Coll. Richard Frey (MZH/FMNH/Luomus): taxon list part 2 – Lonchopteridae to Tephritidae + Hippoboscidae

Promachus gomerae Frey, 1936

This list documents museum samples in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH/FMNH) =

Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo (Luomus).

The list is work in progress and may contain errors, duplicates, obsolete or unpublished names and simple mistakes. The GBIF suggested names are automatically generated and have not been reviewed.

Known or suspected manuscript names present in the collection are listed as chironyms.

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Collection: Diptera collection of Richard Frey

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MSManuscript (name)
See D-fennica.Some material moved to the Diptera East Fennoscandia collection at MZH
In D-fennica.All material moved to the Diptera East Fennoscandia collection at MZH.
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Part 2: Diptera, Brachycera, Lonchopteridae to Tephritidae + Hippoboscidae


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Lonchoptera pictipennis Bezzi, 1899 species Lonchoptera pictipennis Bezzi 3 Lonchoptera pictipennis Bezzi, 1899
Lonchoptera subtristis   species Lonchoptera subtristis n.sp. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Lonchoptera tristis Meigen, 1824 species Lonchoptera tristis Meig. 1 Lonchoptera tristis Meigen, 1824
Lonchoptera lutea Meigen, 1809 species Lonchoptera lutea Panz. subsp. lutea s.str. 1 Lonchoptera lutea Panzer, 1809
Lonchoptera nitidifrons Strobl, 1898 species Lonchoptera var. nitidifrons Strobl     In D-fennica. Lonchoptera nitidifrons Strobl, 1898
Lonchoptera lutea Meigen, 1809 species Lonchoptera var. flavicauda Meig. 1 Lonchoptera lutea Panzer, 1809
Lonchoptera lutea Meigen, 1809 species Lonchoptera var. trilineata Zett.     In D-fennica. Lonchoptera lutea Panzer, 1809
Lonchoptera lutea Meigen, 1809 species Lonchoptera var. palustris Meig.     In D-fennica. Lonchoptera lutea Panzer, 1809
Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallén, 1810) species Lonchoptera var. cinerea de Meij.     In D-fennica. Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallen, 1810)
Lonchoptera fallax Meijere, 1906 species Lonchoptera fallax de Meij.     In D-fennica. Lonchoptera fallax Meijere, 1906
Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallén, 1810) species Lonchoptera dubia Curran 6 Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallen, 1810)
Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallén, 1810) species Lonchoptera furcata subsp. furcata s.str.     In D-fennica. Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallen, 1810)
Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallén, 1810) species Lonchoptera var. rivalis Meig. 9 Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallen, 1810)
Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallén, 1810) species Lonchoptera var. lacustris Meig. 7   See D-fennica. Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallen, 1810)
Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallén, 1810) species Lonchoptera var. cinerella Zell. 11   See D-fennica. Lonchoptera bifurcata (Fallen, 1810)
Lonchoptera bisetulosa   species Lonchoptera bisetulosa n.sp. 6 Burma MS name by Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Lonchopteridae: 16


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Platypezina connexa   species Platypezina connexa Boh.     In D-fennica. Platypezina connexa (Boheman, 1858)
Protoclythia rufa (Meigen, 1830) species Platypeza rufa Meig. 2 Protoclythia rufa (Meigen, 1830)
Platypeza tincta   chironym Platypeza tincta Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Lindneromyia argyrogyna (Meijere, 1907) species Platypeza argyrogyna de Meij. 6 Lindneromyia argyrogyna (Meijere, 1907)
Platypeza malaisei   chironym Platypeza malaisei n.sp. 1   MS name by Frey.   Platypeza malaisei Chandler, 1994
Paraplatypeza atra (Meigen, 1804) species Platypeza atra Meig.     In D-fennica. Paraplatypeza atra (Meigen, 1804)
Polyporivora boletina (Fallén, 1815) species Platypeza boletina Fall.     In D-fennica. Polyporivora boletina (Fallen, 1815)
Polyporivora ornata (Haliday, 1838) species Platypeza infumata Hal.     P. infumata Haliday is a nomen nudum according to Systema Dipterorum. Polyporivora ornata (Meigen, 1838)
Polyporivora picta (Meigen, 1830) species Platypeza picta Meig. Polyporivora picta (Meigen, 1830)
Platypeza fasciata Meigen, 1804 species Platypeza fasciata Meig. Platypeza fasciata Meigen, 1804
Platypeza consobrina Zetterstedt, 1844 species Platypeza consobrina Zett. 1 Platypeza consobrina Zetterstedt, 1844
Polyporivora polypori (Willard, 1914) species Platypeza polypori Vill. 6 Polyporivora polypori (Willard, 1914)
Bolopus furcata (Fallén, 1826) species Platypeza furcata Fall. 1 Bolopus furcata (Fallen, 1826)
Calotarsa calceata (Snow, 1894) species Calotarsa calceata Snow 1 Calotarsa calceata (Snow, 1894)
Agathomyia wankowiczii (Schnabl, 1884) species Agathomyia Wankowiczi Schnabl 2 Agathomyia wankowiczii (Schnabl, 1884)
Agathomyia falleni (Zetterstedt, 1819) species Agathomyia Falleni Zett. 1 Agathomyia falleni (Zetterstedt, 1819)
Agathomyia zetterstedti (Wahlberg, 1844) species Agathomyia Falleni Zett. 1 Agathomyia zetterstedti (Wahlberg, 1844)
Agathomyia elegantula (Fallén, 1815) species Agathomyia elegantula Zett. [sic.]     In D-fennica. Agathomyia elegantula (Fallen, 1815)
Agathomyia cinerea (Zetterstedt, 1852) species Agathomyia cinerea Zett.     In D-fennica. Agathomyia cinerea (Zetterstedt, 1852)
Agathomyia antennata (Zetterstedt, 1819) species Agathomyia antennata Zett. 1   Some material moved. Agathomyia antennata (Zetterstedt, 1819)
Agathomyia viduella (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Agathomyia viduella Zett. 2   Some material moved. Agathomyia viduella (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Bertamyia notata (Loew, 1866) species notata Lw 4   Genus name label removed. Bertamyia notata (Loew, 1866)
Callomyia amoena Meigen, 1824 species Calomyia amoena Meig. 1   Some material moved. Callomyia amoena Meigen, 1824
Callomyia speciosa Meigen, 1824 species Calomyia speciosa Meig. 1   Some material moved. Callomyia speciosa Meigen, 1824
Callomyia elegans   species Calomyia leptiformis Fall. 1 Callomyia elegans Meigen, 1804
Callomyia fortunata Frey, 1936 species Calomyia fortunata Frey 3 Callomyia fortunata Frey, 1936
Microsania pallipes   species Microsania pallipes Meig. Microsania pallipes (Meigen, 1830)
Microsania pectipennis (Meigen, 1830) species Microsania stigmaticalis Zett. 1 Microsania pectipennis (Meigen, 1830)
Microsania imperfecta (Loew, 1866) species Microsania imperfecta Lw 1 Microsania imperfecta (Loew, 1866)
Microsania brasiliensis   chironym Microsania brasiliensis Frey 9   MS name by Frey.  

Taxa in collection for Platypezidae: 30


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Opetia nigra Meigen, 1830 species Opetia nigra Meig. 1   Some material moved. Opetia nigra Meigen, 1830

Taxa in collection for Opetiidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Atelestus pulicarius (Fallén, 1816) species Platycnema pulicarius Fall. 3   Some material moved. Atelestus pulicarius (Fallen, 1816)

Taxa in collection for Atelestidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Anevrina thoracica (Meigen, 1804) species Aneurina thoracica Mg.     In D-fennica. Anevrina thoracica (Meigen, 1804)
Burmophora comans Beyer, 1958 species Burmophora comans Beyer 2 Burmophora comans Beyer, 1958
Chaetopleurophora flavimarginata Beyer, 1958 species Chaetopleurophora flavimarginata Beyer 1 Chaetopleurophora flavimarginata Beyer, 1958
Chaetopleurophora tropicola Beyer, 1958 species Chaetopleurophora tropicola Beyer 1 Chaetopleurophora tropicola Beyer, 1958
Chaetopleurophora erythronota Strobl, 1894 species Chaetopleurophora erythronota Strobl 1 Chaetopleurophora erythronota (Strobl, 1892)
Spiniphora bergenstammii (Mik, 1864) species Spiniphora Bergenstammi Mik 2 Spiniphora bergenstammii (Mik, 1864)
Spiniphora helicivora (Dufour, 1841) species Spiniphora helicivora Duf. 1 Spiniphora helicivora (Dufour, 1841)
Spiniphora strobli (Becker, 1901) species Spiniphora Strobli Beck. 1 Spiniphora strobli (Becker, 1901)
Triphleba speculiclara Beyer, 1958 species Triphleba speculiclara Beyer 1 Triphleba speculiclara Beyer, 1958
Triphleba tenuivena Beyer, 1958 species Triphleba tenuivena Beyer 1 Triphleba tenuivena Beyer, 1958
Triphleba ctenochaeta Beyer, 1958 species Triphleba ctenochaeta Beyer 2 Triphleba ctenochaeta Beyer, 1958
Triphleba schmitzi Beyer, 1958 species Triphleba schmitzi Beyer 1 Triphleba schmitzi Beyer, 1958
Triphleba segrex Beyer, 1958 species Triphleba segrex Beyer 1 Triphleba segrex Beyer, 1958
Triphleba opaca (Meigen, 1830) species Triphleba opaca Mg. 1   Some material moved. Triphleba opaca (Meigen, 1830)
Triphleba intermedia (Malloch, 1908) species Triphleba intermedia Mall.     In D-fennica. Triphleba intermedia (Malloch, 1908)
Triphleba lugubris (Meigen, 1830) species Triphleba lugubris Mg.     In D-fennica. Triphleba lugubris (Meigen, 1830)
Triphleba renidens Schmitz, 1927 species Triphleba renidens Schmitz     In D-fennica. Triphleba renidens Schmitz, 1927
Triphleba nudipalpis (Becker, 1901) species Triphleba nudipalpis Beck.     In D-fennica. Triphleba nudipalpis (Becker, 1901)
Diplonevra hyalizona Beyer, 1958 species Diplonevra (Diplonevra) hyalizona Beyer 1 Diplonevra hyalizona Beyer, 1958
Diplonevra varians Beyer, 1958 species Diplonevra (Diplonevra) varians Beyer 3 Diplonevra varians Beyer, 1958
Diplonevra nitidula (Meigen, 1830) species Diplonevra (Diplonevra) nitidula Meig.     In D-fennica. Diplonevra nitidula (Meigen, 1830)
Diplonevra pachycera Schmitz, 1927 species Diplonevra (Diplonevra) pachycera Schmitz 1 Russia: Far East Diplonevra pachycera Schmitz, 1927
Diplonevra funebris   species Diplonevra (Diplonevra) funebris Meig. 5 Diplonevra funebris (Meigen, 1830)
Diplonevra lucida Beyer, 1958 species Diplonevra (Tristoechia) lucida Beyer 1 Diplonevra lucida Beyer, 1958
Diplonevra compressicauda Beyer, 1958 species Diplonevra (Tristoechia) compressicauda Beyer 1 Diplonevra compressicauda Beyer, 1958
Dohrniphora apicinebula Beyer, 1958 species Diplonevra (Dohrniphora) apicinebula Beyer 3 Dohrniphora apicinebula Beyer, 1958
Dohrniphora cornuta (Bigot, 1857) species Diplonevra (Dohrniphora) cornuta Big. 10 Dohrniphora cornuta (Bigot, 1857)
Borophaga thoracalis Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Borophaga) thoracalis Beyer 1 Borophaga thoracalis Beyer, 1958
Borophaga cornigera Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Borophaga) cornigera Beyer 4 Borophaga cornigera Beyer, 1958
Borophaga orientalis Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Borophaga) orientalis Beyer 2 Borophaga orientalis Beyer, 1958
Borophaga minor Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Borophaga) minor Beyer 3 Borophaga minor Beyer, 1958
Borophaga eminens Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Borophaga) eminens Beyer 1 Borophaga eminens Beyer, 1958
Borophaga inflata Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Borophaga) inflata Beyer 1 Borophaga inflata Beyer, 1958
Borophaga amurensis Schmitz, 1927 species Borophaga (Borophaga) amurensis Schmitz 2 Borophaga amurensis Schmitz, 1927
Borophaga femorata (Meigen, 1830) species Borophaga (Borophaga) femorata Mg.     In D-fennica. Borophaga femorata (Meigen, 1830)
Borophaga carinifrons (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Borophaga (Borophaga) carinifrons Zett.     In D-fennica. Borophaga carinifrons (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Borophaga subagilis Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Peromitra) subagilis Beyer 1 Borophaga subagilis Beyer, 1958
Borophaga eumimeta Beyer, 1958 species Borophaga (Peromitra) eumimeta Beyer 1 Borophaga eumimeta Beyer, 1958
Abaristophora arctophila Schmitz, 1927 species Abaristophora arctophila Schmitz     In D-Holarctic. Abaristophora arctophila Schmitz, 1927
Hypocera flavipennis (Enderlein, 1924) species Hypocera flavipennis End. 3 Hypocera flavipennis (Enderlein, 1924)
Hypocera semirufa Beyer, 1958 species Hypocera semirufa Beyer 7 Hypocera semirufa Beyer, 1958
Borophaga subsultans (Linnaeus, 1767) species Hypocera subsultans L. 1 Borophaga subsultans (Linnaeus, 1767)
Stichillus adaequalis Schmitz, 1927 species Stichillus adaequalis Schmitz 2 Stichillus adaequalis Schmitz, 1927
Stichillus brunneicornis Beyer, 1958 species Stichillus brunneicornis Beyer 3 Stichillus brunneicornis Beyer, 1958
Stichillus subsinuosus Beyer, 1958 species Stichillus subsinuosus Beyer 2 Stichillus subsinuosus Beyer, 1958
Stichillus montivolans Beyer, 1958 species Stichillus montivolans Beyer 1 Stichillus montivolans Beyer, 1958
Stichillus fallax Beyer, 1958 species Stichillus fallax Beyer 1 Stichillus fallax Beyer, 1958
Anevrina sphaeropyge Beyer, 1958 species Malaiseina sphaeropyge Beyer 1 Anevrina sphaeropyge Beyer, 1958
Anevrina simillima Beyer, 1958 species Malaiseina simillima beyer 1 Anevrina simillima Beyer, 1958
Anevrina rutilipes Beyer, 1958 species Malaiseina rutilipes Beyer 1 Anevrina rutilipes Beyer, 1958
Conicera dauci   species Conicera atra Mg. 4   See D-fennica Conicera dauci (Meigen, 1830)
Conicera sobria Schmitz, 1936 species Conicera sobria Schmitz 5 Conicera sobria Schmitz, 1936
Conicera tarsalis Schmitz, 1920 species Conicera tarsalis Schmitz     In D-fennica. Conicera tarsalis Schmitz, 1920
Conicera flavipalpus Beyer, 1958 species Conicera flavipalpus Beyer 1 Conicera flavipalpus Beyer, 1958
Conicera brunella Beyer, 1958 species Conicera brunella Beyer 1 Conicera brunella Beyer, 1958
Conicera similis Haliday, 1833 species Conicera similis Hal.     In D-fennica. Conicera similis Haliday, 1833
Phora tincta Schmitz, 1920 species Phora tincta Schmitz Phora tincta Schmitz, 1920
Phora occidentata   species Phora Zetterstedti Schmitz     Material removed, current location unknown. Phora occidentata Malloch, 1912
Phora dubia (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Phora Schineri Beck.     In D-fennica. Phora dubia (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Phora stictica   species Phora stictica Meig. 4 Phora stictica Meigen, 1830
Phora artifrons   species Phora artifrons Schmitz     In D-fennica. Phora artifrons Schmitz, 1920
Phora hyperborea   species Phora hyperborea Schmitz     In D-fennica. Phora hyperborea Schmitz, 1927
Phora aterrima   species Phora aterrima Fabr.     In D-fennica. Phora aterrima (Fabricius, 1794)
Phora obscura   species Phora obscura Zett.     In D-fennica. Phora obscura (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Phora occidentata   species Phora occidentata Mall. 2 Phora occidentata Malloch, 1912
Phora pilifrons   species Phora pilifrons Beyer 1 Phora pilifrons Beyer, 1958
Macroselia completior Beyer, 1958 species Macroselia completior Beyer 1 Macroselia completior Beyer, 1958
Beckerina burmicola Beyer, 1958 species Beckerina burmicola Beyer 3 Beckerina burmicola Beyer, 1958
Egregiophora curiosa Beyer, 1958 species Egregiophora curiosa Beyer 6 Egregiophora curiosa Beyer, 1958
Trophithauma dissitum Schmitz, 1925 species Trophitauma dissitum Schmitz 1 Trophithauma dissitum Schmitz, 1925
Megaselia discolor Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) discolor Beyer 1 Megaselia discolor Beyer, 1958
Megaselia pertincta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) pertincta Beyer 1 Megaselia pertincta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia flavifrons Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) flavifrons Beyer 1 Megaselia flavifrons Beyer, 1958
Megaselia subnudiseta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) subnudiseta Beyer 1 Megaselia subnudiseta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia consobrina Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) consobrina Beyer 1 Megaselia consobrina Beyer, 1958
Megaselia flavidula Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) flavidula Beyer 1 Megaselia flavidula Beyer, 1958
Megaselia mixticolor Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Paraphiochaeta) mixticolor Beyer 1 Megaselia mixticolor Beyer, 1958
Megaselia aequalis (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) aequalis Wood 1   See D-fennica Megaselia aequalis (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia albiclava Schmitz, 1926 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) albiclava Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia albiclava Schmitz, 1926
Megaselia altifrons (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) altifrons Wood 1 Megaselia altifrons (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia atrosericea Schmitz, 1927 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) atrosericea Schmitz Megaselia atrosericea Schmitz, 1927
Megaselia baltica (Schmitz, 1924) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) baltica Schmitz Megaselia baltica (Schmitz, 1924)
Megaselia basispinata (Lundbeck, 1920) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) basispinata Lundb. 11 Megaselia basispinata Lundbeck, 1920
Megaselia ciliata (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) ciliata Zett.     In D-fennica. Megaselia ciliata (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Megaselia conformis (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) conformis Wood 2 Austria Megaselia conformis (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia consetigera (Schmitz, 1925) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) consetigera Schmitz 1 Megaselia consetigera (Schmitz, 1925)
Megaselia dubitalis (Wood, 1908) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) dubitalis Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia dubitalis (Wood, 1908)
Megaselia eccoptomera Schmitz, 1927 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) eccoptomera Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia eccoptomera Schmitz, 1927
Megaselia campestris (Wood, 1908) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) campestris Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia campestris (Wood, 1908)
Megaselia fumata (Malloch, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) fumata Mall. 1 Megaselia fumata (Malloch, 1909)
Megaselia fumata   species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) [fumata] subsp. borealis Schmitz Megaselia fumata (Malloch, 1909)
Megaselia hirticrus (Schmitz, 1918) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) hirticrus Schmitz 1 Megaselia hirticrus (Schmitz, 1918)
Megaselia hirsuta (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) hirsuta Wood 1 Megaselia hirsuta (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia hortensis (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) hortensis Wood 1 Megaselia hortensis (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia hyalipennis (Wood, 1912) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) hyalipennis Wood 2 Megaselia hyalipennis (Wood, 1912)
Megaselia incompleta Brues, 1936 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) incompleta Schmitz 2 Megaselia incompleta Brues, 1936
Megaselia involuta (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) involuta Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia involuta (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia lucifrons (Schmitz, 1918) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) lucifrons Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia lucifrons (Schmitz, 1918)
Megaselia manicata (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) manicata Wood 1 Megaselia manicata (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia subcarpalis (Lundbeck, 1920) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) manicatella Lundb.     In D-fennica. Megaselia subcarpalis (Lundbeck, 1920)
Megaselia meconicera (Speiser, 1925) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) meconicera Speis. 1 Megaselia meconicera (Speiser, 1925)
Megaselia nigrifemorata (Santos Abreu, 1921) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) nigrifemorata Sant. 1 Megaselia nigrifemorata (Santos Abreu, 1921)
Megaselia nigripalpis (Lundbeck, 1920) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) nigripalpis Lundb. 1 Megaselia nigripalpis (Lundbeck, 1920)
Megaselia palmeni (Becker, 1901) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) Palméni Beck. 4 Megaselia palmeni (Becker, 1901)
Megaselia patula Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) patula Schmitz 1 Megaselia patula Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia pectoralis (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) pectoralis Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia pectoralis (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia pectunculata Schmitz, 1927 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) pectunculata Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia pectunculata Schmitz, 1927
Megaselia pleuralis (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) pleuralis Wood 14   See D-fennica Megaselia pleuralis (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia posticata (Strobl, 1898) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) posticata Strobl 1 Megaselia posticata (Strobl, 1898)
Megaselia producta (Schmitz, 1921) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) producta Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia producta (Schmitz, 1921)
Megaselia nigriceps (Loew, 1866) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) projecta Beck.     In D-fennica. Megaselia nigriceps (Loew, 1866)
Megaselia sordida (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) semiscaura Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia sordida (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Megaselia sepulchralis (Lundbeck, 1920) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) sepulchralis Lundb. 1 Megaselia sepulchralis (Lundbeck, 1920)
Megaselia pumila (Meigen, 1830) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) pumila Meig. 8   See D-fennica Megaselia pumila (Meigen, 1830)
Megaselia pusilla (Meigen, 1830) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) pusilla Meig. 4   See D-fennica Megaselia pusilla (Meigen, 1830)
Megaselia simulans (Wood, 1912) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) simulans Wood 1 Megaselia simulans (Wood, 1912)
Megaselia sordescens Schmitz, 1927 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) sordescens Schmitz 1 Megaselia sordescens Schmitz, 1927
Megaselia sordida (Zetterstedt, 1838) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) sordida Zett. 13 Megaselia sordida (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Megaselia spinigera (Wood, 1908) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) spinigera Wood 2 Megaselia spinigera (Wood, 1908)
Megaselia stichata (Lundbeck, 1920) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) stichata Lundb. 1 Megaselia stichata (Lundbeck, 1920)
Megaselia styloprocta (Schmitz, 1921) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) styloprocta Schmitz 1 Megaselia styloprocta (Schmitz, 1921)
Megaselia umbrata Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) umbrata Schmitz 7 Megaselia umbrata Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia lucifrons (Schmitz, 1918) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) subnitida Lundb.     In D-fennica. Megaselia lucifrons (Schmitz, 1918)
Megaselia superciliata (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) superciliata Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia superciliata (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia tarsicia Schmitz, 1926 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) tarsicia Schmitz 1 Megaselia tarsicia Schmitz, 1926
Megaselia verralli (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) Verralli Wood 2 Megaselia verralli (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia vestita (Wood, 1914) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) vestita Wood 1 Megaselia vestita (Wood, 1914)
Megaselia woodi (Lundbeck, 1922) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) Woodi Lundb.     In D-fennica. Megaselia woodi (Lundbeck, 1922)
Megaselia subpleuralis (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) subpleuralis Wood 4 Megaselia subpleuralis (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia paruminflata Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) paruminflata Beyer 1 Megaselia paruminflata Beyer, 1958
Megaselia compar Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) compar Beyer 1 Megaselia compar Beyer, 1958
Megaselia pullifrons Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) pullifrons Bey. 1 Megaselia pullifrons Beyer, 1958
Megaselia cognoscibilis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) cognoscibilis Bey. 1 Megaselia cognoscibilis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia innotata Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) innota Bey. 1 Megaselia innotata Beyer, 1958
Megaselia auriclava Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) auriclava Beyer 1 Megaselia auriclava Beyer, 1958
Megaselia irregularis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) irregularis Bey. 1 Megaselia irregularis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia solita Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) solita Bey. 1 Megaselia solita Beyer, 1958
Megaselia sextaperta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) sextaperta Bey. 2 Megaselia sextaperta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia atricornis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) atricornis Bey. 1 Megaselia atricornis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia agnatoides Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) agnatoides Bey. 2 Megaselia agnatoides Beyer, 1958
Megaselia malaisei Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) malaisei Bey. 1 Megaselia malaisei Beyer, 1958
Megaselia anticonigra Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) anticonigra Bey. 1 Megaselia anticonigra Beyer, 1958
Megaselia fraudulatrix Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) fraudulatrix Bey. 1 Megaselia fraudulatrix Beyer, 1958
Megaselia peraffinis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) peraffinis Bey. 1 Megaselia peraffinis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia lindbergi Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) lindbergi Bey. 1 Megaselia lindbergi Beyer, 1959
Megaselia aequilateralis Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Megaselia) aequilateralis Schmitz 1 Megaselia aequilateralis Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia albicaudata (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Megaselia) albicaudata Wood 1 Megaselia albicaudata (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia nigra (Meigen, 1830) species Megaselia (Megaselia) albidohalteralis [sic] Felt 15 Megaselia nigra (Meigen, 1830)
Megaselia angusta (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) angusta Wood 3   See D-fennica Megaselia angusta (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia angustiata Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Megaselia) angustiata Schmitz 1 Megaselia angustiata Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia angustifrons (Wood, 1912) species Megaselia (Megaselia) angustifrons Wood 2 Megaselia angustifrons (Wood, 1912)
Megaselia angustina Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Megaselia) angustina Schmitz 8 Megaselia angustina Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia ardua Schmitz, 1940 species Megaselia (Megaselia) ardua Schmitz 12 Megaselia ardua Schmitz, 1940
Megaselia bistruncata Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Megaselia) bistruncata Schmitz 1 Megaselia bistruncata Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia brevicostalis (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Megaselia) brevicostalis Wood 1 Megaselia brevicostalis (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia coaetanea Schmitz, 1929 species Megaselia (Megaselia) coaetanea Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia coaetanea Schmitz, 1929
Megaselia flava (Fallén, 1823) species Megaselia (Megaselia) flava Fall.     In D-fennica. Megaselia flava (Fallen, 1823)
Megaselia halterata (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Megaselia) halterata Wood 2 Megaselia halterata (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia brevior (Schmitz, 1924) species Megaselia (Megaselia) brevior Schmitz 3 Megaselia brevior (Schmitz, 1924)
Megaselia apozona Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Megaselia) apozona Schmitz 1 Megaselia apozona Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia glabrifrons (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) glabrifrons Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia glabrifrons (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia hilaris Schmitz, 1927 species Megaselia (Megaselia) hilaris Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia hilaris Schmitz, 1927
Megaselia lata (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Megaselia) lata Wood 2 Megaselia lata (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia longicostalis (Wood, 1912) species Megaselia (Megaselia) longicostalis Wood 4 Finland, NW Russia, Austria Megaselia longicostalis (Wood, 1912)
Megaselia longipalpis (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Megaselia) longipalpis Wood 1 Megaselia longipalpis (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia longiseta (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) longiseta Wood 1 Megaselia longiseta (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia lutea (Meigen, 1830) species Megaselia (Megaselia) lutea Meig. 2   See D-fennica Megaselia lutea (Meigen, 1830)
Megaselia marina Schmitz, 1937 species Megaselia (Megaselia) marina Schmitz 3 Megaselia marina Schmitz, 1937
Megaselia minor (Zetterstedt, 1848) species Megaselia (Megaselia) minor Zett     In D-fennica. Megaselia minor (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Megaselia offuscata (Schmitz, 1921) species Megaselia (Megaselia) offuscata Schmitz     In D-fennica. Megaselia offuscata (Schmitz, 1921)
Megaselia parumlevata Schmitz, 1936 species Megaselia (Megaselia) parumlevata Schmitz 1 Megaselia parumlevata Schmitz, 1936
Megaselia parva (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) parva Wood 1 Megaselia parva (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia halterata   species Megaselia (Megaselia) plurispinosa Zett.     In D-fennica. Megaselia halterata (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia propinqua (Wood, 1909 species Megaselia (Megaselia) propinqua Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia propinqua (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia pulicaria (Fallén, 1823) species Megaselia (Megaselia) pulicaria Fall. 4   See D-fennica Megaselia pulicaria (Fallen, 1823)
Megaselia pygmaea (Zetterstedt, 1848 species Megaselia (Megaselia) pygmaea Zett.     In D-fennica. Megaselia pygmaea (Zetterstedt, 1848)
Megaselia giraudii (Egger, 1862) species Megaselia (Megaselia) rata Wood 5 Bradysia giraudii (Egger, 1862)
Megaselia ruficornis (Meigen, 1830) species Megaselia (Megaselia) ruficornis Meig. 4 Megaselia ruficornis (Meigen, 1830)
Megaselia rufipes (Meigen, 1804) species Megaselia (Megaselia) rufipes Meig. 20   See D-fennica Megaselia rufipes (Meigen, 1804)
Megaselia scalaris (Loew, 1866 species Megaselia (Megaselia) scalaris Loew 1 Megaselia scalaris (Loew, 1866)
Megaselia scutellaris (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) scutellariformis Schm. 1 Megaselia scutellaris (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia scutellaris (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) scutellaris Wood 1   See D-fennica Megaselia scutellaris (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia subtumida (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) subtumida Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia subtumida (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia tarsalis (Wood, 1910) species Megaselia (Megaselia) tarsalis Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia tarsalis (Wood, 1910)
Megaselia tumida (Wood, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) tumida Wood     In D-fennica. Megaselia tumida (Wood, 1909)
Megaselia curtineura (Brues, 1909) species Megaselia (Megaselia) koffleri Schmitz 1 Megaselia curtineura (Brues, 1909)
Megaselia arcuatilinea Beyer, 1959 species Megaselia (Megaselia) arcuatilinea Beyer 1 Megaselia arcuatilinea Beyer, 1959
Megaselia latitarsus Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) latitarsus Bey. 1 Megaselia latitarsus Beyer, 1958
Megaselia flavibasis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) flavibasis Bey. 1 Megaselia flavibasis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia abdominalis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) abdominalis Bey. 1 Megaselia abdominalis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia dichroma Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) dichroma Bey. 2 Megaselia dichroma Beyer, 1958
Megaselia deflexilinea Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) deflexilinea Bey 1 Megaselia deflexilinea Beyer, 1958
Megaselia brunneoflava Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) brunneoflava Bey 1 Megaselia brunneoflava Beyer, 1958
Megaselia anomaliseta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) anomaliseta Bey. 1 Megaselia anomaliseta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia secreta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) secreta Bey. 1 Megaselia secreta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia amplicosta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) amplicosta Bey. 1 Megaselia amplicosta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia forticosta Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) forticosta Bey. 1 Megaselia forticosta Beyer, 1958
Megaselia picticolor Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) picticolor Bey. 1 Megaselia picticolor Beyer, 1958
Megaselia setalis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) setalis Bey. 1 Megaselia setalis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia rutilipes Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) rutilipes Bey. 1 Megaselia rutilipes Beyer, 1958
Megaselia tergalis Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) tergalis Bey. 1 Megaselia tergalis Beyer, 1958
Megaselia obscuriterga Beyer, 1958 species Megaselia (Megaselia) obscuriterga Bey. 1 Megaselia obscuriterga Beyer, 1958
Phalacrotophora maculiterga Beyer, 1958 species Phalacrotophora maculiterga Bey. 1 Phalacrotophora maculiterga Beyer, 1958
Phalacrotophora fasciata   species Phalacrotophora fasciata Meig.     In D-fennica. Phalacrotophora fasciata (Fallen, 1823)
Plastophora postobscura Beyer, 1958 species Plastophora postobscura Bey. 1 Plastophora postobscura Beyer, 1958
Gymnophora arcuata (Meigen, 1830) species Gymnophora arcuata Mg.     In D-fennica. Gymnophora arcuata (Meigen, 1830)
Gymnophora quartomollis   species Gymnophora quartomollis Schmitz     In D-fennica. Gymnophora quartomollis Schmitz, 1920
Gymnophora verrucata   species Gymnophora verrucata Schmitz 1 Gymnophora verrucata Schmitz, 1927
Gymnophora inexpectata   species Gymnophora inexpectata Beyer 1 Gymnophora inexpectata Beyer, 1958
Metopina galeata   species Metopina galeata Hal.     In D-fennica. Metopina galeata (Haliday, 1833)
Metopina heselhausi Schmitz, 1914 species Metopina heselhausi Schmitz 2 Azores Metopina heselhausi Schmitz, 1914
Puliciphora   genus Puliciphora sp. 1 Philippines Puliciphora Dahl, 1897

