Polypores of Finland and adjacent Russia

Tuomo Niemelä 2001: Polypores of Finland and adjacent Russia. (In Russian). Norrlinia 8: 1-120. ISSN 0780-3214. ISBN 952-10-0107-0

Polypores are important wood-decaying fungi. On the other hand many polypore species can survive in virgin forests only, and are therefore declining or in danger of disappearing. The paper outlines general characters of polypores and their role in wood decay; a key was prepared for identifying pileate species by their macroscopic characters; a synoptic key aids to identify resupinate polypores. Descriptions include the macroscopy, microscopy and ecology of each species. All polypores of Finland are dealt with, supplemented with those found in adjacent Russia, mainly Karelian Republic, in all over 220 species. Important characters and many species are illustrated with drawings and photographs.