Mediterranean room

The Mediterranean climate is a challenge for plants

Sniff the air. Do you smell the delightful scent of essential oils? Many sclerophyllous plants emit essential oils to minimise the evaporation of water. The oil remains as vapour around the plant, reducing evaporation.

Sclerophyllous plants grow in many areas where the summers are hot and dry and the winters temperate and humid – such as the Mediterranean. This room houses many plants that are typical of the Mediterranean region. There are also some subtropical plants from Asia.

Get to know the plants in this room:

On the left, a fig tree (Ficus carica) bends over the corridor. In the Bible, Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves.
The oleander (Nerium oleander), which comes from the Mediterranean region, blooms in the Mediterranean room.
Above the chairs, you can admire the magnificent blooming of the orchid Coelogyne cristata in late winter.