Taxa in collection for Phoridae: 212


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Ornithomyia avicularia   species Ornithomyia avicularia L. 4   See D-fennica Ornithomya avicularia (Linnaeus, 1758)
Ornithomyia chloropus   species Ornithomyia chloropus Bergr. 1   See D-fennica Ornithomya chloropus (Bergroth, 1901)
Ornithomya parva   species Ornithomyia remota Walk. 3 Tristan da Cunha, Spain: Tenerife. Ornithomya parva (Macquart, 1843)
Ornithoctona plicata   species Ornithoctona plicata Olf. 1 Ornithoctona plicata (Olfers, 1816)
Ornithoctona erythrocephala (Leach, 1817) species Ornithoctona erythrocephala Leach 4 Ornithoctona erythrocephala (Leach, 1817)
Hippobosca camelina   species Hippobosca dromedariina Speis 1 Hippobosca camelina Leach, 1817
Hippobosca camelina   species Hippobosca camelina Leach 4 Hippobosca camelina Leach, 1817
Hippobosca variegata   species Hippobosca variegata Meg. 5 Hippobosca variegata Megerle, 1803
Hippobosca rufipes   species Hippobosca rufipes Olf. 2 Hippobosca rufipes Olfers, 1816
Hippobosca longipennis Fabricius, 1805 species Hippobosca capensis Olf. 4 Hippobosca longipennis Fabricius, 1805
Hippobosca equina   species Hippobosca equina L. 24 Hippobosca equina Linnaeus, 1758
Olfersia spinifera   species Olfersia spinifera Leach 1 Olfersia spinifera (Leach, 1817)
Olfersia aenescens   species Olfersia aenescens Thoms. 4 Olfersia aenescens Thomson, 1869
Lynchia ardeae (Macquart, 1835) species Olfersia ardeae Macq. 1 Lynchia ardeae (Macquart, 1835)
Olfersia fumipennis   species Olfersia fumipennis J. Sahlb.     In D-fennica. Olfersia fumipennis (Sahlberg, 1886)
Pseudolynchia canariensis   species Pseudolfersia canariensis Macq. 3 Pseudolynchia canariensis (Macquart, 1840)
Lynchia americana (Leach, 1817) species Lynchia fusca Macq. 2 Lynchia americana (Leach, 1817)
Lynchia nigra (Perty, 1833) species Lynchia nigra Perty 2 Lynchia nigra (Perty, 1833)
Lynchia americana (Leach, 1817) species Lynchia americana Leach 1 Lynchia americana (Leach, 1817)
Lipoptena cervi (Linnaeus, 1758) species Lipoptena cervi L. 5 Lipoptena cervi (Linnaeus, 1758)
Crataerina hirundinis (Linnaeus, 1758) species Stenopteryx hirundinis L. 1   See D-fennica Crataerina hirundinis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Crataerina pallida   species Crataerina pallida Latr.     In D-fennica. Crataerina pallida (Latreille, 1811)
Melophagus ovinus (Linnaeus, 1758) species Melophagus ovinus L. 6   See D-fennica Melophagus ovinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Melophagus rupicaprinus Rondani, 1879 species Melophagus rupicaprinus Rdi 1 Melophagus rupicaprinus Rondani, 1879
Trichobius major Coquillett, 1899 species Trichobius major Coq. 2 Trichobius major Coquillett, 1899
Strebla mirabilis (Waterhouse, 1879) species Euctenodes mirabilis Water. 3 Strebla mirabilis (Waterhouse, 1879)
Megistopoda aranea (Coquillett, 1899) species Pterellipsis aranea Coq. 2 Megistopoda aranea (Coquillett, 1899)
Noctiliostrebla dubia (Rudow, 1871) species Paradyschiria dubia Rud. 2 Noctiliostrebla dubia (Rudow, 1871)
Brachytarsina alluaudi (Falcoz, 1923) species Nycteribosca alluaudi Falcoz 15 Brachytarsina alluaudi (Falcoz, 1923)
Penicillidia jenyuri   chironym Penicillidia Jenyuri sp. 3 Tainan MS name?  
Penicillidia monoceros Speiser, 1900 species Penicillidia monoceros Speis.     In D-fennica. Penicillidia monoceros Speiser, 1900
Penicillidia conspicua Speiser, 1901 species Penicillidia conspicua Speis. 1 Penicillidia conspicua Speiser, 1901
Nycteribia pedicularia Latreille, 1805 species Nycteribia pedicularia Latr. 2 Nycteribia pedicularia Latreille, 1805
Nycteribia schmidlii Schiner, 1853 species Blasii Kol. 1 Nycteribia schmidlii Schiner, 1853
Nycteribia schmidlii Schiner, 1853 species Schmidli Schin. 2 Nycteribia schmidlii Schiner, 1853
Nycteribia allotopa (Speiser, 1901) species allotopia V. 3 Nycteribia allotopa (Speiser, 1901)
Nycteribia parvula Speiser, 1900 species parvula Speis. 3 Nycteribia parvula Speiser, 1900

