Island room

Saving endangered species

In this room there are many endangered species denoted by red signs. Many endemic plants from islands have become endangered because of human action. They are threatened by habitat loss, invasive species and climate change.

The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden participates in the protection of endangered species by offering them a safe haven outside their natural territory. Botanic gardens form a global protection network in which more plants can be grown and then, in ideal cases, reintroduced to nature. This is how the yellow fatu (Abutilon pitcairnense), which you can see in the Island room, was rescued from extinction.

Get to know the plants in this room:

In the Island room, you will find endemic species of tropical and subtropical islands. Endemic species occur on a limited area and have developed and adapted to the conditions of that area.
The traveller’s palm on the left and yellow fatu (red sign) on the right.
The Island room
The Island room