and therefore has a great deal of light. Much like its neighbour, the African violet room, this room features many familiar houseplants, like long-term Finnish favourites the emerald palm and the African violet. There is also a plant in the corner that sets the pace for the days and social lives of many Finns.

Get to know the plants in this room:

On the right side of the corridor you can see the aerial roots of the strangler fig (Ficus lutea). The roots of the strangler fig are wrapped around the white pole.
The forest in in this room represents a young, rather bright forest. In the middle of the picture, in the corner of the glasshouse, a handsome screw palm grows.
On the left side of the corridor grows e.g. the strangler fig. In the recess on the right, there used to be a wood-burning oven to warm the glasshouse.