Taxa in collection for Hippoboscidae: 37


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Ceriana boettcheri   species Ceriodes Boettcheri Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Ceriana conopsoides (Linnaeus, 1758) species Ceriodes conopoides L. 3 Ceriana conopsoides (Linnaeus, 1758)
Ceriana vespiformis (Latreille, 1809) species Ceriodes vespiformis Latr. 4 Ceriana vespiformis (Latreille, 1809)
Ceriana ornata (Saunders, 1845) species Ceriodes ornata Saund. 1 Ceriana ornata (Saunders, 1845)
Sphiximorpha philipina   chironym Sphiximorpha philipina Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Sphiximorpha brauerii   species Sphiximorpha braueri Will. 1  
Sphiximorpha mikii   species Sphiximorpha miki Will. 1  
Sphiximorpha rufula   chironym Sphiximorpha rufula s.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Sphiximorpha suensoni   chironym Sphiximorpha suensoni Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Sphiximorpha fuscipennis   chironym Sphiximorpha fuscipennis n. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Monoceromyia javana (Wiedemann, 1824) species “Eucerai javana Wied. 6  
Monoceromyia subobscura   chironym “Eucerai subobscura Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Monoceromyia petersi   species Monoceromyia petersi (Speiser) = bakeri Shannon 2 Monoceromyia petersi Snn.
Rhopalosyrphus guentherii   species Rhopalosyrphus Güntherii Arrib. 2 Rhopalosyrphus guentherii (Lynch Arribalzaga, 1891)
Microdon indicus (Doleschall, 1857) species Mimodynerus indicus Dol. 7   Mimodynerus Enderlein is a genus in Tabanidae! Microdon indicus (Doleschall, 1857)
Microdon sp. 1   chironym Mimodynerus obliquus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon sp.2   chironym Mimodynerus aurofasciatus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Microdontinae   chironym Ceratophya tristis i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon mirabilis Bezzi, 1910 species Stygosyrphus Bertonii Bezzi 3  
Microdon histrio Wiedemann, 1830 species Microdon histrio Wied. 2 Microdon histrio Wiedemann, 1830
Microdon resplendens   chironym Microdon resplendens Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon stilboides Walker, 1849 species Microdon stilboides Walk. 9 Microdon stilboides Walker, 1849
Microdon violaceus (Macquart, 1842) species Microdon violaceus Macq. 1 Eristalis violaceus Macquart, 1848
Microdon sp. 3   chironym Microdon chrysopygus Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon sp. 4   chironym Microdon fulvipennis Frey 3   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon devius   species Microdon devius L. 1   See D-fennica Microdon devius (Linnaeus, 1761)
Microdon mutabilis   species Microdon mutabilis L. 2   See D-fennica Microdon mutabilis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Microdon miki Doczkal & Schmid, 1999 species Microdon latifrons Lw 1   See D-fennica, Most likely misid for Microdon miki Doczkal & Schmid, 1999 Microdon miki Doczkal & Schmid, 1999
Microdon analis (Macquart, 1842) species Microdon Eggeri Mik 1   See D-fennica Microdon analis (Macquart, 1842)
Microdon auricomus Coquillett, 1898 species Microdon auricomus Coquillett, 1898 1 Microdon auricomus Coquillett, 1898
Microdon caeruleus Brunetti, 1908 species Microdon coeruleus Brun. 6 Microdon caeruleus Brunetti, 1908
Microdon rufiventris (Rondani, 1848) species Calomicrodon rufiventris Rdi 3 Microdon rufiventris (Rondani, 1848)
Microdon annandalei Brunetti, 1907 species Calomicrodon annandalei Brun. 5 Microdon annandalei Brunetti, 1907
Microdon violascens   chironym Calomicrodon violascens Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon eumeroides   chironym Anodon eumeroides Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon scitulas   chironym Anodon scitulas Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon paragoides   chironym Anodon paragoides i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Microdon syrphoides   chironym Anodon syrphoides Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Myxogaster sp. 1   species Myxogaster conopoides Mcq. 3   Not recognised.  
Myxogaster rufescens   chironym Myxogaster rufescens i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Aristosyrphus prima Curran, 1941 species Argentinomyia primus Curr. 2 Aristosyrphus prima Curran, 1941
Chrysotoxum   genus Chrysotoxum 2 Chrysotoxum Meigen, 1803
Chrysotoxum regale   chironym Chrysotoxum regale Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysotoxum fasciolatum   species Chrysotoxum fasciolatum Deg. 2   See D-fennica Chrysotoxum fasciolatum (De Geer, 1776)
Chrysotoxum arcuatum   species Chrysotoxum arcuatum L. 1   See D-fennica Chrysotoxum arcuatum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chrysotoxum silvarum   species Chrysotoxum silvarum Mg. 3   Not recognised. Chrysotoxum cautum (Harris, 1776)
Chrysotoxum derivatum   species Chrysotoxum derivatum Walk. 2 Chrysotoxum derivatum Walker, 1849
Chrysotoxum intermedium   species Chrysotoxum intermedium Mg. 7 Musca intermedia (Fallen, 1825)
Chrysotoxum abyssinicum   chironym Chrysotoxum abyssinicum i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.  
Chrysotoxum cisalpinum   species Chrysotoxum cisalpinum Rdi. 1 Chrysotoxum cisalpinum Rondani, 1845
Chrysotoxum triarcuatum   species Chrysotoxum triarcuatum Macq. 6 Chrysotoxum triarcuatum Macquart, 1839
Chrysotoxum baphyrum Walker, 1849 species Chrysotoxum testaceum Sack. 8 Chrysotoxum baphyrus Walker, 1849
Chrysotoxum elegans Loew, 1841 species Chrysotoxum elegans Lw 1 Chrysotoxum elegans Loew, 1841
Chrysotoxum festivum   species Chrysotoxum festivum L. 3   See D-fennica Musca festiva Linnaeus, 1758
Chrysotoxum vernale   species Chrysotoxum vernale Lw 1   See D-fennica Chrysotoxum vernale Loew, 1841
Chrysotoxum bicinctum   species Chrysotoxum bicinctum L. 4   See D-fennica Chrysotoxum bicinctum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chrysotoxum hirayamae Matsumura, 1918 species Chrysotoxum asiaticum Beck. 2 Chrysotoxum hirayamae Matsumura, 1918
Chrysotoxum octomaculatum Curtis, 1837 species Chrysotoxum octomaculatum Curt. 3 Chrysotoxum octomaculatum Curtis, 1837
Sphecomyia vittata (Wiedemann, 1830) species Sphecomyia vittata Will. 1 Sphecomyia vittata (Wiedemann, 1830)
Callicera aenea   species Callicera aenea Fabr. 2 Callicera aenea (Fabricius, 1777)
Tropidia fasciata   species Tropidia fasciata Mg.     In D-fennica Tropidia fasciata Meigen, 1822
Tropidia scita   species Tropidia scita Harr. 2   See D-fennica Tropidia scita (Harris, 1780)
Tropidia quadrata   species Tropidia quadrata Say 2 Tropidia quadrata (Say, 1824)
Myolepta dubia   species Myiolepta luteola Gmel. 1 Myolepta dubia (Fabricius, 1805)
Criorhina conoidea   chironym Criorhina conoidea Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Criorhina bymbycina   species Criorhina bymbycina Frey 3  
Criorhina pachymera Egg.   species Criorhina pachymera Egg. 1 Criorhina pachymera (Egger, 1858)
Criorhina berberina Fabr.   species Criorhina berberina Fabr. 2 Criorhina berberina (Fabricius, 1805)
Criorhina philippinensis Frey   chironym Criorhina philippinensis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Criorhina ranunculi   species Criorhina ranunculi Panz. 1 Criorhina ranunculi (Panzer, 1805)
Criorhina berberina   species Criorhina oxyacanthae Mg. 2 Criorhina berberina (Fabricius, 1805)
Criorhina asilica   species Criorhina asilica Fall. 2   See D-fennica Criorhina asilica (Fallen, 1816)
Criorhina brevipila   species Criorhina brevipila Lw 1 Criorhina brevipila (Loew, 1871)
Criorhina decora   species Criorhina decora Macq. 1   Unrecognised  
Blera fallax   species Cynorhina fallax L. 2   See D-fennica Blera fallax (Linnaeus, 1758)
Blera pseudofallax   chironym Cynorhina pseudofallax Frey 2      
Matsumyia jesoensis (Matsumura, 1911) species Cynorhina jesoensis Mats. 4 Matsumyia jesoensis (Matsumura, 1911)
Brachypalpus valgus   species Brachypalpus bimaculatus Macq. 4 Brachypalpus valgus (Panzer, 1798)
Brachypalpus valgus   species Brachypalpus meigeni Schin. 1 Brachypalpus valgus (Panzer, 1798)
Brachypalpus valgus   species Brachypalpus valgus Panz. 1 Brachypalpus valgus (Panzer, 1798)
Xylota segnis   species Xylota segnis L. 3   See D-fennica Xylota segnis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Xylota barbata   species Xylota barbata Lw. 1 Xylota barbata Loew, 1864
Xylota tarda   species Xylota tarda Mg. 2   See D-fennica Xylota tarda Meigen, 1822
Xylota ignava   species Xylota ignava Panz. 3   See D-fennica Xylota ignava (Panzer, 1798)
Chalcosyrphus iuger   species Xylota pigra Fabr. 2   See D-fennica  
Brachypalpoides lentus   species Xylota lenta Macq. 2 Xylota lenta Meigen, 1822
Xylota nigroaenescens   species Xylota strigata de Meij.     Material removed, current location unknown Xylota nigroaenescens Rondani, 1875
Chalcosyrphus curvipes   species Xylota curvipes Lw. 1 Chalcosyrphus femorata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chalcosyrphus femorata   species Xylota femorata L. 2 Chalcosyrphus femorata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Xylota triangularis   species Xylota triangularis Zett. 2 Xylota triangularis Zetterstedt, 1838
Xylota abiens   species Xylota abiens Mg. 1 Xylota abiens Wiedemann, 1822
Chalcosyrphus nemorum   species Xylota nemorum Fabr. 3 Chalcosyrphus nemorum (Fabricius, 1805)
Xylota florum   species Xylota florum Fabr. 2   See D-fennica Xylota florum (Fabricius, 1805)
Xylota jakutorum Bagatshanova, 1980 species Xylota coeruleiventris Zett.     In D-fennica. Most likely misidentified X. jakutorum. Xylota jakutorum Bagatshanova, 1980
Xylota nigripes   species Xylota nigripes Zett.     In D-fennica Chalcosyrphus nigripes (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Xylota analis Williston, 1887 species Xylota analis Will. 2 Xylota analis Williston, 1887
Xylota ejuncida   species Xylota ejuncida Say 4 Xylota ejuncida Say, 1824
Chalcosyrphus eumerus (Loew, 1869) species Xylota eumera Lw 2 Chalcosyrphus eumera (Loew, 1869)
Chalcosyrphus longus   species Zilima longa (Coquillett, 1898) 1 Chalcosyrphus longus (Coquillett, 1898)
Xylota violaceus   chironym Xylota violaceus i.sch. 1   MS name by Frey.   Xylota violaceus (Hippa, 1985)
Xylota sylvarum   species Xylota sylvarum L. 2   See D-fennica Xylota sylvarum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Syritta pipiens   species Syritta pipiens L. 8 Syritta pipiens (Linnaeus, 1758)
Syritta orientalis   species Syritta illucida Walk. 7 Philippines A mixed series of S. indica and S. orientalis. Syritta orientalis Macquart, 1842
Syritta sp. 1   species Syritta vagans Wied. 9 Brazil Unrecognised  
Syritta caboverdensis Lyneborg & Barkemeyer, 2005 species   2 Syritta caboverdensis Lyneborg & Barkemeyer, 2005
Syritta flaviventris   species Syritta spinigera Lw. 10 Syritta flaviventris Macquart, 1842
Eumerus grandis   species Eumerus annulatus Panz. 2 Eumerus grandis Meigen, 1822
Eumerus ovatus   species Eumerus ovatus Lw 1 Eumerus ovatus Loew, 1848
Eumerus tricolor (Fabricius, 1798) species Eumerus tricolor Fabr. 1 Eumerus tricolor (Fabricius, 1798)
Eumerus sabulonum   species Eumerus sabulonum Fall. 1 Eumerus sabulonum (Fallen, 1817)
Eumerus tuberculatus   species Eumerus tuberculatus Rdi     In D-fennica? Eumerus funeralis Meigen, 1822
Eumerus figurans   species Eumerus figurans Walk. 3 Eumerus figurans Walker, 1860
Eumerus strigatus   species Eumerus strigatus Fall. 4   See D-fennica Eumerus strigatus (Fallen, 1817)
Eumerus aurifrons   species Eumerus aurifrons Wied. 4 Eumerus aurifrons (Wiedemann, 1824)
Eumerus argentipes   species Eumerus argentipes Walk. 6 Eumerus argentipes Walker, 1861
Eumerus bimaculata Doleschall, 1858 species Eumerus bimaculata Dol. 2 Eumerus bimaculatus Doleschall, 1858
Eumerus latitarsis   species Eumerus latitarsis Macq. 2   See D-fennica Eumerus latitarsis Macquart, 1839
Eumerus pulchellus Loew, 1848 species Eumerus pulchellus Lw. 3 Eumerus pulchellus Loew, 1848
Ferdinandea cuprea   species Ferdinandea cuprea Scop. 4   See D-fennica Ferdinandea cuprea (Scopoli, 1763)
Ferdinandea ruficornis   species Ferdinandea ruficornis Fabr. 2 Ferdinandea ruficornis (Fabricius, 1775)
Pseudovolucella mimica Shiraki, 1930 species   11 Pseudovolucella mimica Shiraki, 1930
Pseudovolucella   genus   1 Pseudovolucella Shiraki, 1930
Arctophila bombiformis   species Arctophila bombiformis Fall. 1   See D-fennica Arctophila bombiformis
Arctophila superbiens   species Arctophila mussitans Fabr. 2 Sericomyia superbiens (Muller, 1776)
Conosyrphus tolli (Frey, 1915) species Conosyrphus tolli Frey 1 Sericomyia tolli (Frey, 1915)
Sericomyia silentis (Harris, 1776) species Sericomyia borealis Fall. 12 Sericomyia silentis (Harris, 1776)
Sericomyia lappona   species Sericomyia lappona L. 2   See D-fennica Sericomyia lappona (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sericomyia arctica   species Sericomyia arctica Schin. 1   See D-fennica Sericomyia arctica Schirmer, 1913
Sericomyia sachalinica   species Sericomyia nigriceps Schin. 2 Sericomyia sachalinica Stackelberg, 1925
Sericomyia sachalinica   species Sericomyia sachalenensis Stack. 1 Sericomyia sachalinica Stackelberg, 1925
Sericomyia chalcopyga   species Sericomyia chalcopyga Loew 4 Sericomyia chalcopyga Loew, 1863
Sericomyia nigra Portschinsky, 1873 species Sericomyia nigra Portsch.     In D-fennica Sericomyia nigra Portschinsky, 1873
Sericomyia sexfasciata   species Sericomyia sexfasciata Walk. 2 Sericomyia sexfasciata Walker, 1849
Sericomyia chrysotoxoides   species Sericomyia chrysotoxoides Macq. 2 Sericomyia chrysotoxoides Macquart, 1842
Sericomyia militaris   species Sericomyia militaris Will. 4 Sericomyia militaris Walker, 1849
Milesia gigantea   species Milesia gigas Macq. 1 Milesia gigantea Hippa, 1990
Milesia balteata Kertész, 1901 species Milesia balteata Kert. 2 Milesia balteata Kertesz, 1901
Milesia crabroniformis   species Milesia crabroniformis Fabr. 2 Milesia crabroniformis (Fabricius, 1775)
Milesia fissipennis   species Milesia fissipennis Speis. 2 Milesia fissipennis Speiser, 1911
Milesia semiluctifera (Villers, 1789) species Milesia semiluctifera Vill. 1 Milesia semiluctifera (Villers, 1789)
Milesia oshimaensis Shiraki, 1930 species Milesia oshimaensis Shir. 1 Milesia oshimaensis Shiraki, 1930
Milesia reinwardti   species Milesia reinwardti Wied. 1 Milesia reinwardtii Wiedemann, 1824
Milesia conspicienda Walker, 1859 species Milesia conspicienda Walk. 8 Milesia conspicienda Walker, 1859
Milesia macularis   species Milesia macularis Wied. 8 Milesia macularis Wiedemann, 1824
Milesia bigoti Osten Sacken, 1882 species Milesia bigoti O-Sack. 5 Milesia bigoti Osten Sacken, 1882
Milesia boettcheri   chironym Milesia Boettcheri Frey 4   MS name by Frey.  
Palumbia simulans   species Milesia simulans de Meij. 1 Palumbia simulans (Meijere, 1914)
Milesia semperi Osten Sacken, 1882 species Milesia semperi O.-S. 2 Milesia semperi Osten Sacken, 1882
Milesia tsao   chironym Milesia tsao Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Takaomyia odyneriformis Herve-Bazin, 1914 chironym Takaomyia odyneriformis Frey 1   MS name by Frey.  
Spilomyia fusca Loew, 1864 species Deineches 2 Spilomyia fusca Loew, 1864
Spilomyia diophthalma   species Spilomyia diophthalma L. 2   See D-fennica Spilomyia diophthalma (Linnaeus, 1758)
Spilomyia longicornis Lw   species Spilomyia longicornis Lw 2  
Spilomyia saltuum Fabr.   species Spilomyia saltuum Fabr.     In D-fennica? Spilomyia saltuum (Fabricius, 1794)
Spilomyia maxima Sack   species Spilomyia maxima Sack 1 Spilomyia maxima Sack, 1910
Spilomyia polistes Frey   species Spilomyia polistes Frey 2  
Temnostoma vespiforme   species Temnostoma vespiforme L. 3   See D-fennica Temnostoma vespiforme (Linnaeus, 1758)
Spilomyia fusca   species Temnostoma fusca Lw 2 Spilomyia fusca Loew, 1864
Temnostoma apiforme   species Temnostoma apiforme Fabr.     In D-fennica Temnostoma apiforme (Fabricius, 1794)
Temnostoma bombylans   species Temnostoma bombylans Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Likely most/all of these specimens belong to T. angustistriatum Krivosheina, 2002. Temnostoma bombylans (Fabricius, 1805)
Temnostoma sp.   species Temnostoma sp. 1  
Temnostoma malaisei   chironym Temnostoma Malaisei Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Caliprobola speciosa   species Calliprobola speciosa Rossi 1 Caliprobola speciosa (Rossi, 1790)
Lepidomyia ortalina (Wulp, 1888) species Lepidostola ortalina v.d.Wulp 1 ? Brazil Lepidomyia ortalina (Wulp, 1888)
Phytomia chrysopyga (Wiedemann, 1819) species Megaspis chrysopyga Wied. 7 Phytomia chrysopyga (Wiedemann, 1819)
Phytomia zonata (Fabricius, 1787) species Megaspis zonata Fabr. 15 Phytomia zonata (Fabricius, 1787)
Phytomia zonata   chironym Megaspis [zonata] v. elegans Frey 3   MS name by Frey.   Phytomia zonata (Fabricius, 1787)
Phytomia natalensis (Macquart, 1850) species Megaspis natalensis Macq. 2 Ischiodon aegyptius (Wiedemann, 1830)
Phytomia errans   species Megaspis errans Fabr. 13 Phytomia errans (Fabricius, 1787)
Phytomia argyrocephala   species Megaspis argyrocephalus Macq. 2 Phytomia argyrocephala (Macquart, 1842)
Phytomia   genus Megaspis 3 Phytomia Guérin-Ménéville, 1833
Phytomia crassa (Fabricius, 1787) species Phytomia crassus Fabr. 4 Phytomia crassa (Fabricius, 1787)
Phytomia bulligera   species Phytomia bulligera Aust. 1 Phytomia bulligera (Austen, 1909)
Phytomia   genus Phytomia 5 Phytomia Guérin-Ménéville, 1833
Triatylosus nigrita   species Stenaspis nigrita Big. 3  
Phytomia incisa   species Stenaspis incisa Wied. 5 Phytomia incisa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Phytomia   species Stenaspis sp. 1 Phytomia Guérin-Ménéville, 1833
Triatylosus elliottii   species Protylocera elliotii Aust. 2  
Triatylosus dibapha (Walker, 1849) species Protylocera dibaphus Walk. 1  
Eristalinus sepulchralis   species Eristalinus sepulchralis L. 6   See D-fennica. Eristalinus sepulchralis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalinus aeneus   species Lathyrophthalmus aenea Scop. 16   See D-fennica. Cheilosia aenea (Scopoli, 1763)
Eristalinus lugens (Wiedemann, 1830 species Lathyrophthalmus lugens Wied. 4 Eumerus lugens Wiedemann, 1830
Eristalinus tarsalis   species Lathyrophthalmus ocularius Coq. 5 Eristalinus tarsalis (Macquart, 1855)
Eristalinus megacephalus   species Lathyrophthalmus obscuritarsis Meij. 6 Eristalinus megacephalus (Rossi, 1794)
Eristalinus quinquestriatus   species Lathyrophthalmus quinquestriatus F. 9 Eristalinus quinquestriatus (Fabricius, 1794)
Eristalinus obliquus   species Lathyrophthalmus obliquus Wied. 2 Eristalinus obliquus (Wiedemann, 1824)
Eristalinus arvorum   species Lathyrophthalmus arvorum Fabr. ~20 Eristalinus arvorum (Fabricius, 1787)
Eristalinus tristriatus   species Lathyrophthalmus tristriatus Meij. 3 Eristalinus tristriatus (Meijere, 1911)
Eristalinus taeniops   species Eristalodes taeniops Wied. 3 Eristalinus taeniops (Wiedemann, 1818)
Eristalinus taeniops canariensis   subspecies Eristalodes [taeniops] var. canariensis Beck. 4  
Austalis roederi   species Prosimoides röderi Bergr. 1 Austalis roederi (Bergroth, 1894)
Prosimoides speciosus   chironym Prosimoides speciosus Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Prosimoides mellicolor   chironym Prosimoides mellicolor Frey 2   MS name by Frey.  
Austalis inscripta (Doleschall, 1857) species Prosimoides inscripta Dol. 1 Austalis inscripta (Doleschall, 1857)
Kertesziomyia nigra (Wiedemann, 1824) species Prosimoides niger Wied. 13 Kertesziomyia nigra (Wiedemann, 1824)
Kertesziomyia semisplendens   species Prosimoides semisplendens Sack 1 Kertesziomyia semisplendens (Sack, 1926)
Kertesziomyia fascipennis   species Prosimoides maculipennis Meij. 4 Kertesziomyia fascipennis (Thompson, 1975)
Eristalinus splendens   species Prosimoides splendens Le Guill. 1 Eristalinus splendens (Le Guillou, 1842)
Palpada furcata (Wiedemann, 1819) species Eristalomyia furcata Wied. 7 Palpada furcata (Wiedemann, 1819)
Palpada furcatella   chironym Eristalomyia furcatella Frey 9   MS name by Frey.  
Palpada parvula   species Eristalomyia parvulus Will. 9 Palpada parvula (Williston, 1888)
Palpada scutellaris (Fabricius, 1805) species Eristalomyia scutellaris Fabr. 3 Palpada scutellaris (Fabricius, 1805)
Palpada conica (Fabricius, 1805) species Eristalomyia conica Fabr. 1 Palpada conica (Fabricius, 1805)
Palpada precipua (Williston, 1888) species Eristalomyia praecipua Will. 7 Palpada precipua (Williston, 1888)
Palpada vinetorum   species Eristalomyia vinetorum Fabr. 8 Palpada vinetorum (Fabricius, 1799)
Palpada meigenii   species Eristalomyia quadraticornis Macq. 6 Palpada meigenii (Wiedemann, 1830)
Palpada albifrons (Wiedemann, 1830) species Eristalomyia albifrons Wied. 8 Palpada albifrons (Wiedemann, 1830)
Austalis tricolor (Bigot, 1880) species Eristalomyia tricolor Mig. 1  
Palpada distinguenda   species Eristalomyia distinguenda Wied. 5 Palpada distinguenda (Wiedemann, 1830)
Palpada fasciata Wied. (Wiedemann, 1819) species Eristalomyia fasciata Wied. 6 Syritta fasciata (Wiedemann, 1830)
Palpada interrupta   chironym Eristalomyia interrupta i.sch. 3   MS name by R. Frey   Palpada interrupta (Fabricius, 1805)
Palpada melanocera   chironym Eristalomyia melanocera i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Palpada puncticornis   chironym Eristalomyia puncticornis i.sch. 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Palpada chilensis   chironym Eristalomyia chilensis i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Palpada pygolampa   species Eristalomyia pygalampus Wied. 6 Palpada pygolampa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Palpada geniculata   species Eristalomyia obsoleta Wied. 6 Palpada geniculata (Fabricius, 1805)
Palpada sp.   species Eristalomyia sp. 1  
Eristalis tenax   species [genus tenax L. 17 Eristalis tenax (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis tenax   var [genus [tenax] var. hortorum F. 6 Eristalis tenax (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis tenax   var [genus [tenax] var. campestris Mg. 3 Eristalis tenax (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis oestracea   species [genus oestracea L. 1   See D-fennica. Eristalis oestracea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis anthophorina   species [genus anthophorinus Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Eristalis anthophorina (Fallen, 1817)
Eristalis anthophorina   var [genus [anthophorinus] var. lapponicus Schin. 1 Eristalis anthophorina (Fallen, 1817)
Eristalis fratercula   species [genus fraterculus Zett.     In D-fennica Eristalis fraterculus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Eoseristalis anthophorina   species [genus montanus Will. 1  
Eristalis cryptarum   species [genus cryptarum Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Eristalis cryptarum (Fabricius, 1794)
Eristalis sp. 1   species [genus sp. 1  
? Eristalis lucorum   species [genus lucorum Mg. 2  
Eristalis stipator   species [genus latifrons Lw Eristalis stipator Osten Sacken, 1877
Eristalis   genus [genus 7 Eristalis Latreille, 1804
Eristalis intricaria   species Eristalis intricaria L. 2   See D-fennica. Eristalis intricaria (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis anthophorina   species Eristalis occidentalis Will. 12 Eristalis anthophorina (Fallen, 1817)
Eristalis transversa   species Eristalis transversa Wied. 5 Eristalis transversa Wiedemann, 1830
Eristalis cerealis   species Eristalis cerealis Fabr. 4 Eristalis cerealis Fabricius, 1805
Eristalis similis   species Eristalis pratorum Mg. 3 Eristalis pertinax (Scopoli, 1763)
Eristalis jugorum   species Eristalis jugorum Egg. 3 Eristalis jugorum Egger, 1858
Eristalis pertinax   species Eristalis pertinax Scop. 2 Eristalis pertinax (Scopoli, 1763)
Eristalis hirta   species Eristalis hirta Lw 3   See D-fennica. Eristalis hirta Loew, 1866
Eristalis rupium   species Eristalis rupium Fabr.     In D-fennica Eristalis rupium Fabricius, 1805
Eristalis picea   species Eristalis picea Fall.     In D-fennica Eristalis rupium Fabricius, 1805
Eristalis hirta   species Eristalis tundrorum Frey     In D-fennica Eristalis hirta Loew, 1866
Eristalis nemorum   species Eristalis nemorum L. 2   See D-fennica. Eristalis arbustorum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis alpina   species Eristalis alpinus Panz. 2   See D-fennica. Eristalis alpina (Panzer, 1798)
? Eristalis horticola   species Eristalis horticola Deg. 3   See D-fennica.  
Eristalis dimidiata   species Eristalis dimidiata Wied. 2 Eristalis dimidiata Wiedemann, 1830
Palpada meigenii   species Eristalis meigeni Wied. 3   Likely a misid. Palpada meigenii (Wiedemann, 1830)
Eristalis arbustorum   species Eristalis arbustorum L. 2   See D-fennica. Eristalis arbustorum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Eristalis anthophorina   species Eristalis bastardi Macq. 8 Eristalis anthophorina (Fallen, 1817)
Dissoptera heterothrix   species Dissoptera heterothrix de Meij. 2 Dissoptera heterothrix (Meijere, 1908)
Axona chalcopyga (Wiedemann, 1830) species Axona chalcopyga Wied. 2 Axona chalcopyga (Wiedemann, 1830)
Palumbia   genus Korinchia 2 Palumbia Rondani, 1865
Meromacrus pinguis   species Meromacrus cinctus Drury 3 Meromacrus pinguis (Fabricius, 1775)
Meromacrus nectarinoides   species Meromacrus cingulatus Sack 1 Meromacrus nectarinoides (Lynch Arribalzaga, 1892)
Meromacrus pachypus   species Meromacrus simplex Schin. 3 Meromacrus pachypus (Wiedemann, 1830)
? Quichuana   chironym Meromacrus Plaumanni Frey 10   MS name by R. Frey  
Myathropa florea   species Myiatropa florea L. 10 Mallota florea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Myathropa florea   var Myiatropa [florea] var. nigrotarsata Schin. 3 Mallota florea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Myathropa florea   var Myiatropa [florea] var. varifemorata S.-Abr. 1 Mallota florea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Myathropa florea   var Myiatropa [florea] var. nigrofemorata Sant-Ab. 5 Mallota florea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Myathropa florea   var Myiatropa [florea] ab. nigrofasciata Beck. 1 Mallota florea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Mesembrius niveiceps (Meijere, 1908) species Mesembrius niveiceps Meij. 6 Mesembrius niveiceps (Meijere, 1908)
Mesembrius bengalensis (Wiedemann, 1819) species Mesembrius bengalensis Wied. 12 Mesembrius bengalensis (Wiedemann, 1819)
Mesembrius peregrinus   species Mesembrius peregrinus Lw 2 Mesembrius peregrinus (Loew, 1846)
Dolichogyna reynoldsi Shannon & Aubertin, 1933 species Dolichogyna reynoldsi Shannon & Aubertin, 1933
Helophilus lapponicus   species Helophilus lapponicus Wahlb.     In D-fennica Helophilus lapponicus Wahlberg, 1844
Helophilus lapponicus   species Helophilus dychei Will. 6 Helophilus lapponicus Wahlberg, 1844
Helophilus sp.   species Helophilus borealis Zett. 2   Unrecognised species, possibly H. borealis Staeger  
Helophilus groenlandicus (Fabricius, 1780) species Helophilus groenlandica O.Fabr. 1 Helophilus groenlandicus (Fabricius, 1780)
Helophilus trivittatus   species Helophilus trivittata Fabr. 4 Helophilus trivittatus (Fabricius, 1805)
Helophilus fasciatus   species Helophilus similis Macq. 2 Helophilus fasciatus Walker, 1849
Helophilus latifrons Loew, 1863 species Helophilus latifrons Lw 9 Helophilus latifrons Loew, 1863
Helophilus continuus Loew, 1854 species Helophilus continous Lw [sic] 1 Helophilus continuus Loew, 1854
Helophilus hybridus   species Helophilus hybridus Lw 2 Helophilus hybridus Loew, 1846
Helophilus affinis   species Helophilus affinis Wahlb.     In D-fennica Helophilus affinis Wahlbgerg, 1844
Helophilus pendulus   species Helophilus pendulus L. 3   See D-fennica. Helophilus pendulus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Mesembrius vestitus   species Helophilus vestita Wied. 4 Mesembrius vestitus (Wiedemann, 1821)
Parhelophilus consimilis (Malm, 1860) species Eurinomyia consimilis Malm 3 Parhelophilus consimilis (Malm, 1860)
Parhelophilus versicolor   species Eurinomyia versicolor Fabr. 5   See D-fennica. Parhelophilus versicolor (Fabricius, 1794)
Parhelophilus frutetorum   species Eurinomyia frutetorum Fabr. 3   See D-fennica. Parhelophilus frutetorum (Fabricius, 1775)
Anasimyia lunulata   species Eurinomyia lunulata Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Anasimyia lunulata (Meigen, 1822)
Anasimyia transfuga   species Eurinomyia transfuga L. 3   See D-fennica. Lejops transfugus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Anasimyia lineata   species Eurinomyia lineata Fabr. 4   See D-fennica. Lejops lineatus (Fabricius, 1787)
Lejops vittatus (Meigen, 1822) species Lejops vittatus Mg. 2 Lejops vittatus (Meigen, 1822)
Tigridemyia curvigaster   species Teuchomerus orientalis Brun 2  
Polydontomyia   genus Triodonta 3 Polydontomyia Williston, 1896
Mallota fuciformis   species Mallota fuciformis Fabr. 1 Mallota fuciformis (Fabricius, 1794)
Mallota bicolor   species Mallota bicolor Sack 1 Mallota bicolor Sack, 1910
Mallota rossica   species Mallota auricoma Sack 1 Mallota rossica Portschinsky, 1877
Mallota megilliformis   species Zetterstedtia megilliformis Fall. 3 Mallota megilliformis (Fallen, 1817)
Mallota cimbiciformis   species Zetterstedtia cimbiciformis Fall. 1 Mallota cimbiciformis (Fallen, 1817)
Merodon clavipes   species Merodon clavipes Fabr. 2 Merodon clavipes (Fabricius, 1781)
Merodon equestris   species Merodon equestris Fabr. 1 Merodon equestris (Fabricius, 1794)
Merodon armipes   species Merodon armipes Rdi 1 Merodon armipes Rondani, 1843
Merodon albifrons   species Merodon albifrons Mg. 1 Merodon albifrons Meigen, 1822
Merodon avidus   species Merodon moenium Wied. 4 Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790)
Merodon avidus   species Merodon spinipes Fabr. 2 Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790)
Merodon avidus   species Merodon avidus Rossi 6 Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790)
Merodon nigritarsis   species Merodon nigritarsis Rdi 2 Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790)
Merodon albifrons   species Merodon varia Rond. 1 Merodon albifrons Meigen, 1822
Merodon eques (Fabricius, 1805) species Merodon eques Fabr. 1 Merodon eques (Fabricius, 1805)
Merodon eques   species Merodon geniculatus Strobl 2 Merodon eques (Fabricius, 1805)
Merodon constans   species Merodon constans Rossi 1 Merodon constans Wiedemann, 1822
Merodon cinereus   species Merodon cinereus Fabr. 6 Merodon cinereus (Fabricius, 1794)
Merodon submetallicus   species Merodon rufa Meig. 2 Merodon submetallicus Rondani, 1857
Merodon aureus   species Merodon aureus Fabr. 3 Merodon aureus Fabricius, 1805
Merodon aureus   species Merodon aeneus Meig. 3 Merodon aureus Fabricius, 1805
Ornidia obesa   species Lamprothorax obesus Fabr. 15 Ornidia obesa (Fabricius, 1775)
Ornidia obesa   species Lamprothorax [obesus] v. punctifera Frey 4 Ornidia obesa (Fabricius, 1775)
Copestylum pictum   species Philomyia picta Wied. 2 Allobaccha picta (Wiedemann, 1830)
Copestylum vittatum   species Philomyia fasciata Macq. 2 Copestylum vittatum Thompson, 1976
Copestylum pusillum   species Philomyia pusilla Macq. 1 Palpada pusilla (Macquart, 1842)
Copestylum vacuum   species Philomyia unipunctata Curr. 1 Copestylum vacuum (Fabricius, 1775)
Copestylum tympanitis   species Phalacromyia tympanitis Fabr. 1 Copestylum tympanitis (Fabricius, 1805)
Copestylum pallens   species Phalacromyia pallens Wied. 2 Copestylum pallens (Wiedemann, 1830)
Copestylum chapadense   species Phalacromyia chapadensis Curr. 2 Copestylum chapadense (Curran, 1930)
Copestylum vagum   species Phalacromyia vaga Wied. 4 Copestylum vagum (Wiedemann, 1830)
Copestylum bipunctifera   chironym Phalacromyia bipunctifera n. 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum schadei   chironym Phalacromyia Schadei i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum infirma   chironym Phalacromyia infirma n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum musicanum (Curran, 1930) species Phalacromyia muscicana Curr. [sic.] 4 Copestylum musicanum (Curran, 1930)
Copestylum missionera (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1892) species Phalacromyia missionera F.L. Arrib. 5 Copestylum missionera (Lynch Arribalzaga, 1892)
Copestylum corumbense   species Phalacromyia corumbana Curr. 1 Copestylum corumbense (Curran, 1930)
Copestylum discale   species Phalacromyia discalis Curr. 5 Copestylum discale (Curran, 1926)
Copestylum rattus   chironym Phalacromyia rattus i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum vierecki (Curran, 1925) species Phalacromyia Vierecki Curr. 6 Copestylum vierecki (Curran, 1925)
Copestylum viridifrons   chironym Phalacromyia viridifrons n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum plaumanni   chironym Phalacromyia Plaumanni n. 4   MS name by R. Frey   Copestylum plaumanni (Curran, 1939)
Copestylum opalizans   chironym Phalacromyia opalizans n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum carinifrons   chironym Phalacromyia carinifrons n. 8   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum johnsoni   species Phalacromyia Johnsoni Curr. 1 Parasyrphus genualis (Williston, 1887)
Copestylum aberrans   chironym Phalacromyia aberrans n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum sublugens   chironym Phalacromyia sublugens n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum lugens   species Phalacromyia lugens Wied. 6 Eumerus lugens Wiedemann, 1830
Copestylum abdominale   species Volucella abdominalis Wied. 6 Copestylum abdominale (Wiedemann, 1830)
Copestylum mexicanum   species Volucella mexicana Macq. 4 Copestylum mexicanum (Macquart, 1842)
Copestylum brunneum   species Volucella esuriens Fabr. 2 Copestylum brunneum (Thunberg, 1789)
Copestylum anna   species Volucella anna Will. 1 Copestylum anna (Williston, 1887)
Copestylum nigripes   species Volucella concolor Phil. 1 Dolichogyna nigripes Bigot, 1884
Copestylum spinithorax (Lynch Arribálzaga, 1892) species Volucella spinithorx Arrib. 1 Copestylum spinithorax (Lynch Arribalzaga, 1892)
Copestylum spinigerum (Wiedemann, 1830) species Volucella spinigera Wied. 6 Copestylum spinigerum (Wiedemann, 1830)
Copestylum frauenfeldi   species Volucella frauenfeldi Schin. 2 Copestylum frauenfeldi (Schiner, 1868)
Copestylum meretricias   species Volucella meretricias Will. 3 Copestylum meretricias (Williston, 1888)
Copestylum   species Volucella inanis L. 3   See D-fennica. Copestylum Macquart, 1846
Copestylum   species Volucella zonaria Poda 6 Copestylum Macquart, 1846
Volucella liquida Erichson, 1841 species Volucella liquida Er. 2 Volucella liquida Erichson, 1841
Volucella decorata   species Volucella nubeculosa Big. 2 Volucella trifasciata Wiedemann, 1830
Volucella decorata   species Volucella trifasciata Wied. 7 Volucella trifasciata Wiedemann, 1830
Volucella peleteri   species Volucella Peleterii Macq. 2 Volucella peleterii Macquart, 1834
Volucella tabanoides   species Volucella tabanoides Motsch. 3 Volucella tabanoides Motschulsky, 1859
Volucella inflata (Fabricius, 1794 species Volucella inflata Fabr. 2 Volucella inflata (Fabricius, 1794)
Volucella pellucens   species Volucella pellucens L. 2   See D-fennica. Volucella pellucens (Linnaeus, 1758)
Volucella nigricans Coquillett, 1898 species Volucella nigricans Coq. 1 Volucella nigricans Coquillett, 1898
Volucella nigricans   chironym Volucella [nigricans] v. abdominalis Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey   Volucella nigricans Coquillett, 1898
Copestylum sternale   species Volucella sternalis Curr. 1 Copestylum sternale (Curran, 1930)
Copestylum concinnum   species Volucella concinna Phil. 1 Copestylum concinnum (Philippi, 1865)
Volucella haagii Jaennicke, 1867 species Volucella haagi Jaenn. 1 Copestylum haagii (Jaennicke, 1867)
Copestylum intona (Curran, 1928) species Volucella intona Curr. 1 Copestylum intona (Curran, 1928)
Volucella plumatoides   species Volucella 2 Volucella plumatoides Herve-Bazin, 1923
Volucella bombylans   species Volucelloides bombylans L. 1   See D-fennica. Volucella bombylans (Linnaeus, 1758)
Volucella bombylans   var Volucelloides [bombylans] v. haemorrhoidalis Zett. 3   See D-fennica. Volucella bombylans (Linnaeus, 1758)
Volucella bombylans   species Volucelloides evecta Walk. 1 Volucella bombylans (Linnaeus, 1758)
Volucella bombylans   var Volucelloides [evecta] var. facialis Will. 1 Volucella bombylans (Linnaeus, 1758)
Volucella chinensis i.s.   chironym Volucelloides chinensis i.s. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Copestylum trituberculatum   species Apophysophora scutellaris Will. 2 Copestylum trituberculatum Thompson, 1976
Graptomyza   genus Graptomyza 15 Graptomyza Wiedemann, 1820
Graptomyza brevirostris Wiedemann, 1820 species Graptomyza brevirostris Wied. 10 Graptomyza brevirostris Wiedemann, 1820
Graptomyza longirostris   species Graptomyza longirostris Wied. 1 Graptomyza longirostris Wiedemann, 1820
Graptomyza longirostris   species Graptomyza [longirostris] v. 12-notata Brun. 1 Graptomyza longirostris Wiedemann, 1820
Graptomyza ventralis   species Graptomyza ventralis Wied. 2 Graptomyza ventralis Wiedemann, 1830
Graptomyza microdon   species Graptomyza microdon O.-Sack. 7 Graptomyza microdon Osten Sacken, 1882
Pipiza festiva   species Pipiza festiva Mg. 2 Pipiza festiva Meigen, 1822
Pipiza notata   species Pipiza notata Meig.     Material removed. Pipiza notata Meigen, 1822
Pipiza quadrimaculata   species Pipiza 4-maculata Panz.     Material removed. Pipiza quadrimaculata (Panzer, 1804)
Pipiza carbonaria   species Pipiza carbonarium Mg. 1   Some material removed. Pipiza carbonaria Meigen, 1822
Pipiza lugubris   species Pipiza lugubris Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Pipiza lugubris (Fabricius, 1775)
Pipiza noctiluca   species Pipiza noctiluca L. 2 Pipiza noctiluca (Linnaeus, 1758)
Pipiza austriaca   species Pipiza austriaca Meig.,     Material removed. Pipiza festiva Meigen, 1822
Pipiza bimaculata   species Pipiza bimaculata Mg. 2 Pipiza bimaculata Meigen, 1822
Pipiza signata   species Pipiza signata Mg.     Material removed. Pipiza signata Meigen, 1822
Pipizella virens   species Heringia virens Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Pipizella virens (Fabricius, 1805)
Trichopsomyia flavitarsis   species Heringia flavitarsis Meig. 1 Trichopsomyia flavitarsis (Meigen, 1822)
Pipizella maculipennis   species Heringia maculipennis Mg. 5 Pipizella maculipennis (Meigen, 1822)
Heringia heringi   species Heringia Heringi Zett. Heringia heringi (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Psilota innupta   species Heringia curvinervis Strobl 1 Psilota innupta Rondani, 1857
Trichopsomyia   genus Trichopsomyia     Material removed. Trichopsomyia Williston, 1888
Neocnemodon vitripennis   species Cnemodon vitripennis Egg.     In D-fennica. Neocnemodon vitripennis (Meigen, 1822)
Neocnemodon fulvimanus   species Cnemodon fulvmanus Zett.     In D-fennica. Heringia fulvimanus (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Triglyphus   genus Triglyphus 4 Triglyphus Loew, 1840
Chrysosyrphus nasuta   species Psilota nigra Zett.     Material removed. Chrysosyrphus nasuta (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Psilota anthracina Meigen, 1822 species Psilota anthracina Mg. 1 Psilota anthracina Meigen, 1822
Orthonevra nobilis   species Orthoneura nobilis Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Orthonevra nobilis (Fallen, 1817)
Orthonevra elegans   species Orthoneura elegans Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Orthonevra elegans (Wiedemann, 1822)
Orthonevra geniculata   species Orthoneura geniculata Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Orthonevra geniculata (Meigen, 1830)
Orthonevra nitida (Wiedemann, 1830) species Orthoneura nitida Wied. 1 Orthonevra nitida (Wiedemann, 1830)
Liochrysogaster   genus Liochrysogaster 1 Brazil Liochrysogaster Stackelberg, 1924
Lejogaster tarsata   species Liogaster splendida Meig. 2   See D-fennica. Lejogaster tarsata (Meigen, 1822)
Lejogaster metallina   species Liogaster metallina Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Lejogaster metallina (Fabricius, 1777)
Orthonevra brevicornis   species Chysogaster brevicornis Lw     Material removed. Orthonevra brevicornis (Loew, 1843)
Orthonevra splendens   species Chysogaster splendens Mg.     Material removed. Orthonevra splendens (Meigen, 1822)
Chrysogaster virescens   species Chysogaster viduata L. 4   Auct., not Linnaeus Chrysogaster virescens Loew, 1854
Chrysogaster parumplicata   species Chysogaster macquarti Lw     See D-fennica. Chrysogaster parumplicata Loew, 1840
Chrysogaster cemiteriorum   species Chysogaster chalybeata Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Chrysogaster cemiteriorum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chrysogaster solstitialis   species Chysogaster solstitialis Fall. 4   See D-fennica. Chrysogaster solstitialis (Fallen, 1817)
Cheilosia derasa   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) derasa Lw. 1 Cheilosia derasa Loew, 1857
Cheilosia gagatea   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) gagatea Lw 1 Cheilosia gagatea Loew, 1857
Cheilosia vicina   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) vicina Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Cheilosia vicina (Zetterstedt, 1849)
Cheilosia pubera   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) pubera Zett. 1 Cheilosia pubera (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Cheilosia antiqua   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) antiqua Mg. 2 Cheilosia antiqua (Meigen, 1822)
Cheilosia impudens   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) impudens Beck. 1 Cheilosia impudens (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia grisella   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) grisella Beck. 1 Cheilosia grisella (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia loewi   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) loewi Beck. 2 Cheilosia loewi (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia ahenea (Roser, 1840) species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) ahenea Ros. 1 Cheilosia ahenea (Roser, 1840)
Cheilosia sahlbergi   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) Sahlbergi Beck.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia sahlbergi (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia nasutula   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) nasutula Beck.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia nasutula (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia nigripes   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) nigripes Mg.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia nigripes (Meigen, 1822)
Cheilosia marginata   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) marginata Beck. 1 Cheilosia marginata (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia insignis   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) insignis Lw. 1 Cheilosia insignis Loew, 1857
Cheilosia vulpina   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) conops Beck. 1 Cheilosia vulpina (Meigen, 1822)
Cheilosia longula   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) longula Zett. 2   See D-fennica. Cheilosia longula (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Cheilosia scutellata   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) scutellata Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Cheilosia tarditas (Harris, 1780)
Cheilosia ruffipes   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) soror Zett. 2 Cheilosia ruffipes (Preyssler, 1793)
Cheilosia pagana   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) pagana Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Cheilosia pagana (Meigen, 1822)
Cheilosia sororcula   species Chilosia (Cartosyrphus) sorocula Will. 1 Cheilosia sororcula (Williston, 1891)
Cheilosia illustrata (Harris, 1780) species Chilosia (Chilosia) illustrata Harr 3 unknown See D-fennica. Cheilosia illustrata (Harris, 1780)
Cheilosia   species Chilosia (Chilosia) intosa Lw. 1   See D-fennica. Cheilosia Meigen, 1822
Cheilosia variabilis   species Chilosia (Chilosia) variabilis Panxz. 2   See D-fennica. Cheilosia variabilis (Panzer, 1798)
Cheilosia vulpina   species Chilosia (Chilosia) vulpina Mg. 2 Cheilosia vulpina (Meigen, 1822)
Cheilosia   species Chilosia (Chilosia) honesta Rod. 3 Cheilosia Meigen, 1822
Cheilosia frontalis   species Chilosia (Chilosia) frontalis Lw 1   See D-fennica. Cheilosia frontalis Loew, 1857
Cheilosia frontalis   species Chilosia (Chilosia) barbata Lw 2 Cheilosia frontalis Loew, 1857
Cheilosia barbata   species Chilosia (Chilosia) lasiophthalma Will. 8 Cheilosia barbata Loew, 1857
Cheilosia sp. 1     Chilosia (Chilosia) sp. 1 USA: California.  
Cheilosia grossa   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) grossa Fall. 3 Cheilosia corydon (Harris, 1780)
Cheilosia himantopus   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) canicularis Panz. 3 Cheilosia himantopus (Panzer, 1798)
Cheilosia pictipennis   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) pictipennis Egg. 1 Cheilosia pictipennis Egger, 1860
Cheilosia chrysosoma   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) chrysosoma Mg. 1   See D-fennica.  
Cheilosia fraterna   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) fraterna Meig.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia fraterna (Meigen, 1830)
Cheilosia flavipes   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) flavipes panz. 2   See D-fennica. Cheilosia flavipes (Panzer, 1798)
Cheilosia albipila   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) albipila Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Cheilosia albipila Meigen, 1838
Cheilosia flavicornis   species Chilosia (Macrochilosia) chloris Mg. 2 Cheilosia flavicornis (Fabricius, 1781)
Cheilosia impressa   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) impressa Lw.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia impressa (Loew, 1840)
Cheilosia semifasciata   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) semifasciata Beck     In D-fennica. Cheilosia semifasciata (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia melanura   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) melanura Beck. 2 Cheilosia melanura (Becker, 1889)
Cheilosia albitarsis   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) albitarsis Mg. 1 Cheilosia bardus (Harris, 1780)
Cheilosia morio   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) morio Zettt. 1 Cheilosia morio (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Cheilosia vernalis   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) vernalis Fall. 1 Cheilosia vernalis (Fallen, 1817)
Cheilosia rotundiventris   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) rotundiventris Beck 1 Cheilosia rotundiventris (Becker, 1894)
Cheilosia splendida Shiraki, 1930 species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) splendida 1 Cheilosia splendida Shiraki, 1930
Cheilosia splendida   chironym Chilosia (Trichochilosia) [splendida] v. xanthus Frey 1       Cheilosia splendida Shiraki, 1930
Cheilosia gigantea   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) gigantea Zett.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia gigantea (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Cheilosia mutabilis   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) mutabilis Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Cheilosia mutabilis (Fallen, 1817)
Cheilosia proxima   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) proxima Zett.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia proxima (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Cheilosia barbata   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) barbata Loew 1 Cheilosia barbata Loew, 1857
Cheilosia velutina   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) velutina Lw 3 Cheilosia velutina (Loew, 1840)
Cheilosia ruralis (Meigen, 1822) species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) ruralis Mg.     In D-fennica. Cheilosia ruralis (Meigen, 1822)
Cheilosia teriolensis   chironym Chilosia (Trichochilosia) teriolensis Hell i. litt. 1 Austria MS name by Wolter Hellén  
Cheilosia borealis   species Chilosia (Trichochilosia) borealis Coq. 4   In D-fennica. Cheilosia borealis (Coquillett, 1900)
? Endoiasimyia   chironym Sonanomyia shirakii Frey i.l.     MS name by R. Frey  
Hiatomyia plutonia (Hunter, 1897) species Sonanomyia plutonia Hunt. 10 Hiatomyia plutonia (Hunter, 1897)
Pelecocera tricincta   species Pelecocera tricincta Mg. 1 Pelecocera tricincta Meigen, 1822
Chamaesyrphus scaevoides   species Chamaesyrphus scaevoides Fall. 2 Pelecocera scaevoides (Fallen, 1817)
Chamaesyrphus lusitanicus   species Chamaesyrphus lusitanicus Mik     In D-fennica. Pelecocera trifasciata (Preyssler, 1793)
Sphegina clunipes   species Sphegina clunipes Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Sphegina clunipes (Fallen, 1816)
Sphegina spheginea   species Sphegina spheginea Zett. 2 Sphegina spheginea (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Sphegina cornifera   species Sphegina cornifera Beck.     Material removed. Sphegina cornifera Becker, 1921
Sphegina infuscata   species Sphegina infuscata Lw 3 Sphegina infuscata Loew, 1863
Sphegina orientalis Kertész, 1914 species Sphegina orientalis Kert. 1 Sphegina orientalis Kertesz, 1914
Sphegina philippina Thompson, 1999 species Sphegina 1 Sphegina philippina Thompson, 1999
Neoascia podagrica   species Neoascia podagrica Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Neoascia podagrica (Fabricius, 1775)
Neoascia podagrica   species Neoascia floralis Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Neoascia podagrica (Fabricius, 1775)
Neoascia geniculata   species Neoascia geniculata Mg.     See D-fennica. Neoascia geniculata (Meigen, 1822)
Neoascia tenur   species Neoascia dispar Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Neoascia tenur (Harris, 1780)
Neoascia meticulosa   species Neoascia nitidula Mg.     See D-fennica. Neoascia meticulosa (Scopoli, 1763)
Neoascia globosa (Walker, 1849 species Neoascia globosa Walk. 2 Neoascia globosa (Walker, 1849)
Brachyopa cinerea   species Brachyopa cinerea Fall.     In D-fennica. Brachyopa cinerea Wahlbgerg, 1844
Brachyopa insensilis Collin, 1939 species Brachyopa insensilis Coll. 1 Brachyopa insensilis Collin, 1939
Brachyopa bicolor   species Brachyopa bicolor Fall. 1 Brachyopa bicolor (Fallen, 1817)
Brachyopa pilosa   species Brachyopa pilosa Coll.     See D-fennica. Brachyopa pilosa Collin, 1939
Brachyopa dorsata   species Brachyopa dorsata Zett. 1 Brachyopa dorsata Zetterstedt, 1837
Brachyopa notata   species Brachyopa notata Ost.-Sack. 2 Brachyopa notata Osten Sacken, 1875
Brachyopa panzeri   species Brachyopa conica Panz.     ? See D-fennica. Brachyopa panzeri Goffe, 1945
Hammerschmidtia ferruginea   species Eugeniamyia ferruginea Fall.     In D-fennica. Brachyopa ferruginea (Fallen, 1817)
Arhingia solum   chironym Arhingia solum Frey     MS name by R. Frey  
Rhingia rostrata   species Rhingia rostrata L. 1 Rhingia rostrata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhingia laevigata   species Rhingia laevigata Lw 1 Rhingia laevigata Loew, 1858
Rhingia campestris   species Rhingia campestris Mg. 5   See D-fennica. Rhingia campestris Meigen, 1822
Rhingia borealis   species Rhingia borealis Ringd. 4   See D-fennica. Rhingia austriaca Meigen, 1830
Rhingia nasica   species Rhingia nasica Say 1 Rhingia nasica Say, 1823
Rhingia binotata Brunetti, 1908 species Rhingia binotata Brun. 1 Rhingia binotata Brunetti, 1908
Rhingia cyanoprora Speiser, 1910 species Rhingia cyanoprora Speis. 1 Rhingia cyanoprora Speiser, 1910
Paragus crenulatus   species Paragus crenulatus Thomp. 10 Paragus crenulatus Thomson, 1869
Paragus bicolor   species Paragus bicolor Fabr. 3   See D-fennica. Paragus bicolor (Fabricius, 1794)
Paragus albifrons   species Paragus albifrons Fall. 1 Paragus albifrons (Fallen, 1817)
Paragus quadrifasciatus Meigen, 1822 species Paragus 4-fasciatus Mg. 1 Paragus quadrifasciatus Meigen, 1822
Paragus borbonicus   species Paragus borbonicus Macq. 12 Paragus borbonicus Macquart, 1842
Paragus tibialis   species Paragus tibialis Fall. 8 Paragus tibialis (Fallen, 1817)
Paragus tibialis   var Paragus [tibialis] var. meridionalis Beck. 9 Paragus tibialis (Fallen, 1817)
Paragus longiventris   species Paragus longiventris Lw 1 Paragus longiventris Loew, 1858
Paragus dolichogaster   chironym Paragus dolichogaster Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Paragus pusillus Stuckenberg, 1954 species Paragus pusillus Stuckenb. 3 Paragus pusillus Stuckenberg, 1954
Platycheirus rosarum   species Pyrophaena rosarum Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Platycheirus rosarum (Fabricius, 1787)
Platycheirus granditarsus   species Pyrophaena granditarsus Forst. 2   See D-fennica. Platycheirus granditarsis (Forster, 1771)
Platycheirus manicatus   species Platychirus manicatus Meig. 2   See D-fennica. Platycheirus manicatus (Meigen, 1822)
Platycheirus scutatus   species Platychirus scutatus Mg. 1 Platycheirus scutatus (Meigen, 1822)
Platycheirus melanopsis   species Platychirus melanopsis Lw 2 Platycheirus melanopsis Loew, 1856
Platycheirus discimanus   species Platychirus discimanus Lw 1   See D-fennica. Platycheirus discimanus (Loew, 1871)
Platycheirus latimanus   species Platychirus latimanus Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Platycheirus latimanus (Wahlbgerg, 1844)
Platycheirus peltataus   species Platychirus peltataus Mg. 3   See D-fennica.  
Platycheirus albimanus   species Platychirus albimanus Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Melanostoma mellinum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Platycheirus aeratus   species Platychirus aeratus Coq. 1 Platycheirus aeratus (Coquillett, 1900)
Platycheirus tenebrosus   species Platychirus tenebrosus Coq. 1 Platycheirus tenebrosus Coquillett, 1900
Platycheirus podagratus   species Platychirus podagratus Zett. 2 Platycheirus podagrata (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Platycheirus immarginatus   species Platychirus immarginatus Zett.     In D-fennica. Platycheirus immarginatus (Zetterstedt, 1849)
Platycheirus scambus   species Platychirus scambus Staeg.     In D-fennica. Platycheirus scambus (Staeger, 1843)
Platycheirus fulviventris   species Platychirus fulviventris Macq. Platycheirus fulviventris (Macquart, 1829)
Platycheirus hyperboreus   species Platychirus hyperboreus Staeg.     In D-fennica. Platycheirus hyperboreus (Staeger, 1845)
Platycheirus clypeatus   species Platychirus clypeatus Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Platycheirus clypeatus (Meigen, 1822)
Platycheirus carinatus   species Platychirus hirtipes Kan.     In D-fennica. Platycheirus carinata (Curran, 1927)
Platycheirus angustatus   species Platychirus angustatus Zett. 3   See D-fennica. Platycheirus angustatus (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Platycheirus quadratus   species Platychirus quadratus Say 2 Platycheirus quadratus (Say, 1823)
Platycheirus subordinatus   species Platychirus subordinatus Beck.     In D-fennica. Platycheirus subordinatus (Becker, 1915)
Argentinomyia crenulata   species Rhysops crenulata Will Argentinomyia crenulatus (Williston, 1891)
Platycheirus stegnus   species Melanostoma stegnum Say 9 Platycheirus stegnus (Say, 1829)
Melanostoma mellinum   species Melanostoma mellinum L. 4 Melanostoma mellinum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Melanostoma scalare   species Melanostoma scalare Fabr. 7 Melanostoma scalare (Fabricius, 1794)
Platycheirus ambiguus   species Melanostoma ambiguum Fall. 1 Platycheirus dexter (Harris, 1780)
Melanostoma orientale   species Melanostoma orientale Wied. 1 Melanostoma orientale (Wiedemann, 1824)
Melanostoma scalare   species Melanostoma ceylonense de Meij. 2 Melanostoma scalare (Fabricius, 1794)
Melanostoma univittatum (Wiedemann, 1824) species Melanostoma univittum Walk. 6 Melanostoma univittatum (Wiedemann, 1824)
Melanostoma univittatum (Wiedemann, 1824) chironym Melanostoma [univittum] var. mellinoides m. 2       Melanostoma univittatum (Wiedemann, 1824)
Melanostoma incompletum   species Melanostoma incompletum Beck. 10 Melanostoma incompletum Becker, 1908
Xanthandrus babyssa (Walker, 1849) species Melanostoma babyssa Woll. 2 Xanthandrus babyssa (Walker, 1849)
Melanostoma certum   species Melanostoma dubium Zett. 1   Intepreted as M. certum (=M. dubium auct. nec Zetterstedt), but this species is commonly misidentified Melanostoma certum Haarto & Ståhls, 2014
Platycheirus coerulescens   species Melanostoma coerulescens Will. 2 Platycheirus coerulescens (Williston, 1887)
Argentinomyia neotropica   species Melanostoma neotropicum Curr. 1 Allograpta neotropica Curran, 1936
Argentinomyia maculata   species Melanostoma discretum Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey Argentinomyia maculatus (Walker, 1852)
Platycheirus subfractum   species Melanostoma subfractum Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Platycheirus obscurus   species Melanostoma trichopus Thoms., Coq. 5 Platycheirus obscurus (Say, 1824)
Melangyna quadrimaculata   species Melangyna 4-maculata Verr. 1 Melangyna quadrimaculata (Verrall, 1873)
Xanthandrus bucephalus   species Xanthandrus bucephalus Wied. 8 Xanthandrus bucephalus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Xanthandrus comtus   species Xanthandrus comtus Harr. 3 Xanthandrus comtus (Harris, 1780)
Xanthandrus babyssa   species Xanthandrus parhyalinatus Big. 2 Xanthandrus babyssa (Walker, 1849)
Xanthandrus azorensis Frey, 1945 species Xanthandrus azorensis Frey 6 Xanthandrus azorensis Frey, 1945
Eriozona syrphoides (Fallén, 1817) species Eriozona syrphoides Fall. 5 Eriozona syrphoides (Fallen, 1817)
Leucozona lucorum   species Leucozona lucorum L. 1   See D-fennica. Leucozona lucorum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Scaeva pyrastri   species Catabomba pyrastri L. 8 Scaeva pyrastri (Linnaeus, 1758)
Scaeva selenitica   species Catabomba selenitica Mg. 2 Scaeva selenitica (Meigen, 1822)
Epistrophe melanostoma (Zetterstedt, 1843) species Catabomba melanostomus Macq. 1 Scaeva melanostoma (Macquart, 1842)
Scaeva albomaculata   species Catabomba albomaculatus Macq. 5 Scaeva albomaculata (Macquart, 1842)
Eupeodes volucris   species Eupeodes volucris Ost.-S. 7 Eupeodes volucris Osten Sacken, 1877
Dideopsis aegrota   species Aegrotomyia aegrota 10 Dideopsis aegrota (Fabricius, 1805)
Asarkina porcina   species Asarkina porcina Coq. 7 Asarkina porcina (Coquillett, 1898)
Asarkina fumipennis Sack, 1913 species Asarkina fumipennis Sack 1 Asarkina fumipennis Sack, 1913
Asarkina nasuta   chironym Asarkina nasuta n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Asarkina africana   species Asarkina africana Bezzi 1 Asarkina africana Bezzi, 1908
Asarkina ericetorum (Fabricius, 1781) species Asarkina ericetorum Fabr. 1 Asarkina ericetorum (Fabricius, 1781)
Asarkina orientalis Bezzi, 1908 species Asarkina [ericetorum] var. orientalis Bezzi 5 Asarkina orientalis Bezzi, 1908
Asarkina ericetorum   species Asarkina formosae Bezzi 2 Asarkina ericetorum (Fabricius, 1781)
Asarkina consequens   species Asarkina consequens Walk. 5 Asarkina consequens (Walker, 1857)
Asarkina eurytaeniata Bezzi, 1908 species Asarkina eurytaeniata Bezzi 1 Asarkina eurytaeniata Bezzi, 1908
Didea alneti   species Didea alneti Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Didea alneti (Fallen, 1817)
Didea fasciata   species Didea fasciata Mcq. 2   See D-fennica. Didea fasciata Macquart, 1834
Didea intermedia   species Didea intermedia Lw     In D-fennica. Didea intermedia Loew, 1854
Didea   genus   2 Didea Macquart, 1834
Dideoides latus   species Syrphus (Dideoides) latus Coq. 5 Dideoides latus (Coquillett, 1898)
Dideoides latus   var Syrphus (Dideoides) [latus] var. formosanus Mats. 2 Dideoides latus (Coquillett, 1898)
Dideoides coquilletti   species Syrphus (Dideoides) lautus Coq. 2 Dideoides coquilletti (Goot, 1964)
Dasysyrphus eggeri   species Syrphus (Dideoides) Eggeri Schin. 4 Dasysyrphus eggeri (Schiner, 1861)
Betasyrphus serarius   species Syrphus (Syrphus) serarius Wied. 2 Betasyrphus serarius (Wiedemann, 1830)
Dasysyrphus tricinctus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) tricinctus Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Dasysyrphus tricinctus (Fallen, 1817)
Eriozona erratica   species Syrphus (Syrphus) annulipes Zett. 4   See D-fennica. Eriozona erratica (Linnaeus, 1758)
Dasysyrphus albostriatus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) albostriatus Fall. 4   See D-fennica. Dasysyrphus albostriatus (Fallen, 1817)
Syrphus torvus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) torvus Ost.-S. 5   See D-fennica. Syrphus torvus Osten Sacken, 1875
Syrphus ribesii   species Syrphus (Syrphus) ribesii L. 1   See D-fennica. Syrphus ribesii (Linnaeus, 1758)
Syrphus vitripennis   species Syrphus (Syrphus) vitripennis Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Syrphus vitripennis Meigen, 1822
Epistrophe ochrostoma   species Syrphus (Syrphus) ochrostoma Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Epistrophe ochrostoma (Zetterstedt, 1849)
Epistrophe nitidicollis   species Syrphus (Syrphus) protritus O.-Sack. 9 Epistrophe nitidicollis (Meigen, 1822)
Syrphus opinator   species Syrphus (Syrphus) opinator Ost.-S. 7 Syrphus opinator Osten Sacken, 1877
Epistrophe nitidicollis   species Syrphus (Syrphus) nitidicollis Mg. 3 Epistrophe nitidicollis (Meigen, 1822)
Eupeodes nitens   species Syrphus (Syrphus) nitens Zett.     In D-fennica. Eupeodes nitens (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Epistrophe melanostoma   species Syrphus (Syrphus) ?     In D-fennica. Scaeva melanostoma (Macquart, 1842)
Syrphus angustifasciatus   chironym Syrphus (Syrphus) angustifasciatus n.sp. 4 Brazil, Argentina     Syrphus angustifasciatus Violovitsh, 1956
Syrphus sexmaculatus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) sexmaculatus Zett.     In D-fennica. Syrphus sexmaculatus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Parasyrphus tarsatus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) contumax Ost.-S. 2 Parasyrphus tarsatus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Eupeodes americanus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) americanus Wied. 4 Eupeodes americanus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Eupeodes latifasciatus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) latifasciatus Macq.     In D-fennica. Eupeodes latifasciatus (Macquart, 1829)
Eupeodes bucculatus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) latilunulatus Coll. 1   See D-fennica. Eupeodes bucculatus (Rondani, 1857)
Eupeodes corollae   species Syrphus (Syrphus) corollae Fabr. 11   See D-fennica. Eupeodes corollae (Fabricius, 1794)
Eupeodes luniger   species Syrphus (Syrphus) luniger Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Eupeodes luniger (Meigen, 1822)
Eupeodes punctifer   species Syrphus (Syrphus) punctifer Frey     In D-fennica. Eupeodes punctifer (Kanervo, 1934)
Dasysyrphus venustus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) arctuatus Fall. 4   See D-fennica. Dasysyrphus venustus (Meigen, 1822)
Eupeodes lapponicus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) lapponicus Zett.     In D-fennica. Eupeodes lapponicus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Dasysyrphus amalopis   species Syrphus (Syrphus) amalopis O.-S. 9 Dasysyrphus amalopis (Osten Sacken, 1875)
Eupeodes corollae   species Syrphus (Syrphus) cognatus Lw 1 Eupeodes corollae (Fabricius, 1794)
Dasysyrphus venustus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) lunulatus Mg.     In D-fennica. Dasysyrphus venustus (Meigen, 1822)
Dasysyrphus nigricornis   species Syrphus (Syrphus) nigricornis Verr.     In D-fennica. Dasysyrphus nigricornis (Verrall, 1873)
Dasysyrphus nigricornis   species Syrphus (Syrphus) obscuratus Ringd. 1 Dasysyrphus nigricornis (Verrall, 1873)
Dasysyrphus postclaviger   species Syrphus (Syrphus) claviger Frey Dasysyrphus intrudens (Osten Sacken, 1877)
Dasysyrphus venustus   species Syrphus (Syrphus) venustus Mg. 13 Dasysyrphus venustus (Meigen, 1822)
Dasysyrphus hilaris   species Syrphus (Syrphus) [venustus] var. hilaris Zett. 8 Dasysyrphus venustus (Meigen, 1822)
Syrphus pseudobarbifrons   chironym Syrphus (Syrphus) pseudobarbifrons Frey        
Xanthogramma festiva   species Xanthogramma citrofasciatum Deg. 2   See D-fennica. Xanthogramma festiva (Linnaeus, 1758)
Xanthogramma pedissequum   species Xanthogramma nobilitatum Frey 8 Xanthogramma pedissequum (Harris, 1776)
Xanthogramma maculipenne Mik, 1887 species Xanthogramma maculipenne Mik 1 Xanthogramma maculipenne Mik, 1887
Xanthogramma pedissequum   species Xanthogramma ornatum Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Xanthogramma pedissequum (Harris, 1776)
Xanthogramma evanescens Becker, 1913 species Xanthogramma evanescens Beck. 1 Xanthogramma evanescens Becker, 1913
Epistrophe emarginata   species Xanthogramma felix Lw 1 Epistrophe emarginata (Say, 1823)
Citrogramma clarum (Hervé-Bazin, 1923) species Olbiosyrphus clarus Herv.-Baz. 2 Citrogramma clarum (Herve-Bazin, 1923)
Xanthogramma laetum   species Olbiosyrphus laetus Fabr. 3 Xanthogramma laetum (Fabricius, 1794)
Simosyrphus grandicornis   species Simosyrphus grandicornis Mac. 1 Simosyrphus grandicornis (Macquart, 1842)
Ischiodon aegyptius (Wiedemann, 1830) species Ischiodon aegyptium Wied. 9 Ischiodon aegyptius (Wiedemann, 1830)
Ischiodon scutellaris   species Ischiodon scutellaris Fabr. 6 Ischiodon scutellaris (Fabricius, 1805)
Ischiodon scutellaris   species Ischiodon platychiroides Frey 1 Ischiodon scutellaris (Fabricius, 1805)
Leucozona glaucia   species Ischyrosyrphus glaucius L. 3   See D-fennica. Leucozona glaucia (Linnaeus, 1758)
Leucozona latifrons   chironym Ischyrosyrphus latifrons Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Leucozona laternaria   species Ischyrosyrphus laternarium Müll.     In D-fennica. Leucozona laternaria (Muller, 1776)
Epistrophe eligans   species Epistrophe bifasciatus Fabr. 2 Epistrophe eligans (Harris, 1780)
Epistrophe grossulariae   species Epistrophe grossularius Mg.     In D-fennica. Epistrophe grossulariae (Meigen, 1822)
Epistrophe grossulariae   var Epistrophe [grossularius} var. americana Frey 1 Epistrophe grossulariae (Meigen, 1822)
Epistrophe grossulariae   species Epistrophe lesueurii Macq.     In D-fennica? Epistrophe grossulariae (Meigen, 1822)
Epistrophe Plaumanni   chironym Epistrophe Plaumanni Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Parasyrphus lineolus   species Epistrophe lineola Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Parasyrphus lineola (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Parasyrphus vittiger   species Epistrophe vittiger Zett. 2   See D-fennica. Parasyrphus vittiger (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Parasyrphus annulatus   species Epistrophe annulatus Zett.     In D-fennica. Parasyrphus annulatus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Parasyrphus relictus   species Epistrophe relictus Zett.     In D-fennica. Parasyrphus relictus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Parasyrphus groenlandicus   species Epistrophe latifrons Ringd. 1 Parasyrphus groenlandica (Nielsen, 1910)
Parasyrphus tarsatus   species Epistrophe tarsatus Zett.     In D-fennica. Parasyrphus tarsatus (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Parasyrphus macularis   species Epistrophe macularis Zett.     In D-fennica. Parasyrphus macularis (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Episyrphus balteatus   species Meliscaeva balteatus Deg. 5   See D-fennica. Episyrphus balteatus (De Geer, 1776)
Episyrphus viridaureus   species Meliscaeva [balteatus] var. alternans Wied. [sic] 1 Episyrphus viridaureus (Wiedemann, 1824)
Episyrphus viridaureus   var Meliscaeva [balteatus] var. nectarinis Wied. 8 Episyrphus viridaureus (Wiedemann, 1824)
Meliscaeva cinctella   species Meliscaeva cinctellus Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Meliscaeva cinctella (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Meliscaeva cinctella   species Meliscaeva diversipes Macq. 2 Meliscaeva cinctella (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Meligramma auricollis   species Meliscaeva auricollis Mg. 6  
Meligramma triangulifera   species Meliscaeva trianguliferus Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Melangyna triangulifera (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Epistrophella euchroma   species Meliscaeva euchroma Kow.     In D-fennica. Epistrophe euchromus (Kowarz, 1885)
Melangyna umbellatarum   species Meliscaeva umbellatarum Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Melangyna umbellatarum (Fabricius, 1794)
Melangyna compositarum   species Meliscaeva compositarum Verr.     In D-fennica. Melangyna sexguttata (Meigen, 1838)
Melangyna lasiophthalma   species Meliscaeva lasiophthalmus Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Melangyna lasiophthalma (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Ischiodon feae   species Meliscaeva Feae Bezzi 4 Eumerus feae Bezzi, 1912
Melangyna barbifrons   species Meliscaeva barbifrons Fall.     In D-fennica. Melangyna barbifrons (Fallen, 1817)
Melangyna arctica   species Meliscaeva arctica Zett.     In D-fennica. Melangyna arctica (Zetterstedt, 1838)
Meligramma guttata   species Meligramma guttatus Fall.     In D-fennica. Melangyna guttata (Fallen, 1817)
Allograpta javana   species Miogramma javana Wied. 2 Allograpta javana (Wiedemann, 1824)
Allograpta medanensis   species Miogramma medanensis de Meij. 1 Allograpta medanensis (Meijere, 1914)
Allograpta obscuricornis   species Miogramma obscuricornis de Meij. 1 Allograpta obscuricornis (Meijere, 1914)
Allograpta purpureicollis   species Miogramma purpureocollis Frey [sic] 1 Allograpta purpureicollis (Frey, 1946)
Allograpta philippina   species Miogramma philippina Frey 1 Allograpta philippina (Frey, 1946)
Allograpta maculipleura   species Miogramma maculipleura Brun. 2 Allograpta maculipleura (Brunetti, 1913)
Allograpta calopus   species Miogramma abyssinica Frey 1 Allograpta calopus (Loew, 1858)
Allograpta nasuta   species Miogramma Pfeifferi Big. 12 Allograpta nasuta (Macquart, 1842)
Fazia plaumanni   species Microsphaerophoria Plaumanni Frey 1  
Sphaerophoria niger   species Sphaerophoria (Nesosyrphus) niger Frey 5  
Sphaerophoria scripta   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) scripta var. scripta L. 5   See D-fennica. Sphaerophoria scripta (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sphaerophoria   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [scripta] var. dispar Lw 2   See D-fennica. Sphaerophoria Lepeletier & Serville, 1828
Sphaerophoria scripta   var Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [scripta] var. strigata Staeg.     In D-fennica. Sphaerophoria scripta (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sphaerophoria philantha   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [scripta] var. nigricoxa Zett.     In D-fennica. Sphaerophoria philanthus (Meigen, 1822)
Sphaerophoria rueppellii   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) pictipes Boh. 1 Sphaerophoria rueppellii (Wiedemann, 1830)
Sphaerophoria taeniata   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [menthastri] var. taeniata Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Sphaerophoria taeniata (Meigen, 1822)
Sphaerophoria philantha   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [menthastri] var. philanthus Meig. 4   See D-fennica. Sphaerophoria philanthus (Meigen, 1822)
Sphaerophoria menthastri   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [menthastri] var. menthanstri L.     In D-fennica. Sphaerophoria menthastri (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sphaerophoria menthastri   var Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) [menthastri] var. picta Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Sphaerophoria menthastri (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sphaerophoria contiqua   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) cylindrica Say 3 Sphaerophoria contiqua Macquart, 1847
Sphaerophoria rueppellii   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) Rueppeli Wied. 6 Sphaerophoria rueppellii (Wiedemann, 1830)
Sphaerophoria loewi   species Sphaerophoria (Sphaerophoria) loewi Zett.     In D-fennica. Sphaerophoria loewii Zetterstedt, 1843
Eosphaerophoria marginata   species Eosphaerophoria marginata Frey 4 Eosphaerophoria marginata Frey, 1946
Allograpta obliqua   species Allograpta obliqua Say 4 Allograpta obliqua (Say, 1823)
Allograpta hortensis (Philippi, 1865) species Allograpta hortensis Phil. 1 Allograpta hortensis (Philippi, 1865)
? Allograpta hortensis (Philippi, 1865) species Allograpta [hortensis] var. nigritarsis Frey 2  
Allograpta exotica   species Allograpta fracta O.-S. 1 Allograpta exotica (Wiedemann, 1830)
Fazia strigifacies   species Neoscaeva aeruginosifrons brunneola Frey 1  
Toxomerus geminatus   species Toxomerus geminatus Say 2 Toxomerus geminatus (Say, 1823)
Toxomerus tibicen   species Mesogramma tibicen Wied. 6 Toxomerus tibicen (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus politus   species Mesogramma politus Say 6 Toxomerus politus (Say, 1823)
Toxomerus duplicatus   species Mesogramma duplicatus Wied. 6 Toxomerus duplicatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus duplicatus   chironym Mesogramma [duplicatus] var. ignota n. 3   MS name by R. Frey   Toxomerus duplicatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus duplicatus   chironym Mesogramma [duplicatus] var. annulipes n. 1   MS name by R. Frey   Toxomerus duplicatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus duplicatus   chironym Mesogramma [duplicatus] var. subflorale n. 2   MS name by R. Frey   Toxomerus duplicatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus duplicatus   species Mesogramma ochrogaster Thoms. 1 Toxomerus duplicatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus duplicatus   species Mesogramma sp. 1 Toxomerus duplicatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Toxomerus sp. 1   species Mesogramma subannulatus Lw 1  
Toxomerus floralis   species Mesogramma laciniosa Lw 1 Toxomerus floralis (Fabricius, 1798)
Toxomerus musicus   species Mesogramma musicus Fabr. 5 Toxomerus musicus (Fabricius, 1805)
Toxomerus musicus   chironym Mesogramma [musicus] var. musicalis n. 2   MS name by R. Frey   Toxomerus musicus (Fabricius, 1805)
Toxomerus floralis   species Mesogramma floralis Fabr. 11 Toxomerus floralis (Fabricius, 1798)
Toxomerus arcifer   species Mesogramma arcifera Lw 1 Toxomerus arcifer (Loew, 1866)
Toxomerus politus   species Mesogramma anchorata Macq. 1 Toxomerus politus (Say, 1823)
Toxomerus sp. 2   species Mesogramma sp. 4  
Toxomerus sp. 3   species Mesogramma sp. 1  
Toxomerus marginatus   species Mesogramma marginatus Say 16 Toxomerus marginatus (Say, 1823)
Toxomerus marginatus   chironym Mesogramma [marginatus] var. nigriventris n. 5   MS name by R. Frey   Toxomerus marginatus (Say, 1823)
Toxomerus vertebratus   species Mesogramma Philippi Shan. 1 Toxomerus vertebratus (Rondani, 1863)
Toxomerus dispar   species Mesogramma basilaris Wied. 9 Toxomerus dispar (Fabricius, 1794)
Toxomerus laenas   species Mesogramma nitidiventris Curr. 1 Toxomerus laenas (Walker, 1852)
Melanostoma flavipleurum   species Mesogramma flavipleura Hull 1 Melanostoma flavipleurum Hull, 1964
Ocyptamusrubricosus   species Calliscaeva rubricosa Wied. 2  
Spazigaster ambulans (Fabricius, 1798) species Spathiogaster ambulans Fabr. 2 Spazigaster ambulans (Fabricius, 1798)
Ocyptamus crocatus (Austen, 1893) species Callostigma crocata Aust. 4 Ocyptamus crocatus (Austen, 1893)
Ocyptamus dimidiatus   species Ocyptamus latiusculus Lw 2 Ocyptamus dimidiatus (Fabricius, 1781)
Ocyptamus funebris   species Ocyptamus funebris Macq. 9 Ocyptamus funebris Macquart, 1834
Ocyptamus funebris   chironym Ocyptamus [funebris] var. venosus Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey   Ocyptamus funebris Macquart, 1834
Ocyptamus antiphates   species Ocyptamus scutellatus Lw 9 Ocyptamus antiphates (Walker, 1849)
Ocyptamus cylindricus   species Ocyptamus cylindrica Fabr. 4 Ocyptamus cylindricus (Fabricius, 1781)
Ocyptamus fuscipennis   species Ocyptamus fuscipennis Say 4 Ocyptamus fuscipennis (Say, 1823)
Ocyptamus gastrostactus   species Ocyptamus gastrotactus Wied. [sic] 2 Ocyptamus gastrostactus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Ocyptamus dimidiatus   species Ocyptamus dimidiatus Fabr. 6 Ocyptamus dimidiatus (Fabricius, 1781)
Ocyptamus placivus (Williston, 1888) species Baccha placiva Will. 4 Ocyptamus placivus (Williston, 1888)
Ocyptamus phaeopterus   species Baccha phaeoptera Schin. 2 Ocyptamus phaeopterus (Schiner, 1868)
Ocyptamus persimilis Curran, 1930 species Baccha persimilis Will.[sic] 1 Ocyptamus persimilis (Curran, 1930)
Ocyptamus croceus (Austen, 1893) species Baccha croacea Aust. 1 Ocyptamus croceus (Austen, 1893)
Ocyptamus lividus   species Baccha livida Schin. 3 Ocyptamus lividus (Schiner, 1868)
Ocyptamus plaumanni   chironym Baccha Plaumanni n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Ocyptamus elegantulus   chironym Baccha elegantula n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Ocyptamus fascipennis   species Baccha fascipennis Wied. 9 Ocyptamus fascipennis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Ocyptamus clarapex (Wiedemann, 1830) species Baccha clarapex Wied. 9 Ocyptamus clarapex (Wiedemann, 1830)
Ocyptamus johnsoni   species Baccha Johnsoni Curr 9 Ocyptamus johnsoni (Curran, 1934)
Ocyptamus adspersus   species Baccha adspersus Wied. 1 Ocyptamus adspersus (Fabricius, 1805)
Ocyptamus lemur   species Baccha lemur O.-S. 1 Ocyptamus lemur (Osten Sacken, 1877)
Allobaccha purpuricola   species Baccha purpuricola Walk. 5 Allobaccha purpuricola (Walker, 1859)
Allobaccha mundula (Wulp, 1898) species Baccha mundula v.d. Wulp 3 Allobaccha mundula (Wulp, 1898)
Asiobaccha nubilipennis (Austen, 1893) species Baccha nubilipennis Aust. 4  
Allobaccha pulchrifrons   species Baccha pulchrifrons Aust. 7 Allobaccha pulchrifrons (Austen, 1893)
Allobaccha sapphirina (Wiedemann, 1830): species Baccha sapphirina Wied. 2 Allobaccha sapphirina (Wiedemann, 1830)
Asiobaccha sauteri   species Baccha sauteri Kert. 2  
Allobaccha amphithoe (Walker, 1849) species Baccha amphitoe Walk. 6 Allobaccha amphithoe (Walker, 1849)
Allobaccha meijerei   species Baccha Meijerei Kert. 1 Allobaccha meijerei (Kertesz, 1913)
Allobaccha amphithoe   species Baccha pedicellata Dol. 1 Allobaccha amphithoe (Walker, 1849)
Allobaccha signata   species Baccha signata Sack. 6 Allobaccha signata (Sack, 1926)
Baccha maculata   species Baccha austeni de Meij. 1 Baccha maculata Walker, 1852
Baccha maculata   species Baccha maculata Walk. 7 Baccha maculata Walker, 1852
Pseudodoros clavatus   species Baccha clavata Fabr. 12 Pseudodoros clavatus (Fabricius, 1794)
Ocyptamus shropshirei (Curran, 1930) species Baccha shropshirei Curr. 2 Ocyptamus shropshirei (Curran, 1930)
Ocyptamus levissimus   species Baccha levissima Aust. 2 Ocyptamus levissimus (Austen, 1893)
Ocyptamus chapadensis   species Baccha chapadensis Curr. 1 Ocyptamus chapadensis (Curran, 1930)
Baccha scabrifrons   chironym Baccha scabrifrons n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Leucopodella incompta   species Baccha incompta Aust. 1 Leucopodella incompta (Austen, 1893)
Baccha elongata   species Baccha obscuripennis Mg. 3   See D-fennica. Baccha elongata (Fabricius, 1775)
Baccha elongata   species Baccha elongata Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Baccha elongata (Fabricius, 1775)
Salpingogaster pygophora   species Salpingogaster pygophora Schin. 4 Salpingogaster pygophora Schiner, 1868
Salpingogaster hamatus   chironym Salpingogaster hamatus Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Salpingogaster kotzbaueri   chironym Salpingogaster kotzbaueri Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Spheginobaccha humeralis   species Spheginobaccha humeralis Sack 2 Spheginobaccha humeralis (Sack, 1926)
Spheginobaccha macropoda (Bigot, 1883) species Spheginobaccha macropoda Big. 6 Spheginobaccha macropoda (Bigot, 1884)
Doros profuges   species Doros conopeus Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Doros profuges (Harris, 1780)
Pseudodoros   genus Pseudodoros 1 Pseudodoros Becker, 1903
Rhinobaccha   genus Rhinobaccha 1 Rhinobaccha Meijere, 1908

