Helsingin yliopiston kasvitieteellisen puutarhan bibliografia vuoteen 1982

Pertti Uotila & Pirkko Lehtonen 1983: Helsingin yliopiston kasvitieteellisen puutarhan bibliografia vuoteen 1982. (Bibliography of the Botanical Garden of the University of Helsinki, up to the year 1982.) Norrlinia 1: 1–39. ISSN 0780-3214. ISBN 951-45-3064-0

The items included in this bibliography number 476 and consist of articles on the activities and history of the Botanical Garden of the University of Helsinki during the 150 years of its existence, and on the plants of the Garden. An index to the plant genera is included, and a brief discussion is given on the distribution of the references among the plant taxa. References to the greenhouse plants are fairly few and mainly concentrated to Victoria spp. and Theobroma cacao. Two species have been described on the material from the greenhouses (Pimelea viridula S.O. Lindberg and Musschia pallescens S.O. Lindberg). The articles on the garden plants mainly consist of notes on woody species (the plant mentioned most frequently is the tallest Ulmus laevis in Finland, which grows in the Garden). The herbs to which most attention is paid are the introduced species that have become naturalized in the Botanical Garden or spread farther in Finland from the Garden, such as Impatiens parvifloraMatricaria matricarioidesElodea canadensisEuphorbia humifusaScrophularia vernalisVeronica peregrina and Epilobium hypericifolium. Particularly many publications deal with Taraxacum; at least 80 apomictic species are reported and the descriptions of 25 taxa are based to a greater or lesser extent on material from the Garden. Most of the publications on cryptogams deal with fungi, especially with microfungi on garden plants. Of the macrofungi, Phaeolepiota aurea is mentioned most frequently. The descriptions of at least 4 taxa of fungi are based on material from the Botanical Garden. The articles on plants are chiefly floristic notes, but many of them are also connected with taxonomic studies or include information on the possibility of growing foreign plant species in S. Finland. Fairly many articles deal with the phenology and cytology of plants from the Garden. Experimental and ecological studies are few. The publications of the Botanical Garden itself include 8 guides to the greenhouses, 3 guides to the Garden and an annual seed exchange list.