Taxa in collection for Syrphidae: 746


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Leopoldius coronatus   species Brachyglossum coronatum Rond. 1 Leopoldius coronatus (Rondani, 1857)
Conops philippinensis   species Conops philippiensis Kröb. 2 Conops philippinensis Krober, 1927
Conops nigripes   species Conops nigripes Kröb., 2 Conops nigripes Krober, 1913
Conops rubriventris   chironym Conops rubriventris Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Conops nubeculosus   species Conops nubeculosus Beg. subsp. subornatus Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey Conops nubeculosus Bigot, 1887
Conops bakeri   species Conops bakeri Kröb. 3 Conops bakeri Krober, 1927
Conops olivaceus   species Conops olivaceus Kröb. 2 Conops olivaceus Krober, 1927
Conops vesicularis   species Conops vesicularis L. 2   See D-fennica. Conops vesicularis Linnaeus, 1761
Conops simillimus   chironym Conops simillimus n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Conops elegans   species Conops elegans Meig. 1 Conops elegans Meigen, 1804
Conops elegans   species Conops fuscanipennis Big. 1 Conops elegans Meigen, 1804
Conops insignis   species Conops insignis Loew 1 Conops insignis Loew, 1848
Conops nubeculipennis   species Conops nubeculipennis Bezzi 3 Conops nubeculipennis Bezzi, 1901
Physoconops gracilis   species Conops gracilis Will. 1 Physoconops gracilis (Williston, 1885)
Conops ceriaeformis   species Conops ceriaeformis Meig. 1 Conops ceriaeformis Meigen, 1824
Conops flavifrons Meigen, 1824 species Conops flavifrons Meig. 1 Conops flavifrons Meigen, 1824
Conops flavipes   species Conops flavipes L. 4 Conops flavipes Linnaeus, 1758
Conops quadrifasciatus   species Conops quadrifasciata Deg. 2   See D-fennica. Conops quadrifasciatus De Geer, 1776
Conops fraternus   chironym Conops fraternus sp. 4   MS name by R. Frey   Conops fraternus Krober, 1933
Conops strigatus   species Conops strigatus Wied. 2 Conops strigatus Wiedemann, 1824
Conops scutellatus   species Conops scutellatus Mg. 2 Conops scutellatus Meigen, 1804
Physoconops excisus   species Conops excisus Wied. 1 Physoconops excisus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Physoconops brachyrhynchus   species Conops xanthopareus Will. 2 Physoconops brachyrhynchus (Macquart, 1843)
Physocephala nigra   species Physocephala nigra Deg.     In D-fennica. Physocephala nigra (De Geer, 1776)
Physocephala tibialis   species Physocephala tibialis Say 2 Physocephala tibialis (Say, 1829)
Physocephala rufipes   species Physocephala obscura Kröb. 1 Physocephala rufipes (Fabricius, 1781)
Physocephala segethi   species Physocephala segethi Rond. 1 Physocephala segethi (Rondani, 1863)
Physocephala picipes   species Physocephala picipes Kröb. 1 Physocephala picipes Krober, 1915
Physocephala rufipes   species Physocephala rufipes Fabr. 2 Physocephala rufipes (Fabricius, 1781)
Physocephala sororcula   species Physocephala sororcula Will. 9 Physocephala sororcula Williston, 1892
Physocephala sp.   species Physocephala sp. 1  
Physocephala vittata   species Physocephala vittata Fabr. 2 Physocephala vittata (Fabricius, 1794)
Physocephala vittata   species Physocephala [vittata] subsp. abdominalis Kröb. 2 Physocephala vittata (Fabricius, 1794)
Physocephala pusilla   species Physocephala persica Beck. 1 Physocephala pusilla (Meigen, 1824)
Physocephala pusilla   species Physocephala pusilla Meig. 2 Physocephala pusilla (Meigen, 1824)
Physocephala sinensis   species Physocephala sinensis Kröb. 2 Physocephala sinensis Krober, 1933
Physocephala limbipennis   species Physocephala limbipennis Meig. 3 Physocephala limbipennis Meijere, 1910
Physocephala bipartita   species Physocephala bipartita Dol. 2 Physocephala bipartita (Doleschall, 1858)
Physocephala vicarius   chironym Physocephala vicarius n.sp. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Physocephala aequatorialis   chironym Physocephala aequatorialis n. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Physocephala texana   species Physocephala affinis Will. 1 Physocephala texana (Williston, 1882)
Physocephala variegata   species Physocephala variegata Dol. 1 Physocephala variegata (Meigen, 1824)
Physocephala chrysorrhoea (Meigen, 1824) species Physocephala chrysorrhoea Meig. 1 Physocephala chrysorrhoea (Meigen, 1824)
Neobrachyceraea obscuripennis   species Neobrachyceraea obscuripennis Krob. 1 Neobrachyceraea obscuripennis (Krober, 1913)
Zodion obliquefasciatum   species Zodion obliquefasciatum Macq. 1 Zodion obliquefasciatum (Macquart, 1846)
Zodion fulvifrons   species Zodion fulvifrons Say 3 Zodion fulvifrons Say, 1823
Zodion intermedium Banks, 1916 species Zodion intermedium Banks 3 Zodion intermedium Banks, 1916
Zodion fulvifrons   species Zodion sayi Big.[sic] 2 Zodion fulvifrons Say, 1823
Zodion cinereum   species Zodion cinereum Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Zodion cinereum (Fabricius, 1794)
Zodion cinereum   species Zodion notatum Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Zodion cinereum (Fabricius, 1794)
Zodion americanum   species Zodion nanellum Loew 1 Zodion americanum Wiedemann, 1830
Zodion americanum   species Zodion pygmaeum Will. 1 Zodion americanum Wiedemann, 1830
Zodion trilineata   chironym Zodion trilineata n. 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Zodion digramma   chironym Zodion digramma n. 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Zodion bilineata   chironym Zodion bilineata n. 1   MS name by R. Frey   Zodion bilineata Van Duzee, 1927
Stylogaster neglecta Williston, 1883 species Stylogaster // *OBSCURED* 1 Stylogaster neglecta Williston, 1883
Stylogaster biannulata (Say, 1823) species Stylogaster biannulata Say 1 Stylogaster biannulata (Say, 1823)
Stylogaster boliviana   chironym Stylogaster boliviana n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Stylogaster sp.   species Stylogaster sp. 1  
Dalmannia aculeata   species Dalmannia aculeata L. 1 Dalmannia aculeata (Linnaeus, 1761)
Dalmannia punctata   species Dalmannia punctata Fabr. 1 Dalmannia punctata (Fabricius, 1794)
Dalmannia dorsalis   species Dalmannia dorsalis Fabr. 2 Dalmannia dorsalis (Fabricius, 1794)
Dalmannia marginata   species Dalmannia marginata Mg. 1 Dalmannia marginata (Meigen, 1824)
Dalmannia vitiosa   species Dalmannia vitiosa Coq. 3 Dalmannia vitiosa Coquillett, 1892
Thecophora distincta   species Occemyia distincta Wied.     In D-fennica. Thecophora distincta (Wiedemann, 1824)
Thecophora atra   species Occemyia atra Fabr. 3 Thecophora atra (Fabricius, 1775)
Thecophora pusilla   species Occemyia pusilla Mg. 3   In D-fennica. Thecophora cinerascens Meigen, 1804
Thecophora fulvipes   species Occemyia sundevalli Zett. 1 Thecophora fulvipes (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Thecophora longicornis   species Occemyia infuscatipes v. Duz. 2 Thecophora longicornis (Say, 1823)
Thecophora sp.   species Occemyia sp. 3  
Thecophora sauteri   species Occemyia sauteri Kröb. 1 Physocephala sauteri Krober, 1913
Thecophora simillima   species Occemyia simillima de Meij. 1 Thecophora simillima (Meijere, 1904)
Myopotta pallipes   species Melanosoma pallipes Wied.     In D-fennica. Myopotta pallipes (Wiedemann, 1824)
Melanosoma bicolor (Meigen, 1824) species Melanosoma bicolor Mg. 1 Melanosoma bicolor (Meigen, 1824)
Melanosoma mundum Czerny, 1909 species Melanosoma mundum Strobl 2 Melanosoma mundum Czerny, 1909
Myopa buccata   species Myopa buccata L. 3   See D-fennica. Myopa buccata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Myopa minor   species Myopa [buccata] f. minor 1 Myopa minor Strobl, 1899
Myopa vicaria   species Myopa strandi Duda     See D-fennica. Myopa vicaria Walker, 1849
Myopa testacea   species Myopa testacea L. 4   See D-fennica. Myopa testacea (Linnaeus, 1767)
Myopa stigma   species Myopa [testacea] subsp. stigma Meig. 1 Myopa stigma Meigen, 1824
Myopa polystigma   species Myopa polystigma Rond. 2 Myopa polystigma Rondani, 1857
Myopa variegata   species Myopa variegata Mg. 1 Myopa variegata Meigen, 1804
Myopa morio   species Myopa morio Meig. 2 Myopa morio Meigen, 1804
Myopa pallida   species Myopa pallida Kröb. 3 Myopa pallida Krober, 1916
Myopa dorsalis   species Myopa dorsalis Fabr. 1 Myopa dorsalis Fabricius, 1794
Myopa fasciata   species Myopa fasciata Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Myopa fasciata Meigen, 1804
Myopa occulta   species Myopa occulta Mg. 1 Myopa occulta Wiedemann, 1824
Sicus ferrugineus   species Sicus ferrugineus L. 4   See D-fennica. Sicus ferrugineus (Linnaeus, 1761)

Taxa in collection for Conopidae: 88


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Formicosepsis tinctipennis Meijere, 1916 species Formicosepsis tinctipennis de Meij. 10 Formicosepsis tinctipennis Meijere, 1916

Taxa in collection for Cypselosomatidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Telostylinus lineolatus   species Telostylinus lineolatus Wied. 3 Telostylinus lineolatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Telostylinus lineolatus   chironym Telostylinus [lineolatus] v. obscuripes Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey   Telostylinus lineolatus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Chaetonerius inermis (Schiner, 1868) species Telostylinus inermus Schin. 1 Chaetonerius inermis (Schiner, 1868)
Telostylus maccus Osten Sacken, 1882 species Telostylus maccus O.-S. 5 Telostylus maccus Osten Sacekn, 1882
Telostylus maccus   chironym Telostylus [maccus] var. laetior Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey   Telostylus maccus Osten Sacekn, 1882
Telostylus sexnotatus   chironym Telostylus sexnotatus Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Chaetonerius latifemur   species Chaetonerius latifemur End. 4 Chaetonerius latifemur Enderlein, 1922
Gymnonerius fuscus   species Gymnonerius fuscus Wied. 4 Gymnonerius fuscus Wiedemann, 1824
Gymnonerius philippinensis   chironym Gymnonerius [fuscus] subsp. philippinensis Frey 7   MS name by R. Frey  
Gymnonerius hendeli   species Gymnonerius [fuscus] subsp. Hendeli Hen. 3 Gymnonerius hendeli Hennig, 1937
Gymnonerius Vitalisi   chironym Gymnonerius [fuscus] subsp. Vitalisi Frey 5   MS name by R. Frey  
Gymnonerius dimidiatus   species Gymnonerius [fuscus] subsp. dimidiatus Cres. 1 Gymnonerius dimidiatus Cresson, 1926
Longina abdominalis   species Longina abdominalis Wied. 7 Longina abdominalis Wiedemann, 1830
Longina abdominalis   species Longina Peletieri Lap. [sic] 6   Original spelling of the name is peleterii Longina abdominalis Wiedemann, 1830
Odontoloxozus peruanus Hennig, 1937 species Odontoloxoxus peruanus Hen. 1 Odontoloxozus peruanus Hennig, 1937
Glyphidops filosus   species Glyphidops filosus F. 4 Glyphidops filosus (Fabricius, 1805)
Glyphidops ochreus   species Glyphidops ochrea Hen. 1 Glyphidops ochreus Hennig, 1937
Glyphidops xanthopus   species Glyphidops xanthopus Schin. 3 Glyphidops xanthopus (Schiner, 1868)
Glyphidops obscurus Hennig, 1937 species Glyphidops obscurus Hen. 3 Glyphidops obscurus Hennig, 1937
Glyphidops peruanus   species Glyphidops peruanus End. 1 Glyphidops peruanus (Enderlein, 1922)
Glyphidops seductrix   species Oncopsia seductrix Hen. 2 Glyphidops seductrix (Hennig, 1937)
Glyphidops limbatus   species Oncopsia striativentris Czerny 1 Glyphidops limbatus Enderlein, 1922
Antillonerius striativentris   chironym Antillonerius hemiseta Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Nerius plurivittatus   species Nerius robusta End. 3 Nerius plurivittatus Bigot, 1886
Nerius pilifer   species Nerius pilifer F. 6 Nerius pilifer Fabricius, 1805
Nerius purpusianus   species Nerius purpusianus End. 3 Nerius purpusianus (Enderlein, 1922)

Taxa in collection for Neriidae: 26


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Taeniaptera aeripennis   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) aeripennis End. 1 Taeniaptera aeripennis Enderlein, 1922
Taeniaptera strigata   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) strigata End. 4 Taeniaptera strigata Enderlein, 1922
Taeniaptera tarsata   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) tarsata Wied. 7 Taeniaptera tarsata Wiedemann, 1830
Taeniaptera nigritarsis   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) nigritarsis Macq. 2 Taeniaptera nigritarsis (Macquart, 1848)
Taeniaptera rufifacies   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) rufifacies Macq. 1 Taeniaptera rufifacies Macquart, 1851
Taeniaptera platycnema   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) platycnema Lw 1 Taeniaptera platycnema Loew, 1866
Taeniaptera dilutimacula   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) dilutimacula End. 2 Taeniaptera dilutimacula Enderlein, 1922
Taeniaptera annulata   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) annulata Fabr. 6 Taeniaptera annulata Fabricius, 1787
Taeniaptera vulgata   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) vulgata Hen. 4 Taeniaptera vulgata Hennig, 1934
Taeniaptera angulata   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) angulata Lw 5 Taeniaptera angulata Loew, 1866
Taeniaptera postannulus   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) postannulus End. 1 Taeniaptera postannulus Enderlein, 1922
Taeniaptera tibialis   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) tibialis Macq. 2 Taeniaptera tibialis Macquart, 1843
Taeniaptera thiemei   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) Thiemei End. 3 Taeniaptera thiemei Enderlein, 1922
Taeniaptera simillima   species Taeniaptera (Taeniaptera) simillima Hend. 1 Taeniaptera simillima Hendel, 1922
Taeniaptera lasciva   species Taeniaptera (Grallopoda) lasciva Fabr. 18 Taeniaptera lasciva (Fabricius, 1798)
Poecilotylus testaceus   species Poecilostylus testacea Fabr. 2 Poecilotylus testaceus (Fabricius, 1805)
Poecilotylus luridilabris   species Poecilostylus luridilabris End. 1 Poecilotylus luridilabris Enderlein, 1922
Poecilotylus nigricornis   chironym Poecilostylus nigricornis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Poecilotylus buscki   species Poecilostylus Buscki Cres. 1 Poecilotylus buscki Cresson, 1930
Poecilotylus obliquus   species Poecilostylus obliquus Wied. 2 Poecilotylus obliquus (Fabricius, 1805)
Poecilotylus varius   species Poecilostylus varia Wied. 2 Poecilotylus varius Wiedemann, 1830
Grallipeza imbecilla   species Grallipeza imbecilla End. 3 Grallipeza imbecilla Enderlein, 1922
Grallipeza cantata   species Grallipeza cantata Cres. 1 Grallipeza cantata Cresson, 1926
Grallipeza placida   species Grallipeza placida Lw 4 Grallipeza placida Loew, 1866
Grallipeza magna   species Grallipeza magna Hen. 3 Grallipeza magna Hennig, 1934
Grallipeza affinis Hennig, 1934 species Grallipeza affinis Hen. 1 Grallipeza affinis Hennig, 1934
Grallipeza elegans Hennig, 1934 species Grallipeza elegans Hen. 1 Grallipeza elegans Hennig, 1934
Grallipeza pronigra   species Grallipeza pronigra Hen. 1 Grallipeza pronigra Hennig, 1934
Grallipeza sahlbergi   chironym Grallipeza sahlbergi Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Grallipeza flavofemorata   chironym Grallipeza flavofemorata Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Calosphen plaumanni   chironym Calosphen Plaumanni Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Calosphen nigrovittata   chironym Calosphen nigrovittata Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Ptilosphen fulvus   species Ptilosphen ochraceus End. 1 Ptilosphen fulvus Walker, 1849
Ptilosphen insignis   species Ptilosphen insignis Wied. 8 Ptilosphen insignis Wiedemann, 1830
Ptilosphen viriolatus   species Ptilosphen viriolatus End. 2 Ptilosphen viriolatus Enderlein, 1922
Ptilosphen comis   species Ptilosphen comis Cres. 1 Ptilosphen comis Cresson, 1930
Ptilosphen enderleini   species Ptilosphen Enderleini Cres. 6 Ptilosphen enderleini Cresson, 1930
Scipopus belzebul   species Scipopus (Scipopus) belzebul Schin. 9 Scipopus belzebul Schiner, 1868
Scipopus erythrocephalus (Fabricius, 1805) species Scipopus (Scipopus) erythrocephalus Fabr. 3 Scipopus erythrocephalus (Fabricius, 1805)
Scipopus diversus   species Scipopus (Scipopus) diversus Schin. 8 Scipopus diversus Schiner, 1868
Scipopus cartaboensis Cresson, 1926 species Scipopus (Scipopus) cartaboensis Cres. 1 Scipopus cartaboensis Cresson, 1926
Scipopus frit   species Scipopus (Scipopus) frit Cres. 1 Scipopus frit Cresson, 1926
Scipopus calocephala   species Scipopus (Scipopus) calocephalus Big. 1 Scipopus calocephala Bigot, 1886
Scipopus bolivianus   species Scipopus (Scipopus) bolivianus Hen. 1 Scipopus bolivianus Hennig, 1934
Scipopus limbativertex   species Scipopus (Scipopus) limbativertex End. 2 Scipopus limbativertex Enderlein, 1922
Scipopus heteropus (Frey, 1927) species Scipopus (Phaeopterina) heteropus Frey 2 Scipopus heteropus (Frey, 1927)
Zelatractodes melini (Frey, 1927) species Aristabata Melini Frey 4 Zelatractodes melini Frey, 1927
Aristobatina principalis   species Aristobatina principalis Frey 1 Aristobatina principalis (Frey, 1929)
Aristobatina principalis   species Mesoconius Enderleini Frey 2 Aristobatina principalis (Frey, 1929)
Mesoconius hemithorax   species Mesoconius hemithorax Frey 1 Mesoconius hemithorax Frey, 1927
Mesoconius albimanus   species Mesoconius albimanus End. 1 Mesoconius albimanus Enderlein, 1922
Calobatina   genus Calobatina 1 Calobatina Enderlein, 1922
Cliobata diadema   species Cliobata diadema Wied. 1 Cliobata diadema (Wiedemann, 1830)
Cliobata raptimanus   species Cliobata raptimana Bezzi 2 Cliobata raptimanus (Bezzi, 1924)
Cliobata orcina   species Cliobata orcina Wied. 2 Cliobata orcina (Wiedemann, 1830)
Cliobata guttipennis   species Cliobata guttipennis Wied. 3 Cliobata guttipennis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Cliobata guttulipennis (Enderlein, 1923) species Cliobata guttulipennis End. 3 Cliobata guttulipennis (Enderlein, 1923)
Cliobata biguttata (Enderlein, 1922) species Cliobata biguttata Frey 1 Cliobata biguttata (Enderlein, 1922)
Cliobata plaumanni   chironym Cliobata Plaumanni Frey 9   MS name by R. Frey  
Cliobata ecclipsis   chironym Cliobata ecclipsis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Rainieria wiedemanni   species Rainieria (Globomyia) Wiedemanni End. 1 Rainieria wiedemanni (Enderlein, 1922)
Rainieria latifrons (Loew, 1870) species Rainieria (Rainieria) latifrons Lw 2 Rainieria latifrons (Loew, 1870)
Rainieria calceata   species Rainieria (Rainieria) calceata Fall. 1 Rainieria calceata (Fallen, 1820)
Rainieria boliviana   chironym Rainieria (Rainieria) boliviana Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey   Rainieria boliviana Hennig, 1935
Rainieria andorum Hennig, 1935 species Rainieria (Rainieriella) andorum Hen. 1 Rainieria andorum Hennig, 1935
Gymnosphen rufifrons   chironym Gymnosphen rufifrons Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Metasphen vigilans   species Metasphen vigilans Frey 6 Metasphen vigilans Frey, 1927
Mimegralla sinensis   species Tanypomyia sinensis End. 1 Mimegralla sinensis (Enderlein, 1922)
Mimegralla kambaitiensis   species Tanypomyia [sinensis] subsp. kambaitiensis Frey 5 Mimegralla kambaitiensis (Frey, 1958)
Mimegralla confinis   species Tanypomyia confinis Walk. 5 Mimegralla confinis (Walker, 1856)
Mimegralla signaticollis (Enderlein, 1922) species Tanypomyia signaticollis End. 3 Mimegralla signaticollis (Enderlein, 1922)
Mimegralla incompleta (Frey, 1958) species Cyclosphen incompleta Frey 6 Mimegralla incompleta (Frey, 1958)
Mimegralla incompleta   forma Cyclosphen [incompleta] f. leucopezina Frey 3 Mimegralla incompleta (Frey, 1958)
Mimegralla albitarsis   species Cyclosphen albitarsis Wied. 4 Mimegralla albitarsis (Wiedemann, 1819)
Mimegralla galbula   species Cyclosphen galbula O.-S. 9 Mimegralla galbula (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Mimegralla chrysopleura   species Cyclosphen chrysopleura O.-S. 9 Mimegralla chrysopleura (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Mimegralla inornata   species Cyclosphen inornata Czerny 9 Mimegralla inornata (Czerny, 1932)
Mimegralla binghami   species Cyclosphen Binghami End. 6 Mimegralla binghami (Enderlein, 1922)
Mimegralla fuelleborni   species Cyclosphen nigrifrons Frey 1 Mimegralla fuelleborni (Enderlein, 1922)
Mimegralla respondens (Walker, 1849) species Cyclosphen respondens Walk. 1 Mimegralla respondens (Walker, 1849)
Mimegralla respondens   species Cyclosphen congensis Curr. 1 Mimegralla respondens (Walker, 1849)
Mimegralla tessmanni   species Cyclosphen trifasciatus Big. 2 Mimegralla tessmanni (Enderlein, 1922)
Mimegralla fuelleborni (Enderlein, 1922) species Cyclosphen Fülleborni End. 1 Mimegralla fuelleborni (Enderlein, 1922)
Mimegralla africana (Bigot, 1886) species Cyclosphen africana Big. 2 Mimegralla africana (Bigot, 1886)
Mimegralla coeruleifrons   species Mimegralla coeruleifrons Macq. 10 Mimegralla coeruleifrons (Macquart, 1843)
Mimegralla coeruleifrons   chironym Mimegralla [coeruleifrons] subsp. javanensis n. 3       Mimegralla coeruleifrons (Macquart, 1843)
Mimegralla coeruleifrons   chironym Mimegralla [coeruleifrons] var. sumatranus Frey 1       Mimegralla coeruleifrons (Macquart, 1843)
Mimegralla coeruleifrons   chironym Mimegralla [coeruleifrons] var. continentalis Frey 3       Mimegralla coeruleifrons (Macquart, 1843)
Cephalosphen conifrons   species Cephalosphen conifrons Big. 1 Cephalosphen conifrons (Bigot, 1886)
Glyphodera mantis   species Glyphodera mantis End. 2 Glyphodera mantis Enderlein, 1922
Glyphodera cephalotes   species Glyphodera cephalotes Walk. 1 Glyphodera cephalotes (Walker, 1849)
Mimomyrmecia tessellata   species Mimomyrmecia tessellata Frey 7 Mimomyrmecia tessellata Frey, 1927
Grammicomyia testacea   species Grammicomyia (Grammicomyia) testacea Big. 1 Grammicomyia testacea Bigot, 1859
Grammicomyia vittipennis   species Grammicomyia (Grammicomyia) vittipennis de Meij. 10 Grammicomyia vittipennis Meijere, 1911
Grammicomyia ferrugata (Enderlein, 1922) species Grammicomyia (Ectemnodera) ferruginata End. 3 Grammicomyia ferrugata (Enderlein, 1922)
Grammicomyia monedula   species Grammicomyia (Ectemnodera) monedula O.-S. 2 Grammicomyia monedula (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Plocoscelus arthriticus   species Plocascelus arthriticus Wied. 1 Plocoscelus arthriticus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Plocoscelus conifer   species Plocascelus haedulus Hen. 2 Plocoscelus conifer Hendel, 1933
Plocoscelus conifer   chironym Plocascelus [haedulus] var. diversus Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey   Plocoscelus conifer Hendel, 1933
Plocoscelus punctipennis   species Plocascelus punctipennis Macq. 2 Plocoscelus punctipennis Macquart, 1843
Plocoscelus niger   species Plocascelus niger Schin. 1 Plocoscelus niger Schiner, 1868
Plocascelus melini   chironym Plocascelus Melini n.sp. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Plocoscelus brevipennis   species Plocascelus brevipennis Walk. 7 Plocoscelus brevipennis Walker, 1853
Plocascelus nitidus Hennig, 1935 species Plocascelus nitidus Hen. 2  
Plocascelus podagricus (Rondani, 1848) species Plocascelus podagricus Rond. 3  
Cardiacephala guttata   species Cardiacephala triluminata Cres. 2 Cardiacephala guttata (Walker, 1853)
Eurybata hexapla   species Eurybata hexapla O.-S. 5 Eurybata hexapla Osten Sacken, 1882
Eurybata tessellata Steyskal, 1952 species Eurybata tessellata Teysk. 2 Eurybata tessellata Steyskal, 1952
Crosa semilauta (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Eroce semilauta O.-S. 9  
Trepidarioides territus (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Trepidarioides territus O.-S. 8 Trepidarioides territus (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Cothornobata nigrigenu (Enderlein, 1922) species Cothrnomata nigrigenu End. 5 Cothornobata nigrigenu (Enderlein, 1922)
Crepidochetus argenteofascia   species Crepidochaetus argenteofascia Frey 7 Crepidochetus argenteofascia Frey, 1958
Metopochetus terminalis   species Metopochaetus 2   det. by M.A. Schneider Metopochetus terminalis (Walker, 1853)
Calobata   species Calobata (Calobata) petronella L. 2 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Calobata) mamillata Lw 1 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Compsobata) cibaria L. 2 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Compsobata) nigricornis Zett. 1 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Compsobata) stylifera Lw 1 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Compsobata) univittata Walk. 4 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Compsobata) pallipes Say 1 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Calobata   species Calobata (Compsobata) ephippium F. 3 Calobata Meigen, 1803
Micropeza appendiculata   species Micropeza appendiculatus Schin. 1 Micropeza appendiculata Schiner, 1868
Micropeza maculiceps   species Micropeza maculiceps Czerny 1 Micropeza maculiceps (Czerny, 1932)
Micropeza roquensis   chironym Micropeza roquensis Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Micropeza incisa   species Micropeza incisa Wied. 1 Micropeza incisa Wiedemann, 1830

Taxa in collection for Micropezidae: 125


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Nothybus biguttatus   species Nothybus biguttatus v.d.Wulp 2 Nothybus biguttatus Wulp, 1896
Nothybus acrobates   species Nothybus acrobates Frey 1 Nothybus acrobates Frey, 1958
Nothybus kempi   species Nothybus kempi End. 1 Nothybus kempi (Brunetti, 1913)
Nothybus triguttatus   species Nothybus triguttatus Bezzi 2 Nothybus triguttatus Bezzi, 1916
Nothybus longithorax   species Nothybus longithorax Rdi 1 Nothybus longicollis (Walker, 1856)

Taxa in collection for Nothybidae: 5


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Texara compressa Walker, 1856 species Texara compressa Walk. 2 Texara compressa Walker, 1856
Texara compressa   forma Texara [compressa] f. simplicior Frey 1 Texara compressa Walker, 1856
Texara annulifera (Bigot, 1886) species Texara annulifera Big. 4 Texara annulifera (Bigot, 1886)
Texara dioctrioides Walker, 1860 species Texara dioctroides Walk. 5 Texara dioctrioides Walker, 1860
Megamerina dolium   species Megamerina loxocerina Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Megamerina dolium (Fabricius, 1805)

Taxa in collection for Megamerinidae: 5


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Gobrya bacchoides Walker, 1860 species Gobrya bacchoides Walk. 4 Gobrya bacchoides Walker, 1860
Gobrya syrphoides (Hendel, 1913) species Syrittomyia syrphoides Hend. 1 Gobrya syrphoides (Hendel, 1913)

Taxa in collection for Gobryidae: 2


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Centrioncus prodiopsis Speiser, 1910 species Centriuncus prodiopsis Speis. 2 Centrioncus prodiopsis Speiser, 1910
Sphyracephala hearseiana   species Sphyracephala hearseyana Westw. 5 Sphyracephala hearseiana (Westwood, 1844)
Sphyracephala beccarii (Rondani, 1873) species Sphyracephala beccarii Rond. 2 Sphyracephala beccarii (Rondani, 1873)
Sphyracephala brevicornis (Say, 1817) species Sphyracephala brevicornis Say 1 Sphyracephala brevicornis (Say, 1817)
Pseudodiopsis detrahens (Walker, 1860) species Pseudodiopsis cothurnata Big. 25 Pseudodiopsis detrahens (Walker, 1860)
Diasemopsis fasciata (Gray, 1832) species Diasemopsis fasciata Gray 1 Diasemopsis fasciata (Gray, 1832)
Diasemopsis bescei   chironym Diasemopsis bescei n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Eurydiopsis subnotata (Westwood, 1847) species Eurydiopsis subnotata Westw. 19 Eurydiopsis subnotata (Westwood, 1847)
Eurydiopsis subnotata   chironym Eurydiopsis [subnotata] subsp. brachydon Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey   Eurydiopsis subnotata (Westwood, 1847)
Diopsis indica Westwood, 1837 species Diopsis indica Westw. 10 Diopsis indica Westwood, 1837
Diopsis macrophthalma   species Diopsis thoracicus Westw. 2 Diopsis macrophthalma Dalman, 1817
Diopsis apicalis Dalman, 1817 species Diopsis apicalis Dalm. 6 Diopsis apicalis Dalman, 1817
Diopsis abyssinica   chironym Diopsis abyssinica n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Diopsis ichneumonea   species Diopsis ichneumonea L. 4 Diopsis ichneumonea Linnaeus, 1775
Diopsis collaris Westwood, 1837 species Diopsis collaris Westw. 1 Diopsis collaris Westwood, 1837
Diopsis gracilenta   chironym Diopsis gracilenta n. 11   MS name by R. Frey  
Teleopsis dalmanni (Wiedemann, 1830) species Cyrtodiopsis Dalmanni Wied. 14 Teleopsis dalmanni (Wiedemann, 1830)
Teleopsis dalmanni   chironym Cyrtodiopsis [Dalmanni] v. lucidus Frey 5   MS name by R. Frey   Teleopsis dalmanni (Wiedemann, 1830)
Teleopsis quadriguttata   species Megalabops 4-guttatus Walk. 11 Teleopsis quadriguttata (Walker, 1856)
Teleopsis montivolans   chironym Megalabops montivolans Frey 12   MS name by R. Frey  
Teleopsis ferruginea   species Megalabops ferruginea v. Röd. 1 Teleopsis ferruginea (Roeder, 1893)
Teleopsis selecta Osten Sacken, 1882 species Teleopsis selectus O.-S. 1 Teleopsis selecta Osten Sacken, 1882
Teleopsis sykesii (Westwood, 1837) species Teleopsis sykesii Westw. 12 Teleopsis sykesii (Westwood, 1837)
Teleopsis pharao Frey, 1928 species Teleopsis pharao Frey 4 Teleopsis pharao Frey, 1928
Teleopsis motatrix Osten Sacken, 1882 species Teleopsis motatrix O.-S. 24 Teleopsis motatrix Osten Sacken, 1882
Teleopsis belzebuth (Bigot, 1874) species Teleopsis belsebuth Big. ~40  
Teleopsis freyi Feijen, 2011 species Teleopsis rubicunda v.d. Wlp 18   Misid by Frey?  
Teleopsis boettcheri Frey, 1928 species Teleopsis boettcheri Frey 18 Teleopsis boettcheri Frey, 1928

Taxa in collection for Diopsidae: 28


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Tanypeza longimana   species Tanypeza logimana Fall.     In D-fennica. Tanypeza longimana Fallen, 1820
Tanypeza longimana   species Tanypeza luteipennis Kn. & S. 1 Tanypeza longimana Fallen, 1820
Neotanypeza rufibasis   chironym Neotanypeza rufibasis Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Neotanypeza melini   chironym Neotanypeza Melini Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Neotanypeza villaricaensis   chironym Neotanypeza villaricaensis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Neotanypeza nigripalpis   species Neotanypeza nigripalpis Hend. 1 Neotanypeza nigripalpis Hennig, 1936

Taxa in collection for Tanypezidae: 6


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Strongylophthalmyia nigriventris Frey, 1928 species Strongylophthalmyia nigriventris Frey 1 Strongylophthalmyia nigriventris Frey, 1928
Strongylophthalmyia elegantissima Frey, 1956 species Strongylophthalmyia elegantissima Frey 1 Strongylophthalmyia elegantissima Frey, 1956
Strongylophthalmyia spinosa   species Strongylophthalmyia spinosa Frey 1 Strongylophthalmyia spinosa Frey, 1956
Strongylophthalmyia coarctata   species Strongylophthalmyia coarctata Hend. 1 Strongylophthalmyia coarctata Hendel, 1913
Strongylophthalmyia curvinervis Frey, 1956 species Strongylophthalmyia curvinervis Frey 8 Strongylophthalmyia curvinervis Frey, 1956
Strongylophthalmyia punctum   species Strongylophthalmyia punctum Frey 8 Strongylophthalmyia punctum Frey, 1956
Strongylophthalmyia majuscula   chironym Strongylophthalmyia majuscula in [? coll] 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Strongylophthalmyia angusticollis   species Strongylophthalmyia angusticollis Frey 3 Strongylophthalmyia angusticollis Frey, 1956
Strongylophthalmyia angusticollis   forma Strongylophthalmyia [angusticollis] f. humeralis Frey 3 Strongylophthalmyia angusticollis Frey, 1956
Strongylophthalmyia brunneipennis   species Strongylophthalmyia brunneipennis de Meij. 1 Strongylophthalmyia brunneipennis (Meijere, 1914)
Strongylophthalmyia fascipennis   species Strongylophthalmyia fascipennis Frey 4 Strongylophthalmyia fascipennis Frey, 1928
Strongylophthalmyia puncticollis   species Strongylophthalmyia puncticollis Frey 1 Strongylophthalmyia puncticollis Frey, 1928
Strongylophthalmyia ustulata   species Strongylophthalmyia ustulata Zett. Strongylophthalmyia ustulata (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Strongylophthalmyia pictipes   species Strongylophthalmyia pictipes Frey Strongylophthalmyia pictipes Frey, 1935
Strongylophthalmyia crinita   species Strongylophthalmyia crinita Henn. 9 Strongylophthalmyia crinita Hennig, 1940
Strongylophthalmyia sp. 1   species Strongylophthalmyia sp. 1  
Strongylophthalmyia sp. 2   species Strongylophthalmyia sp. 1  

Taxa in collection for Strongylophthalmyiidae: 17


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Chyliza nobilis   species Chyliza nobilis Frey 2 Chyliza nobilis Frey, 1955
Chyliza selecta   species Chyliza selecta Ost.-Sack. 1 Chyliza selecta Osten Sacken, 1882
Chyliza nigriapex   species Chyliza nigriapex Frey 1 Chyliza nigriapex Frey, 1955
Chyliza tristis   species Chyliza tristis Frey 2 Chyliza tristis Frey, 1955
Chyliza calidella Frey, 1955 species Chyliza calidella Frey 3 Chyliza calidella Frey, 1955
Chyliza pleuralis   chironym Chyliza pleuralis i.coll. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Chyliza vittata   species Chyliza vittata Mg. 1 Chyliza vittata Meigen, 1826
Chyliza annulipes   species Chyliza annulipes Macq. 2   See D-fennica. Chyliza annulipes Macquart, 1835
Chyliza fraterna Frey, 1955 species Chyliza [annulipes] subsp. fraterna Frey 3 Chyliza fraterna Frey, 1955
Chyliza leptogaster   species Chyliza scutellata Fabr. 3   See D-fennica. Chyliza leptogaster (Panzer, 1798)
Chyliza orientalis   species Chyliza [scutellata] subsp. orientalis Frey 5 Chyliza orientalis Frey, 1955
Chyliza extenuata   species Dasyna extenuata Rossi Chyliza extenuata (Rossi, 1790)
Psila fimetaria (Linnaeus, 1761) species Peletophila fimetaria L.     In D-fennica. Psila fimetaria (Linnaeus, 1761)
Oxypsila abdominalis (Schummel, 1844) species Oxyphila abdominalis Schumm. 1 Oxypsila abdominalis (Schummel, 1844)
Psila nigricollis Frey, 1955 species Pseudopsila nigricollis Frey 6 Psila nigricollis Frey, 1955
Psila fallax   species Pseudopsila fallax Loew 1 Psila fallax (Loew, 1870)
Psila collaris   species Pseudopsila collaris Lw. 2 Psila collaris Loew, 1869
Psila obscuritarsis   species Tetrapsila obscuritarsis Lw     In D-fennica. Psila obscuritarsis Loew, 1856
Chamaepsila pallida   species Psila pallida Fall.     In D-fennica. Psila pallida (Fallen, 1820)
Chamaepsila unilineata   species Psila unilineata Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Psila pallida (Fallen, 1820)
Chamaepsila nigrosetosa   species Psila nigrosetosa Frey 1   See D-fennica. Psila pallida (Fallen, 1820)
Chamaepsila nigromaculata   species Psila nigromaculata Strobl     In D-fennica. Psila nigromaculata Strobl, 1909
Chamaepsila limbatella   species Psila limbatella Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Psila limbatella (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Chamaepsila gracilis   species Psila gracilis Meig. 1 Psila gracilis Meigen, 1826
Chamaepsila gracilis   species Psila [gracilis] var. atrimana Meig. 1 Psila gracilis Meigen, 1826
Chamaepsila bicolor   species Psila bicolor Meig. 2   See D-fennica. Psila bicolor Meigen, 1826
Chamaepsila pectoralis   species Psila pectoralis Meig.     In D-fennica. Psila pectoralis Meigen, 1826
Chamaepsila humeralis   species Psila humeralis Zett.     In D-fennica. Psila humeralis (Zetterstedt, 1847)
Chamaepsila rosae   species Psila rosae Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Psila hennigi (Thompson & Pont, 1994)
Chamaepsila nigricornis   species Psila nigricornis Meig. 4   See D-fennica. Psila nigricornis Meigen, 1826
Chamaepsila nigra   species Psila sardoa Rond. 2 Burma Psila nigra (Fallen, 1820)
Chamaepsila sardoa   species Psila nigra Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Psila sardoa Rondani, 1876
Chamaepsila atra   species Psila astra Meig.     In D-fennica. Psila atra Meigen, 1826
Chamaepsila morio   species Psila morio Zett.     In D-fennica. Psila morio (Zetterstedt, 1835)
Psilosoma lefebvre   species Camptopsila lefebvrei Zett. 1   See D-fennica.  
Psilosoma audouini   species Psilosoma audouini Zett. 2 Psilosoma audouini (Zetterstedt, 1835)
Loxocera hoffmannseggi   species Platystyla Hoffmannseggi Meig. 1 Loxocera hoffmannseggi Meigen, 1826
Loxocera malaisei   species Platystyla Malaisei Frey 1 Loxocera malaisei (Frey, 1955)
Loxocera aristata ?   species Loxocera ichneumonea L. 1   Auct. nec Linnaeus, likely L. aristata. See D-fennica. Loxocera aristata (Panzer, 1801)
Loxocera albiseta   species Loxocera albiseta Schrank 2 Loxocera albiseta (Schrank, 1803)
Loxocera nigrifrons   species Loxocera nigrifrons Macq. 1 Loxocera nigrifrons Macquart, 1835
Loxocera sylvatica   species Loxocera sylvatica Mg. 2   See D-fennica. Loxocera sylvatica Meigen, 1826
Loxocera fulviventris   species Loxocera fulviventris Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Loxocera fulviventris Meigen, 1826
Loxocera burmanica Frey, 1955 species Loxocera burmanica Frey 4 Loxocera burmanica Frey, 1955
Loxocera kambaitiensis Frey, 1955 species Loxocera kambaitiensis Frey 2 Loxocera kambaitiensis Frey, 1955
Loxocera pleuralis Frey, 1928 species Loxocera pleuralis Frey 1 Loxocera pleuralis Frey, 1928
Loxocera cylindrica Say, 1823 species Loxocera cylindrica Say 2 Loxocera cylindrica Say, 1823
Loxocera rufa Loew, 1874 species Loxocera rufa Loew 2 Loxocera rufa Loew, 1874

Taxa in collection for Psilidae: 48


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Pyrgota undata Wiedemann, 1830 species Pyrgota undata Wied. 1 Pyrgota undata Wiedemann, 1830
Pyrgota longipes Hendel, 1908 species Pyrgota longipes Hend. 1 Pyrgota longipes Hendel, 1908
Pyrgota valida (Harris, 1841) species Pyrgota valida Harris 1 Pyrgota valida (Harris, 1841)
Apyrgota scioida (Hendel, 1908) species Apyrgota scioidea Hend. 1 Apyrgota scioida (Hendel, 1908)
Apyrgota rufovillosa   chironym Apyrgota rufovillosa Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Leptopyrgota sahlbergiana   species Leptopyrgota sahlbergiana Frey 1 Leptopyrgota sahlbergiana Frey, 1918
Leptopyrgota amplipennis   chironym Leptopyrgota amplipennis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey   Leptopyrgota amplipennis Hendel, 1914
Leptopyrgota mehelyi Aczél, 1956 species Leptopyrgota costaricae Frey 1   det. de Mello 2009 Leptopyrgota mehelyi Aczel, 1956
Neopyrgota calcarata   species Neopyrgota calcarata Hend. 1 Neopyrgota calcarata Hendel, 1934
Neopyrgota hennigi Aczél, 1956 species Neopyrgota hennigi Aczel 3 Neopyrgota hennigi Aczel, 1956
Cardiacera miliacea (Hendel, 1914) species Neopyrgota falciterebra Hen. 2   det. de Mello 2009 Cardiacera miliacea (Hendel, 1914)
Carrerapyrgota millaria   species Carrerapyrgota millaria Aczel 1 Carrerapyrgota millaria Aczel, 1956
Euphya tripunctata (Doleschall, 1857) species Eumorphomyia tripunctata Dol. 2 Euphya tripunctata (Doleschall, 1857)
Campylocera pleuralis Hendel, 1914 species Campylocera pleuralis Hend. 2 Campylocera pleuralis Hendel, 1914
Campylocera affinis   chironym Campylocera affinis i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Campylocera piceiventris   species Campylocera piceiventris Hend. 1 Campylocera piceiventris Hendel, 1914
Campylocera maculifera Hendel, 1914 species Campylocera maculifer Hend. 1 Campylocera maculifera Hendel, 1914
Campylocera latigenis   species Campylocera latigenis Hend. 1 Campylocera latigenis Hendel, 1914
Campylocera njalae   chironym Campylocera njalae i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Campylocera angustigenis Hendel, 1914 species Campylocera angustigenis Hend. 2 Campylocera angustigenis Hendel, 1914
Campylocera curta   chironym Campylocera curta i.sch. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Adapsilia fusca   species Adapsilia (Eupyrgota) fusca Hend. 2 Adapsilia fusca (Hendel, 1913)
Adapsilia ypsilon   species Adapsilia (Eupyrgota) ypsilon Hend. 1 Adapsilia ypsilon Hendel, 1914
Adapsilia caffra Hendel, 1914 species Adapsilia (Eupyrgota) caffra Hend. 1 Adapsilia caffra Hendel, 1914
Adapsilia sp.   species Adapsilia (Eupyrgota) peidi Chen [or peili] 1   Unclear, unrecognised name.  
Adapsilia appendiculata   chironym Adapsilia (Eupyrgota) appendiculata Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Adapsilia coarctata Waga, 1842 species Adapsilia (Adapsilia) coarctata Waga 1 Adapsilia coarctata (Waga, 1842)
Adapsilia facialis   species Adapsilia (Adapsilia) facialis Hend. 1 Adapsilia facialis Hendel, 1934
Adapsilia brevispina   species Adapsilia (Adapsilia) brevispina Mall 1 Adapsilia brevispina Malloch, 1934
Adapsilia hirtoscutellata   species Adapsilia (Adapsilia) hirtoscutellaris Hend. 1 Adapsilia hirtoscutellata (Hendel, 1933)
Adapsilia myopoides Chen, 1947 species Adapsilia (Adapsilia) myopoides Chen 1  
Adapsilia philippinensis   chironym Adapsilia (Adapsilia) philippinensis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Adapsilia brevicornis   chironym Adapsilia (Adapsilia) brevicornis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Adapsilia sumatrensis   chironym Adapsilia (Adapsilia) sumatrensis i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Tephritopyrgota miliaria   species Tephritopyrgota miliaria Hend. 2 Tephritopyrgota miliaria Hendel, 1933
Tephritopyrgota hirsuta   species Tephritopyrgota hisuta Hend. [sic] 2 Tephritopyrgota hirsuta Hendel, 1914
Tephritopyrgota subtenuis   chironym Tephritopyrgota subtenuis i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Ctenostylidae   family Lochmostylia columbiana i.sch. 1 Ctenostylidae

Taxa in collection for Pyrgotidae: 38


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Aglaioptera incomparabilis   species Aplaioptera incomparabilis Frey 2 Aglaioptera incomparabilis Frey, 1964
Poecilotraphera taeniata   species Poecolotraphera taeniata Macq. 1 Poecilotraphera taeniata (Macquart, 1843)
Piara chrysoptera   species Piara (Eopiara) chrysoptera Frey 2 Piara chrysoptera Frey, 1964
Traphera apicalis Frey, 1932 species Traphera apicalis Frey 1 Traphera apicalis Frey, 1932
Lule corioptera   species Lule corioptera Speis. 1 Lule corioptera Speiser, 1910
Lule stellata Enderlein, 1924 species Lule stellata End. 1 Lule stellata Enderlein, 1924
Xiria obliqua   species Xiria (Xiria) obliqua O.-S. 1 Xiria obliqua Osten Sacken, 1881
Xiria lavinia   species Xiria (Xiria) lavinia v.d.Wulp 1 Xiria lavinia Wulp, 1899
Xiria cholobaphes   species Xiria (Xiria) colobaphes Hend. 1 Xiria cholobaphes Hendel, 1914
Xiria clarissa   species Xiria (Xiriella) clarissa Frey 1 Xiria clarissa Frey, 1930
Pachymyza coleoptrata   species Tachymyza coleoptrata Frey 1 Phasiamya metallica Walker, 1849
Antineura stolata   species Antineura stolata Ost.-Sack. 5 Antineura stolata Osten Sacken, 1881
Antineura sericata Osten Sacken, 1881 species Antineura sericata Ost.-Sack. 1 Antineura sericata Osten Sacken, 1881
Xenaspis pictipennis (Walker, 1849) species Xenaspis pictipennis Walk. 6 Xenaspis pictipennis (Walker, 1849)
Xenaspis polistiformis   species Xenaspis polistiformis End. 1 Xenaspis polistiformis Enderlein, 1924
Xenaspis coccymela Hendel, 1914 species Xenaspis coccymela Hend. 9 Xenaspis coccymela Hendel, 1914
Xenaspis formosae   species Xenaspis formosae Hend. 6 Xenaspis formosae Hendel, 1914
Xenaspis longiventris Hendel, 1914 species Xenaspis longiventris Hend. 7 Xenaspis longiventris Hendel, 1914
Xenaspis homichlodes Hendel, 1914 species Xenaspis homichlodes Hend. 1 Xenaspis homichlodes Hendel, 1914
Xenaspis polistes Osten Sacken, 1881 species Xenaspis polistes Ost.-Sack. 1 Xenaspis polistes Osten Sacken, 1881
Xenaspis extranea Bezzi, 1916 species Xenaspis extronea Bezzi 1 Xenaspis extranea Bezzi, 1916
Xenaspis stigma (Enderlein, 1912) species Xenaspis stigma End. 1 Xenaspis stigma (Enderlein, 1912)
Xenaspoides ichneumonea Frey, 1930 species Xenaspoides ichneumonea Frey 2 Xenaspoides ichneumoneus Frey, 1930
Xenaspoides cyaneus Frey, 1930 species Xenaspoides cyanea Frey 1 Xenaspoides cyaneus Frey, 1930
Scelostenopterina femorata Hendel, 1914 species Scelostenopterina femorata Hend. 5 Scelostenopterina femorata Hendel, 1914
Plagiostenopterina aenea (Wiedemann, 1819) species Plagiostenopterina aenea Wied. 15 Plagiostenopterina aenea (Wiedemann, 1819)
Plagiostenopterina enderleini   species Plagiostenopterina enderleini Hend. 6 Plagiostenopterina enderleini Hendel, 1914
Plagiostenopterina dubiosa   species Plagiostenopterina dubiosa Mall. 12 Plagiostenopterina dubiosa Malloch, 1931
Xenaspis formosae Hendel, 1914 species Plagiostenopterina formosae Hend. 6 Xenaspis formosae Hendel, 1914
Plagiostenopterina pallidipes   species Plagiostenopterina pallidipes Frey 1 Plagiostenopterina pallidipes Frey, 1930
Plagiostenopterina submetallica   species Plagiostenopterina submetallica Lw 1 Plagiostenopterina submetallica (Loew, 1852)
Plagiostenopterina westermanni Hendel, 1914 species Plagiostenopterina Westermanni Hend. 2 Plagiostenopterina westermanni Hendel, 1914
Plagiostenopterina trivittata   species Plagiostenopterina trivittata Walk. 12 Plagiostenopterina trivittata (Walker, 1849)
Plagiostenopterina trivittigera Malloch, 1931 species Plagiostenopterina 3-vittigera Mall. 2 Plagiostenopterina trivittigera Malloch, 1931
Plagiostenopterina planidorsum (Walker, 1861) species Plagiostenopterina planidorsum Walk. 6 Plagiostenopterina planidorsum (Walker, 1861)
Plagiostenopterina abbreviata   chironym Plagiostenopterina abbreviata Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Plagiostenopterina marginta   species Plagiostenopterina marginata v.d.Wulp 3  
Plagiostenopterina hebes Hendel, 1914 species Plagiostenopterina hebes Hend. 1 Plagiostenopterina hebes Hendel, 1914
Plagiostenopterina calcarata (Macquart, 1843) species Plagiostenopterina (Peronotrochus) calcarata Macq. 6 Plagiostenopterina calcarata (Macquart, 1843)
Plagiostenopterina inermis (Frey, 1930) species Plagiostenopterina (Peronotrochus) inermis Frey 10 Plagiostenopterina inermis (Frey, 1930)
Elassogaster linearis (Walker, 1849) species Elassogaster sepsioides Walk. 12 Elassogaster linearis (Walker, 1849)
Elassogaster vanderwulpi Hendel, 1914 species Elassogaster van der Wulpi Hend. 1 Elassogaster vanderwulpi Hendel, 1914
Elassogaster anteapicalis Hendel, 1914 species Elassogaster anteapicalis Hend. 12 Elassogaster anteapicalis Hendel, 1914
Elassogaster anteapicalis   chironym Elassogaster [anteapicalis] f. sinuosa Frey 4   MS name by R. Frey   Elassogaster anteapicalis Hendel, 1914
Elassogaster quadrimaculata   species Elassogaster 4-maculatus Hend. 1 Elassogaster quadrimaculata Hendel, 1914
Icteracantha femorata (Macquart, 1843) species Elassogaster femoratus Macq. 1 Icteracantha femorata (Macquart, 1843)
Elassogaster inflexa   species Elassogaster inflexus Fabr. 1 Elassogaster inflexa (Fabricius, 1805)
Elassogaster potens Frey, 1930 species Elassogaster potens Frey 1 Elassogaster potens Frey, 1930
Elassogaster simplex Frey, 1930 species Elassogaster simplex Frey 2  
Lamprophthalma rhomalea   species Lamprophthalma rhomalea Hend. 11 Lamprophthalma rhomalea Hendel, 1914
Lamprophthalma japonica Frey, 1964 species Lamprophthalma japonica Frey 1 Lamprophthalma japonica Frey, 1964
Lamprophthalma rufoscutellata   species Lamprophthalma rufoscutellata Hend. 1 Lamprophthalma rufoscutellata Hendel, 1914
Lamprophthalma cavenda Bezzi, 1917 species Lamprophthalma cavenda Bezzi 2   A MS name by Bezzi? Specimens labeled as paratypes.  
Stenopterina brevipes (Fabricius, 1805) species Stenopterina brevipes Fabr. 12  
Senopterina macularis (Fabricius, 1805) species Stenopterina macularis Fabr. 6 Senopterina macularis (Fabricius, 1805)
Microepicausta furcifrons   chironym Microepicausta furcifrons Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Picrometopus bicolor Frey, 193 species Picrometopus bicolor Frey 2 Picrometopus bicolor Frey, 1930
Picrometopus apicata   species Picrometopus apicata Frey 1  
Icteracantha spinulosa Hendel, 1914 species Icteracantha spinulosa Hend. 2 Icteracantha spinulosa Hendel, 1914
Icteracantha thoracica   chironym Icteracantha thoracica Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Pseudepicausta chalybea (Doleschall, 1858) species Pseudepicausta chalybea Dol. 6 Pseudepicausta chalybea (Doleschall, 1858)
Pseudepicausta mutilloides (Walker, 1859) species Pseudepicausta mutilloides Wlk. 2 Pseudepicausta mutilloides (Walker, 1859)
Pseudepicausta quadrisetosa (Meijere, 1911) species Pseudepicausta quadrisetosa de Meij. 6 Pseudepicausta quadrisetosa (Meijere, 1911)
Pseudepicausta recta   species Pseudepicausta recta Hend. 1 Pseudepicausta recta Hendel, 1914
Rhytidortalis cribrata Hendel, 1914 species Rhytidortalis cribrata Hend. 2 Rhytidortalis cribrata Hendel, 1914
Cleitamia astrolabei (Boisduval, 1835) species Cleitamia astrolabei Boisd. 1 Cleitamia astrolabei Macquart, 1835
Neoardelio alienus   species Neoardelio aliena Frey 1 Neoardelio alienus Frey, 1964
Himeroessa melini   chironym Himeroessa melini n.sp. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Rivellia syngenesiae   species Rivellia syngenesiae Fbr. 1   See D-fennica. Rivellia syngenesiae (Fabricius, 1781)
Rivellia apicalis Hendel, 1934 species Rivellia apicalis Hend. 2 Rivellia apicalis Hendel, 1934
Rivellia charbinensis Enderlein, 1937 species Rivellia charbinensis End. 1 Rivellia charbinensis Enderlein, 1937
Rivellia parilis Frey, 1964 species Rivellia parilis Frey 1  
Rivellia submetallescens Frey, 1964 species Rivellia submetallescens Frey 1 Rivellia submetallescens Frey, 1964
Rivellia costaepunctata Frey, 1964 species Rivellia costipunctata Frey 2 Rivellia costaepunctata Frey, 1964
Rivellia hendeliana Bezzi, 1916 species Rivellia hendeliana Bezzi 2 Rivellia hendeliana Bezzi, 1916
Rivellia sauteri Hendel, 1914 species Rivellia Sauteri Hend. 10 Rivellia sauteri Hendel, 1914
Rivellia basilaris   species Rivellia basilaris Wied. 18 Rivellia basilaris (Wiedemann, 1830)
Rivellia basilaris   chironym Rivellia [basilaris] v. flaviventris Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey   Rivellia basilaris (Wiedemann, 1830)
Rivellia basilaris Frey, 1964 forma Rivellia [basilaris] f. subnigricollis Frey 2 Rivellia basilaris (Wiedemann, 1830)
Rivellia scutellaris   species Rivellia scutellaris Hend. 2 Rivellia scutellaris Hendel, 1933
Rivellia fusca   species Rivellia fusca Thomp. 3 Rivellia fusca (Thomson, 1869)
Rivellia basilaroides Hendel, 1933 species Rivellia basilaroides Hend. 18 Rivellia basilaroides Hendel, 1933
Rivellia multicolor Frey, 1964 species Rivellia multicolor Frey 1 Rivellia multicolor Frey, 1964
Rivellia asiatica Hennig, 1945 species Rivellia asiatica Hennig 1 Rivellia asiatica Hennig, 1945
Rivellia pulchricosta Frey, 1964 species Rivellia pulchricosta Frey 17 Rivellia pulchricosta Frey, 1964
Rivellia alini Enderlein, 1937 species Rivellia alini End. 3 Rivellia alini Enderlein, 1937
Rivellia diffusata   chironym Rivellia diffusata n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Rivellia unifascia Frey, 1932 species Rivellia unifascia Frey 1 Rivellia unifascia Frey, 1932
Rivellia trimucronata Frey, 1932 species Rivellia trimucronata Frey 1 Rivellia trimucronata Frey, 1932
Rivellia chalybescens Frey, 1932 species Rivellia chalybescens Frey 1 Rivellia chalybescens Frey, 1932
Rivellia woodi   species Rivellia Woodi Frey 1 Rivellia woodi Frey, 1932
Rivellia angustifacia Frey, 1932 species Rivellia angustifacia Frey 2  
Rivellia acuticornis Frey, 1932 species Rivellia acuticornis Frey 2 Rivellia acuticornis Frey, 1932
Rivellia anomala Hendel, 1914 species Rivellia anomala Hend. 1 Rivellia anomala Hendel, 1914
Rivellia pallida Loew, 1873 species Rivellia pallida Lw 2 Rivellia pallida Loew, 1873
Rivellia viridulans Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 species Rivellia viridulans Macq. 3 Rivellia viridulans Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Rivellia flavimana   species Rivellia flavimana Loew 1 Rivellia flavimana Loew, 1873
Rivellia distincta   species Rivellia distincta Frey 4  
Neoepidesma fascipenne (Macquart, 1846) species Neoëpidesma fascipennis Macq. 2 Neoepidesma fascipenne Macquart, 1846
Neoepidesma thoracale Hendel, 1914 species Neoëpidesma thoracalis Hend. 2 Neoepidesma thoracale Hendel, 1914
Neoepidesma subvicinum Frey, 1932 species Neoëpidesma [thoracalis] v. subvicana Frey 1 Neoepidesma subvicinum Frey, 1932
Loxoneura facialis Kertész, 1897 species Loxoneura facialis Kert. 3 Loxoneura facialis Kertesz, 1897
Loxoneura pictipennis   species Loxoneura trimaculata Hend. 1 Xenaspis pictipennis (Walker, 1849)
Loxoneura melliana Enderlein, 1924 species Loxoneura melliana End. 2 Loxoneura melliana Enderlein, 1924
Loxoneura decora (Fabricius, 1805) species Loxoneura decora Fbr. 6 Loxoneura decora (Fabricius, 1805)
Loxoneura decora   species Loxoneura Bakeri Bezzi 1 Loxoneura decora (Fabricius, 1805)
Loxoneura formosae Kertész, 1909 species Loxoneura formosae Kert. 9 Loxoneura formosae Kertesz, 1909
Loxoneura perilampoides Walker, 1858 species Loxoneura perilamproides Walk. 5 Loxoneura perilampoides Walker, 1858
Loxoneura vitalisiana Frey, 1964 species Loxoneura vitalisiana Frey 2 Loxoneura vitalisiana Frey, 1964
Loxoneura livida Hendel, 1914 species Loxoneura livida Hend. 4 Loxoneura livida Hendel, 1914
Achias latividens Walker, 1859 species Achias latividens Walk. 2 Achias latividens Walker, 1859
Achias australis Malloch, 1939 species Achias australis Malloch 1 Achias australis Malloch, 1939
Lamprogaster obliqua Frey, 1930 species Lamprogaster obliqua Frey 2 Lamprogaster obliqua Frey, 1930
Lamprogaster amitina Frey, 1930 species Lamprogaster amitina Frey 2 Lamprogaster amitina Frey, 1930
Lamprogaster elegans Frey, 1964 species Lamprogaster elegans Frey 1 Lamprogaster elegans Frey, 1964
Lamprogaster quadrilinea Walker, 1859 species Lamprogaster quadrilinea Wlk. 1 Lamprogaster quadrilinea Walker, 1859
Lamprogaster austeni   species Lamprogaster xanthoptera Hend. 1 Lamprogaster austeni Sharp, 1899
Lamprogaster violacea   species Lamprogaster elongata v.d.Wulp 1 Senopterina macularis (Fabricius, 1805)
Euprosopia megastigma McAlpine, 1973 species   2 Euprosopia megastigma McAlpine, 1973
Lamprogaster corax McAlpine, 1973 species   1 Lamprogaster corax McAlpine, 1973
Lenophila achilles McAlpine & Kim, 1977 species   2 Lenophila achilles McAlpine & Kim, 1977
Scholastes cinctus (Guérin, 1831) species Scholastes cinctus Guer. 12 Scholastes cinctus Guerin-Meneville, 1831
Scholastes bimaculatus Hendel, 1914 species Scholastes bimaculatus Hend. 1 Scholastes bimaculatus Hendel, 1914
Scholastes sexvittatus   species Scholastes distigma Hend. 11 Scholastes sexvittatus (Walker, 1861)
Paryphodes nepticula   species Paryphodes tigrina End. 2 Paryphodes nepticula (Loew, 1873)
Paryphodes zebra (Bezzi, 1908) species Paryphodes zebra Bezzi 2 Paryphodes zebra (Bezzi, 1908)
Paryphodes omega Speiser, 1911 species Paryphodes omega Speis 2 Paryphodes omega Speiser, 1911
Paryphodes similis Hendel, 1914: 258 species Paryphodes similis Hend. 2 Paryphodes similis Hendel, 1914
Paryphodes leucurus   species Paryphodes compar Hend. 2 Paryphodes leucurus Speiser, 1914
Brea contraria Walker, 1859 species Brea contraria Wlk. 1 Brea contraria Walker, 1859
Coelocephala arcuata   species Coelocephala stigma Hend. 2 Coelocephala arcuata Bezzi, 1914
Amphicnephes pullus (Wiedemann, 1830) species Amphicnephes pullus Wd. 1 Amphicnephes pullus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Amphicnephes stellatus Wulp, 1899 species Amphicnephes stellatus v.d.Wulp 1 Amphicnephes stellatus Wulp, 1899
Eosamphicnephes africanus Frey, 1932 species Eosamphicnephes africanus Frey 1 Eosamphicnephes africanus Frey, 1932
Trigonosoma cristiventre (Gerstaecker, 1860) species Tropidogastrella cristiventris Gerst. 10 Trigonosoma cristiventre (Gerstaecker, 1860)
Trigonosoma tropidum (Hendel, 1914) species Tropidogastrella tropida Hend. 6 Trigonosoma tropida (Hendel, 1914)
Trigonosoma decorum (Meijere, 1911) species Tropidogastrella decora de Meij. 1 Trigonosoma decorum (Meijere, 1911)
Zygaenula paradoxa Doleschall, 1858 species Zygaenula paradoxa Dol. 3 Zygaenula paradoxa Doleschall, 1858
Naupoda platessa Osten Sacken, 1881 species Naupoda platessa Ost.-Sack. 12 Naupoda platessa Osten Sacken, 1881
Naupoda unifasciata Bezzi, 1916 species Naupoda unifasciata Bezzi 5 Naupoda unifasciata Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia valida Bezzi, 1916 species Pterogenia valida Bezzi 4 Pterogenia valida Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia hamifera Frey, 1930 species Pterogenia hamifera Frey 2 Pterogenia hamifera Frey, 1930
Pterogenia hologaster Hendel, 1914 species Pterogenia hologaster Hend. 2 Pterogenia hologaster Hendel, 1914
Pterogenia boettcheri Frey, 1930 species Pterogenia Boettcheri Frey 1 Pterogenia boettcheri Frey, 1930
Pterogenia parva Bezzi, 1916 species Pterogenia parva Bezzi 15 Pterogenia parva Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia tristis Bezzi, 1916 species Pterogenia tristis Bezzi 3 Pterogenia tristis Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia flavicornis Frey, 1930 species Pterogenia flavicornis Frey 12 Pterogenia flavicornis Frey, 1930
Pterogenia laticeps Bezzi, 1916 species Pterogenia laticeps Bezzi 3 Pterogenia laticeps Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia luteipennis Bezzi, 1916 species Pterogenia luteipennis Bezzi 5 Pterogenia luteipennis Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia monticola Frey, 1964 species Pterogenia monticola Frey 1 Pterogenia monticola Frey, 1964
Pterogenia centralis Bezzi, 1916 species Pterogenia centralis Bezzi 5 Pterogenia centralis Bezzi, 1916
Pterogenia subcruciata Frey, 1930 species Pterogenia subcruciata Frey 3 Pterogenia subcruciata Frey, 1930
Pterogenia eurysterna Hendel, 1914 species Pterogenia eurysterna Hend. 5 Pterogenia eurysterna Hendel, 1914
Euprosopia chalybea Frey, 1930 species Euprosopia chalybea Frey 2 Euprosopia chalybea Frey, 1930
Euprosopia gigas Bezzi, 1916 species Euprosopia gigas Bezzi 8 Euprosopia gigas Bezzi, 1916
Euprosopia sexpunctata (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Euprosopia sexpunctata O.-S. 4 Euprosopia sexpunctata (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Euprosopia curta (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Euprosopia curta O.-S. 1 Euprosopia curta (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Euprosopia fusifacies (Walker, 1859) species Euprosopia fusifacies Walk. 1 Euprosopia fusifacies (Walker, 1859)
Euprosopia multivitta (Walker, 1859) species Euprosopia multivittata Wlk 2 Euprosopia multivitta (Walker, 1859)
Euprosopia millepunctata Bezzi, 1916 species Euprosopia millepunctata Bezzi 2 Euprosopia millepunctata Bezzi, 1916
Euprosopia longicornis Bezzi, 1916 species Euprosopia longicornis Bezzi 3 Euprosopia longicornis Bezzi, 1916
Euprosopia aureovestita Frey, 1964 species Euprosopia semiaurata Frey 1  
Euprosopia nobilis Frey, 1930 species Euprosopia nobilis Frey 4 Euprosopia nobilis Frey, 1930
Euprosopia grahami Malloch, 1931 species Euprosopia grahami Mall. 4 Euprosopia grahami Malloch, 1931
Euprosopia semiarmata Malloch, 1931 species Euprosopia semiarmata Mall. 6 Euprosopia semiarmata Malloch, 1931
Euprosopia trivittata Bezzi, 1916 species Euprosopia trivittata Bezzi 5 Euprosopia trivittata Bezzi, 1916
Engistoneura moerens   species Engistoneura moerens Fabr. 2 Engistoneura moerens (Fabricius, 1794)
Engistoneura catogastera   species Engistoneura catagastera Big. 1 Engistoneura catogastera (Bigot, 1891)
Peltacanthina excellens Enderlein, 1912 species Peltacanthina excellens End. 1 Peltacanthina excellens Enderlein, 1912
Peltacanthina quadrifasciata   chironym Peltacanthina quadrifasciata i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Peltacanthina cervina Hendel, 1914 species Peltacanthina cervina Hend. 1 Peltacanthina cervina Hendel, 1914
Peltacanthina stictica (Fabricius, 1805) species Peltacanthina stictica Fabr. 1 Peltacanthina stictica (Fabricius, 1805)
Peltacanthina simillima Hendel, 1914 species Peltacanthina simillima Hend. 1 Peltacanthina simillima Hendel, 1914
Peltacanthina simpsoni Frey, 1932 species Peltacanthina simpsoni Frey 1 Peltacanthina simpsoni Frey, 1932
Bromophila caffra   species Bromophila caffra Macq. 2 Bromophila caffra (Macquart, 1846)
Lophoplatystoma leucolenum Speiser, 1914 species Hoploplatystoma leucolena Speis. 1 Lophoplatystoma leucolena Speiser, 1914
Euthyplatystoma sauteri Hendel, 1914 species Euthyplatystoma sauteri Hend. 2 Euthyplatystoma sauteri Hendel, 1914
Euthyplatystoma plumatum Hendel, 1914 species Euthyplatystoma plumatum Hend. 3 Euthyplatystoma plumatum Hendel, 1914
Euthyplatystoma punctiplenum   species Euthyplatystoma minutum Frey 4 Euthyplatystoma punctiplenum (Walker, 1861)
Lulodes seriatopunctatus   species Euthyplatystoma nitidum Frey 1  
Valonia complicata   species Valonia complicta Wlk. 1 Valonia complicata Walker, 1856
Valonia planiscutellata F   species Valonia planiscutellata Frey 2 Valonia planiscutellata Frey, 1964
Valonia laosi   chironym Valonia laosi Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Valonia rufinum   chironym Valonia rufinum Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Palpomya asphaltina (Wiedemann, 1824) species Palpomyiella asphaltina Wied. 2 Palpomya asphaltina (Wiedemann, 1824)
Platystoma seminationis (Fabricius, 1775) species Platystoma valachiae Loew 1 Platystoma seminationis (Fabricius, 1775)
Platystoma seminationis (Fabricius, 1775) species Platystoma seminationis Fabr. 1   See D-fennica. Platystoma seminationis (Fabricius, 1775)
Platystoma lugubre (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) species Platystoma lugubre R.-Desv. 2 Platystoma lugubre (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Platystoma tegularium Loew, 1859 species Platystoma tegularia Lw 1 Platystoma tegularium Loew, 1859
Platystoma pubescens Loew, 1845 species Platystoma pubescens Lw 1 Platystoma pubescens Loew, 1845
Pterogenomyia strigata (Enderlein, 1924) species Onceroparia strigata End. 3 Pterogenomyia strigata (Enderlein, 1924)
Acanthoneuropsis difficilis Frey, 1932 species Agrochira difficilis Frey 1 Acanthoneuropsis difficilis Frey, 1932
Plastotephritis campiglossoides Frey, 1932 species Plastotephritis campiglossoides Frey 1 Plastotephritis campiglossoides Frey, 1932
Plastotephritis gratiosa Enderlein, 1922 species Plastotephritis gratiosa End. 1 Plastotephritis gratiosa Enderlein, 1922
Oeciotypa rotundiventris Frey, 1932 species Oeciotypa rotundiventris Frey 1 Oeciotypa rotundiventris Frey, 1932
Rhegmatosaga latiuscula (Walker, 1856) species Rhematosaga insignis Frey 1 Rhegmatosaga latiuscula (Walker, 1856)
Platystomatidae   family Genera 4 Platystomatidae

Taxa in collection for Platystomatidae: 197


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Dichromya sanguiniceps (Wiedemann, 1830) species Dichrochira sanguiniceps Wied. 8 Dichromya sanguiniceps

Taxa in collection for Heleomyzidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Automola atomaria Automola atomaria (Wiedemann, 1830) species Automola atomaria W. 3  
Setellia pernix (Gerstaecker, 1860) species Setellia pernix Gerst. 2 Setellia pernix (Gerstaecker, 1860)
Setellia unispinosa Bigot, 1886 species Setellia unispinosa Big. 1 Setellia unispinosa Bigot, 1886
Setellia hyalipennis   chironym Setellia hyalipennis in sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Richardia podagrica (Fabricius, 1805) species Richardia podagrica Fabr. 3 Richardia podagrica (Fabricius, 1805)
Richardia podagrica (Fabricius, 1805) chironym Richardia [podagrica] f. occipitalis n. 5   MS name by R. Frey   Richardia podagrica (Fabricius, 1805)
Richardia viridiventris   species Richardia viridiventris v.d. Wulp 12  
Richardia tuberculata Hendel, 1911 species Richardia tuberculata Hend. 2 Richardia tuberculata Hendel, 1911
Richardia unimaculata Hendel, 1911 species Richardia unimaculata Hend. 1 Richardia unimaculata Hendel, 1911
Coilometopia trimaculata (Fabricius, 1805) species Coelometopa trimaculata Fabr. 5 Coilometopia trimaculata (Fabricius, 1805)
Antineuromyia melini   chironym Antineuromyia melini n.sp. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Hemixantha pulchripennis Hendel, 1911 species Hemixantha pulchripennis Hend. 2 Hemixantha pulchripennis Hendel, 1911
Hemixantha longipes Hendel, 1911 species Hemixantha longipes Hend. 1 Hemixantha longipes Hendel, 1911
Hemixantha lutea Hennig, 1937 species Hemixantha lutea Henn. 2 Hemixantha lutea Hennig, 1937
Hemixantha picta Hennig, 1937 species Hemixantha picta Henn. 3 Hemixantha picta Hennig, 1937
Melanoloma cyanogaster (Wiedemann, 1830) species Melanoloma cyanogaster W. 3 Melanoloma cyanogaster (Wiedemann, 1830)
Melanoloma senex   species Melanoloma senex Hend. 5 Melanoloma senex Hendel, 1911
Melanoloma varians (Schiner, 1868) species Melanoloma varians Schin. 3 Melanoloma varians (Schiner, 1868)
Melanoloma gentilis   chironym Melanoloma gentilis n.sp. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Odontomera latistriata   chironym Odontomera latistriata n.sp. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Odontomera ferruginea Macquart, 1844 species Odontomera ferruginea Macq. 1 Odontomera ferruginea Macquart, 1844
Odontomera nitens (Schiner, 1868) species Odontomera nitens Schin. 1 Odontomera nitens (Schiner, 1868)
Odontomera apicalis Hendel, 1911 species Odontomera apicalis Hend. 3 Odontomera apicalis Hendel, 1911
Odontomera schadei   chironym Odontomera schadei n.sp. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Sepsisoma fulvescens   chironym Sepsisoma fulvescens in sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Euolena egregia (Gerstaecker, 1860) species Euolena egregia Gerst. 3 Euolena egregia (Gerstaecker, 1860)
Ozaenina neriiformis (Frey, 1956) species Ozaenina neriiformis Frey 1 Ozaenina neriiformis (Frey, 1956)

Taxa in collection for Richardiidae: 27


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Somatia aestiva   species Somatia xanthomelas Schin. 1 Somatia aestiva (Fabricius, 1805)
Somatia aestiva   chironym Somatia [xanthomelas] var. trinitatis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey   Somatia aestiva (Fabricius, 1805)
Somatia sophiston Steyskal, 1958 species Somatia sophiston Seysk.[sic] 2 Somatia sophiston Steyskal, 1958

Taxa in collection for Somatiidae: 3


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Dorycera maculipennis Macquart, 1843 species Dorycera maculipennis Macq. 1 Dorycera maculipennis Macquart, 1843
Dorycera brevis   species Dorycera brevis Lw 1 Dorycera brevis Loew, 1868
Dorycera aquatica   species Dorycera graminum Fabr. 1 Dorycera aquatica (Geoffroy, 1785)
Dorycera grandis   species Dorycera grandis Rdi 1 Dorycera grandis (Rondani, 1869)
Tetanops maroccana   chironym Tetanops maroccana Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Tetanops myopina   species Tetanops myopina Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Tetanops myopina Fallén, 1820
Tetanops sintenisi   species Tetanops sintenisi Beck.     In D-fennica. Tetanops sintenisi Becker, 1909
Tetanops ferdinandi   chironym Tetanops ferdinandi Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Otites nebulosa   species Heramyia bucephala Mg. 1 Otites nebulosa (Latreille, 1811)
Otites lamed (Schrank, 1781) species Pteropoecila lamed Schrank 3 Otites lamed (Schrank, 1781)
Otites centralis (Fabricius, 1805) species Ptilonota centralis Fabr. 1 Otites centralis (Fabricius, 1805)
Otites guttata (Meigen, 1830) species Ptilonota guttata Meig. 2 Ortalis guttata (Spix, 1825)
Otites elegans   species Otites formosa Panz. 2 Otites elegans Latreille, 1805
Otites elegans   species Otites ruficeps Fabr. 1 Otites elegans Latreille, 1805
Otites angustata (Loew, 1859) species Otites angustata Lw 3 Otites angustata (Loew, 1859)
Otites maculipennis (Latreille, 1811) species Otites maculipennis Latr. 2 Otites maculipennis (Latreille, 1811)
Otites kowarzi   species Otites Kowarzi Lw 1 Otites kowarzi (Loew, 1873)
Otites trimaculata (Loew, 1847) species Otites 3-maculata Loew 1 Otites trimaculata (Loew, 1847)
Systata rivularis   species Systata rivularis Fabr. 1 Systata rivularis (Fabricius, 1805)
Herina ruficeps Wulp, 1867 species Tephronota ruficeps v.d. Wulp 3 Herina ruficeps Wulp, 1867
Herina frondescentiae   species Herina frondescentiae L. 1   See D-fennica. Herina frondescentiae (Linnaeus, 1758)
Herina lugubris   species Herina afflicta Meig. 3 Herina lugubris (Meigen, 1826)
Herina nigrina (Meigen, 1826) species Herina nigrina Meig. 1 Herina moerens (Meigen, 1826)
Herina oscillans (Meigen, 1826) species Herina oscillans Mg. 1 Herina oscillans (Meigen, 1826)
Herina palustris (Meigen, 1826) species Herina palustris Meig. 1   See D-fennica. Herina palustris (Meigen, 1826)
Herina paludum (Fallén, 1820) species Herina paludum Fall. 1 Herina paludum (Fallen, 1820)
Herina parva (Loew, 1864) species Herina parva Lw 1 Herina parva (Loew, 1864)
Herina tristis (Meigen, 1826) species Herina tristis Meig. 2 Herina tristis (Meigen, 1826)
Herina tristis (Meigen, 1826) species Herina gyrans Lw 2 Herina tristis (Meigen, 1826)
Herina scutellaris Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 species Herina scutellaris R.-D. 3 Herina scutellaris Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Pterotaenia fasciata (Wiedemann, 1830) species Pterogenia fasciata Wied. 6 Pterotaenia fasciata (Wiedemann, 1830)
Herina orientalis (Schiner, 1868) species Rhadinomyia orientalis Schin. 1 Herina orientalis (Schiner, 1868)
Herina luzonica (Frey, 1959) species Rhadinomyia luzonica Frey 1 Herina luzonica (Frey, 1959)
Herina conjuncta (Meijere, 1914) species Rhadinomyia conjuncta de Meij. 2 Herina conjuncta (Meijere, 1914)
Herina burmanica (Frey, 1959) species Rhadinomyia burmanica Frey 11 Herina burmanica (Frey, 1959)
Melieria nigritarsis Becker, 1903 species Melieria nigritarsis Beck 1 Melieria nigritarsis Becker, 1903
Melieria acuticornis   species Melieria acuticornis Lw 1 Melieria acuticornis (Loew, 1854)
Melieria ochricornis (Loew, 1873) species Melieria obscuricornis Loew 2 Melieria ochricornis (Loew, 1873)
Melieria obscuripes (Loew, 1873) species Melieria obscuripes Lw.     In D-fennica. Melieria obscuripes (Loew, 1873)
Melieria crassipennis   species Melieria crassipennis Fabr. 2   See D-fennica. Melieria crassipennis (Fabricius, 1794)
Melieria ochricornis (Loew, 1873) species Melieria ochricornis Loew 5 Melieria ochricornis (Loew, 1873)
Melieria similis (Loew, 1873) species Melieria similis Lw. 2 Melieria similis (Loew, 1873)
Melieria strigata   chironym Melieria strigata Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Melieria picta   species Melieria picta Meig. 1 Ortalis picta (Blanchard, 1852)
Melieria unicolor   species Melieria unicolor Lw 1 Melieria unicolor (Loew, 1854)
Hypochra parmensis (Rondani, 1869) species Hypochra parmensis Rond. 1 Hypochra parmensis (Rondani, 1869)
Hypochra asiatica Hennig, 1939 species Hypochra asiatica Hen. 1 Hypochra asiatica Hennig, 1939
Ceroxys urticae   species Ceroxys urticae L. 1   See D-fennica. Ceroxys urticae (Linnaeus, 1758)
Ceroxys hyalinata   species Ceroxys hortulana Rossi 2 Ceroxys hyalinata (Panzer, 1798)
Ceroxys cinifera   species Ceroxys cinifera Loew 1 Ceroxys cinifera (Loew, 1846)
Ceroxys munda   species Ceroxys munda Lw 3 Ceroxys munda (Loew, 1869)
Ceroxys laticornis   species Ceroxys laticornis Lw 1 Ceroxys laticornis (Loew, 1873)
Seioptera vibrans   species Seioptera vibrans L. 1   See D-fennica. Seioptera vibrans (Linnaeus, 1758)
Myennis octopunctata (Coquebert, 1798) species Myennis octopunctata Coq. 4 Myennis octopunctata (Coquebert, 1798)
Idana marginata (Say, 1830) species Idana marginata Say 1 Idana marginata (Say, 1830)
Physiphora alceae   species Physiphora demandata Fall. 10 Physiphora alceae (Preyssler, 1791)
Physiphora clausa   species Physiphora aenea Fabr. 8 Physiphora clausa (Macquart, 1843)
Physiphora africana   species Physiphora africana Hend. 1 Physiphora africana (Hendel, 1909)
Physiphora smaragdina (Loew, 1852) species Physiphora smaragdina Loew 4 Physiphora smaragdina (Loew, 1852)
Physiphora flavipes (Karsch, 1888) species Physiphora flavipes Karsch. 1 Physiphora flavipes (Karsch, 1888)
Physiphora longicornis (Hendel, 1909) species Physiphora longicornis Hend. 2 Siopa longicornis Hendel, 1909
Timia klugi Hendel, 1908 species Timia klugi Hend. 1 Timia klugi Hendel, 1908
Timia hirtipes Hendel, 1908 species Timia hirtipes Hend. 2 Timia hirtipes Hendel, 1908
Timia jakowlewi Hendel, 1908 species Timia jakovlevi Hend. 1 Timia jakowlewi Hendel, 1908
Timia ahngeri   chironym Timia ahngeri Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Timia reitteri Hendel, 1908 species Timia reitteri Hend. 1 Timia reitteri Hendel, 1908
Timia cinereopollinosa   chironym Timia cinereopollinosa Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Ulidia apicalis   species Ulidia apicalis Mg. 5 Ulidia apicalis Meigen, 1826
Ulidia erythrophthalma Meigen, 1826 species Ulidia erythrophthalma Mg. 2 Ulidia erythrophthalma Meigen, 1826
Homalocephala bimaculata   species Homalocephala bimaculata Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Homalocephala bimaculata (Wahlberg, 1839)
Homalocephala bipunctata   species Homalocephala bipunctata Lw     In D-fennica. Homalocephala bipunctata (Loew, 1854)
Homalocephala albitarsis   species Homalocephala albitarsis Zett.     In D-fennica. Homalocephala albitarsis Zetterstedt, 1838
Homalocephala apicalis   species Homalocephala apicalis Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Homalocephala apicalis (Wahlberg, 1839)
Homalocephala angustata   species Homalocephala angustata Wahlb.     In D-fennica. Homalocephala angustata (Wahlberg, 1839)
Euxesta annonae (Fabricius, 1794) species Euxesta annonae Fabr. 2 Euxesta annonae (Fabricius, 1794)
Euxesta nitidibasis   chironym Euxesta nitidibasis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Euxesta sororcula Wiedemann, 1830 species Euxesta sororcula Wied. 2 Euxesta sororcula Wiedemann, 1830
Euxesta eluta Loew, 1868 species Euxesta eluta Lw 7 Euxesta eluta Loew, 1868
Euxesta stigmatias Loew, 1868 species Euxesta stigmatias Lw 3 Euxesta stigmatias Loew, 1867
Euxesta lunata Hendel, 1909 species Euxesta lunata Hend. 1 Euxesta lunata Hendel, 1909
Euxesta schineri Hendel, 1909 species Euxesta schineri Hend. 2 Euxesta schineri Hendel, 1909
Euxesta melini   chironym Euxesta Melini Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Euxesta arcuata Loew, 1868 species Euxesta atripes Lw 1  
Euxesta minuens   chironym Euxesta minuens Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Euxesta arcuata Hendel, 1909 species Euxesta arcuata Hend. 1 Euxesta arcuata Hendel, 1909
Euxesta insolita Hendel, 1909 species Euxesta insolita Hend. 1 Euxesta insolita Hendel, 1909
Euxesta leucomelas   species Euxesta fascipennis Wulp 3 Euxesta leucomelas (Walker, 1861)
Euxesta thomae   species Euxesta Thomae Lw 6 Euxesta thomae Loew, 1868
Euxesta annonae   species Euxesta quadrivittata Macq. 3 Euxesta annonae (Fabricius, 1794)
Euxesta notata   species Euxesta notata Wied. 1 Euxesta notata (Wiedemann, 1830)
Euxesta freyi Krivosheina & Krivosheina, 1997 species Euxesta nitidiventris Lw 3 Euxesta freyi Krivosheina & Krivosheina, 1997
Euxesta spoliata Loew, 1868 species Euxesta spoliata Lw 5 Euxesta spoliata Loew, 1868
Euxesta pygmaea   chironym Euxesta pygmaea Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Eumecosomyia nubila   species Eumecosomyia gracilis Coq. 1 Eumecosomyia nubila (Wiedemann, 1830)
Chaetopsis aenea (Wiedemann, 1830) species Chaetopsis aenea Wied. 8 Chaetopsis aenea (Wiedemann, 1830)
Chaetopsis aenea   chironym Chaetopsis [aenea] f. argentina in.sch. 2   MS name by R. Frey   Chaetopsis aenea (Wiedemann, 1830)
Chaetopsis apicalis Johnson, 1900 species Chaetopsis apicalis Johns. 1 Chaetopsis apicalis Johnson, 1900
Chaetopsis angusta   species Chaetopsis angusta Hend. 1  
Eumetopiella rufipes   species Eumetopiella rufipes Mcq. 2 Eumetopiella rufipes (Macquart, 1847)
Hypoecta longula   species Hypoecta longula Loew 1 Hypoecta longula Loew, 1868
Acrosticta scrobiculata   species Acrosticta scrobiculata Lw 3 Acrosticta scrobiculata Loew, 1868
Acrosticta sp.   species Acrosticta sp. 1  
Euphara caerulea (Macquart, 1848) species Euphara coerulea Mcq. 1 Euphara caerulea (Macquart, 1848)
Ulidiidae   family Ulidiidae Genus incerta 1 Ulidiidae
Pseudoplagiostoma mimica   chironym Pseudoplagiostoma mimica Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Schnusimyia parvula Hendel, 1914 species Schnusimyia parvula Hend. 1 Schnusimyia parvula Hendel, 1914
Delphinia picta (Fabricius, 1781) species Delphinia picta Fabr. 1 Delphinia picta (Fabricius, 1781)

Taxa in collection for Ulidiidae: 107


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Phlebophis serpentina Frey, 1932 species Phlebopsis serpentina Frey 1 Phlebophis serpentina Frey, 1932

Taxa in collection for Platystomatidae: 1


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Neomyennis appendiculata (Hendel, 1909) species Neomyennis appendiculata Hend. 12 Neomyennis appendiculata (Hendel, 1909)
Xanthacrona bipustulata Wulp, 1899 species Xanthacrona bupustulata v.d. Wulp 2 Xanthacrona bipustulata Wulp, 1899
Pterocalla melini   species Pterocalla Melini in schedo 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Pterocalla radiata   species Pterocalla radiata Hend. 1 Pterocalla radiata Hendel, 1909
Pterocalla oculata   species Pterocalla ocellata Fabr. 2 Pterocalla oculata Hendel, 1909
Pterocalla punctata   species Pterocalla punctata Hend. 3 Pterocalla punctata Hendel, 1909
Pterocalla angustipennis   species Pterocalla angustipennis Hd. 8 Pterocalla angustipennis Hendel, 1909
Pterocalla plumitarsis   species Pterocalla (Parapterocalla) plumitarsis Hend. 2 Pterocalla plumitarsis Hendel, 1909
Pterocalla pantherina   species Pterocalla (Parapterocalla) tarsata Schin. 4 Pterocalla pantherina (Walker, 1853)
Pseudopterocalla obscura (Wiedemann, 1830) species Pseudopterocalla obscura Wied. 1 Pseudopterocalla obscura (Wiedemann, 1830)
Pseudopterocalla scutellata (Schiner, 1868) species Pseudopterocalla scutellata Schin. 3 Pseudopterocalla scutellata (Schiner, 1868)
Pseudotephritina cribellum (Loew, 1873) species Pseudotephritis cribrum Lw 1 Pseudotephritina cribellum (Loew, 1873)
Pseudotephritis vau   species Pseudotephritis vau Say 2 Pseudotephritis vau (Say, 1830)
Aciuroides dimidiata   chironym Aciuroides dimidiata Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Paragorgopis cancellata   species Paragorgopis cancellata Hend. 1 Paragorgopis cancellata Hendel, 1909
Plagiocephalus latifrons   species Stylophthalmyia fascipennis Frey 1 Plagiocephalus latifrons (Hendel, 1909)
Terpnomyia schadeana   chironym Terpnomyia schadeana Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  

Taxa in collection for Ulidiidae: 17


name author rank name in collection count origin comments FinBIF GBIF recognised full name
Tachinisca cyaneiventris Kertész, 1903 species Tachinisca cyaneiventris Kert. 1 Tachinisca cyaneiventris Kertesz, 1903
Phytalmyiinae   subfamily   8 Philippines, Burma 2 species  
Dacus longistylus Wiedemann, 1830 species Leptoxyda longistyla Wied. 4 Dacus longistylus Wiedemann, 1830
Dacus fuscatus Wiedemann, 1830 species Dacus furcatus Wied. 2 Dacus fuscatus Wiedemann, 1819
Dacus chrysomphalus (Bezzi, 1924) species Dacus chrysomphalus Bezzi 2 Dacus chrysomphalus (Bezzi, 1924)
Dacus ciliatus   species Dacus brevistylus Bezzi 2 Dacus ciliatus Loew, 1862
Dacus vertebratus Bezzi, 1908 species Dacus vertebratus Bezzi 2 Dacus vertebratus Bezzi, 1908
Bactrocera oleae (Rossi, 1790) species Dacus oleae Rossi 3 Bactrocera oleae (Rossi, 1790)
Dacus binotatus Loew, 1862 species Dacus binotatus Lw 2 Dacus binotatus Loew, 1862
Dacus frontalis Becker, 1922 species Dacus frontalis Beck. 11 Dacus frontalis Becker, 1922
Bactrocera umbrosa (Fabricius, 1805) species Strumeta umbrosa Fabr. 6 Bactrocera umbrosa (Fabricius, 1805)
Bactrocera frauenfeldi (Schiner, 1868) species Strumeta frauenfeldi Schin. 1 Bactrocera frauenfeldi (Schiner, 1868)
Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett, 1899) species Strumeta cucurbitae Coq. 9 Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett, 1899)
Bactrocera diversa (Coquillett, 1904) species Strumeta diversus Coq. 1 Bactrocera diversa (Coquillett, 1904)
Bactrocera venefica (Hering, 1938) species Strumeta venefica Her. 1 Bactrocera venefica (Hering, 1938)
Dacus elegantulus Hardy, 1974 species Strumeta elegantulus Hardy 2 Bactrocera elegantula (Hardy, 1974)
Bactrocera cilifera   species Strumeta cilifer Hend. 2 Bactrocera cilifera (Hendel, 1912)
Bactrocera limbifera   species Strumeta limbiferus Bezzi 1 Bactrocera limbifera (Bezzi, 1919)
Bactrocera zonata (Saunders, 1842) species Strumeta zonatus [? Jour] 2 Bactrocera zonata (Saunders, 1842)
Bactrocera pedestris   species Strumeta pedestris Bezzi 5 Bactrocera pedestris (Bezzi, 1914)
Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel, 1912) species Strumeta dorsalis Hend. 5 Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel, 1912)
Bactrocera occipitalis (Bezzi, 1919) species Strumeta [dorsalis] var. occipitalis Bezzi 7 Bactrocera occipitalis (Bezzi, 1919)
Bactrocera sp. 1   species Strumeta sp. 1  
Bactrocera sp. 2   species Strumeta sp. 1  
Bactrocera incisa   species Strumeta incisus Walk. 1 Bactrocera incisa (Walker, 1861)
Bactrocera hyalina   species Strumeta hyalina Schir. 2 Bactrocera hyalina (Shiraki, 1933)
Bactrocera munda (Bezzi, 1919) species Zeugodacus mundus bezzi 5 Bactrocera munda (Bezzi, 1919)
Bactrocera tau (Walker, 1849) species Zeugodacus Tau (Walker) 6   det. Hardy 1969 Bactrocera tau (Walker, 1849)
Bactrocera caudata (Fabricius, 1805) species Zeugodacus caudatus Fabr. 3 Bactrocera caudata (Fabricius, 1805)
Bactrocera caudata   species Zeugodacus [caudatus] var. nobilis Hend. 6 Bactrocera caudata (Fabricius, 1805)
Bactrocera tau   species Zeugodacus hageni de Meij. 7 Bactrocera tau (Walker, 1849)
Bactrocera scutellata   species Zeugodacus scutellatus Hend. 1 Bactrocera scutellata (Hendel, 1912)
Bactrocera pubescens (Bezzi, 1919) species Zeugodacus pubescens Bezzi 4   det. Hardy 1969 Bactrocera pubescens (Bezzi, 1919)
Bactrocera sp. 3   species Zeugodacus sp. 1  
Bactrocera scutellina (Bezzi, 1916) species Zeugodacus scutellinus Bezzi 1 Bactrocera scutellina (Bezzi, 1916)
Bactrocera scutellaris Bezzi, 1913 species Zeugodacus scutellaris Bezzi 6 Bactrocera scutellaris Bezzi, 1913
Bactrocera scutellaris   species Zeugodacus malaisei Her. 5 Bactrocera scutellaris Bezzi, 1913
Bactrocera maculifemur (Hering, 1938) species Zeugodacus maculifemur Her. 4 Bactrocera maculifemur (Hering, 1938)
Bactrocera ubiquita (Hardy, 1973) species Dacus (Zeugodacus) ubiquitus Hardy 1   det. Hardy 1969 Bactrocera ubiquita (Hardy, 1973)
Bactrocera bakeri (Bezzi, 1919) species Neodacus bakeri Bezzi 1 Bactrocera bakeri (Bezzi, 1919)
Dacus longicornis   species Calantra longicornis Wied. 2 Dacus longicornis Wiedemann, 1830
Dacus indica   chironym Calantra indica in sch. 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Dacus odyneroides   chironym Calantra odyneroides in.s. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Dacus indecorus (Hardy, 1974) species Callandra indecora Hardy 1 Dacus indecorus (Hardy, 1974)
Dacus nummularius (Bezzi, 1916) species Calantra nummularia Bezzi 1 Dacus nummularius (Bezzi, 1916)
Dacus abyssinicus   chironym Calantra abyssinica in s. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Meracanthomyia kotiensis Kapoor, 1971 species Meracanthomyia kotiensis Kapoor 6   det. Hardy 1969 Meracanthomyia kotiensis Kapoor, 1971
Munromyia nudiseta Bezzi, 1922 species Munromyia nudiseta Bezzi 3   2 without labels Munromyia nudiseta Bezzi, 1922
Pseudosophira bakeri Malloch, 1939 species Pseudosophira bakeri Mall. 1   det. Hardy 1969 Pseudosophira bakeri Malloch, 1939
Adrama determinata (Walker, 1856) species Adrama determinata Walk. 7   det. Hardy 1969 Adrama determinata (Walker, 1856)
Adrama rufiventris   species Adrama ceramensis de Meij. 2 Adrama rufiventris (Walker, 1860)
Adrama selecta Walker, 1859 species Adrama bipunctipes Frey 6   det. Hardy 1969. Adrama selecta Walker, 1859
Adrama selecta   species Adrama [bipunctipes] var. obscura Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey. Adrama selecta Walker, 1859
Sosiopsila metadacus (Speiser, 1915) species Sosiopsila metadacus Speis. 2   2 ST Sosiopsila metadacus (Speiser, 1915)
Callistomyia pavonina   species Callistomyia pavonina Bezzi 6 Callistomyia pavonina Bezzi, 1913
Callistomyia prometeus   chironym Callistomyia prometeus Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Callistomyia icarus (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Callistomyia icarus O.-S. 1 Callistomyia icarus (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Conradtina longicornis Enderlein, 1911 species Conradtina longicornis End. 1 Conradtina longicornis Enderlein, 1911
Dimeringophrys bilineata   species Dimeringophrys ortalina End. 8 Dimeringophrys bilineata (Walker, 1860)
Coelopacidia madagascariensis Enderlein, 1911 species Coelopacidia madagascariensis End. 1 Coelopacidia madagascariensis Enderlein, 1911
Felderimyia fuscipennis Hendel, 1914 species Felderimyia fuscipennis Hend. 1 Felderimyia fuscipennis Hendel, 1914
Euphranta macularis   species Lagarosia striatella v.d.Wulp 1 Euphranta macularis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Euphranta connexa   species Euphranta connexa F. 3   MS name by R. Frey Euphranta connexa (Fabricius, 1794)
Cyclopsia univittata Hardy, 1970 species Euphranta anna Frey 1 Cyclopsia univittata Hardy, 1970
Coelotrypes vittatus Bezzi, 1923 species Coelotrypes vittatus setiger Her. 7 Coelotrypes vittatus Bezzi, 1923
Ptilona confinis   species Ptilona nigriventris Bezzi 7 Ptilona confinis (Walker, 1856)
Ptilona dolorosa Hering, 1938 species Ptilona dolorosa Her. 1 Ptilona dolorosa Hering, 1938
Ptilona persimilis Hendel, 1915 species Ptilona persimilis Hend. 4 Ptilona persimilis Hendel, 1915
Ptilona continua Hardy, 1974 species Ptilona brevicornis Walk. 1   det. Hardy 1969. Ptilona continua Hardy, 1974
Themara ostensackeni Hardy, 1974 species Themara alcestis Ost.-S. 4   det. Hardy 1969. Themara ostensackeni Hardy, 1974
Themara lunifera Hering, 1938 species Themara lunifera Her. 13   det. Hardy 1969. Themara lunifera Hering, 1938
Themara maculipennis (Westwood, 1847) species Themara maculipennis Westw. 5 Themara maculipennis (Westwood, 1847)
Themara hirtipes Rondani, 1875 species Themara [? maculipennis] var. nigrithorax Frey 4   det. Hardy 1969. Themara hirtipes Rondani, 1875
Acanthonevra formosana Enderlein, 1911 species Acanthonevra formosana End. 1 Acanthonevra formosana (Enderlein, 1911)
Acanthonevra pteropleuralis Hendel, 1927 species Acanthonevra pteropleuralis End. 2 Acanthonevra pteropleuralis (Hendel, 1927)
Acanthonevra dunlopi (Wulp, 1880) species Acanthonevra Dunlopi v.d.Wlp 2 Acanthonevra dunlopi (Wulp, 1880)
Rioxa manto (Osten Sacken, 1882) species Acanthonevra manto Ost.-S. 1   det. Hardy 1969. Rioxa manto (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Diarrhegma modestum (Fabricius, 1805) species Diarrhegma modestum Walk. 3   det. Hardy 1969. Diarrhegma modestum (Fabricius, 1805)
Diarrhegma modestum   species Xanthospilosoma dorsalis Frey 6   det. Hardy 1967. MS name by R. Frey. Diarrhegma modestum (Fabricius, 1805)
Rioxoptilona   genus Rioxoptilona Handschini Frey 1   det. Hardy Rioxoptilona Hendel, 1914
Rioxoptilona nigrita   chironym Rioxoptilona nigrita Frey 4   MS name by R. Frey  
Rioxa lanceolata   species Rioxa lanceolata Walk. 3 Rioxa lanceolata Walker, 1856
Dacopsis caeca (Bezzi, 1914) species Rioxa caeca Bezzi 2   det. Hardy 1969. Dacopsis caeca (Bezzi, 1914)
Rioxa sexmaculata (Wulp, 1880) species Rioxa sexmaculata v.d.Wp 7   det. Hardy 1969. Rioxa sexmaculata (Wulp, 1880)
Rioxa lucifer   species Rioxa lucifer Her. 6 Rioxa lucifer Hering, 1941
Xarnuta leucotela Walker, 1856 species Xarnuta muscina Frey 2   det. Hardy Xarnuta leucotela Walker, 1856
Xarnuta lativentris (Walker, 1860) species Xarnuta stellaris Frey 1   det. Hardy Xarnuta lativentris (Walker, 1860)
Hexacinia pellucens Hardy, 1970 species Hexacinia // *OBSCURED* 7   det. Hardy Hexacinia pellucens Hardy, 1970
Hexacinia stellipennis (Walker, 1860) species stigmatoptera Hend. 8 Hexacinia stellipennis (Walker, 1860)
Ortalotrypeta isshikii (Matsumura, 1916) species Ortalotrypeta isshikii Mats. 1 Ortalotrypeta isshikii (Matsumura, 1916)
Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868) species Blepharoneura poecilosoma Schin. 5 Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868)
Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868) chironym Blepharoneura [poecilosoma] var. longistria in sch. 3   MS name by R. Frey   Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868)
Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868) chironym Blepharoneura [poecilosoma] var. plaumanni in sch. 4   MS name by R. Frey   Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868)
Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868) chironym Blepharoneura [poecilosoma] var. brunnecta in sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey   Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner, 1868)
Hexachaeta monostigma   species Hexachaeta monostigma Hend. 1 Hexachaeta monostigma Hendel, 1914
Hexachaeta socialis   species Hexachaeta socialis Wied. 2 Hexachaeta socialis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Hexachaeta eximia   species Hexachaeta eximia Wied. 1 Hexachaeta eximia (Wiedemann, 1830)
Hexachaeta amabilis   species Hexachaeta amabilis Loew 1 Hexachaeta amabilis (Loew, 1873)
Acidiostigma polyfasciatum (Miyake, 1919) species Parahyperidium polyfasciatum Miyak. 2 Acidiostigma polyfasciatum (Miyake, 1919)
ypenidium graecum   species Hypenidium Novaki Strobl 1  
Hypenidium roborowskii (Becker, 1908) species Hypenidium Roborowskii Beck. 1 Hypenidium roborowskii (Becker, 1908)
Urophora tenuis Becker, 1908 species Euribia tenuis Beck. 2 Urophora tenuis Becker, 1908
Urophora maura (Frauenfeld, 1857) species Euribia maura Frfld. 1 Urophora maura (Frauenfeld, 1857)
Urophora stigma   species Euribia stigma Loew     In D-fennica. Urophora stigma (Loew, 1840)
Urophora affinis   species Euribia affinis Frfld 5 Urophora affinis (Frauenfeld, 1857)
Urophora stylata   species Euribia vulcanica Rond. 2 Urophora stylata (Fabricius, 1775)
Urophora algira   species Euribia algira Macq. 1 Urophora mauritanica Macquart, 1851
Urophora stylata   species Euribia stylata F. 1   See D-fennica. Urophora stylata (Fabricius, 1775)
Urophora solstitialis   species Euribia solstitialis L. 1   See D-fennica. Urophora solstitialis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Urophora jaceana   species Euribia jaceana Her. 5   See D-fennica. Urophora jaceana (Hering, 1935)
Urophora cuspidata   species Euribia cuspidata Mg. 4   See D-fennica. Urophora cuspidata (Meigen, 1826)
Urophora mauritanica   species Euribia macrura Lw. 1 Urophora mauritanica Macquart, 1851
Urophora aprica   species Euribia aprica Fall. 1 Urophora aprica (Fallen, 1814)
Urophora terebrans   species Euribia eriolepidis Lw 2 Urophora terebrans (Loew, 1850)
Urophora terebrans   species Euribia terebrans Lw 2 Urophora terebrans (Loew, 1850)
Urophora congrua   species Euribia congrua Lw 1 Urophora congrua Loew, 1862
Urophora cardui   species Euribia cardui L. 1 Urophora cardui (Linnaeus, 1758)
Urophora quadrifasciata   species Euribia 4-fasciata Mg. 6 Urophora quadrifasciata (Meigen, 1826)
Rhagoletis cingulata   species Euribia cingulata Loew 3 Rhagoletis cingulata (Loew, 1862)
Myopites lindbergi   chironym Myiopites Lindbergi Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Myopites nigrescens   species Myiopites nigrescens Beck. 3 Myopites nigrescens Becker, 1908
Myopites inulaedyssentericae   species Myiopites Blotii Bréb. 1 Myopites inulaedyssentericae Blot, 1827
Myopites zernyi   species Myiopites Zernyi Hering 2 Myopites zernyi Hering, 1939
Anoplomus cassandra   species Anoplomus flexuosus Bezzi 4 Anoplomus cassandra (Osten Sacken, 1882)
Anoplomus rufipes Hardy, 1973 species Anoplomus rufipes 1   Descriped by Hardy on the basis of Frey’s manuscript name. Anoplomus rufipes Hardy, 1973
Proanoplomus longimaculatus Hardy, 1973 species Proanoplomus // *OBSCURED* 1 Proanoplomus longimaculatus Hardy, 1973
Proanoplomus yunnanensis Zia, 1964 species Proanoplomus // *OBSCURED* 1 Proanoplomus yunnanensis Zia, 1964
Capparimyia melanaspis (Bezzi, 1920) species Pardalaspis melanaspis Bezzi 3 Capparimyia melanaspis (Bezzi, 1920)
Ceratitis morstatti   species Pardalaspis morstatti Bezzi 1 Ceratitis morstatti Bezzi, 1912
Acroceratitis ceratitina (Bezzi, 1913) species Stictaspis ceratitina Bezzi 1 Acroceratitis ceratitina (Bezzi, 1913)
Trirhithrum   genus Trirhithrum sp. 4 Trirhithrum Bezzi, 1918
Ceratitis capitata   species Ceratitis capitata Wied. 8 Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann, 1824)
Acroceratitis   genus Acroceratitis sp. 1 Acroceratitis Hendel, 1913
Enicoptera sumatrana Hering, 1938 species Henicoptera sumatrana Her. 8 Enicoptera sumatrana (Hering, 1938)
Enicoptera cuneilineata   species Henicoptera cuneilineata Her. 13   det. Hardy Enicoptera cuneilineata (Hering, 1937)
Enicoptera cuneilineata   species Henicoptera [cuneilineata] v. flaviceps Frey 4   MS name by R. Frey Enicoptera cuneilineata (Hering, 1937)
Enicoptera cuneilineata   var Henicoptera [cuneilineata] v. hybrida Frey     MS name by R. Frey Enicoptera cuneilineata (Hering, 1937)
Enicoptera flavofemoralis Hering, 1937 var Henicoptera flavofemoralis Her. 3 Enicoptera flavofemoralis (Hering, 1937)
Enicoptera boettcheri   chironym Henicoptera Boettcheri Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Enicoptera scutellaris   chironym Henicoptera scutellaris Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Enicoptera interrupta Hering, 1937 species Henicoptera interrupta Her. 8   det. Hardy Enicoptera interrupta (Hering, 1937)
Enicoptera il Hering, 1938 species Henicoptera [interrupta] var. il End. 4   det. Hardy Enicoptera il (Hering, 1938)
Henicoptera palawanica Hering, 1942 species Henicoptera palavana Frey 1   det. Hardy Enicoptera palawanica (Hering, 1942)
Enicoptera spoliata Hering, 1937 species Henicoptera spoliata End. 2   det. Hardy Enicoptera spoliata (Hering, 1937)
Enicoptera proditrix Osten Sacken, 1882 species Henicoptera proditrix 1 Enicoptera proditrix Osten Sacken, 1882
Paratrirhithrum nitobei Shiraki, 1933 species Paratrirhithrum nitobei Shir. 1 Paratrirhithrum nitobei Shiraki, 1933
Pseudosophira bakeri Malloch, 1939 species Colobostrella sophia Frey 4   det. Hardy 1969. C. sophia Frey is a manuscript name. Pseudosophira bakeri Malloch, 1939
Galbifascia sexpunctata Hardy, 1973 species Xanthorrachis sexpunctatus Frey 1   Descriped by Hardy on the basis of Frey’s manuscript name. Galbifascia sexpunctata Hardy, 1973
Xanthorrachista alata (Becker, 1909) species Xanthorrachista aluta Beck. 1 Xanthorrachista alata (Becker, 1909)
Carpophthorella capillata (Bezzi, 1914) species Gastrozona capillata Bezzi 2   det. Hardy 1969 Carpophthorella capillata (Bezzi, 1914)
Carpophthorella luteiseta (Bezzi, 1914) species Gastrozona luteiseta Bezzi 2 Carpophthorella luteiseta (Bezzi, 1914)
Gastrozona isis Hering, 1938 species Gastrozona isis Hering 1 Gastrozona isis Hering, 1938
Gastrozona orbata Hering, 1938 species Gastrozona orbata Her 1 Gastrozona orbata Hering, 1938
Paragastrozona japonica (Miyake, 1919) species Paragastrozona japonica Miyake 2 Paragastrozona japonica (Miyake, 1919)
Taeniostola indica   chironym Taeniostola indica Frey 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Taeniostola connecta Hendel, 1915 species Taeniostola connecta Hend. 4   Label corrected from connexa Taeniostola connecta Hendel, 1915
Acrotaeniostola sexvittata   species Acrotaeniostola scutellaris Mats. 2 Acrotaeniostola sexvittata Hendel, 1914
Acrotaeniostola subfasciata   chironym Acrotaeniostola subfasciata Frey 1 India (Calcutta) MS name by R. Frey  
Paraxarnuta bambusae Hardy, 1973 species Acrotaeniostola mediana Frey 1 Paraxarnuta bambusae Hardy, 1973
Phaeospila mediana   chironym Phaeospila nobilis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Phaeospila vitalisi   chironym Phaeospila Vitalisi Frey     MS name by R. Frey  
Phaeospila tessellata   chironym Phaeospila tessellata Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Anastrepha praestans   chironym Anastrepha praestans Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Anastrepha distans Hendel, 1914 species Anastrepha distans Hend. 3 Anastrepha distans Hendel, 1914
Anastrepha ludens (Loew, 1873) species Anastrepha ludens Loew 1 Anastrepha ludens (Loew, 1873)
Anastrepha xanthophragma   chironym Anastrepha xanthophragma Frey 7   MS name by R. Frey  
Anastrepha fratercula (Wiedemann, 1830) species Anastrepha fratercula Wied. 16 Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Anastrepha nigripalpis Hendel, 1914 species Anastrepha nigripalpis Hend. 1 Anastrepha nigripalpis Hendel, 1914
Anastrepha obliqua (Macquart, 1835) species Anastrepha obliqua Macq. 6 Anastrepha obliqua (Macquart, 1835)
Anastrepha fratercula   species Anastrepha soluta Bezzi 1 Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Anastrepha grandis   species Anastrepha schineri Hend. 3 Anastrepha grandis (Macquart, 1846)
Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedemann, 1830) species Anastrepha serpentinus Wied. 2 Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedemann, 1830)
Tomoplagia biseriata   chironym Tomoplagia biseriata n. 1   MS name by R. Frey   Tomoplagia biseriata (Loew, 1873)
Tomoplagia pollinosa   chironym Tomoplagia pollinosa Frey 6   MS name by R. Frey  
Tomoplagia nigriventris   chironym Tomoplagia nigriventris n. 3   MS name by R. Frey  
Tomoplagia obliqua (Say, 1830) species Tomoplagia obliqua Say 2 Tomoplagia obliqua (Say, 1830)
Tomoplagia defecta   chironym Tomoplagia defecta n. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Tomoplagia nitida   chironym Tomoplagia nitida Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Carpomya wiedemanni (Meigen, 1826) species Gonioglossum wiedemanni Mg. 2 Carpomya wiedemanni (Meigen, 1826)
Carpomya pardalina   species Myiopardalina pardalina Big. 1 Carpomya pardalina Bigot, 1891
Carpomya vesuviana   species Carpomyia vesuviana Costa 1 Carpomya vesuviana Costa, 1854
Cecidochares schadei   species Cecidochares schadei Frey 1  
Cecidochares boliviana   species Cecidochares boliviana Frey 1  
Cecidochares melini   species Cecidochares Melini Frey 1  
Procecidochares utilis Stone, 1947 species Procecidochares utilis Store 5 Procecidochares utilis Stone, 1947
Procecidochares atra   species Procecidochares setifera Coq. 1 Procecidochares atra (Loew, 1862)
Oedaspis dichotoma Loew, 1869 species Oedaspis dichotoma Lw 1 Oedaspis dichotoma Loew, 1869
Sophira extranea (de Meijere, 1914) species Anastrephopsis extranea de Meij. 1 Sophira extranea (Meijere, 1914)
Euphranta ortalidina (Portschinsky, 1891) species Macrotrypeta ortalidina Portsch. 1 Euphranta ortalidina (Portschinsky, 1891)
Plioreocepta poeciloptera (Schrank, 1776) species Platyparea poeciloptera Schr. 6 Plioreocepta poeciloptera (Schrank, 1776)
Platyparea discoidea (Fabricius, 1787) species Platyparella discoidea Fabr. 5 Platyparea discoidea (Fabricius, 1787)
Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh, 1867) species Rhagoletis pomonella Walsch. 4 Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh, 1867)
Rhagoletis cerasi   species Rhagoletis cerasi L. 1   See D-fennica. Rhagoletis cerasi (Linnaeus, 1758)
Rhagoletis cingulat   species Rhagoletis cingulata Loew 1  
Rhagoletis illota   species Zonosema illota Say 2   Not recognised.  
Rhagoletis alternata   species Zonosema alternata Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Rhagoletis alternata (Fallen, 1814)
Rhagoletis meigenii (Loew, 1844) species Zonosema meigeni Lw. 1 Rhagoletis meigenii (Loew, 1844)
Hemilea dimidiata (Costa, 1844) species Hemilea dimidiata Costa 1 Hemilea dimidiata (Costa, 1844)
Hemilea luzonica   chironym Hemilea luzonica Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Hemilea vestalis   chironym Hemilea vestalis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Ocnerioxa pennata Speiser, 1915 species Ocnerioxa pennata Speis. 2 Ocnerioxa pennata Speiser, 1915
Strauzia longipennis (Wiedemann, 1830) species Straussia longipennis Wied. 2 Strauzia longipennis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Cornutrypeta superciliata (Frey, 1935) species Vidalia superciliata Frey     In D-fennica. Cornutrypeta superciliata (Frey, 1935)
Vidalia horrida   chironym Vidalia horrida Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Vidalia quadriseriata   species Vidalia quadriseriata Her. 2   Unrecognised name  
Trypeta artemisiae   species Trypeta artemisiae F. 2   See D-fennica. Trypeta artemisiae (Fabricius, 1794)
Trypeta affinis   species Trypeta affinis Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey Urophora affinis (Frauenfeld, 1857)
Trypeta immaculata   species Trypeta hamifera Lw 1 Terellia immaculata (Macquart, 1855)
Trypeta zoe   species Trypeta zoë Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Trypeta zoe Meigen, 1826
Trypeta peltigera   species Trypeta peltigera Her. 1   A nomen dubium Trypeta peltigera (Hering, 1938)
Trypeta victrix Hering, 1938 species Trypeta victrix Her. 2 Trypeta victrix Hering, 1938
Acidiella diversa Itō, 1952 species Acidiella (Acidiella) diversa Ito 3 Acidiella diversa Ito, 1952
Hemilea freyi (Hardy, 1970) species Acidiella (Acidiella) freyi Hardy 1   det. Hardy 1968 Hemilea freyi (Hardy, 1970)
Acidiella spinifera (Hering, 1938) species Acidiella (Pseudacidia) spinifera Her. 1 Acidiella spinifera (Hering, 1938)
Acidiella maculinotum (Hering, 1938) species Acidiella (Pseudacidia) maculinotum Her. 1 Acidiella maculinotum (Hering, 1938)
Acidiella pseudolineata (Hering, 1938) species Acidiella (Pseudacidia) pseudolineata Her. 1 Acidiella pseudolineata (Hering, 1938)
Acanthonevra uncinata (Hering, 1938) species Acidiella (Pseudacidia) uncinata Her. 2 Acanthonevra uncinata (Hering, 1938)
Trypeta sumptuosa (Hering, 1938) species Acidiella (Pseudacidia) sumptuosa Her. 1 Trypeta sumptuosa (Hering, 1938)
Acidiella aproximata   chironym Acidiella (Pseudacidia) aproximata n.sp. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Acidia cognata (Wiedemann, 1817) species Acidia cognata Wied. 2 Acidia cognata (Wiedemann, 1817)
Acidia japonica Shiraki, 1933 species Acidia japonica Schir. 1 Acidia japonica Shiraki, 1933
Euleia heraclei (Linnaeus, 1758) species Philophylla heraclei L. 4   See D-fennica. Euleia heraclei (Linnaeus, 1758)
Euleia fratria (Loew, 1862) species Philophylla fraterna Lw [sic] 2 Euleia fratria (Loew, 1862)
Euleia separata (Becker, 1908) species Philophylla separata Back. 2 Euleia separata (Becker, 1908)
Euleia separata   chironym Philophylla [separata] f. flavicollis Frey 8   MS name by R. Frey   Euleia separata (Becker, 1908)
Euleia marmorea   species Philophylla flavescens Fabr. 2 Euleia marmorea (Fabricius, 1805)
Myoleja lucida (Fallén, 1826) species Euleia lucida Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Myoleja lucida (Fallen, 1826)
Myoleja sublucida   chironym Euleia sublucida i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Myoleja appendiculata   chironym Euleia appendiculata Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Philophylla caesio   species Euleia caesio Harr. 1   See D-fennica. Philophylla caesio (Harris, 1780)
Acidoxantha punctiventris Hendel, 1914 species Acidioxantha punctiventris Hend. 1   Det. Hardy 1969 Acidoxantha punctiventris Hendel, 1914
Acidoxantha balabacensis Hardy, 1970 species Acidioxantha balabacensis Hardy 1   Det. Hardy 1969 Acidoxantha balabacensis Hardy, 1970
Chetostoma miraculosum   species Chaetostoma miraculosum Her. 2 Chetostoma miraculosum (Hering, 1938)
Chetostoma spirata   chironym Chaetostoma spirata i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Chetostoma spiralis   chironym Chaetostoma spiralis i.sch. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Anomoia formosana (Shiraki, 1933) species Phagocarpus formosanus Shir. 1 Anomoia formosana (Shiraki, 1933)
Anomoia purmunda   species Phagocarpus permundus Harr. 1 Anomoia purmunda (Harris, 1780)
Anomoia flavifemur (Hering, 1938) species Phagocarpus flavifemur Her. 1 Anomoia flavifemur (Hering, 1938)
Anomoia pusilla (Hering, 1938) species Phagocarpus pusillus Her. 1 Anomoia pusilla (Hering, 1938)
Philophylla ravida (Hardy, 1973) species Neanomoea euphrosyne Frey 1   det. Hardy Philophylla ravida (Hardy, 1973)
Myoleja desperata   species Pseudospheniscus desperatus Her. 1 Myoleja desperata (Hering, 1938)
Philophylla radiata (Hardy, 1973) species Pseudospheniscus // *OBSCURED* 1   det. Hardy Philophylla radiata (Hardy, 1973)
Philophylla fossata (Fabricius, 1805) species Pseudospheniscus fossatus Fabr. 2   det. Hardy Philophylla fossata (Fabricius, 1805)
Philophylla angulata (Hendel, 1913) species Pseudospheniscus angulatus Hend. 1 Philophylla angulata (Hendel, 1913)
Sphaeniscus sp.   species Pseudospheniscus sp. 1  
Sphaeniscus atilius (Walker, 1849) species Spheniscus sexmaculata Macq. 10   det. Hardy Sphaeniscus atilius (Walker, 1849)
Sphaeniscus quadrincisus (Wiedemann, 1824) species Spheniscus quadrincisa Wied. 2 Sri Lanka Sphaeniscus quadrincisus (Wiedemann, 1824)
Sphaeniscus africana   chironym Spheniscus africana n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Sphaeniscus filiolus (Loew, 1869) species Spheniscus filiola Lw 12 Sphaeniscus filiolus (Loew, 1869)
Sphaeniscus lindbergi Hering, 1958 species Spheniscus lindbergi Hering 1 Sphaeniscus lindbergi Hering, 1958
Aciura coryli   species Aciura coryli Rossi 1   See D-fennica. Aciura coryli (Rossi, 1794)
Euleia rotundiventris   species Cryptaciura rotundiventris Fall. 1 Euleia rotundiventris (Fallen, 1814)
Oxyaciura tibialis (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) species Oxyaciura tibialis R.-D. 15 Oxyaciura tibialis (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Aciuropsis pusio Hardy, 1974 species Oxyaciura // *OBSCURED* 1   det. Hardy Aciuropsis pusio Hardy, 1974
Xanthaciura mallochi Aczél, 1950 species Xanthaciura mallochi Aczel 3 Xanthaciura mallochi Aczel, 1950
Xanthaciura phoenicura (Loew, 1873) species Xanthaciura phoenicura Loew 10 Xanthaciura phoenicura (Loew, 1873)
Xanthaciura chrysura (Thomson, 1869) species Xanthaciura chrysura Thomp. 1 Xanthaciura chrysura (Thomson, 1869)
Hyaloctoides gorgoneus Hering, 1958 species Hyaloctoides semiatra Lw gorgonea Her. 14 Hyaloctoides gorgoneus Hering, 1958
Platensina tagalica   chironym Platensina tagalica Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Metasphenisca reinhardi (Wiedemann, 1824) species Platensina Reinhardi Wied. 1 Metasphenisca reinhardi (Wiedemann, 1824)
Pliomelaena luzonica Hardy, 1974 species Platensina // *OBSCURED* 1   det. Hardy 1969 Pliomelaena luzonica Hardy, 1974
Platensina bezzii Hardy, 1974 species Platensina circulus Frey 1   det. Hardy 1970 Platensina bezzii Hardy, 1974
Hendrella caloptera (Loew, 1850) species Tephrella caloptera Lw 3 Hendrella caloptera (Loew, 1850)
Hendrella caloptera   var Tephrella [caloptera] var. acuticornis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey Hendrella caloptera (Loew, 1850)
Spathulina acroleuca   species Sphathulina parca Bezzi 8   det. Hardy Spathulina acroleuca (Schiner, 1868)
Spathulina acroleuca   species Sphathulina parcula Frey 1   det. Hardy Spathulina acroleuca (Schiner, 1868)
Spathulina sicula   species Sphathulina tristis Loew 1 Spathulina sicula Rondani, 1856
Platensina zodiacalis   species   2 Platensina zodiacalis (Bezzi, 1913)
Urelliosoma guimari (Becker, 1908) species Urelliosoma Guimari Beck. 12 Urelliosoma guimari (Becker, 1908)
Terellia ceratocera   species Ceriocera cornuta Fabr. 2 Terellia ceratocera (Hendel, 1913)
Terellia plagiata   species Ceriocera [cornuta] var. microceras Her. 2 Terellia plagiata (Dahlbom, 1850)
Chaetorellia jaceae (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) species Chaetorellia jaceae R.-D. 1   See D-fennica. Chaetorellia jaceae (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Chaetorellia jaceae   var Chaetorellia [jaceae] var. flaviventris Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey Chaetorellia jaceae (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Chaetorellia australis   species Chaetorellia hexachaeta Lw 2 Chaetorellia australis Hering, 1940
Chaetorellia succinea (Costa, 1844) species Chaetorellia succinea Costa 1 Chaetorellia succinea (Costa, 1844)
Chaetostomella cylindrica   species Chaetostomella onotrophes Loew 3   See D-fennica. Chaetostomella cylindrica (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Orellia falcata   species Orellia falcata Scop. 3 Orellia falcata (Scopoli, 1763)
Orellia scorzonerae   species Orellia distans Lw 1 Orellia scorzonerae (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Terellia palposa   species Orellia palposa Lw 9   1 ex destroyed by pests Terellia palposa (Loew, 1862)
Terellia tussilaginis   species Orellia tussilaginis 2   See D-fennica. Terellia tussilaginis (Fabricius, 1775)
Terellia caerulea   species Orellia caerulea Her. 2 Terellia caerulea (Hering, 1939)
Terellia tussilaginis   species Orellia lappae Cederhj. 1 Terellia tussilaginis (Fabricius, 1775)
Terellia ruficauda   species Orellia ruficauda Fabr. 4   See D-fennica. Terellia ruficauda (Fabricius, 1794)
Terellia winthemi   species Orellia Winthemi Meig. 1 Terellia winthemi (Meigen, 1826)
Terellia colon   species Orellia colon Mg. 1 Terellia colon (Meigen, 1826)
Eutreta rhinophora   species Eutreta rhinophora Hering 1 Eutreta rhinophora Hering, 1937
Eutreta aczeli   species Eutreta aczeli Lima 1 Eutreta aczeli Lima, 1954
Eutreta sparsa (Wiedemann, 1830) species Eutreta sparsa Wied. 1 Eutreta sparsa (Wiedemann, 1830)
Eutreta xanthochaeta Aldrich, 1923 species Eutreta xanthochaeta Aldr. 2 Eutreta xanthochaeta Aldrich, 1923
Eutreta novaeboracensis (Fitch, 1855) species Eutreta novaberacensis Fitch 6   4 exx destroyed. Eutreta novaeboracensis (Fitch, 1855)
Eutreta angusta Banks, 1926 species Eutreta angusta Banks 2 Eutreta angusta Banks, 1926
Eutreta diana (Osten Sacken, 1877) species Eutreta diana O.-S. 2   1 ex destroyed by pests Eutreta diana (Osten Sacken, 1877)
Baryplegma breviradiatum (Hendel, 1914) species Pseudacrotaenia breviradiata Hend. 1 Baryplegma breviradiata (Hendel, 1914)
Baryplegma vespillo (Schiner, 1868) species Pseudacrotaenia vespillo Schin. 1 Baryplegma vespillo (Schiner, 1868)
Baryplegma vespilloides   chironym Pseudacrotaenia vespilloides n. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Baryplegma millepunctata   chironym Pseudacrotaenia millepunctata n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Rachiptera limbata   species Rhachiptera limbata Big. 1 Rachiptera limbata Bigot, 1859
Elaphromyia siva Frey, 1917 species Elaphromyia siva Frey 1 Elaphromyia siva Frey, 1917
Elaphromyia sp. 1   species Elaphromyia sp. 1  
Elaphromyia sp. 2   species Elaphromyia sp. 1  
Malaisinia pulcherrima Hering, 1938 species Malaisinia pulcherrima Her. 4   2 exx destroyed. Malaisinia pulcherrima Hering, 1938
Paracantha culta (Wiedemann, 1830) species Paracantha culta Wiedem. 2 Paracantha culta (Wiedemann, 1830)
Eurosta comma   species Eurosta comma Wied. 1 Eurosta comma (Wiedemann, 1830)
Eurosta solidaginis (Fitch, 1855) species Eurosta solidaginis Fitch 2   1 ex destroyed by pests Eurosta solidaginis (Fitch, 1855)
Xyphosia miliaria   species Xyphosia miliaria Schr. 4   See D-fennica. Xyphosia miliaria (Schrank, 1781)
Merzomyia westermanni (Meigen, 1826) species Icterica Westermanni Mg. 2 Merzomyia westermanni (Meigen, 1826)
Icterica seriata (Loew, 1862) species Icterica seriata Lw 1 Icterica seriata (Loew, 1862)
Ictericodes japonicus   species Icterica Schneideri Lw 1 Ictericodes japonicus (Wiedemann, 1830)
Ictericodes depuncta (Hering, 1936) species Icterica depuncta Her. 1 Ictericodes depuncta (Hering, 1936)
Icterica subactata   chironym Icterica subactata n. 2   MS name by R. Frey  
Icterica stellulata   chironym Icterica stellulata n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Acinia corniculata   species Acinia corniculata Zett. 1   See D-fennica. Acinia corniculata (Zetterstedt, 1819)
Acinia biflexa   species Acinia biflexa Lw 2 Acinia biflexa (Loew, 1844)
Tetreuaresta myrtis (Hendel, 1914) species Tetraeuaresta myrtis Hend 5 Tetreuaresta myrtis (Hendel, 1914)
Tetreuaresta ellipa (Hendel, 1914) species Tetraeuaresta ellipa Hend. 1 Tetreuaresta ellipa (Hendel, 1914)
Tetreuaresta timida (Loew, 1862) species Tetraeuaresta timida Loew 2 Tetreuaresta timida (Loew, 1862)
Tetreuaresta circumflava   chironym Tetraeuaresta circumflava n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Tetreuaresta obscuriventris (Loew, 1873) species Tetraeuaresta obscuriventris Loew 11 Tetreuaresta obscuriventris (Loew, 1873)
Tetreuaresta rufipositor   chironym Tetraeuaresta rufipositor n. 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Heringina guttata (Fallén, 1814) species Euaresta guttata Fall. 4 Heringina guttata (Fallen, 1814)
Euaresta festiva (Loew, 1862) species Euaresta festiva Lw 2 Euaresta festiva (Loew, 1862)
Euaresta aequalis (Loew, 1862) species Euaresta aequalis Lw 4 Euaresta aequalis (Loew, 1862)
Euaresta bella (Loew, 1862) species Euaresta bella Lw 17 Euaresta bella (Loew, 1862)
Campiglossa grandinata   species Campiglossa grandinata Rdi 1   See D-fennica. Campiglossa grandinata (Rondani, 1870)
Campiglossa grandinata   species Campiglossa borealis Portsch.     In D-fennica. Campiglossa grandinata (Rondani, 1870)
Campiglossa hirayamae   species Campiglossa hyrayamae Mats. 1 Campiglossa hirayamae (Matsumura, 1916)
Campiglossa amurensis Hendel, 1927 species Campiglossa amurensis Hend. 1 Campiglossa amurensis Hendel, 1927
Campiglossa irrorata (Fallén, 1814) species Campiglossa irrorata Fall.     In D-fennica. Campiglossa irrorata (Fallen, 1814)
Plaumannimyia pallens Hering, 1938 species Plaumannimyia pallens Her. 7 Plaumannimyia pallens Hering, 1938
Campiglossa argyrocephala (Loew, 1844) species Paroxyna argyrocephala Lw     In D-fennica. Campiglossa argyrocephala (Loew, 1844)
Campiglossa doronici (Loew, 1856) species Paroxyna doronici Lw 1 Campiglossa doronici (Loew, 1856)
Campiglossa loewniana   species Paroxyna Loewiana Hend. 2   See D-fennica.  
Campiglossa reticulata (Becker, 1908) species Paroxyna reticulata Beck. 9 Campiglossa reticulata (Becker, 1908)
Campiglossa plantaginis (Haliday, 1833) species Paroxyna plantaginis Hal.     In D-fennica. Campiglossa plantaginis (Haliday, 1833)
Campiglossa achyrophori (Loew, 1869) species Paroxyna achyrophori Loew     In D-fennica. Campiglossa achyrophori (Loew, 1869)
Campiglossa difficilis (Hendel, 1927) species Paroxyna difficilis Hend.     In D-fennica. Campiglossa difficilis (Hendel, 1927)
Campiglossa duplex (Becker, 1908) species Paroxyna duplex Beck. 1   In D-fennica. Campiglossa duplex (Becker, 1908)
Campiglossa misella (Loew, 1869) species Paroxyna misella Loew 2 Campiglossa misella (Loew, 1869)
Campiglossa martii (Becker, 1908) species Paroxyna Martii Beck. 12 Campiglossa martii (Becker, 1908)
Campiglossa lingens (Loew, 1869) species Paroxyna lingens Loew 2 Campiglossa lingens (Loew, 1869)
Campiglossa tessellata   species Paroxyna tessellata Lw 2   See D-fennica. Campiglossa tessellata (Loew, 1844)
Campiglossa absinthii (Fabricius, 1805) species Paroxyna absinthii F. 1 Campiglossa absinthii (Fabricius, 1805)
Campiglossa punctella (Fallén, 1814) species Paroxyna punctella Fall. 1   See D-fennica. Campiglossa punctella (Fallen, 1814)
Campiglossa absinthii   species Paroxyna parvula Loew     In D-fennica. Campiglossa absinthii (Fabricius, 1805)
Scedella formosella (Hendel, 1915) species Paroxyna formosella Hend. 1 Scedella formosella (Hendel, 1915)
Scedella orientalis (Meijere, 1908) species Paroxyna orientalis de Meij. 1 Scedella orientalis (Meijere, 1908)
Campiglossa albiceps (Loew, 1873) species Paroxyna albiceps Loew 12 Campiglossa albiceps (Loew, 1873)
Campiglossa sahlbergi   chironym Paroxyna sahlbergi n. 1 Brazil (Rio Jan.) MS name by R. Frey  
Dioxyna sororcula   species Dioxyna sororcula Wied. ~51   Including bidentis. See D-fennica. Dioxyna sororcula (Wiedemann, 1830)
Campiglossa stigmosa   species Dioxyna timorensis Her. 3 Campiglossa stigmosa (Meijere, 1916)
Dioxyna picciola   species Dioxyna humilis Lw 2 Dioxyna picciola (Bigot, 1857)
Dioxyna picciola (Bigot, 1857) species Dioxyna picciola Big. 8 Dioxyna picciola (Bigot, 1857)
Dioxyna chilensis (Macquart, 1843) species Dioxyna chilensis Macq. 1 Dioxyna chilensis (Macquart, 1843)
Gonioxyna sahlbergi   chironym Gonioxyna Sahlbergi Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey  
Actinoptera discoidea (Fallén, 1814) species Actinoptera discoidea Fall. 2 Actinoptera discoidea (Fallen, 1814)
Actinoptera filaginis (Loew, 1862) species Actinoptera filaginis Lw. 1 Actinoptera filaginis (Loew, 1862)
Oxyna nebulosa   species Oxyna nebulosa Wied. 6 Tephritis nebulosa (Becker, 1908)
Oxyna parietina   species Oxyna parietina L.     In D-fennica. Oxyna parietina (Linnaeus, 1758)
Oxyna flavipennis   species Oxyna flavipennis Lw 2   See D-fennica. Oxyna flavipennis (Loew, 1844)
Oxyna guttatofasciata   species Oxyna guttatofasciata Lw 3 Oxyna guttatofasciata (Loew, 1850)
Oxyna hunnorum   chironym Oxyna hunnorum Frey 1   manuscript name by R. Frey  
Sphenella marginata   species Sphenella marginata Fall. 3   See D-fennica. Sphenella marginata (Fallen, 1814)
Gymnaciura austeni   species Sphenella austrina Munro 1 Gymnaciura austeni (Munro, 1935)
Oedosphenella canariensis (Macquart, 1839) species Oedosphenella canariensis Macq. 12 Oedosphenella canariensis (Macquart, 1839)
Orotava cribrata   species Orotava caudata Beck. 2 Orotava cribrata (Bigot, 1892)
Orotava hamula   species Paratephritis senecionis Ito 1 Orotava hamula (Meijere, 1914)
Paratephritis xenia   species Paratephritis xenia Hering 1 Paratephritis xenia Hering, 1938
Ensina sonchi   species Ensina sonchi L. 3   See D-fennica. Ensina sonchi (Linnaeus, 1767)
Ensina decisa Wollaston, 1858 species Ensina decisa Woll. 6 Ensina decisa Wollaston, 1858
Ensina azorica Frey, 1945 species Ensina azorica Frey 8 Ensina azorica Frey, 1945
Trypanaresta eugenia (Wulp, 1900) species Euarestoides eugenia v.d.Wp 7 Trypanaresta eugenia (Wulp, 1900)
Euarestoides sp.   species Euarestoides sp. 9  
Euarestoides abstersus (Loew, 1862) species Euarestoides abstersa Lw 1 Euarestoides abstersus (Loew, 1862)
Euaresta bullans Euaresta bullans (Wiedemann, 1830) species Camaromyia bullans Wied. 2  
Tephritis majuscula Hering & Itō, 1953 species Tephritis majuscula Her. 2 Tephritis majuscula Hering & Ito, 1953
Trupanea cratericola (Grimshaw, 1901) species Tephritis cratericola Grimsh. 3 Trupanea cratericola (Grimshaw, 1901)
Trupanea crassipes (Thomson, 1869) species Tephritis crassipes Thoms. 3 Trupanea crassipes (Thomson, 1869)
Tephritis arnicae (Linnaeus, 1758) species Tephritis arnicae L. 1 Tephritis arnicae (Linnaeus, 1758)
Tephritis truncata (Loew, 1844) species Tephritis truncata L. 1 Tephritis truncata (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis vespertina (Loew, 1844) species Tephritis vespertina Lw 5 Tephritis vespertina (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis leontodontis   species Tephritis leontodontis Deg. 1   See D-fennica. Tephritis leontodontis (De Geer, 1776)
Tephritis crepidis   species Tephritis cornupunctata Hend. 1 Tephritis crepidis Hendel, 1927
Tephritis crepidis   species Tephritis crepidis Hend. 1 Tephritis crepidis Hendel, 1927
Tephritis frauenfeldi Hendel, 1927 species Tephritis Frauenfeldi Hend. 1 Tephritis frauenfeldi Hendel, 1927
Tephritis fallax   species Tephritis fallax Lw 3 Tephritis fallax (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis ruralis   species Tephritis ruralis Lw     In D-fennica. Tephritis ruralis (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis matricariae (Loew, 1844) species Tephritis matricariae Lw 2 Tephritis matricariae (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis conura   species Tephritis conura Lw 3   See D-fennica. Tephritis conura (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis simplex (Loew, 1844) species Tephritis simplex Lw 4 Tephritis simplex (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis formosa (Loew, 1844) species Tephritis formosa Lw 1 Tephritis formosa (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis dilacerata   species Tephritis dilacerata Lw 2   See D-fennica. Tephritis dilacerata (Loew, 1846)
Tephritis bardanae   species Tephritis bardanae Schrank Tephritis bardanae (Schrank, 1803)
Tephritis postica   species Tephritis postica Lw 4 Tephritis postica (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis hyoscyami   species Tephritis hyoscyami L.     In D-fennica. Tephritis hyoscyami (Linnaeus, 1758)
Tephritis nigricauda (Loew, 1856) species Tephritis nigricauda Lw 7 Tephritis nigricauda (Loew, 1856)
Tephritis dioscurea   species Tephritis dioscurea Lw 1   See D-fennica. Tephritis dioscurea (Loew, 1856)
Tephritis praecox (Loew, 1844) species Tephritis praecox Loew 5 Tephritis praecox (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis praecox   forma Tephritis [praecox] f. luteipes Frey 8   a nomen nudum Tephritis praecox (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis praecox   species Tephritis poecilura Loew 6 Tephritis praecox (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis angustipennis   species Tephritis angustipennis Lw     In D-fennica. Tephritis angustipennis (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis ptarmicae Hering, 1935 species Tephritis ptarmicae Her. 2 Tephritis ptarmicae Hering, 1935
Tephritis brachyura   species Tephritis brachyura Lw 1 Tephritis brachyura Loew, 1869
Tephritis variata   species Tephritis variata beck. 1 Tephritis variata (Becker, 1908)
Tephritis pulchra   species Tephritis pulchra Loew 3 Tephritis pulchra (Loew, 1844)
Tephritis recurrens   species Tephritis recurrens Loew 1 Tephritis recurrens Loew, 1869
Tephritis neesii   species Tephritis conjuncta Loew 1 Tephritis neesii (Meigen, 1830)
Tephritis neesii   species Tephritis Nesii Wied. 3   See D-fennica. Tephritis neesii (Meigen, 1830)
Tephritis cometa   species Tephritis cometa Lw. 2   See D-fennica. Tephritis cometa (Loew, 1840)
Tephritis hemiptera   chironym Tephritis hemiptera Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey.  
Tephritis plaumanni   chironym Tephritis Plaumanni Frey 6   MS name by R. Frey.  
Trupanea stellata   species Trupanea stellata Fuessly 5 Trupanea stellata (Fuessli, 1775)
Trupanea amoena (Frauenfeld, 1857 species Trupanea amoena Frfld 15 Trupanea amoena (Frauenfeld, 1857)
Trupanea repleta (Bezzi, 1918) species Trupanea repleta Bezzi 9 Trupanea repleta (Bezzi, 1918)
Trupanea ussuriensis   chironym Trupanea ussuriensis Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey.  
Trupanea daphne (Wiedemann, 1830 species Trupanea daphne Wied. 2 Trupanea daphne (Wiedemann, 1830)
Trupanea lesbia   chironym Trupanea lesbia Frey 2   MS name by R. Frey.  
Trupanea lunata   chironym Trupanea Steinbecki Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey.  
Trupanea steinbecki   chironym Trupanea lunata n. 1   MS name by R. Frey.  
Trupanea insularum (Becker, 1908) species Trupanea insularum Beck. 8 Trupanea insularum (Becker, 1908)
Hancockius augur (Frauenfeld, 1857) species Goniurellia augur Frfld 15  
Capitites ramulosa (Loew, 1844) species Acanthiophilus ramulosus Lw 9   1 ex destroyed by pests Capitites ramulosa (Loew, 1844)
Capitites ramulosa   var Acanthiophilus [ramulosus] var. perfectus Beck. 1 Capitites ramulosa (Loew, 1844)
Acanthiophilus walkeri (Wollaston, 1858) species Acanthiophilus Walkeri Woll. 9 Acanthiophilus walkeri (Wollaston, 1858)
Acanthiophilus helianthi   species Acanthiophilus helianthi Rossi 12   1 ex destroyed by pests Acanthiophilus helianthi (Rossi, 1794)
Tephritomyia lauta (Loew, 1869) species Tephritomyia lauta Loew 4 Tephritomyia lauta (Loew, 1869)
Noeeta pupillata   species Neoëta pupillata Fall. 2   See D-fennica. Noeeta pupillata (Fallen, 1814)
Noeeta crepidis   species Neoëta crepidis Her. 2 Noeeta crepidis Hering, 1936
Noeeta caesarea   chironym Neoëta caesarea Frey 1   MS name by R. Frey.  
Dithryca guttularis   species Ditricha guttularis Mg. 1   See D-fennica. Dithryca guttularis (Meigen, 1826)
Xanthomyia alpestris   species Paracarphotricha pseudoradiata Beck. 1   See D-fennica. Xanthomyia alpestris (Pokorny, 1887)
Pararhabdochaeta convergens (Hardy, 1974) species Rhabdochaeta acuticornis Frey 1   det Hardy 1970 Pararhabdochaeta convergens (Hardy, 1974)
Rhabdochaeta pulchella   species Rhabdochaeta bakeri Bezzi 1 Rhabdochaeta pulchella Meijere, 1904
Rhochmopterum parvum (Hardy, 1974) species Rhabdochaeta dicentra Frey 5   det Hardy 1970 Rhochmopterum parvum (Hardy, 1974)
Rhochmopterum   genus Rhochmopterum 1 Rhochmopterum Speiser, 1910
Schistopterum moebiusi Becker, 1903 species Schistopterum moebiusi Beck. 4 Schistopterum moebiusi Becker, 1903
Gymnocarena diffusa (Snow, 1894) species Gymnocarena diffusa Snow 2   1 ex destroyed by pests Gymnocarena diffusa (Snow, 1894)
Strauzia longipennis   species Strauzia longipennis Wied. 2 Strauzia longipennis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Tomoplagia obliqua (Say, 1830) species Tomoplagia obliqua Say 2 Tomoplagia obliqua (Say, 1830)

Taxa in collection for Tephritidae: 438